Postcard from Israel – Hof HaBonim

It’s officially summer as of last week and so Israelis are off to the beach to enjoy sun, sea and sand. One of Israel’s many beautiful beaches is Hof HaBonim, near the moshav of the same name, at the southern end of the Carmel range. 

This four and a half kilometre-long beach is also a nature reserve and boasts beautiful inlets, sandy beaches, dunes, interesting flora and fauna, abrasion platforms and of course the warm Mediterranean Sea. Camping is permitted for a small fee, and so at the weekends one finds Israelis enjoying beach life overnight, with the ubiquitous barbecue – or ‘mangal’ outside almost every tent. 

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  1. Thanks guys . I really enjoy this regular photo feature . It’s a tremendous ‘ pick me up ‘ good feel factor and a welcome contrast to the serious and vital topics addressed on the site .
    One photo is worth 10,000 words and reminds us all just what we are fighting for .
    Keep it coming please . Portugal is about to be cancelled and a late August visit booked instead . You should claim a commission off of El al !