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UK Foreign Office Tweet recommends British rap artist who collaborated on antisemitic video

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The official Twitter account of the UK Foreign Office, deciding to weigh in on hip hop, linked to a video by an anti-Zionist British political rapper named Shadia Mansour.

Here’s the Tweet:

Mansour is widely known for her role in the production of Lowkey’s ‘Long Live Palestine’ (and has collaborated with Lowkey on other projects).

The video consists of hateful anti-Zionist propaganda, through both lyrics and images, and includes still frames of cartoons from the notorious Carlos Latuff suggesting that Israel is a Nazi like states which intentionally targets Palestinian children.

As Harry’s Place has commented, the video further asserts that the profits from various non-Israeli global companies (who were founded or believed to be currently run by Jews) goes directly to Israel, evoking conspiracy theories about international Jewish domination:

‘Every coin is a bullet, if you’re Marks and Spencer,
And when you’re sipping Coca-Cola,
That’s another pistol in the holster of them soulless soldiers,
You say you know about the Zionist lobby,
But you put money in their pocket when you’re buying their coffee,
Talking about revolution, sitting in Starbucks’

It claims that Israel is a genocidal state:

‘How many more children have to be annihilated
Israel is a terror state, they’re terrorists that terrorise,
I testify, my television televised them telling lies,
This is not a war, it is systematic genocide’

And it further states that:

‘We curse every Zionist since Theodore Herzl’

‘Nothing is more anti-Semitic than Zionism.’

Here’s the video:

Turning to Lowkey, here are some 9/11 conspiracies of his, published by the StWC:

One day I was running from the truth,
To speed me up they gave me these shoes,
So tie my feet with Nike’s,
Tell me lies about the 11th of September,

It was the planes.
Not controlled demolition,
The BBC didn’t report the explosion of Building 7,
20 minutes before hand, on my television,
They found passport’s and plane flying manuals belonging to terrorists in the rubble.
That all makes perfect sense

Naturally, a Guardian Music review of rap artists, in Nov. 2010, included this commentary by :

 For current UK sounds, I’d go for the political punch of Lowkey’s Long Live Palestine.

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  1. Re. Marks & Spencer
    Actually it’s the first – and equally laughable – Lowkey vid you’re quoting from:

    One line says “I relate to them because it could’ve been me”.
    But he later adds: Palestine is in my heart forever.”

    Has Lowkey written a little ditty about the Tamils? No.
    This is all about the pathetic Muslims-together factor.

  2. Another revealing thing about Low Key is that when people challenge his Middle East view on Twitter, he often assumes they are Jewish even when they are not. It’s like he’s got an obsession or something.

  3. ” For current UK sounds, I’d go for the political punch of Lowkey’s Long Live Palestine.”It’s a shame that a music critic has to commend someone for political punch and not for some form of musical excellence or creativity. He was scraping the barrel for something positive & relevant to say

  4. What Jew had the brilliant idea of trying to co-opt the new Nazi SSymbol the Keffiyeh ?

    Instead of the exposing it for what it is, a symbol of hate, terror and subversion, now it turned into some lame ass American Idol contest.


  5. “What do you expect from the FO of Rowan Laxton?”

    The FCO has long been seen as Arabist (or rather more informally as the Camel Corps) during which time many a Minister for ME Affairs from both sides of the House has come and gone. It cannot be the case that each and every one of them were Arabists and yet the bias continues

    I find this quite worrying: it’s as if the person elected by the people, and appointed to the FCO as Minister, actually has no influence over the ethos and direction of his/her own department.