Israel to revoke citizenship of 1.6 million Palestinian Arabs! ‘Israel’? I mean Jordan, so Guardian yawns

Strangely missing from the Jordan page of the Guardian is a remarkable story.

Per the Jerusalem Post.

Jordan has decided to revoke the Jordanian citizenship of Palestinian Authority and PLO officials, sources in Amman disclosed Wednesday.

The Jordanian newspaper Al-Arab Al- Yawm…quoted government officials in Amman as saying that the decision to revoke the Jordanian citizenship would also affect some 1.6 million Jordanians of Palestinian origin.

The move coincides with a new electoral law in Jordan that seeks to limit Palestinian representation in parliament.

While its unclear, from the article linked to above, who these 1.6 million Jordanians of Palestinian origin refers to, it’s likely those Palestinians who used to live in Jerusalem and the West Bank (when it was under Jordanian control from 1949 to 1967) who are now (following the Six Day War) residing in Jordan proper, and considered “refugees”.

Finally, the report included this passage:

Amman has defended the decision to strip Palestinians of their Jordanian citizenship by explaining that it is aimed at “preserving the Palestinians’ national identity and paving the way for their return to Palestine.”

So, in other words, over a million Palestinian citizens of Jordan will, if this law goes into effect, become stateless in order to decrease the country’s Palestinian population (now nearly half of the population of Jordan) and create the expectation that they will either return to Israel proper (per the call by Palestinian activists and their supporters of an “unlimited right of return”) or become citizens of the future state of Palestine.

Regarding the latter idea, as PA leaders have already said that such Palestinians living in the “diaspora” will not become citizens of a newly created Palestinians state, the move by Jordan would create more permanently stateless Palestinians who will be cynically used to continue the assault on Israel’s legitimacy, even following a future peace agreement.

Remarkably cynical? Beyond description.

A gross violation of human rights? Supremely.

A story worthy of coverage, and liberal sympathy, by Guardian reporters? Of course not!

Do I even have to ask how the Guardian would cover the story if it was Israel revoking the citizenship of over one million Palestinian Arab citizens?

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  1. How will the UNHRC handle this? They’ll probably give Jordan an award for their great human rights record.

  2. This is surely just another example of how Arab League countries, have refused to absorb Palestinian Arab refugees with a view to using them to beat Israel.

    Whatever the reason, the comparison must drawn between the way Israel dealt with Jews from Arab states and the way the entire Arab League dealt with Palestinian Arab refugees, post 1948.

    Israel treated the Jews humanely – the Arab League states did not, making it a policy, not to permit Palestinian Arab refugees, citizenship, passports or meaningful employment. In Lebanon, they don’t get education or healthcare from the state either.

    This comparison needs to be aired more frequently and in forums where we are not simply preaching to the converted.

  3. Well, Jordan is Palestine, we all knbow that, and UN should remind this to the Jordanian goverment, Black September 2 comming on?

  4. if ever a Palestinian state is created, should revoking the the Jordanian citizenship of Palestinian Arabs set a precident for the revocation of current Israeli citizenship for Palestinians who reside in Israel and refuse to accept the Jewish state?