Photos from today’s Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade

No, Jerusalem isn’t Tel Aviv.

However, the 2012 Gay Pride Parade in the Israeli capital, along King George Street in the center of town, was impressive nonetheless, as thousands of participants marched on the 10th anniversary of the annual event.

Here are some of the photos I took at the parade.









In fairness, of course, there was a counter demonstration.  



I guess the rest of his posse couldn’t make it.


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  1. Good news item for true liberals and progressives like us, bad news for extremists and fascists like Islamists BBC/Guardian.

      • Either offer a considered rebutal or be quiet.

        This site provides zero evidence that the BBC/Guardian are “fascists”.

        When someone makes a charge of “fascist”, the onus is on them to back up the accusation. A “considered rebutal”? You must be joking.

        Why make a laughing stock of yourself?

    • I thought I had recognized Levick wearing a pink wig and red stilettos at the parade. Turns out it was him indeed.

  2. You don’t catch flies with vinegar. They want acceptance, they no longer want to shock, they want to belong, so they act accordingly. It’s good for all of us. The proof is the size of the “counter-demonstration”.

  3. Btw, I didn’t see Harriet Sherwood there, and I’d bet money I don’t have that tomorrow’s Guardian will not contain even a brief mention of the parade. It doesn’t fit well with the paper’s narrative.

    • The chicken feeder lady was busy reporting this

      The brutal killing of a battered wife in front of horrified witnesses in an open-air Bethlehem market prompted angry accusations Wednesday that Palestinian police and courts ignore violence against women.

      Just joking….

    • Should the Guardian report every story from Israel? Aren’t there Israeli papers there to report on domestic matters?

      • The Guardian has the interesting habit of reporting everything from Israel that they consider somehow negative, starting with chicken abuse through traffic light racism, etc. but you know this very well – just started your daily trolling.

    • Adam, the Guardian will not report on the Jerusalem Gay Pride just like it will report neither on the Festival of the Beef Sausage in Haifa, nor on your next holiday on the Netanya beach.

      It’s a newspaper, not a newsletter.

  4. Sweet. I’ve been to Jerusalem Gay Pride three times, and it’s always been lower-key than Tel Aviv, with lots of straight allies who support civil rights marching alongside LGBT folks. A nice community feeling.

  5. To be honest, I am not a fan of gay pride parades anywhere, but I am impressed by the restraint in dress and behaviour shown by the demonstrators in the pictures, in deference to the character of Jerusalem.

    And the picture of the counter-demonstration literally made me laugh out loud. 😀

    Great pictures! Nice one Adam.