Rachel Shabi reveals the hidden truth about “superiority-complex” racist Jews

Though I’ll likely never personally be rich enough to be characterized as a ‘wealthy Jewish donor’, according to Rachel Shabi I evidently have what it takes to be a “superiority-complex” racist Jew.

Shabi’s latest piece, Mitt Romney’s ‘insult the world’ tour excels on picking on the Palestinians, included this strap line:

Shabi suggests that Mitt Romney was inspired by the desire to please rich, racist Jews in suggesting that culture partly explains Israeli success and that underdevelopment in the PA may have something to do with cultural and political mores.

Indeed, per Shabi, Jews are responsible both for Palestinian failures and Mitt Romney’s racism. 

Here are the choice quotes from Shabi’s piece:

On Jewish donors/Jewish racism

“Over a £16,000-a-plate campaign fundraiser breakfast with Jewish donors in Jerusalem, Romney aired his deep thoughts on “the dramatic, stark difference in economic vitality” between the Palestinian and Israeli economies. These thoughts were obtained by reading books, he prefixed, before surmising that Israeli accomplishments were down to “at least culture and a few other things” – oh, and also, “the hand of providence”. So Romney thinks that Palestinians are screwed because Israelis have a better culture…

The presidential hopeful doubtless believes this standard-issue, superiority-complex racism – and that it’s what his donors want to hear.[emphasis added]

Palestinians not to blame for social/economic failures

“Perhaps, when the Republican visitor noted that Palestinians were stumped by “a few other things” he was just using internationally recognised shorthand?

Maybe he’s parsing for “things” like the checkpoints, barriers and roadblocks that thwart movement of Palestinians and products – and thereby railroad any attempts to revive an economy.”

“In addition to those books, Romney could read any number of reports about Gaza, including from the IMF and the World Bank, which state that its crippled economy is down to Israel’s five-year blockade.”

Israeli success is not based on merit

“And he couldn’t possibly have referenced “things” without it also alluding to America’s generous aid package to Israel, the largest annual recipient of US financial assistance and whose military aid was upped just prior to Romney’s visit.”

Yes, of course, the ‘root cause’ of Israel’s security measures are clearly not related to the violent intifada which claimed over 1100 Israeli lives and maimed thousands more, but rather the hideous spite of a chosen people’s might.

The clearly ‘supremacist’ idea that Jewish culture may imbue the state with certain advantages must be defeated.

Israel’s international advantages in biotech start-ups, the percentage of its citizens with university education, the number of patents per person and scientific papers per capita – as with its democratic institutions which have weathered every political and military storm for over 64 years – are clearly connected to the largess of the indulgent West.  

Israel didn’t build it. 

We simply must not hold the terrorist group which Palestinians voted into office even minimally responsible for the situation in Gaza. The ‘H Word’ must never be uttered.  Such a simple-minded causation – between Hamas’ firing of Iranian imported rockets into Israel and the blockade – must be denied at all costs.

The deluded few which suggest that culture matters – those of us so intellectually impoverished – must invariably possess a distorted understanding of what the word “racism” means.

Those of us not endowed with a piercing intellect have misguidedly assumed that the term denotes the belief that some people are inherently or biologically inferior. Consequently, nothing they do can alter their inevitable backwardness – culture being malleable, while biology is not.

Shabi demonstrates that only the Semitic 1% haughtily insist on the role culture has played in Jewish survival (and success) throughout history, and the deleterious effects on Palestinians by theirs. 

Similarly, our false consciousness prevents us from granting Palestinians – the recipient of more than $2 billion per year from the international community – a moral pass, a furlough from critical scrutiny.

The extreme ‘right’ thoughts which haunt our political imagination must be what give rise to our outrage over the PA’s incitement and crude antisemitic hate advanced in their mosques, state-controlled media and schools.

And, it certainly has to be our reactionary values which inform a stubborn insistence that those who advocate for ‘Palestine’ should also demand that the PA create genuinely democratic institutions, a free press and independent judiciary; that Palestinians take steps to improve their human rights record towards women, gays and religious minorities. 

Overall, our supreme political pathos quite chillingly expects the same moral performance from Palestinians as they do of Israeli Jews.

Isn’t it clear that we ‘superiority-complex’, racist Jews truly possess crazy and dangerous ideas?!

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        • Fritz, what can you do apart from throwing insults to people on forums?

          You undermine CIF Watch’s credibility.

          • I think a more poignant question would be, What are YOU doing here Nat, other than lying and trolling?
            How long is long is school out for you? When are you due back in grade school? 😀

          • As you have no credibility, caught liar, you have to take care of those of others.


          • What’s to argue when you are so misguided, Nat? It’d be a total waste of time. The only thing to do with you is to keep setting you straight and hope eventually that at least one penny will drop.

      • No, Nat. The Palestinian economy has been “strangled” by Palestinian government intransigence and delusions that somehow if they make enough of a fuss and lob enough shells at Israel they’ll miraculously get their state without having to show good faith.

  1. How does she explain the difference in per capita incomes between Jordan and Israel then?

    We should start excommunicating traitors.

