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3 minute liberal test: How do you respond to Hamas TV’s plea that “killing Jews is an act of worship”?

H/T Armaros

No, the headline wasn’t meant to be sarcastic in the least.

I’d really like those who consider themselves anti-racists to respond to the following video (broadcast on the most popular network in Gaza).

And, further, please provide a similar example in Israel, Europe, or the U.S, of anything even resembling such chilling bigotry in their popular media. 

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    • Yes, but Hamas is very good at doing that itself by means of its compulsory “education” programmes for children, school curricula, summer camps and wall to wall Jew hate-filled TV.

  1. A depraved society….and the world demands that Israel gives up their own lands in so-called “occupied territory”, so that the job of annihilation of the Jews becomes easier for them.
    Utter madness.

  2. The headline smears liberals with the views of the far left. I value this site for its monitoring of antisemitism– I applauded the article on Deborah Orr as “lucid and irrefutable.” Smearing liberals as far leftists is Fox News/Rush Limbaugh territory. And it is divisive.

    • Perhaps you would define the word ‘liberal’ as you understand it, otherwise your comment makes no sense.
      It is the mainstream liberal lobby who have been advocating talking to Hamas, and as such endorsing the and propagating the views of the above, not the far left, who openly want Israel to disappear.

        • Well you put yourself in good company Dan.

          The Guardian also calls itself “liberal” but I guess it’s qualitatively different being hated “liberally” than it is by the swivel eyed Islamists whom they unstintingly support, and whose death-dealing terror they makes excuses for.

  3. Liberal no longer means what it used to Dan. I consider myself a Liberal in the traditional sense of the word, but that word no longer belongs to us any more.

  4. It’s atrocious. So what’s new?

    For the extra credit, Ann Coulter said something along the lines of “we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity”, and AM radio hosts like Limbaugh and Savage routinely call for liberals to be exterminated.

  5. It’s a look back into the Dark Ages when there were demons in people that could only be exorcised by killing the host.

  6. I agree that liberal as used here is much too overbroad, even if I understand what is being communicated, as the intended recipients are not liberals based on the illiberal powers they support..

  7. Hamas is openly preaching murder of Jews while some of you are fighting over the use of the word “liberal”? You couldn’t make it up !

      • “Your” portion????! I see that above you have ranked yourself alongside Obama and Clinton!

        What are you actually doing about those who bring “liberal” into disrepute, apart from complaining here that you and Obama and Clinton are misunderstood?

        • Citing Obama, Clinton and myself was merely to demonstrate that not all people who are considered liberal share the Guardian’s far leftist views. And it was also meant to be tongue in cheek.

          I would hope that a site dedicated to exposing antisemitism would welcome all who oppose antisemitism, and that they would not have to prove their bona fides to take part in the discussion.

        • That’s where we differ then, because I have stood up and condemned Hamas’ genocidal agenda hundreds of times in various forums, and I also condemn statements that smear people as endorsing genocide just because they are liberals.

          • Or because they say they are liberals and don’t speak out because they believe that even inciters of murder have the right to full freedom of speech?

      • Cool can’t wait to go there on my hols next year, or import some Gazan goods, or sail to their beaches, or invite some Gazans over for a holiday, or or or. It’s not me who’s on a different planet Israelinurse.

        • Perhaps you’ll be able to get in there via Egypt, if the spring is still springing.

          Not sure how you’ll get out, though, unless Hamas is in a good mood and behaves itself. Just think, there might be a chance of putting your money where your mouth is and literally standing side by side with the “poor” of Gaza, while you sip cocktails poolside.

          Do send us a postcard, won’t you?

        • mostly brainless, when you do go on your “holiday” in gaza, PLEASE stand next to or preferably in the midst of hamass/gazan rocket crews that launch “fire crackers” indiscriminately into Israel.

          You might good story to tell your pals. Or might not.

        • Bon Voyage!

          Gazan’s don’t make anything to import. They had the chance with all those hydroponic greenhouses left behind by the Israelis, but they so didn’t want to go into the exporting business that they bulldozed them As for you sailing into their beaches; is that the only way you travel? Finally, to invite Gazans over for a holiday you first have to meet them. Which brings me full circle: bon voyage!

    • No, but nowhere on earth is the occupied as savage and lacking in human decency, nor capable of devising ever more bloodthirsty and psychotic ways to kill the occupier, and moreover export them abroad, too!

        • Why not moistly? Are you suggesting that special allowances should be made for their particularly nasty brand of barbarism, to each other as well as to their own children and to Israel?

