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Guardian “Moderate” Islamism Update: Tunisians greet Hamas leader with chants of “Kill the Jews!”

H/T Bataween and Michele

Per the blog, Point of No Return:

Cries of ‘Out with the Jews!’, ‘Kill the Jews!’ greeted the arrival at Tunis airport of the Hamas chief in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh…

A few hundred people gathered on 5 January at the Tunis-Carthage airport to welcome Haniyeh. As they waited for him they sang antisemitic chants and slogans to the glory of Palestine and the liberation of Gaza. They carried Palestinian flags, the flags of the Ennahda movement, and the black flags of the Salafists.

A couple of reminders:

The Guardian characterized Rached Ghannouchi (after his Ennahda Party won the Tunisian elections) as ushering in to Tunisia a “moderate” brand of Islamism.

The Guardian’s Jonathan Steele, in Oct., complained that secular (anti-Islamist) Muslim parties which competed in the Tunisian elections were playing on Islamophobia by warning of the threats posed by Islamist parties such as Ennahda. 

CiF’s Rachel Shabi, in her shameful apologia, on Dec. 27, for the ethnic cleansing of Jews by Arab leaders, wrote the following:

Tunisian Jews, a deeply rooted but diminished community of fewer than 2,000 people (once numbering more than 100,000), are integrated and involved…Tunisia’s President Marzouki has said that Jews who left the country are welcome to return – powerful words that carry trailblazing possibilities. 

Interestingly, a professional Arabic translator has informed us that the following can also be heard in the above clip:

Killing the Jews is a must!” (0:16)

Crowd:”Duty”  [wajib] (It is a duty)

“Chasing away the Jews is a must!” (0:20)


Yes, the “new”, trailblazing, down-right philosemitic brand of Tunisian Islamism, which inspires its Muslims to “moderately” call for the murder of the country’s Jews. 

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  1. pretzels, Will you get your panties in a knot over this?

    Somehow I doubt it. If you had in the past, there would be a history of posts by you denouncing islamofascist calls for genocide.

    I understand walt kovacs.

  2. Now hang on a minute! Does that mean that “moderate” Islam is as antisemitic as the swivel-eyed loons in Gaza, Saudi and elsewhere???

    And does that also mean that yer average follower of Mo cannot or doesn’t care to tell the difference between Jews and Israelis??

    Now there’s a turn up! Whatever next?

  3. Don’t forget that Gannouchi’s daughter is a frequenter contributor to CiF, praising the wonders of her father and his party!

    Nothing like a little bit of mutual nepotism at the Guardian, is there?

  4. The Foul Wind from Tunis

    by Duvidl

    Those Jew-loathing leering loonies
    Cheer Haniyeh in schtinking Tunis;
    A schtink from Haniyeh’s keffiyeh
    Shmeared with diarrhoea from his rear.

  5. Despite the Guardian’s obsession with Israel and the Jews, this disgusting example of Islamic antisemitism will never see the light of day in that newspaper.

    They are very careful not to print anything which exposes the racist face of Islam. They must hide it from their readers at all costs, or the whole false narrative they have constructed would collapse.

    Fortunately we now have the internet, and we can see for ourselves what the Arab Spring is really all about. Some day, the mainstream media will wake up to that fact – or else they will disappear from the face of the earth.

      • Folks, please remember that this sicko, racist creep, “dubitante” is just here for a bit of Jew-baiting. He has no interest in anything but destroying Israel and hurting Jews. He is completely repulsive, and by replying to him you are just encouraging him in the spreading of his propaganda.

    • “They are very careful not to print anything which exposes the racist face of Islam.”

      Andy, you’re absolutely right to condemn racism wherever you see it, from whatever source, to whatever victim.

      Unfortunately, in your condemnation, you indulge in racism yourself by assigning the racist behaviour of the few to all Islam.

      • No, dubitante, you are indulging in sloppy thinking. Andy did not ‘assign the racist behaviour of the few to all Islam’. He referred to the ‘racist face’ of Islam. I assume you might agree that Islam has other faces than just a racist one.

        • Maybe that’s what Andy meant. Perhaps he intended to convey that only a minority of Muslims display such racist behaviour.

          Anthropomorphically assigning Islam a face suggested that, as with people, it has but one face. Hopefully I’m wrong and he isn’t trying to generalise out beyond the video in question.

          • Oh, yeah? Do you hope, eh? Anthropomorphically? Can you be more pompous?

            Now, what did you just do in a recent thread by primatologically dubbing Zionists “ultranationalists”? Do you think people can´t see your ridiculous hypocrisy? You just can´t control it, can you? Good grief, you are grotesque (anthropomorphically speaking).

          • Dubitane, racism in Israel is condemned by the majority of the public, rabbis, leaders and the government of Israel. This is not the case in Arab countries; in fact it is the opposite By your logic you would not “allow” the Nazis to speak for the 1939 Germany. As you know, the majority of Germans were not Nazis. They only supported, kept quiet or just complied.

