When is Saudi Arabian Apartheid Week?

Posters below created by our good friend, Elder of Ziyon.

Actually, Israeli Apartheid ‘Week’ (is it that time of year already?!) spans three weeks, Feb. 20 to March 11,  and seems once again to be an abysmal failure – based on the dearth of media reports on IAW – given the organizers’ herculean efforts to delegitimize the Jewish state.  

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Middle East – you know, in countries whose citizens could only dream of securing the freedoms enjoyed by citizens of the region’s only Jewish state – religious discrimination is codified, and misogynistic mores are more or less blindly accepted.

I’d humbly suggest contacting the organizers of IAW and asking when they plan to organize Saudi Apartheid Week.  Though, realistically, those who suffer from such an acute case of Israel Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, IOCD, (See the Guardian for evidence of this seemingly incurable ideological virus) are not likely to be moved by even the most stubborn evidence of Israel’s progressive advantages. 

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    • I don’t want to go to Mecca. It can get up to a hundred and twenty degrees there.

      Their RECORD LOW temperature is 51 degrees. That was in January. And it was a record.

      I am grateful to not have a religious obligation to go there, and lacking one, I won’t.

      • Aren´t you curious to watch the sacred meteorite? You only travel for religious obligation? Just curious.

        • I like to travel to places that are less hideously hot than Mecca. Maybe in the winter it would be OK.

          Not that they’ll let me in.

  1. Thanks for highlighting another despicable regime in the Middle East. Israel & Saudi Arabia make such good bedfellows.

    • “Thanks for highlighting another despicable regime in the Middle East. Israel & Saudi Arabia make such good bedfellows.” mostly useless

      Is that so? Then why aren´t you bloggin´ and whining full-time about Saudi Arabia instead? Why you are always obsessed with Israel and Israel only?
      Can´t asnwer that, eh? Your little theatrics dismantled, eh? So sad.

      BTW, your brave EU also supports your despicable Saudi Arabia and gives millions of precious money to Hamas mafia. Aren´t you ashamed of that? Why don´t you protest about that? Can´t answer that too, eh? Again, your fake-outrage is irrefutable.

      Thanks for trying a classic moral relativisc trick. Won´t work, though. People here are not stupid leftist robots such as your pal doo-doo and sencrap.