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  1. Magic!

    These are kids with life, with aspirations a desire to live happily. This is what happens when a country gives hope to its young kids, not suicide vests and bombs. No wonder it’s too much for Ms Sherwood‘s liking.

    • A classic Hasbara exercise, show the world Israel is just like them, we have flash mobs, so do you, we sing and dance, so do you, we occupy and oppress, so do……………….

      • We understand that a racist bigot like you is desperate to have the people towards whom he has such irrational hatred not be seen as ordinary human beings. After all, if other people see these happy Israelis enjoying themselves they might begin to understand that Jews are just people like anyone else, and thus have a right to defend themselves and their families when attacked.

        Only a psychologically dysfunctional “person” could look at such a lovely video of happy people enjoying themselves and accuse them of being part of a plot to mislead those who view it. The misuse of the term Hasbara is a dead giveaway.

  2. No need to watch mostly nasty’s video. The title shows that it’s a typical BDS tasteless tuneless clumsy hatefest

    • Haven’t watched it either but I have to say, this one is rather special:

      Definitely would be a hot contender in a most satisfyingly awful BDS flashmob contest.

  3. Mostly repulsive,

    No wonder you hate this terrific video. How you must hate watching happy, free Jews living their lives according to their own wishes in their own country. It obviously galls you that you cannot intimidate us, or lord over us. We insist on our human rights, and you can’t stand it.

  4. No comparison, one group is made up mainly of young good looking energetic happy smiling people dancing extremely well …..

    The other group is of sour old miserable farts who get off on misery to sustain their lives.

    All that this group in Brisbane managed to do was piss everyone off in that mall with their dumb stunt,they did a great favor to Israel by showing the shoppers in that mall what miserable wankers that they are……..Mostly Dumbness…..

  5. People on the whole around the the world are sick to the back teeth of hearing about the palestinians and their myriad of problems,most decent people have problems of their own and can’t be bothered with anyone else problems,the palestinians have played their oppressed card too often.

    No one does misery better than the palestinians they wallow in misery…..and they try to drag everyone else in with them…….

      • This is a very revealing post. No one here has ever said that they wished for the Arabs to disappear from Israel. Israelinurse, for one, has told us of her Israeli friends who happen to be Arabs. But here you project onto us your obvious wish for JEWS to disappear.

        Sorry to disappoint you, but we are not going anywhere. You missed your moment seventy years ago, poor you.

  6. Mostly harmless. Your post is a classic example of the mentality that Rod Liddle was talking about when describing the Guardian and its readership.

    Another time and place, perhaps you would have felt the uncontrollable urge to assert your cultural superiority over black people by reminding us that celebrating youth and energy under an azure sky through natural rhythm and a beautiful physique – that would obviously put you to shame, should not be used to deflect attention away from their innate criminality and moral inferiority.

    So, well done for that! And here’s the quote in case you were too busy having a crack at the Jews to give much of your time to self reflection.

    “The Guardian is a loathsome newspaper; a local north London morning daily for Stalinist metro libtards, perpetually arrogant, snobbish, self-righteous, humourless, dull, relentlessly middle class, cowardly and cheap.”

  7. Pathetic rabble of feral cross dressers and outright jerks,if this is the best they can do,then they are n trouble.

    Can’t sing can’t dance.

  8. Jewish Voice for Peace: Felice Gelman and Medea Benjamin – good friends, they run this shit: Felice is a hedge fund manager – last time I looked at the SEC filings and holdings, she had about $5,200,000 in managed frunds for her 8 different corporations. She was holding Goldman Sachs and about 21 other stokcs – she consolidated now into 2. hmmmmmmm

    Code Pink? JVP? run by sheisters and thieves. and you say you did not know – SHAME!!!!

  9. @lemmiwinks

    Thanks for the video of the hilarious Denver flashmob. I hope it gets a lot of traffic on YouTube. People need to know how spectacularly embarrassing the BDS people are.