2 Tweets by Guardian’s Liz Ford which speak volumes about Palestinian “refugee” fraud

On the Guardian’s Global Development page, (supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), was a post, Tweets from the West Bank and Jordan, March 30, by Liz Ford, deputy editor of the Global development site.  Ford recounted her visit, meant to report on projects “to increase water access and encourage more money and tourists into Jordan and the West Bank.”

Writes Ford:

Along the way I got a glimpse of what life is like for the thousands of Palestinian refugees in Irbid, in northern Jordan, saw some of the work being done in Ramallah to prevent maternal deaths and improve healthcare for women and children

The trip was a great opportunity to tweet (@globdev) about the lives of some of the people I met, as well as anecdotes I picked up and conversations I had along the way, including those with other Twitter users who wanted to share their thoughts on the region.

Here are a selection of my tweets from the trip.

Ford spent much of her time in the Irbid “Refugee camp”, established in Jordan for refugees who left historic Palestine as a result of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, though, even per UNRWA, “the camp now resembles some of the urban quarters in Irbid.”

The city of Irbid is the second largest city in Jordan by population (after Amman), and home to several colleges and universities, the two most prominent being Jordan University of Science and Technology and Yarmouk University.  There are 26 book publishing companies in the city. The number of internet cafes per capita is among the highest in the world, and the city is considered the cultural capital of Jordan.

Downtown Irbid

Irbid internet cafe and video store

Irbid liquor store

Irbid city hall

Irbid market

Ford’s piece included this Tweet:

Ok, so we’re talking about Jordanian citizens of Palestinian descent who live in neighborhoods with proper buildings.

Ford also included this Tweet:

So, second and third generation Jordanian citizens, whose ancestors may have once lived in historic Palestine, are residents of a prosperous Jordanian city and yet are still being labelled “refugees”, and won’t have that designation removed until “the Palestinian/Israel dispute is settled” – no matter how many years or generations it takes to reach such a settlement.

Further, PA officials have stated clearly that such Palestinian “refugees” living in the “diaspora” will not become citizens of any new Palestinian state.

So, what this means is that such Arabs of Palestinian descent living in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, etc. will forever live under UNRWA’s care, and possess the immutable moral status of victims of “Israeli oppression” – which will be passed down to generation after generation.

Two Tweets by a Guardian editor, and the fraud of the Palestinian “refugee” industry is exposed to all but the most ideologically conditioned anti-Zionist activists. 

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  1. Yeah, love this thanks for an update on the “refugee” problem.
    I have seen similar photographs of “refugee” camps in Judea and Samaria which look like working and middle class suburbs.

    • A couple of years ago there was a scathing article in Al Ahram by an Egyptian journalist who visited Gaza and pointed out that most Egyptians would be happy to swap [places with the “Palestinian refugees”.

      I had an argument with an Arab here in the US a month or so ago who after living in the wealthiest county in America for 35 years still claims she’s a refugee!! I only hope UNRWA isn”t sending her food packages.

      The incessant whining by these “refugees” is incredible.

  2. You kept mentioning “historical” Palestine without quotes. From 1922 till now is not a very long history. Don’t you really mean British Mandate Palestine?
    I’ve seen maps of the historical area popularly known as Palestine and it does not conform to the map shown, and extends both northward and east into today’s Jordan, and didn’t include most of the Negev.
    Just asking.

  3. UNWRA is a criminal conspiracy which should be prosecuted for benefit fraud and extracting money with menaces.

  4. Excellent exposure of yet another dimension to the egregious conduct by the international community to perpetuate the myth of continuing Palestinian suffering.

    As for the refusal to remove the designation until ““the Palestinian/Israel dispute is settled”, this is a euphemism. Read instead until ” Israel ceases to be a state in its current form”.

    The UN’s treatment of Israel continues to be predicated on lies, and its whole ethos is infected. Instead of preventing conflict, it has become an instrument to promote it.

  5. Hey guys, these “refugees” never left “historic Palestine” since they’re still living in part of it which is now called Jordan.

  6. The whining and whinging palestinian…..No one does misery better than the palestinians………