  2. Here’s another interesting example of Palestinian culture:,7340,L-4263495,00.html

    Gaza’s ruling Hamas has criticized a Palestinian official for visiting a memorial at the Nazi death camp of

    Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum, expressing the Islamic terror group’s position, claimed Wednesday that the Holocaust “is a big lie.”

    He said last week’s visit to the Auschwitz by Ziad al-Bandak, an adviser to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas went against Palestinian public opinion.

    The sad thing is that he is probably correct about Palestinian public opinion. Its just that Mitt Romney (or anyone else) isn’t allowed to say it.

  3. Sorry – that first line should read:

    Gaza’s ruling Hamas has criticized a Palestinian official for visiting a memorial at the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz and paying respects to its 1.5 million victims there, most of them Jews.

  4. Anti Israel commentators rant and rave about what’s effectively an Israel blockade of weapons to a terrorist entity yet never mention the Arab economic boycott of Israel. Israel would be at world leading levels if they were allowed to export to their neighbors.

    • it’s been written here before that Arabs/Palestinians are expert at autorhinectomy – cutting of their noses to spite their faces.

      By refusing to trade with Israel they suffer more than she does.

  5. It is simply staggering how Arabs go out of their way to prove Mitt Romney right:

    Look at this letter in today’s Guardian, which I have excerpted below, actually criticizing Angela Robson for not blaming Israel enough for the wife-beating in gaza::

    It’s all, all, all Israel’s fault

    Reading Angela Robson’s depressing report (Behind the blockade, G2, 31 July), one could be forgiven for thinking that the horrors she describes are self-inflicted and largely attributable to the election of Hamas. This would be wrong, because long before that election the Israelis were systematically making any cross-border movement, particularly economic activity, unpredictable and arduous. Agricultural produce from Gaza was turned away constantly and often allowed to rot before export was possible. (Abdul Hamed)

    • Just listen to yourself.

      Imagine if someone said e.g. “It is simply staggering how Jews go out of their way to prove Rachel Shabi (or whoever) right.”

      Let’s have less of the bigotry.

      • Pretzel – this person, Abdul Hamed, sprang to the defense of a collection of wife-beaters, whining that Robson did not blame Israel enough for their wife-beating, and this is all you can think of in response?

      • You only call it bigotry if it’s not true. If you’re not able to judge you should do yourself a favour and keep quiet.

        • Not for the first time, AKUS has made a sweeping and negative generalisation about Arabs. You don’t seem to have a problem with that. Fair enough.

      • It wouldn’t be true, pretzelberg, so no reasonable person in their right mind would say it, would they?

  6. It should be mentioned that the seagull sculpture in photo #16 (yoga) is in fact a memorial two pilots who died defending Tel Aviv in 1948. David Sprinzak and Matityahu Sukenik were killed flying a light aircraft to attack an Egyptian flotilla shelling the city. The two were sons of some of Israel’s most prominent families. Sprinzak’s father was later speaker of the Knesset, and Sukenik’s brother is Yigael Yadin.

  7. Rachel Shabi is a reject,and behaves like one.Hard to believe that this woman is of Iraqi stock,she even denies the suffering of Iraqi Jews in Iraq.In her view it was all peaches and cream for the Jews in Iraq…….

    Nothing nastier than someone like this Shabi,who makes friends and money by writing books and articles in the media,in some of this media that are the mortal enemies of Israel……

    She lives in Jerusalem and complains about the WALL.that very same wall that protects this brown-nosed ass-kisser.

    It is a shame that taring and feathering is not allowed any more…….

    • Actually, from what I know of her she herself rejected Israel (she exhibits delusions of grandeur mixed with narcissism and exaggerated entitlement) and then neatly paranoid-projected that into Israel rejecting her.

  8. She is back,whenever the Guardian needs a token Jew to smear Israel they get someone like this Shabi who lives on the fringes of Israeli society to pop up like a Jack-n-d-box.

    We all need to make a living,but there are some people who just don’t care if they make that living on the back of someone else ………

  9. If there is anyone here who has an inflated superiority complex it would have to be this Rachel Shabi herself,she never stops lecturing Israel.

    She set herself up as judge jury and executioner in all matters concerning Israel…

    • Why are you getting all het-up about Rachel Shabi? She, and her contributions to the Guardian and other sites, are of miniscule importance. Not worth bothering to discuss.

  10. Contrary to Rachel Shabi’s assumption, the majority of Israelis aren’t particularly well off, interested in Mitt Romney’s campaign, or to be held responsible for what he says at his fund raisers.
    When Romney says that cultural differences are partly to blame for the Palestinian population poverty, unlike Shabi, I don’t see this as either racist, or a proof that Jews suffer from a superiority complex.
    First of all, he is the one who made the claim and he isn’t a Jew. Furthermore, a culture isn’t a race, so the claim isn’t particularly racist, and the truth is that, when all the energy and resources of a people are channeled by its leaders (Fatah and Hamas) into disrupting the lives of the “enemy” population, there isn’t much left for development, commerce, health, or education.

