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Guardian contributor David Wearing’s Twitter pic: The Israeli Grinch who steals Christmas

In a post on Dec. 23 titled “How the Jews steal Christmas: Ugly Guardian story evokes Jesus as an oppressed Palestinian“, I commented on Phoebe Greenwood’s story titled “If Jesus were to come this year, Bethlehem would be closed“, which included this quote:

If Jesus were to come this year, Bethlehem would be closed,” says the priest of Bethlehem’s Beit Jala parish. “He would either have to be born at a checkpoint or at the separation wall. Mary and Joseph would have needed Israeli permission – or to have been tourists.

Greenwood’s story on the Jewish Grinch which stole Christmas ended thusly:

“The little town of Bethlehem? It will soon be the little ghetto surrounded in all directions by Israeli settlements,” he predicts. “We’ve already passed the stage where Bethlehem can be saved. Frankly, that’s why I don’t celebrate Christmas any more.”

The following cartoon – certainly in the spirit of Greenwood’s report – was posted on the Twitter page of  ‘Comment is Free’ commentator David Wearing on Christmas day:

As NGO Monitor (NGOM) noted about the cartoon Wearing posted (which illustrated a Christmas card distributed by the NGO War on Want):

This Christmas card shows Joseph and a heavily pregnant Mary encountering a Bethlehem that is “effectively sealed off from the outside world by Israel’s Separation Wall” and “Mary and Joseph being frisked on their way to find an Inn for the night.” Linking the suffering of Palestinians with that of Jesus and Bethlehem is a common strategy for emphasizing accusations of Israeli brutality.

NGOM president Gerald Steinberg added:

Linking the suffering of Palestinians to Christian themes revives traditional and deep-seated antisemitic theology…

As I observed in my previous post, the broader narrative advanced by Greenwood (and implied by Wearing’s Twitter pic) that Israel is inhospitable to Christians is belied by the fact that the only place in the Middle East where the Christian population has grown since the end of WWII is Israel.

But, of course, for Guardian contributors such as Wearing – who previously complained of a “huge propaganda campaign whitewashing Israeli crimes” – such dry, empirical data demonstrating Israel’s regional advantage in the rights afforded to religious minorities is never a barrier to advancing malign narratives about the Jewish state. 

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  1. “If Jesus were to come this year,…”

    You want to go there, huh? OK, we’ll go there:

    Jewish “settler” Jesus would be shot dead by the so-called “Palestinians.”

    “Mary and Joseph would have needed Israeli permission – or to have been tourists.”

    Jewish “settler” Mary would have been drilled with bullets, some purposely in the abdomen to ensure the birth of another Jewish baby would never take place.

    It is the Arab colonial occupiers of the Land of Israel who are equivalent to the Romans here. And they have their lack of qualms about slaughtering innocents (q.v. the massacre of the Fogel children) to cement that equivalence even more.

    • ziontruth

      I found a link on your site that led to this interesting paragraph concerning the “Palestinians”:

      “Their ancestors are the Canaanites and Philistines who, unlike the Jews, were never deported. They remained in Palestine . . . and their descendants formed, and still form, the core of the indigenous population.” But not only are the Palestinian Arabs not descendants of Canaanites, it is highly doubtful that more than a very few are even descended from those who settled the country as part of the Arab invasion of the 7th century. For over a thousand years following the Arab conquest, Palestine underwent a series of devastating invasions, followed by massacres of the existing population: Seljuk Turks and Fatimid reconquerors were followed by Crusaders who were followed by waves of Mongol tribes who were followed in turn by Tartars, Mamelukes, Turks, and incessant Bedouin raiders.

      • Thanks Ariadne. 🙂

        “I found a link on your site…”

        If you mean the ziontruth.blogspot website (Emet m’Tsiyon), then it’s not mine, I just happened to pick a screen name that coincides with them (not on purpose). My website, not much updated lately, is in Hebrew and is called The Neozionist Manifesto. But the Emet m’Tsiyon guys are great regardless.

        On the subject of the populations of Palestine before the late 19th-century renewal… it always struck me how the Ottoman Turks used Palestine as a penal colony like the Brits used Australia. The Circasians, speakers of a Caucasian language (related to Georgian) in Israel, are one of the outstanding examples of population juggling by the Ottoman sultans.

        That was just an observation. I wouldn’t use the equivalence between Palestine and Australia as support for the Jewish right to the land, because the anti-Zionists would quickly pounce on it to equate the faux-Palestinians with the Australian aborigines. No, mine is a thoroughgoing stance that the Jews are the aboriginal Palestinians, being the oldest nation connected to Palestine that still exists, while the Arabs are colonial invaders and imperial aggressors.