          Or are you one of those who infantilises them, (which is discriminatory) by insisting that they be given a free pass for behaviours which in other societies would earn them prison sentences? Why should they not be forced to step up to the plate and behave like grown ups?

          • mostly racist is unable to hold Arabs/Muslims to civilized standards of behavior because he/she believes that Arabs/Muslims are lesser people, incapable of meeting standards others are held to.

    • Ignoramus!
      If you understood the legalities and knew the history you would realise that the so-called, latterly-named Palestinians are the occupiers of Jewish territory.
      Is that easy enough for you to understand?
      Billions of dollars spent by Arabs on their lying propaganda, instead of spending on their downtrodden, subjugated masses have certainly paid off, haven’t they, Harmless?

  8. “But look at the money poured into NGOs which keep the murderous hate going.”

    The One-in-Six Syndrome:

    For every pound Britian spends in undemocratic Middle East countries it spends six undermining democracy in Israel.

  9. I am a liberal (in the old sense, where it actually means something). I am an anti-racist (racism is clearly both stupid and abhorrent).

    The piece of footage presented here shows racism, bigotry and violent intent taken to an extreme level. The man speaks openly of genocide, lauds violence as a way to solve political disputes, and overtly racializes the political/religious dispute in which he sees himself as playing a part.

    If you are not utterly disgusted by this, if you do not ache in your very bones to condemn it, you are not a liberal. You are something else. Very possibly an intellectually-immature hanger-on to an ill-thought-out, unthorough, philosophically disreputable relativism masquerading (very poorly) as liberalism.

  10. Katya, this man is a Muslim zealot who believes he is doing his god’s work! The Guardian would have him writing for it if he could string a sentence together. To the Guardian he is not racist, violent, bigoted, – far from it and we are supposed to “understand” why he and his fellow knuckle draggers are so lacking in human decency as to teach little children that it’s fine to die horribly but gloriously (so long as he and his kind don’t have to lead by example), to use the elderly, women and children as human shields, &c &c, and by understanding it, turn a blind eye to it or even make excuses for it as the Guardian encourages Islamist terror supporters to do on CiF.

    Trouble is, such understanding is based on the wrong premise, that of appeasement which has the appeasers believing that once understood said knuckle draggers will take their egregious behaviour elsewhere and not inflict it on us. They won’t, of course. They will despise us for our understanding natures (those of us who are still daft enough even to try, that is) and, when they are ready, they will turn on us.

    Winston Churchill said that an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last.

    Note that Churchill understood that the crocodile would eventually eat the appeaser.

  11. Myself, I wonder where dubitante is, y’know, he who insisted elsewhere on this blog that Hamas had rescinded its charter.

    He’s probably hiding under his bed.

    c’mon out dubitante and contort yourself out of this!

  12. “.. please provide a similar example in Israel, Europe, or the U.S, of anything even resembling such chilling bigotry in their popular media. ..”

    Of course even the Guardian can’t approximate to this – (yet) but the video’s very brazenness raises interesting questions about the absolute dearth of humanity in such a one, his lack of intelligence and his utter contempt for the audience which he is deliberately manipulating.

    This video is on a par with the proud Mehdi Hassan’s declaration that women, the elderly and the young make the best human shields – Hassan is captured on video in perpetuity being proud of that, and knowing full well that he himself would never stand on a roof himself.

    It gives a very interesting insight into the Islamist mindset – its essential lack of mutuality and kindness and the tendency of those cursed with it to see others as objects in their world, to be bent to their will. Of course this low life doesn’t give a damn how many will die in the future having been cranked into fruitless action by his rantings – no the important thing is that he is seen and heard to be ranting sufficiently to convince his Hamas puppeteers that he is onside.

    Most notable is that none of these who send out others to do their Allah’s will ever lead by example. They love their lives far too much, but are very happy to convince poor ignorant Palestinians to love death instead of them.

  13. Obviously a rallying speech given at the Guardian during their Eid celebration party. They must have wetted their pants with excitement when this liberal guy talks of harverting jewish skulls.

    • It would be nice to think this abomination was already experiencing the pleasures of the 72 black eyed maidens of blessed virtue and if not why not ?

  14. See Mitnaged’s post above at 1.09pm on 15 Nov, Harvey.

    Crazed by hatred this animal may be, but he still has enough animal cunning to save his own miserable hide by manipulating the weak-willed and otherwise challenged to to want to die instead of him.