    Shabi’s second baseless claim is that the Israeli are unable to finance their own development without a large US gift.
    Had she researched the conditions imposed by the US in exchange of help, she would have learnt that:
    – The US help Israel remain able to defend itself and Israel isn’t at liberty to spend those credits on it’s civil society.
    – The US gives -even more- to Jordan and Egypt on the condition that they not declare war to Israel.
    – Not only the US, but the EU, UNICEF, and many NGO support entirely the PA and Gaza economy, while Israel provides the electricity and water essentially for free, since the PA hasn’t payed those bills for several years. Still, the economy isn’t getting off the ground in spite of the fact that the so-called blockade DOESN’T block commercial exchange.
    Shabi also fails to notice that Egypt and Jordan receive each more US help than Israel, yet have failed to develop their economy in much the same way the Palestinians have.
    Yes, there is a cultural difference.
    No, it’s not racist to bring it up.
    The Arab-Muslim countries are -as of yet- still unused to the notions of personal freedom, self-determination, and democracy. They have clung to a tradition of fatalism and pre-determination which impedes economic progress.
    Once they free themselves from their self-imposed cultural shackles, they’ll prosper as much as Israel.

  11. The presidential hopeful doubtless believes this standard-issue, superiority-complex racism

    Does this racism apply to Jews (as this article claims)? Or to the West in general? Or – hardly – is it about Romney accusing Jews of having a superiority complex?

    What a strange and sloppy thing to say, Ms Shabi.

  12. Anyone of Iraqi ancestry would know exactly how and what Iraqi Jews suffered,what they lost in human life in possessions belongings businesses and in human suffering………….

    This woman is talking through her nether regions.

    True they did suffer in the beginning when they first came to Israel,but look at them today………

    • Iraqi Jews certainly suffered, as we all know, but I would wager that Shabby believes her own family to be special and that they shouldn’t have to suffer as much as the ruck of lowly Jewish Iraqi peasants.

      It must really have shocked her when Israel treated her family as merely ordinary among other families. This led to the sort of narcissistic rage directed at everything Israeli that we now see and which she holds on to.

  13. And dont forget from today.
    Hamas blasts Palestinian official’s Auschwitz trip

    Hamas official Fawzi Barhoum, expressing the Islamic militant group’s position, claimed Wednesday that the Holocaust “is a big lie.” He said last week’s visit to the Auschwitz by Ziad al-Bandak, an adviser to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, went against Palestinian public opinion.

    Looks like Hamas is following in the footsteps of Holocaust denier Abbas.
    But dont worry, Arab liars dont bother Shabi.

  14. While the rest of the world exclaims at the racism in Rmoney’s comments, the geniuses here at CiF Witch (Hunt) carry on giving examples of why Palestinian culture is inferior. You couldn’t make it up!

    • Sanity,
      Are you saying that commenters here on this site are making up polling data, quotes from Hamas, and the assessments of the World Bank, etc.?
      It seems to me that critics of Israel go out of their way to express the idea that Israeli culture is in some way inferior to their own, that it must be shunned or even completely negated.

    • Sanity: “carry on giving examples of why Palestinian culture is inferior. You couldn’t make it up!”

      And this from the man / woman who never misses an oppurtunity to parade their moral superiotity over the ‘Zionists’. (This latest comment a case in point of how Sanity represents the self-righteous ‘moral majority’).

    • sanity, for the sake of politeness, please provide evidence of the ways in which Palestinian culture as we have seen it is superior?

      Are suicide murder, teaching little children, (who have never met a Jew), to hate them and want to kill them, instilling violence as the only option fpr their futures, evidence of cultural superiority for example?

  15. Palestinian culture is inferior? No way… They are excellent in sciences, arts, the number of Palestinian Nobel-prize winners is hugely disproportionate to their overall numbers (peace Nobel prize doesn’t count, every mass-murderer can get it), their frustration due to the lack of humanistic values in their direct environment makes them commit suicide and their political, religious and intellectual leaders praise this selfless behavior, their culture makes them beating their wives when frustrated and their culture makes them able to achieve the technological level setting the imported detonators with their imported screwdrivers… A superior culture really…

      • While the rest of the world exclaims…
        No sanity, the rest of the world knows otherwise as you could learn from the world media. Only your kind kind of Guardian/Electronic Intifada bred cretins who don’t know the difference between race and culture are screaming racism when others speaking about something else. Probably the separation between different ideas is far above their PC infested intellectual abilities.

    • Actually, Peter, you are right – their culture is very good at blaming other people whenever things go wrong.

      • their culture is very good at blaming other people whenever things go wrong.

        Oh dear, Yohoho. Think about the awful generalisation you’ve just made.

        • In what way, O exemplar of fine art of finger-wagging???

          When have the Palestinians, people or government accepted responsibility, ever, for what has befallen them due to their hatred of Israel and Jews and their violence towards its people?

          Post us a link, here, to where a live Palestinian has said that his government has been going about things the wrong way, there’s a good chap, and give your finger a rest.

          Any Palestinian people who believe that there should be peace with the Jews would be killed or imprisoned, but if enough of them had the guts to say it then things might change …..

          So no, my statement stands. These are people who glorify the murderers of innocents, as happened in Itamar, rather than admit that they were wrong.