Guardian reader on those uppity British Jews exercizing their political rights

Jonathan Freedland’s CiF essay, “I’ve backed Ken Livingstone for mayor before, but this time I just can’t do it“, March 23, elicited quite a bit of fury from the Livingstone faithful below the line – those ‘liberal’s evidently not bothered by the former mayor’s embrace of some of the most reactionary, antisemitic, misogynist and homophobic leaders.

Freedland noted Livingstone’s additionally illiberal comments throughout his career, and also noted Livingstone’s meeting with prominent members of the Jewish community (which included Freedland) where he complained that Jews won’t vote for him because they are rich.

One particular reader (phlebasconsidered) took exception with Freedland’s concerns, commenting:

First, there’s something just funny about a CiF reader complaining that folks spend quiet a bit of time talking and obsessing about Jews in a paper whose fixation with a certain Jewish polity has been demonstrated by the media group’s own data.

And, yes, those Jews – daring to ‘mobilize’ to participate in the political process!

Thenthere was this reply:

And, finally, phlebasconsidered succeeded in digging himself deeper:

So, the real problem is that British Jews exercise influence disproportionate to their “minority status” – stifling free speech along the way by complaining about antisemitism and, thus, SCARING CiF moderators!

Yes, such uppity Jews: exercising their political rights AND occasionally hitting the report link next to a comment they feel is inconsistent with CiF community standards – a veritable Semitic reign of terror!

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  1. “I am struggling to care what this minority thinks of Ken Livingstone”.

    Is Britain completely full of self-righteous wankers, or do they just all congregate at the Guardian? A clusterfuck is the appropriate American term I think.

  2. Adam, you should have pointed out how ignorant the poster is about Jewish history, specifically English anti-Semitism. Jews have not been residing in the United Kingdom for “1000 years and helped form the UK’s current society”. The Jews were expelled from England in the 13th century by Edward I and were not formally allowed to return until Cromwell in the 17th century. Even then the rights of Jews to function in society were severely restricted unless they embraced shmad like D’Israeli. Given that history, is there no wonder that Red Ken is setting off dog whistles among the Jewish community of the UK?

    • You are right. It is totally unrelated.

      Care to comment on the actual piece?
      Agree with it?
      disagree with it?
      Having lunch in the pub while reading it and blaming the Jews for giving you indigestion?

      Anything at all?

    • Funny how you can’t see how your own actions make you the loser you are. Of course, you see that you’re a loser, you just blame the Joos for making you that way.

      As for being “owned,” you’re here chastising us. We’re not visiting your rat hole to rip you a new one. In other words, you are our own version of cheap entertainment. And nothing is cheaper than a dubie perspective.

    • Notoriously untrustworthy, as is Ilan Pappe, and every Palestinian propaganda outlet. By the way, every actual citation from those days always mentions “the Arabs”, never the “Palestinians.”

  3. This was funny:


    27 March 2012 1:07PM
    Response to Bilingual, 27 March 2012 10:01AM

    Jerusalem needs to be split and both parts must agree to this.

    Since we are giving advice to other how to divide up their country, I think London needs to be split and both parts must agree to this.

    Tower Hamlets should be set up as a separate city with Ken Livingstone as Mayor, and the rest of the city can be called – oh, I don’t know – England?