Global March to Jerusalem post event round-up: #GMJ #EpicFailure

Written by Hadar Sela, lead researcher for the CiF Watch project, “Exposing the truth about the Global March to Jerusalem“.

Taking a post-event look at the Global March to Jerusalem, it is as important to identify what did not happen as it is to look at what did occur.

The most obvious conclusion is that the GMJ organisers failed to get the numbers of participants they declared having in advance, with only single percentage numbers of their vaunted one to two million marchers actually taking part. Despite GMJ organiser Ribhi Halloum’s feeble attempts at face-saving post-event spin, any objective observer can only conclude that the project’s organisers are clearly out of touch with majority concerns and opinion.

This was also reflected in the picture around the world with, for example, a mere 50 activists turning up for the GMJ event in Germany and 100 in Ottawa.  Even in London – a major hub of anti-Israel activism and home to a significant proportion of GMJ organisers and their various organisations – the turnout to shout at an empty Israeli embassy was not particularly impressive.

Significantly too, in Deir Hanna – the site of the main Land Day march in Israel – and other locations in the Galilee, participation in the event was low, with organisers already expressing their disappointment on Israeli radio by early Friday afternoon.

With the majority of the world’s mainstream media giving the event very low profile handling, it is also clear that the organisers failed to achieve another of their main objectives: the creation of an embarrassing PR event for Israel which would result in condemnatory headlines around the globe and create an opportunity for another Goldstone-style attack on Israel’s legitimacy.

That objective was in part thwarted by the actions taken by the authorities in the countries bordering Israel to contain the event to demonstrations and avoid the potentially fatal clashes which would have resulted had they allowed the would-be infiltrators to have their way.

In Syria the only GMJ event took place in Damascus, with the Iranian regime’s Press TV reporting that ” the Syrian government prevented them from reaching the nearest point to the Palestinian land, as a result of the accident that happened last year on Nakba Day where Israeli soldiers killed around 26 demonstrators who tried to cross the borders in the action called “Yawm al Awda”.

One must also factor in to that decision the rifts which appeared early on among GMJ organisers of a pro-Iranian/Syrian regime persuasion and those loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood which is heavily represented among the Syrian opposition, as the proliferation of Hizballah flags and Assad portraits at the Damascus event reflects.  

Participation in the GMJ event in Lebanon, which was confined to the Beaufort castle, was reportedly low due to the fact that the Lebanese army declined to allow participants to approach the border. Some foreign activists expressed a clear – but typical – lack of understanding of the regional dynamics at play.

Here’s a GMJ-North America supporter, #Occupy “human rights” activist, and Mondoweiss contributorDeppen Webber


Tweet 1

Tweet 2

(Note that in fact, GMJ organisers – including Webber’s patron Paul Larudee – had been cooperating with Hizbollah since the early stages of preparation.)

Tweet 3

Tweet 4

Tweet 5

Tweet 6

(Note that another – though no less unreliable – source would appear to contradict Webber’s claims.)

Tweet 7

Here’s Kunal Majumder, senior correspondent covering GMJ as a “reporter” for the Indian political weekly, Tehelka:

Tweet 1

Tweet 2

The Global March to Jerusalem has undoubtedly helped shine the light of exposure on several important points, one of which is the unquestioning collaboration between so-called peace activists and human rights advocates from Western and other countries and extremist elements such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hizbollah, the Iranian regime and even the Syrian Nazi Party – SSNP – which was represented at the GMJ event in Lebanon.

In addition, it is clear that the professed GMJ slogan of non-violence is merely a tactic employed by this handful of extremists in order to gain sympathy and legitimacy for their cause among Western audiences. Just as there is nothing non-violent about intending to illegally breach a sovereign state’s borders and over-run its capital, there was nothing non-violent about Friday’s riots in BethlehemGaza and Kalandiya (lead, incidentally, by a professor from the Sorbonne and with approximately 8% of the rioters being foreign activists – probably members of the ISM).

Equally clear is the end-game agenda of the organisers of the Global March to Jerusalem and its supporters. Their common denominator is the rejection of a negotiated two-state solution to the conflict, the rejection of recognition of Israel’s existence and the aspiration of achieving an imposed settlement which would bring that about. The ample rhetoric we have heard over the past few weeks on such subjects as ’64 years of occupation’ and ‘liberating Jerusalem’ is clear indication of their aims.

The Global March to Jerusalem project has clarified just how little understanding this bunch of professional and semi-professional activists have of the dynamics of the Middle East as indicated by their indignant objections to the fact that various authorities and security forces acted to prevent the escalation of their provocation into a potentially serious cross-border event.

Fortunately, it has also exposed just how out of touch its mostly foreign organisers are with the aims and priorities of people who actually live in the region and how outlandish the ideas of their relatively small – if loud – cult movement are to the majority of the people they seem to have somehow persuaded themselves that they represent. 

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  1. ‘Anti-Zionists’ like the GMJ mob keep drawing comparisons between Israel and apartheid South Africa. The thing was back in the day anti-apartheid campaigners had no trouble getting millions globally to attend ‘Free Mandela’ marches and concerts. But then people could see where justice lay in South Africa, and they can’t see the comparisons with Israel and Palestine now.

    The other thing is that the GMJ expected that up to a million people would happily travel to Israel’s neighbours and then march on its borders. It would have (to take one case) been fun to see all the activists assemble in Damascus and then get caught up in the crossfire between Syria’s freedom fighters and the Asad regime, but that was never going to happen, was it?

  2. With their disregard for the truth, I guess it makes sense to them to claim millions will participate: People who believe them would think they would have relative safety in numbers if they tag along. Let’s hope it’s remembered as another demonstration of their dishonesty and/or delusion.

    Despite how this turned out, I still believe the only appropriate response to hostile attempted border breaches(as opposed to seeking refuge here) is to kill every single perpetrator and supporter on the spot. Let our enemies know the border as a wall of blue-hot fire.

  3. @yair, “disregard for the truth” is being polite. They are renowned for their resorting to big talk and boasting when they having little or nothing to boast about, neither have they the intelligence to see themselves as others see them, ie how foolish they often look because of the big talk which cannot be borne out by action. Only the challenged can resort again and again to activities which they know cannot be successful and yet be incapable of learning from previous experience. I am very glad that they cannot.

    @john in cheshire yes, absolutely. Far too many Islamists and crack-brained jihadis are given asylum in and support for their activities by the UK governments, which also seem utterly incapable of learning from past experience and determined to sell its own people up the river for the “human rights” of people who want to do them harm

  4. One of the best episode of this farce was the beatings of some Naturei Karta rabbis by their Jordanian comrades.

  5. This insane Global March to nowhere,at the the time that this non event was happening.Assad in Syria was massacring his own citizens who dared to question his murderous policies.

    At the other end,the Palestinians who threw rocks and fire bombs at the Israeli Security forces received a few minor scratches for their efforts.

    If this March of fools did actually succeed the BBC and the Guardian would have been saturated with articles on this brilliant March to Jerusalem……..

    Lucky for us that we are dealing with Fools…like this Ghada Karmi the Guardians poster girl……Who was one of the promoters of this fiasco called Global March To Insanity……..