        • I’m sorry I don’t know Hebrew, ziontruth. I knew about Circassians but didn’t know how they got there.

          I wonder if one of the good things people could do for Israel is provide better translations of Hebrew for Google.

    • Jesus was the first Christian, he would have been warmly welcomed by all other Christians in the Holy Land, who are all Palestinians.

      • Yigal,

        No Palestinian nation except the Jewish nation. No settlements in Palestine except Arab settlements, for the Jews are the indigenous of Palestine, while Arabs are the colonial occupiers in Palestine (as elsewhere outside the Arabian Peninsula, their indigenous territory).

    • Seems like M. Levick has never set foot in Bethlehem… If he had, he would have been shocked beyond words, like all Western Christians visiting the holy town.

      The Israeli Wall is built literally between the houses of Bethlehem; the agricultural land of the holy city has been confiscated and given to settlements built by Israel in contravention of international law; there are Israeli military watchtowers and a gigantic checkpoint a mere 5 minute drive from the Church of the Nativity; and from the Manger place, M. Levick could see Israeli settlements circling the Christian city on all sides.

      All Christians in Bethlehem would tell Adam the same thing: they feel like they live in a ghetto because of Israel’s occupation of their land and because M. Netanyahu keeps extending the settlements built on Bethlehem land.

      • That’s why the Christian population of Bethlehem has dwindled while islamists have soared, why no church steeple may be taller than a mosque, why the Coptic Christians of Egypt are massacred, why churches in Pakistan are bombed, why Pan Am 103 was bombed by islamists.

        Note that mohammed came on the scene 600 years after Jesus and spent his life killing opponents. Hardly an example of Muslim tolerance of other religions.

        • Christians in Bethlehem are Palestinians who have faced exactly the same hardship than their fellow Muslim citizens since Israel built settlements all over Bethlehem’s land, making it impossible for Christian farmers and traders to make a decent living.

          To write that Palestinian Christians cannot build churches “higher than a mosque” is a blatant lie. To write that Christians are living Bethlehem because of Muslims is also a blatant lie, clearly written by people who have never set foot in the city in their life; or in any otherpart of the occupied Palestinian territory.

          Those who want real information, based on real, reliable sources will go and read UN OCHA’s report on Christians’ exile out of Bethleem because of the Wall and of the Israeli settlements that have sprung all around the city in spite of international law, economically asphyxiating its Christian and Muslim inhabitants:

          • “Churchill”, Also

            – Christians are being massacred in Nigeria by Muslims
            – Hindus are being massacred in India (the 2009 massacre in Mumbai)
            – Islamists bomb passenger planes, like Pan Am 103
            – Islamists tried to bomb other passenger planes with bombs hidden in their sneakers or underwear, hence the need to screen all passengers at airports world wide

            BTW “Churchill:, how many Christian churches are in Saudi Arabia?

            You can scream “lies” all you want, but the news is filled with stories of Islamist rampages against ALL people.

  2. All this manipulation of fact and Jew-bashing is so obvious, so unoriginal and so downright bigoted.

    Mary was Miryam, Jewish, and Joseph was Yosef, Jewish as can be, descendants of King David. There is no chance that they’d be allowed into Bethlehem under any circumstances, Jewish as they are and Jesus (Yeshua) would never have been born. So Wearing go peddle your prejudices among the credulous of c.i.f. where your nonsense can be protected by the mods and not on Twitter

  3. “If Jesus was to come this year, Bethlehem would be closed”

    Well the only way he would be permitted to enter Bethlehem would be as a (Jewish) tourist. But then he would be so very confused as to how he could be a tourist in his own country that he always knew as Judea and in a town that has been ethnically cleansed of all its Jewish inhabitants, but still keeps its Jewish name ” House of Bread”,

    What kind of inn could he find that does not serve kosher food, and if he asked for some he could be kidnapped and lynched – for being a Jew?

    Yes! it would be enough of a shock to make a mere mortal, let alone a son of a G-d, so incensed that he would then ascend and storm the Temple Mount, as days of old.

    In his righteous anger, and feeling almost mortified at the sight of the Dome of the Rock sitting where the Holy Jewish Temple once stood, he would take sledge hammer or bulldozer to that present abomination, and mourn for the loss of the true Temple that he knew so well in his first coming!

    • Yay, Millfield! You’ve shown how ignorant and disgusting Wearing is.

