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Request to CiF Watch readers: Ask Guardian to remove Raed Salah’s ‘Jewish supremacism’ smear

In a quasi mea culpa which, appearing to vindicate the work of CiF Watch, but now seems less serious with each passing day, Guardian readers’ editor Chris Elliott, in a post titled ‘On averting accusations of antisemitism“, published on Nov. 6, 2011, sought to address the following complaints about the Guardian:

“…that [the paper] is carrying material that… lapses into language resonant of antisemitism or is antisemitic”, citing “organisations monitoring the Guardian’s coverage” which “examine the language in articles – and the comments posted underneath them online – as closely as the facts.” [emphasis mine]

Elliott continued:

“Two weeks ago a columnist used the term “the chosen” in an item on the release of Gilad Shalit, which brought more than 40 complaints to the Guardian, and an apology from the columnist the following week. “Chosenness”, in Jewish theology, tends to refer to the sense in which Jews are “burdened” by religious responsibilities; it has never meant that the Jews are better than anyone else. Historically it has been antisemites, not Jews, who have read “chosen” as code for Jewish supremacism.” [emphasis added]

Here, Elliott was referring to Deborah Orr’s mocking use of the phrase “the chosen”, in an essay she published in the Guardian on Nov. 21  (to evoke the notion that Jews are inherently racist).  However, Elliott’s last passage was an admission not only that such pejorative uses of “the chosen” are code words used by antisemites, but, additionally, that the idea of “Jewish supremacism” is understood to be necessarily, indeed by definition, antisemitic.

The idea of Jewish supremacy is an explicitly antisemitic narrative, one which was popularized by David Duke and Gilad Atzmon, and is indeed similar to the ‘chosen people’ canard, suggesting that Jews are racist (as is the Jewish faith itself) and see themselves as a superior race.

 Along comes Raed Salah (the leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel), who publishes a CiF piece, Britain’s duty to the Palestinian people“, on April 19.  His essay represented a moral victory lap of sorts, in the institution which had obsessively  championed his cause since he  prevailed in a series of appeals following his arrest by UK Immigration due to his history of hate and extremism.

His record on this account includes: Imprisonment for funding Hamas, reciting a poem advancing the antisemitic medieval  blood libel, and propagating the antisemitic conspiracy that  the attacks on 9/11 were an Israeli plot (i.e., Jews were warned not to go to work at the World Trade Center on that day).

Salah’s essay, titled “Britain’s duty to the Palestinian people” contains this complete lie:

“After a 10-month legal battle, I have now been cleared on “all grounds” by a senior immigration tribunal judge, who ruled that May’s decision to deport me was “entirely unnecessary” and that she had been “misled”. The evidence she relied on (which included a poem of mine which had been doctored to make it appear anti-Jewish) was not, he concluded, a fair portrayal of my views.” [emphasis added]

As we’ve  noted previously, the UK Immigration tribunal, in ruling that Salah indeed engaged in the antisemitic blood libel, wrote, in the final ruling (sec. 59):

“…we do not find this comment [by Salah] could be taken to be anything other than a reference to the blood libel against Jews and nothing said by the appellant explains why it would be interpreted otherwise from the original Arabic text or in the English text before us…”

Salah’s blatant lie, in the pages of CiF, claiming vindication, is followed by this simply risible line:

“….In reality, I reject any and every form of racism, including antisemitism.”

Ok, leaving aside his proclivity to engage in antisemitic blood libels, and advancing 9/11 conspiracy theories alleging an international Jewish plot, Salah isn’t able to contain his antipathy towards Jews for even the length of the very essay he was writing. In fact, a mere nine paragraphs later, there is this:

“The Palestinian issue can only be resolved if Israel and its supporters in Britain abandon the dogmas of supremacy…”

It’s this simple.  Raed Salah is accusing Jews of being supremacists, an accusation Elliott acknowledged was an explicit expression of anti-Jewish racism.

Either Chris Elliott was serious in his Nov, 2011, moral warning to Guardian staff or he wasn’t.  

While I’m not at liberty to reveal the details of my ongoing correspondence with Mr. Elliott regarding this matter, the exchanges suggest a failure to take Salah’s antisemitism seriously.

I ask our readers to contact Mr. Elliott and respectfully request that he consider deleting Salah’s characterization of Jews as “supremacists” from his April 19th essay.

We don’t intend to let up until this hideous passage is removed.

Here is Elliott’s contact info:

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  1. ive had it with CIF. Having left a post saying that CIFwatch did an important job in exposing CIFs squalid obsession with Israel my account was put into “pre-moderation” for “persistent misrepresentation of the Guardian and its journalists”. Since then any comment ive made that doesnt chime with the Guardian world view hasnt got past the moderators

  2. “in an essay she published in the Guardian on Nov. 21 (to evoke the notion that Jews are inherently racist.”

