General Antisemitism

From Burgas to London

The following was written by Hadar Sela, and originally published at Harry’s Place

Kochava Shriki was pregnant with her first child after years of fertility treatments and was on holiday with her husband Yitzhak. Elior Priess and Maor Harush, both from Acco, were childhood friends. Itzik Kolengi became a father four months ago. He and his wife Gilat – who was seriously wounded in the attack – had gone to Burgas for a long weekend with their friends Amir and Natali Menashe. Natali was also wounded.

All these people were targets of terror because of the simple fact that they are Jews.

That is what it boils down to. And – although it ought to be so obvious that it should not need spelling out – that is the bottom line of what people such as Clare Short and George Galloway who visit and collaborate with Hizballah ultimately excuse.

In less than a month’s time – on August 17th – the Iranian-backed, Charity Commission approvedUN recognised, pseudo human-rights organisation known as the IHRC will be holding its annual Al Quds Day festival of hatred in London.

Yet again, we are likely to see Hizballah flags and pro-Iranian regime paraphernalia on the streets of Britain’s capital city, together with incitement from the regime’s usual apologists.

Until the British government stops turning a conciliatory eye to this and the many other terrorism support networks operating openly in the UK, its pro forma condemnations of terror will remain nothing more than empty rhetoric.

It really is that simple.

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  1. ” that is the bottom line of what people such as Clare Short and George Galloway who visit and collaborate with Hizballah ultimately excuse.”

    They don’t excuse it. They support it, promote it and justify it. They are Jew haters also.
    Israel makes the Jew visible. Iran wants to wipe out Jewry. Israel is where Iran sees Jewish existence. To believe otherwise is delusional.
    If Jewish tourists would be marked as Jewish, Iran would try to kill them also.
    Did they not attack a JEWISH community center in Argentina?
    Who is Chavez sending his SWAT teams on raids against? The Israeli consulate?
    No the Chabbad house and the schuls as well as Jewish politicians etc…
    Chavez is an ally of Iran.
    Are we supposed to be stupid and believe this is about Israel?

    Does Galloway look like a human rights activist?

    “Your excellency the great defiant Saddam Hussein”

    Galloway is Oswald Mosley II. Allied with the enemy, a Labour reject and thug. Shit he even likes black shirts!!
    “What is not obvious here”… should be the question.

    …and don’t even start me going on the IOC

  2. My favourite Anti-Israel hate site, OD, gave the terror attack another spin, by publishing this piece of s..

    claiming that because of the murdered bus driver a Muslim and Jews were equally victims.
    Quite absurd as the Muslim terrorist would have killed an atheist bus driver alike, his aim were Jews.
    But he never mentions the terrorists and their supporters. and he blames nobody for the atrocity, except those who didin`t avert it.

    This is a very typical piece at OD clarifying and deepening the comprehension for the mental base which is afforded to be published at OD.

  3. I pray Israel will hit back hard at the terrorist murdering filth.

    As Hezbollah are supporting Assad, it would be good if Israel could help the the Syrian opposition to attack Hezbollah. Seeing Hezbollah being crapped on by fellow Muslims being cheered on by Israelis and Jews around the world – you’d be hard pressed not to laugh.