      Not all are so malicious and hate-filled, of course, but at the funeral lately of a woman I knew and liked a couple of mourners were very surprised to find that a lot of people had to read the Lord’s Prayer on the page. They didn’t know it.

      • Yigal – I’m sorry, but that is just absurd. Jesus was not a Christian. He could not have been, as Christians are (by definition) followers of Jesus! He was a Jew. Every sane Christian authority would accept this as undisputed fact.

        • “Palestinians are Christians”. Hello? Earth to Yigal! OK, SOME Palestinians are Christians, but these are the ones being persecuted and marginalised by their Muslim “brethren”.

          • Gooner, it’s clear that never in your life have you set foot in the occupied Palestinian territory or talked to a Palestinian Christian. They live in harmony with their Muslim fellow citizens. In case you did not know, the state of Palestine is secular and ruled by politicians who are Christian and Muslim. May I suggest that you start reading some credible media outlet such as the New York Times, the Guardian or Haaretz, rather than miniature websites that feed you photoshopped pictures and information?

            • Who drove out the Christians who were the majority in the region in the 17c?

              Who invaded later?

              The Royal Institute for International Affairs adds another piece. Commenting on the growth of the Palestinian population during the decades of the 1920s and 1930s it reports: “The number of Arabs who have entered Palestine illegally from Syria and Transjordan is unknown. But probably considerable.”[28] And C.S. Jarvis, governor of the Sinai from 1923-36, adds yet another:

              This illegal immigration was not only going on from the Sinai, but also from Trans-Jordan and Syria, and it is very difficult to make a case out for the misery of the Arabs if at the same time their compatriots from adjoining states could not be kept from going in to share that misery.[29]

              [28] Great Britain and Palestine, 1915-1945, Information Paper no. 20, 3d ed. (London: Royal Institute for International Affairs, 1946), p. 64.

              [29] C.S. Jarvis, “Palestine,” United Empire (London), 28 (1937): 633.

              I suppose also that you are not aware that Tacitus in the second century did not mention Christ by name?

              Try a site called

            • “Churchill”, There is NO “occupied palestinian” territory.

              There is Israel and there is Jordan.

              And YOU recommending Der Guardian as CREDIBLE??? LOL!!!

              You’ve been looking at too many Pallywood pictures.

            • “They live in harmony with their Muslim fellow citizens.”

              Of course they do. We all saw that “harmony” right after Pope Benedict XVI made his quotes about the founder of Islam.

              Jews and Christians alike live in “harmony” with the Muslims as long as they get their heads down and pay them the poll tax. That was, after all, THE reason why Islamic anti-Zionism emerged in the 1890s: Not because of “dispossession” of that backwater of Palestine from a pseudo-nation that wouldn’t be invented until 60 years later, but because of the new Jewish arrivals’ refusal to live as dhimmis, second-class apartheid subjects under Islam’s Jim Crow laws.

              “…some credible media outlet such as the New York Times, the Guardian or Haaretz,…”

              LOL. Now I know who to turn to when I’m depressed and need some comic relief.

        • Good point GoonerEll
          In fact as anyone, with a knowledge of early Christianity, will confirm all the first Christians (followers of Jesus and his teachings) were Jewish. It was many years after his death that Gentiles were accepted as Christians, of course there was no such thing as an Islamic religion in the time of Jesus that came many centuries later.

        • Jesus was born a Jew but he chose to become a Christian and was baptized by John The Baptist in the Jordan river.

          Every sane Christian authority will busrt into laughing when told that jesus was not a Christian. He was, and his Christian teachings are followed by billions of Christians in the world.

          • ‘Every sane Christian authority will busrt into laughing when told that jesus was not a Christian.’

            Most academic historians into Christian origins have accepted Julius Wellhausen’s ‘Jesus was not a Christian, but a Jew’ since the 19th century.

            It is now generally undisputed, according to possibly the most reknowned scholar in early Christianity of modern times, Martin Hengel:


            I have to say that I think the question irrelevant nonetheless. What Yigal was saying is that Jesus would automatically identity with the Palestinian Arab Christian and Muslim, but anti-Jewish, nationalist cause.

            I think both Jesus the man, and Jesus the Son of God, would empathize with both parties, in a way which transcended a mere Christian or Jewish tribalism or nationalism.

          • ‘He was, and his Christian teachings are followed by billions of Christians in the world’

            Yes. But that doesn’t mean that Palestinian Arab Christians have done so, in even ancient or modern times. Simply because one calls oneself a Christian does not mean one behaves in a Christian manner. To assume it does is simply a form of Christian tribalism or nationalism.

