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Berchmans or Ben White? Deep thoughts at ‘Comment is Free’ on why Jews are hated

H/T Margie

At this blog we spend quite a bit of time monitoring the comments below the line at ‘Comment is Free’ checking for antisemitism and the broader problem of biased moderation.  Specifically, we often observe pro-Israel comments deleted, or pro-Israel commenters banned and/or placed in pre-moderation, while Israel haters, or those engaging in Judeophobic commentary, seem far less likely to suffer such Guardian sanctions.  

A commenter who uses the moniker Berchmans is a great example of this latter dynamic.

He hasn’t been banned or, it seems, placed in pre-moderation despite comments which include:

  • Suggesting that Hollywood and the media have pandered to Israel in advancing their Zionist narrative
  • Arguing that the charge of “Holocaust denial” is merely a cynical means to tar any criticism of Israel with the false charge of antisemitism.
  • Opining that: “modern antisemitism is an IDF-related phenomena”
  • Frequently suggesting darkly that Zionists engage in an orchestrated assault on opinion at ‘Comment is Free’
  • Suggestions that Hamas’ charter is not antisemitic
  • Implications that Hamas is justified in hating Jews
  • Expressing general antipathy towards Jews

More recently, he offered a possible explanation for why Jews may be hated. (For a more prolific voice, published routinely at ‘Comment is Free’ above the line, justifying antisemitism, see our profile on Ben White.)

Commenting below an essay by Fiachra Gibbons: Toulouse shootings: race, religion and murder, March 19, Berchmans, responding to another commenter, wrote:

So, in a CiF commentary about the murder of four innocent Jews, which included three young children, outside a Jewish school in France, Berchmans offers advice on the Jewish moral deficits which may help us “understand” antisemitism, and includes a “cheeky” reply to the specter of Israel’s demise.

Not banned. Evidently not in pre-moderation.

Here are a couple ‘Comment is Free’ emails if you want to register your complaint – in the context of their “community standards” – about the seeming impunity enjoyed by this commenter who routinely expresses palpable antipathy towards Jews.  (Here’s a link to Berchmans’ CiF User Profile.)


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  1. This idiot Berchmans posted two posts where he accused Israel of ‘CULLING” palestinians.Both these post were deleted only after numerous complaints.
    He has become a lot worse with his racist posts,simply because he knows that the nasty racist rag the Guardian supports and agrees with him…….

  2. It is interesting. Berchmans/Paul Titterton/Haimish claims to be a musician/scientist/social worker.

    His offerings can be viewed:

    Wheres a bunny boiler when you need one?

    Barclays bank staff told to skip cigars and champagne at Christmas parties


    Cruel and unusual punishments

    At some point he will be outed by the people around him who will come across this and other comments on other sites.

    The Guardian will be in the spotlight at some point when his longevity and virulent Antisemitism will be discussed on a forum where The Guardian cannot censor the content.

  3. Margie,

    Berchman seem to be defending this site’s reputation (or going fishing…)


    ## Zionists support( EDL ‘s ) Islamophobia ( ???) any sources or references to support your claim ##

    Although my participating in CIFWatch was always dodgy and I was hated from day one..I was banned following mentioning the EDL support for Israel. But you are right I have never seen written support for the other way round. I have seen it written that lefties are now worse than the right…I have seen this many times on CIF ..but never one saying that the EDL are OK…just better than lefties! 🙂


  4. Berchmans is one of those sacred privileged who for some reason seem to have been given a lifetime pass from the Guardian. Same as KrustyTheKlown and a few others, no amount of deleted and offensive comments will ever ban them.

  5. The clown seems to have a serious attack of verbal runnies.

    CiF would do itself a favor by banning him.

  6. I wouldn’t give Berchmans the oxygen of recognition he so obviously craves . He’s just one more pathetic non entity who slobbers over the keyboard deep in the recesses of both his cave and his squalid little mind .
    I stopped baiting him a couple of years back when I realised he was a one trick pony . An empty vessel with a slightly quirky style which stood out from the other antisemites . There are bigger fish to fry than this anal fistula .
    I’m always minded that when scum like Berchmans have slipped this mortal coil , it’s odds on that their final resting place will be a lonely, unremembered grave which will soon be forgotten by his own descendants . His legacy will be nothing but a pathological hatred of Jews . Contrast that with some 3000 years of Jewish creativity that has contributed to every facet of humanity and you get some idea of just how small this speck of Hurra appears

  7. Berchmans once claimed to be a postman. If true, it must upset him if he has to deliver mail from Israel.

  8. Berchmans is cunning. He downplays examples of anti-semitism on Cif, while constantly whining about Islamophobia.

    He’s on a mission to nurture a climate where Jews can be insulted, and Israel defamed. Whether he is employed by the Guardian for that purpose, or does it for free I don’t know.