          • ‘supremacist settlers in the West Bank’

            But you think all of Israel is a ‘settlement’, and the Jewish nationalism or Zionism that bore her innately ‘supremacist’.

              • Oh, is that so? Please tell us why you spent zillions of posts on phony-legalese about the establishment of Israel. In fact, what the heck are you up to? And, please, don´t say you are concerned with “world peace”, though that fits a debutante just perfectly.

          • Dubi, your condition is quite concerning. You are showing problems dealing with reality. No one was asking you to “allow” anything, and please show us the study which shows “the only a minority of Muslims display such racist behaviour.”

            • “please show us the study which shows “the only a minority of Muslims display such racist behaviour.””

              Please show me the study which shows that a majority of 1.6 billion Muslims display such racist behaviour.

              • ‘Please show me the study which shows that a majority of 1.6 billion Muslims display such racist behaviour.’

                Anti-Jewish racism is pretty wide spread…

                The Arab, Islamic world did, after all, ethnically cleanse itself of most of its Jews.

          • Who cares what are you comfortable with?!? You are no judge, no moral figure, no authority on anything. You are just a affected fraud,

            • But allowing extremist minorities to speak for the collective is a core tenet of racism. Surely you understand this?

              Should we judge Jews by the behaviour of Jewish supremacists? By Lieberman? By Katsav? Should we judge Jews by the rabbis who called for the enactment of Nuremberg-like laws in Israel? I sincerely hope not.

              Some of the best people I’ve ever known have been Christians, Jews and Muslims. Don’t give in to the same racism this site hopes to combat.

              • “Jewish supremacists”!?? Bingo! There you go, making generaliztions. Shame on you, debutante. See, your word-games works both ways.

                Now, never mind that. Please list the acts of terror and casualties that can be linked to those “Jewish supremacists”. Let´s compare with a list of “Islamic supremacists”, shall we?

                • ““Jewish supremacists”!?? Bingo! There you go, making generaliztions. Shame on you, debutante.”

                  I think your grip on the English language isn’t as strong as you think it is. Although, to be fair, English might not be your native tongue.

                  If I said “Jews are supremacists”, you’d be right, but I referred to “Jewish supremacists”. i.e., Supremacists with the qualifier “Jewish”.

                  • Point is that you generalize ALL the time, debutante, as everybody else. So, quit your pseudo-criticism of “pillars of racism” and other such BS.

                    BTW, your “scholarship” is as phony as your legalese.

      • “…behaviour of the few…”

        That’s the trouble with the anti-Zionists: Not that they don’t know, but that they know so much that isn’t so.

        “…supremacist settlers in the West Bank…”

        Arab colonists are the #1 obstacle to peace in the Middle East. Agreed.

      • Dubitant, it seems like you learned the art of spinning from the Islamist. First they murder, and then when they face consequences they cry “racism”.

        • Can you not see the racism in your post? You’re laying the blame of murders committed by individuals to all Islamists.

          Do we hold all Jews responsible for every crime committed by Jews or by the “Jewish State”? Isn’t that an example of anti-Semitism?

          • To your information, it is Jewish State, not “Jewish State”. And Islamic terrorists cause deaths, not “deaths”.

            And your a transparent fraud.

          • “You’re laying the blame of murders committed by individuals to all Islamists”.

            At least you, dubitante, will notice that there is a difference between “Muslim” and “Islamist”. Islamism is not a race, it is a political movement based on an extreme interpretation of Islam.

            Given that virtually every public statement we have ever seen from any Islamist, whether in Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt or Gaza on the I/P issue is firmly supportive of acts of terror against “Zionists” (meaning Israelis, whether civilian or not) and other supposedly Zionist targets (such as the World Trade Centre and London buses), I think it is perfectly fair to generalise that Islamists (as opposed to Muslims) in general subscribe to a violent and virulent antisemitism.

            Therefore, criticising Islamists as a group is NOT racist, as it would be if we were to assume that all Muslims were of the same mind.

      • Just as YOU did many times in this blog, you dillentantic hypocrite, You called Zionists “ultranationalists” and other BS.

        Cut your masquerade, debutante, and quit your condescending crapola.

          • So, as you abhor generalizations, next time you cite the list of people you refer to, or else you´d be one of those pillars of racism you feign to fight with that humanitarian fervor of yours.

  6. Pretty awful stuff if the translation is accurate and it was indeed what was being said, I couldn’t see the mouths of the demonstrators so it is difficult to tell.

  7. Stop press! the Moist boy couldn’t see the mouths moving! A disclaimer to actually being offended by anti-Semitic calls to murder – it’s probably a ‘Zionist’ overdub. Well spotted Moist boy – without your obsession with the pernicious machinations of the Jews we may have had the wool pulled over our eyes with this one.