    It’s not just the Guardian who publishes articles about Israeli racism. Why don’t you criticise Haaretz who are MUCH more direct in their reporting? Just yesterday there were TWO articles on this subject.

    Gideon Levy: “Israel is both the most racist and most naive country in the West. Racist, because in no other country can politicians make remarks about migrants as they do here and still remain in office another day; naive, because only now has Israel discovered the problem that has been facing the “first world” for years. Only in Israel can a parliamentarian from the ruling party describe the migrants as a “cancer,” and, far worse, it is only in Israel that she could do so knowing that her contemptible racism would merely gain her support.”

    And Bradley Burston about Kadima member Shamalov-Berkovich at a Knesset meeting:

    ‘These phonies – first of all I would jail them all for incitement of Jews against Jews. This is Solution Number One: to jail all human rights [activists]… We can transport them afterwards to those same places that we’re building, the camps. Let them work there’

    A chilling deja-vu. The second quote should be treated with the contempt it deserves by everyone, Jew or Gentile.

    Maybe Israelis should clean their own house first. Don’t you think?

    • “Why don’t you criticise Haaretz who are MUCH more direct in their reporting? Just yesterday there were TWO articles on this subject.”…
      I am touched by your regard for the accuracy of reporting at Ha’artz.
      Can we count on you to set up a website monitoring it, instead of, you know, criticizing a website SET UP to review the Guardian’s record, as in “Comment-is-free-watch”(with an emphasis on the “Comment-is-free” part) ?
      Good luck with that :D.

      • Don’t you recognise the form of the argument? I’ll spell it out. I learned it from this site, believe it or not. It’s the “Syria [or whatever is the arab-state-du-jour at the time of writing] is an evil state. Why don’t you criticize them before you pick on Israel?” Sound familiar?

        • Alex what exactly does “arab-state-du-jour” mean?

          By the way when you give links, as you did in your post above of June 1, 2012 at 12:32 pm, it would be helpful if they are not to premium subscriber only parts of a newspaper.

        • It’s not the “arab-state-du-jour” which is worse than Israel.
          ALL the Arabs staes behave far worse than Israel does, all the time.

    • Tu qoque old cock. Haven’t you noticed the title, as well as the raison d’etre of this blog? The Guardian is among the leading anti-Israel/antisemitic opinion formers in the UK, and as such, along with the equally reprehensible BBC, is instrumental in bringing antisemitic discourse back into the media, where it is adopted by mindless idiots as a means of venting their hatred. Islamofacism is, of course, opportunistic, and piggy backs onto the Guardian’s hatred and the Guardian gives it a free, all expenses paid, ride.

      You like to lecture, don’t you, and you lack the insight to realise what a fool you are making of yourself. You are like a man arrested for pickpocketing who points to the litterbug across the street and bleats about his “crime”

      Look in the mirror and lecture yourself.

  3. Just to clarify for anyone wishing to intentionally misinterpret the source of the ‘chilling’ quote. It came from the mouth of the Kadima member not the Journalist.

  4. Once again I must say you do a terrific good job at CiFWatch. I wish I could organise something similar in Austria, but I haven`t got the time needed to make it alone and my efforts to initiate and to motivate came to nothing.
    Another initiative is this site
    but it is a bit weak, compared to the sites in Germany, USA and Great Britain.

  5. Read Salah is Israel’s problem,the Israeli government should have taken care of him a long time ago…..

    Pull the finger out and go after him…..

    At the same time that it goes after other treacherous Israeli citizens.

    Instead of bashing and harassing the asylum seekers we should go after all the Raed Salah’s that infest Israel,and there are many of them.Start with Haaretz…….

  6. Demanding from the Guardian to stop publishing anti-semite slurs is equal to demand from cockroaches to wash their legs before entering the trashbin. Their obsessive hate based on a long time ago fossilized ideologies can’t be cured with demands but showing to the public that they are only bad losers who are trying to find new allies to their fight against democracy and freedom. If the price of this new alliance and mass support is publishing race-hate propaganda then they are willing to pay it happily.

  7. No self respecting serious news paper could/would even think of allowing these nasty dregs like this Raed Salah,Mehdi Hasan and all these other Radical Muslims to write for them….As we know the Racist Guardian is gutter press……They have a rogues gallery of writers that Iran would love to employ…..Some of them do write for the Iranian press…….

  8. Ellitt writes:
    “CP Scott held strong Zionist sympathies, as did WP Crozier, who came after him as editor”

    It would seem that the post-liberal left’s calling Israel legiimacy into question is a very recent development. The left used to support Israel.
    I suspect it’s the post-liberal left which has changed not Israel.

    “A shift in attitudes came after the 1967 Arab-Israeli war”

    It started before when the Soviet Union turned against Israel. In any case, why turn on Israel for defending itself in ’67?

    For some, Jews are only good when dead or persecuted.