Guardian gratuitous anti-Israel photo of the day (& a story about the photojournalist behind the lens)

So, you decide to enjoy the Guardian’s photo story, 24 hours in pictures, Dec. 12, and you’re treated to what is described as “a selection of the best images from around the world”, illustrating the international tapestry of religious, national, and ethnic diversity.

First (in a series of 14 photos), we’re off to Europe, where we’re treated to a stunning shot of a Bulgarian Muslim couple posing in front of their house during their wedding ceremony.

Then, turning to Southeast Asia, we see a young Burmese girl waiting for her mother to finish work at a construction site.

Further images glimpse life in the UK, Mexico, Pakistan, Portugal, China, India, Congo, Austria and Croatia, but not before a brief detour to one country in the Middle East.

Here’s the photo Guardian editors chose to depict a day in the life of Israel.

The caption reads:

“Nabi Saleh, West Bank: Israeli soldiers arrest a protester during clashes following the funeral of Mustafa Tamimi, who was shot with a teargas canister.”

The image of Israelis is the only representation in the photo series which shows an individual nation in negative light.

Note the image’s depiction of an innocent keffiyeh wearing “activist” juxtaposed with two faceless Israeli soldiers – weapons in hand.

The photographer who took the shot is a German named Oliver Weiken.

Weiken features prominently in the following documentary (posted at Columbia Journalism Review), focusing on the ways that photojournalists are always part of the story of repetitive Palestinian protests: Protesters, Israeli security forces, and photographers all regularly repeat such rituals – what one photographer in the video called “an ongoing story performing itself every week.”

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    • The Groan apparently added a line at the end of the original article. But no apology.

      How easy it was to get rid of The Sun. That says a lot for Murdoch and begs a comparison with the Groan‘s owners.

      • Ariadne I think you mean the News Of The World.
        The Sun is still being published Monday to Saturday.

        But you are right that they are, or were, closely linked in as much as if you bought The Sun in the week you would very probably buy the News Of The World on a Sunday.

  1. Instead of blaming these journalists,blame the Israeli government that allows these journalists to make us look bad,for not kicking out journalists like the Chicken Lady.
    People treat you the way that you allow them to.Israel needs to read the riot act to these journalists….Instead of behaving like a door mat to them…..

  2. I just browsed through the whole series. There are only four photos that could be deemed in any way political: those from Burma and India (which show poverty) and Pakistan (showing a truck set alight by “Gunmen on motorcycles”) … the one from the West Bank is the only one the “perpetrators” are idenitied. And in any case, of course: does it always have to be a negative image from Israel?

    You’re absolutely right to highlight this, Adam.
    Another sad thing is you might well have checked out the photo series on the (understandable) suspicion that it would probably contain such an image.

  3. The way that these ISM members goad the security forces by throwing rocks,spitting at them,abusing them,it’s a wonder that the security forces react with such restraint……The ISM members are professionals who know exactly which buttons to push and get away with it…..Then there are the cameras the Photoshops.And at the end of the line is the racist Guardian that exploits these pictures.

    I would like to see idiots try these stunts in one of the more enlightened Muslim or Arab societies.