The hysterical Tweets of anti-Zionist “rock star” Ali Abunimah

Ali Abunimah is a Palestinian-American journalist, former ‘Comment is Free’ contributor and leader of the BDS movement who The Jewish Daily Forward designated a “rock star.

Abunimah, who’s an opponent of the existence of a Jewish state within any borders, has characterized Israel as a“supremacist” state, and approvingly cited those who compare Israeli behavior to that of Nazi Germany. 

Abunimah is also co-founder of the site, Electronic Intifada.

Abunimah, not surprisingly, isn’t quite able to contain his rage against the Zionist menace on Twitter.

While following the hashtag on the Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike (#palhunger) I came across the following pithy Tweets by Abunimah.

(Abunimah has blocked me from viewing his Tweets due to past Zionist apostasies, but those not banished can see his feed, here).

But, that Tweet was an exercise in self-restraint and sobriety compared to this:

Yeah, he’s got our number. Imprisoning Palestinians is the Zionist ‘reason d’être’, our founding principle, our driving passion.

We’re not motivated by the age-old Jewish desire to be ‘a free people in a free land’.  That whole thing about “Jewish self-determinism” is just a convenient ruse.  

Abunimah SO sees through us.

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  1. Oy veh, this will result in your being banned by him – that’s what he does to tweeples who don’t see eye to eye with him…
    He actually produces day after day a steady stream of hate-filled obsessive tweets about Israel and the unspeakable atrocities we commit — while Ali tweets along to entertain his 20.000+ followers. It is really amazing to think that this guy is taken seriously anywhere, but he even had a piece in Foreign Affairs. I think it’s to a large degree due to the fact that when he writes a blog post or gives a speech, he very carefully cultivates the image of being thoughtful, but when he tweets, he let’s it all hang out, and it usually gets pretty ugly.

  2. Ali Abominable incarnates the evil face of Palestinianism. In fact their very goal is to end Israel. Their Palestinian state will never happen because the leadership doesn’t want it

  3. It is probably no surprise to many of the Israeli apologists who lurk in this blog that I LURV Ali Abinimah 😉

    • mostly (if may use your first name),
      It’s you who lurks in this blog.
      And it’s no surprise that you’re an apologist for the racist “Arab cause.”

    • Mostly a wanker. Funny, how you are everything you think you’re not. You have ‘Jew baiter’ written all over your ‘mostly’ malicious face. Just another pretentious follower of political fashion. In another time and place, you would be gloating over the artistic merits of Ian Stuart or Leni Refenstahl if you thought it gave you an ounce of intellectual or moral credibility. Still, if having a crack at the yids gives you such a self-righteous hard-on, then keep on masturbating.

      • And for a moment I thought you were having a go at Ian “Stu” Stewart of the Rolling Stones fame.
        (although when it comes to artistic merit, I suppose opinion is divided on the matter of the latter)

        • Does that mean I’m not invited to your dinner parties? Offending your bigoted parochial sensibilities is a great honour. ‘Ere, pass the salt you Jew-baiting wanker!’.

    • Given your – how should I put it – rather bizarre political stance in relation to Israel’s right to exist without threat from terror, no, it’s no surprise.

      But does he LURV you or even know that you exist????

  4. Sorry for going OT, but I just want to know, is Dalai Lama “in” or “out” with the Liberal Progressive Lefties?

    Judging by this hatchet job on him on Cif and the following comments, it seems he is “out”!

    When did this happen, what has he done to the Lefties, while the rest of us were not paying attention, did he convert to Judaism?

  5. The truth of the matter is I’m not enamored with rock stars in the first place.
    Most of them have the musical depth of a small, shallow puddle. They’re more about showbiz, as is this chap Ali-baba Abuminah, and the public’s adulation of him.

  6. Good thing Ali has a day job, paid by British tax payers!
    Look at something called the Social Research Unit.
    How long will we have to fund the rants of this American anti-semite?