Postcard from Israel: Acco – The Old City Market

Here at CiF Watch we are enchanted by the diverse and eclectic beauty of Israel and we know that many of you are, too. So we thought it would be fun if now and again we invited our esteemed readers out on a virtual trip to different destinations.

All photos taken by Israelinurse

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    • Thanks for the compliment cityca. I’m just an amateur snapper of course, with pretty standard equipment (Sony alpha 300) but the light in Israel is so fantastic most of the time that it’s hard to go far wrong.

    • Don’t forget to visit Shlomi too! Only 25 km from Akko and it’s a beautiful small town with exceptional view on the Western-Galilee and the Lebanese border

      • Thanks for that Peter.

        Hopefully I will get there. I am meeting up with friend,who’s hiring a car and has said i have one full day when he has no appointments, all my choice to do as i want.

        I have already told him Akko, So this is a great extra.. Thank you

  1. We were watching this TV series on the Crusades, with a lot of the footage filmed in Akko, with some wonderful relatively recent excavations
    of Crusader forts.

    To me as an old Betari it meant the jail where the British hanged the young Betarim, but this film said that during the latter part of the 150 year Crusade period, it was the most important trading town in the ME and very cosmopolitan. A new bishop arrived there at that stage and was horrified by the fleshpots.

  2. I.N. The most important equipment for taking photos are the eyes and brain and you seem to have all three đŸ˜‰

    By the way since we’re on the subject, ask Chas to put up a link to his recent early morning photos.