            For 2000 years, (Palestinian) Christians have said the Jews are a people exiled or dispossessed for their rejection of Jesus and the prophets.

            Did that teach Palestinian Christians to have a mercy or sympathy with Jews in their exile?

            Hardly. It apparently taught them not only to continue to keep Jews out, even when fleeing genocide, but sometimes to sympathize with or support those who practised such genocide e.g. the leading Palestinian Arab Christian intellectual of the Mandate period, Khalil as-Sakakini.

            Even today, Palestinian Arab Christians insist their exile entails a right of return, and make no allowance of the equivalent right for Jews, now or in the past.

            I think that is an example of hypocrisy for which Jesus would rebuke those who claimed to follow him.

      • Says the (fairly ignorant?) non-Christian Jew (who none-the-less prides himself in his knowledge of Jesus Christ, Christians and Christianity)..

        Jesus, as God of infinite mercy and compassion, would empathize, and seek justice, for both parties.

        He wouldn’t be a pro-Palestinian Arab Muslim and Christian, but anti-Jewish, nationalist.

        He would first ask that Palestinian Arab Christians, who claim to follow him (as of course do Muslims) acknowledge and repent of their sins.

        One of which would be the hypocrisy of their denying Jews’ dispossession entails a right of return to the land, but that theirs does; given their so denying Jews one ever since the first Palestinian Christian (by which I mean the first Christian in history to say he hails from a place called Palestine; not the first Christian prophet modern Palestinian Christians appropriate for nationalist purposes) Justin Martyr, the Greco-Roman citizen of the colonia Flavia Neapolis.

        In his Dialogue with Trypho, Justin lectures the Judean refugee, Trypho, how his dispossession (which directly benefited Greco-Roman colonies in the land, like that of Justin) was thoroughly deserved for Jews’ rejection of Jesus and the prophets.

        He also writes to the pagan emperor Antoninus Pius how he (justly) fulfills biblical prophecy in continuing to guard Jerusalem, and to keep Jews strangers from their land.

        Christ would preach to Palestinian Christians how, if they claim their dispossession entails a right of return, they can scarcely, in all justice, deny the same to Jews (given their claiming Jews’ dispossession was no less than they deserved, their Jesus being a God +of+ the Checkpoint, who continued, in fact, to keep Jews out) and that it was a sin to do so.

        Jesus is a God of justice. Not narrow, tribal Christian nationalism.

      • Yigal

        Writing that Jesus was the first Christian is just as ridiculous as the Arab muslims saying that Jesus was a muslim. Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a Jew and died as a Jew. You cannot change your religion whilst you are alive to one that never existed whilst you were alive. Nor can you change from being a Jew once you are alive, retroactively to either Christianity or Islam once you are dead!

        Now if Jesus was to return as a Christian, however that would work, he would still have the inn door slammed in his face by the Palestinian muslim Arabs and probably be lynched as a heretic. Now if he was to return as a muslim that really would upset a few Christians – and probably a few Jews!

        • Jesus was born a Jew but converted to Christianity early in his life, he was even baptized by John the Baptist. Have you never visited a Church or read the Bible??

          • Churchill are you suggesting that those baptised by John the Baptist were baptised into Christianity?

            If you are then clearly you have not read the Bible completely or probably only ‘Googled’ bits to try and support your incorrect and farcical misinterpretation of it.

            To answer your last question;
            Yes I have ‘visited’ a Church and do so regularly.
            Yes, unlike you, I have read the Bible cover to cover both in the King James Version and the CTS Version.
            By the way I was baptised into the Church in Wales many years ago. If I need lessons or guidance about the Christian faith or The Bible I will not ask you as your ignorance of both is clear for all to see.

  4. If Miriam (Mary) came to Beit La Chem today she would be stoned (With rocks not weed)

    This Hugo Wearing is a clone of that idiotic Berchmans,both post absolute garbage and lies about Israel .Both would find it hard to point to Israel on a map,Both fancy themselves as experts on the Middle East.

    Both are the Racist anti-Semitic Guardians darlings,these two can post anti-Semitic posts and still get away with it………..

  5. David Wearing is obviously a racist bigot and therefore qualifies as a Guardian contributor.

    I take back what I might have previously said about the low intelligence of Guardian readers – reading some of the comments and their tally of recommends at another piece of insulting garbage published at cif, it seems that the problem lies with the commissioning editors who appear to inhabit a dark place full of twisted fears and dishonest truths.

    Comment by Paulie99 with 277 recommends

    I think both the US and UK have been exemplary in their attitudes towards their fellow citizens who are muslim, and I find this article highly disengenous.