CiF Watch welcomes its first follower from Gaza!

CiF Watch’s readership continues to expand.

Our first openly Palestinian commenter has made his appearance (beneath our post “Arthur Nelsen’s Occupied Mind: Why the Guardian Left can’t take antisemtism seriously“) albeit expressing sentiments that are less than encouraging for the peace process:


We traced the IP Address back to Gaza City.

We can only hope that over time, as this gentleman learns more about Israel (and relies more on CiF Watch for his news, and less on the Hamas controlled Gaza state media) he will moderate his feelings towards the Jewish state and this blog.

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  1. He / She may know much more about Israel and Israelis then the ISM people care to admit.

  2. But he is already moderate otherwise he wouldn’t be warning you and would have sent you one of those cartoon bombs in the shape of he-who-shouldn’t-be-named-by-kaffirs that would have exploded as your un-sanctified eyes beheld it.

  3. Perhaps some helpful orientalist will explain to us that “We are going to kill you” is merely a local idiom for “Have a nice day.”

  4. I’m sure that if you pass this information along to the relevant authorities in Gaza they will follow up this threat appropriately.

    Or they may be inclined to provide this individual with material support to make good on their stated intention…

    The internet’s quite a big place. This chap must have a long list.

  5. It’s comforting to know that at least one Gazan has finally understood the contempt which so many feel for the bloodthirsty terrorists behind the security fence.