The far right and the far left agree: The Guardian is a Zionist tool!

Upon posting on our scuffle with a BNP racist named Lee Barnes on Twitter yesterday, “Twitter fight between CiF Watch and a far-right BNP style extremist“, I began looking into Barnes’ posts at his blog called “21st Century British Nationalism“.

There were, as Harry’s Place noted, the antisemitic conspiracy theory inspired pieces.

But, there was also an unintentionally comical post on Barnes’ blog about the “Gruadian” [sic].

The title of the post is Barnes’, but the piece is  a cross-post of a piece by Craig Murray.

Murray is the former UK Ambassador who was removed from his post for insubordination in 2004, who sided with the Iranian regime when thy abducted 15 British Marines in 2008, and is an extreme anti-Israel activist and pundit of choice for blogging Islamists. (The extreme right partnering with the extreme left on an anti-Zionist project: An exquisite ideological convergence.) 

The post accuses the Guardian of covering up the the scandal involving Liam Fox and Adam Werrittywho, Murray claims, were conspiring with UK Ambassador Matthew Gould and the Mossad to launch a war against Iran.

The Guardian, per Murray, was covering up the scandal due to the fact that “Guardian Media Group has a relationship with an Israel investment company, Apax.”

In one last righteous rhetorical flourish, Murray declares that the Guardian is “actively complicit” in the cover-up of  the “Gould/Fox/Werritty…neo-con project for war!”

The Guardian: Neocon, Zionist.


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  1. Do you think that Craig Murray looks for Je-, um, Zionists under his bed before he goes to sleep at night? Can’t you just imagine him trembling, on his knees with a flashlight, peering into the corners, afraid of what he might find?

  2. Craig Murray is not a well man – a subject he has written about himself.
    I therefore find it best practice to simply ignore his sometimes bizarre writings, in much the same way as I ignore guys with ‘the end is nigh’ placards on street-corners.

    • And the same applies to the likes of Lauren Booth and Pippa whatshername. The latter two, in particular, crave (self-)publicity.

    • Perhaps not, but given the appropriate nudge he could be made to……

      Klutzes like him believe anything they are told with sufficient authority and “proof”, however questionable.

      Hey, Barnes, didn’t you know that the Guardian wrote the Protocols? No? Well you surprise me. Everybody who’s anybody in the Je- er Zionist hating world knows that.

  3. I always have to laugh at the occassional CiF poster who claims the Guardian moderators are in the pay of the “Ziocons.”

  4. Hey, people

    I have had an idea:

    We Je- er, Zionist “conspirators” who are so intent on overthrowing the world order could open a pub in central London, called The Fox and Werrity, and it would become a meeting point for all the kabals who dream about …. well, my lips are sealed…..

  5. This goes to the assertion that at the extremes, there is little to distinguish between Left and Right – they are both as crazy and paranoid as each other