    Either way, he is the living embodiment of the cesspit that Cif has become.

  9. I wonder if Berchmans has ever considered why he is so hated by CiFWatch.

    Is it because he’s incapable of original or serious thought on any subject, in particular the Arab-Israel conflict, and that his one-line repartees show evidence of blatant antisemitism cloaking itself as anti-Zionism?
    It doesn’t help either that he’s quick to accuse everybody of ‘Islamophobia’ for no obvious reason, him being a Catholic.
    I’d certainly agree that he obviously craves recognition and should be ignored as far as possible.

    PS. He’ll no doubt be pleased with Catherine Ashton’s reported remarks about the murdered Toulouse Jewish schoolchildren being comparable to those Gazan children killed (unintentionally) by Israeli raids.

  10. I think it’s a waste of time supplicating before that Jew-hating rag. I’d much rather spend time bearing witness than trying to beg them to follow standards, delete commenters, etc. Besides, why get into a hissy-fit over what Berchmans, KrustytheKlown, or any number of other like-minded souls have to say? It’s like worrying about what a homeless psychotic utters when he howls to nobody.

  11. Specifically, we often observe pro-Israel comments deleted, or pro-Israel commenters banned and/or placed in pre-moderation, while Israel haters, or those engaging in Judeophobic commentary, seem far less likely to suffer such Guardian sanctions.

    There are pro-Israel posters who have not been banned from CiF despite repeatedly posting clearly anti-Muslim comments.

    Where is the evidence for your “far less likely” conclusion?

    • pretzelberg,

      Quite correct that we should only concentrate on instances in which the commentators own posts can be used to hoist them by their petards, so I give you Berchman.

      Now perhaps you could explain why this clearly bigoted fantasist who cannot make up his mind if he is Muslim, Christian, Postman, Social worker, Scientist, Pacifist, living in Scotland or living in Cyprus is allowed to keep posting when many, many commentators of all opinions have had their comment rights removed for posting opinions which break the Guardians CiF standards?, perhaps you would also like to explain how it is possible that a commentator can have so many posts removed for breaking the CiF standards but is still allowed to post his rubbish?

      • And as you say yourself: many commentators of all opinions have had their comment rights removed.

        Believe me – I’m as flummoxed as you as to why Berch hasn’t been banned.

      • Living in Cyprus you say.

        That would be logical bearing in mind that his time frame corresponds to mine in Israel.

        But he seems to pepper his posts with a lot of disinformation. The emphasis should be that The Guardian is preparing its own implosion with one of it ‘nodes’ the longevity of Berchmans above all other anti Semitic commenters.

    • Ask what happened to MoveAnyMountain Pretz.

      It is to CiF shame that he no longer comments there.

      Berchmans is an anti Semitic attention seeker and one day, CiF will have to defend itself as to why he, above all other anti Semitic commenters, is still commenting.

  12. Berchmans is an islamist apologist more than an antisemite in my opinion.

    He’s also not much of a one for responding to incisive criticism.

    More worryingly people get banned or moderated from CIF for not toeing the party line.I unbelievably got moderated for saying in response to a piece by Terry JOnes that I thought his remarks were snobbish and not very funny. I have also been moderated for asking why islamic extremists are being given a platform among other things.

    Something has gone seriously wrong at the Guardian. CIF basically has just a handful of issues that it covers regularly ; islam; abortion; gay rights and Israel, not necessarily in that order .

    The mood is reactionary and intolerant, yet many posters get away with calling people anything fom evil and mad to corrupt without any reaction at all as long as those criticised belong to groups disfavoured by the Guardian.

    As far as Israel and jews are concerned – and these terms are virtually interchangable – nothing short of the winding up of the state of Israel and handing the country over to Hamas will appease these poeple and all jewish casualties are at best a regrettable own goal.. Jews can simply do no right.

    As a gentile, I would like to apologise to Jewish people for being a thick idiot.

    I thought we had settled the hash of the antisemites once and for all in 1945, yet here they are again – large as life – in sandals with socks and munching iorganic alfalfa; though their fangs are every bit as sharp as ever.

    This site is a start but you are going to have to get your finger out – the islamists are currently setting the agenda, the liberal left have sold the farm and you guys are way behind.

    Just remember there are plenty of us who will stand alongside you.

  13. Wow – what a site this page is for bigots! The hatred, bitterness, abuse on this page is absolutely disgusting. So if one doesn’t approve of Israel’s tactics, one is anti-semitic? The amount of anti-Muslim rhetoric on this site is deplorable… You people need to look at yourselves.