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Antony Loewenstein’s tasteless Holocaust quip: ‘Six Million Should Die.’

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Antony Lowenstein

Antony Loewenstein is an Australian anti-Israel activist who describes himself as “a non-practising atheist Jew”. He has just co-written a book with Ahmed Moor called After Zionism.

Here’s the blurb for the book:

After Zionism brings together some of the world’s leading thinkers on the Middle East question to dissect the century-long conflict between Zionism and the Palestinians, and to explore possible forms of a one-state solution. Time has run out for the two-state solution because of the unending and permanent Jewish colonisation of Palestinian land. Although deep mistrust exists on both sides of the conflict, growing numbers of Palestinians and Israelis, Jews and Arabs are working together to forge a different, unified future. Progressive and realist ideas are at last gaining a foothold in the discourse, while those influenced by the colonial era have been discredited or abandoned. Whatever the political solution may be, Palestinian and Israeli lives are intertwined, enmeshed, irrevocably.This daring and timely collection includes essays by Omar Barghouti, Diana Buttu, Jonathan Cook, Joseph Dana, Jeremiah Haber, Jeff Halper, Ghada Karmi, Saree Makdisi, John Mearsheimer, Ilan Pappe, Sara Roy and Phil Weiss.

Last night Loewenstein and Moor spoke at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London to promote the book.

Loewenstein told the audience of about 150 that “Zionism cannot be reformed, reframed or changed. Zionism actually is the issue here. Although it is probably very hard to imagine in 2012 the idea of a Middle East country called Israel that’s not a Zionist state, the truth is that it was impossible equally to imagine a South African country that wasn’t wracked with apartheid.”

Both Loewenstein and Moor are big supporters of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel. Moor was, incidentally, born in Gaza and is now at Havard doing a Master’s in Public Policy.

Loewenstein said that getting bands and musicians not to go to Israel to perform is “a tool, not an endgame”. It was, he said, a way of telling Israel that “if you choose to behave in this way you’ll not be treated as a normal state.”
Moor said he sees BDS as a way of empowering Palestinians in the diaspora.

Loewenstein described the Israel Lobby in the UK as “very powerful” while Moor said he thinks that American Jews are turning away from Israel, preferring what happens in Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm to what is happening in Jerusalem. He said he thinks Israel is not an important part of their lives anymore.

He mentioned one of his Harvard colleagues who returned from a Birthright tour of Israel who wrote a scathing piece about how Birthright was intended to mislead and how it alienated her further from Israel.

It was all the usual standard anti-Israel rhetoric.

But, during the Q&A Jonathan Hoffman asked Loewenstein how many people Loewenstein thinks should die for this one-state solution, that Loewenstein wants so much, to come into existence. The idea being that Israelis are not going to vote themselves out of existence, so presumably such a state could come about only by force involving more bloodshed.

You can hear the audio below. Loewenstein isn’t answering the question so he is pressed further by Hoffman as to how many Loewenstein thinks should die. At 2 mins. 35 you can hear Frank Barat, the Chairman, say “200,000″ (here is more on Barat) but at 2 mins. 45 you can hear Loewenstein say “Six million. That’s my answer. Write that down.”

What sort of individual comes out with such an answer? Mocking the Holocaust seems to be becoming de rigeuer within anti-Israel activism. Here is someone calling herself Jane Green back in October last year.

Maybe “six million” was randomly plucked out of thin air by Loewenstein. That seems doubtful. Hopefully, he will be pressed further on what made him say such a cruel thing when he returns home to Sydney, Australia. The irony is that you can hear Loewenstein demand that Hoffman be more respectful.

Here’s the audio. It includes Ahmed Moor’s answer to Hoffman in which Moor demands Jews gives up their “privileges” in Israel. At least Moor had the courtesy to seem slightly ashamed of Loewenstein’s answer:

Antony Loewenstein audio – “Six million should die”

Here is Jonathan Hoffman’s take on last night: How many have to die to achieve ‘One State’?

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    • I think so too. He just wants a 2nd Shoah, this one in Israel. All nations have their traitors. We have the Neturei Karta pseudo-Jewish sect and the Antony Lowensteins of this world. We’ll survive him the same way we survived all our enemies since Ramses.

  1. Why would non Arabs ever wish to share a nation with Arabs? What benefits would these people have from that fact? Looking around the middle east I see no model of society or government that any non Muslim could safely and productively join. Any non Muslim group is doomed in modern Arab society as has been amply demonstrated over the last sixty years. Another reason against a OSS is simply because Arabs don’t trust each other. Why should others trust Arabs? It would be silly.

    • “Why would non Arabs ever wish to share a nation with Arabs?”

      pssst – (Israel is a state shared between Arabs and non-Arabs)

    • Daniel, with all due respect.
      Ask any Israeli if he trust Israelis?

      We say “Kol Israel aravim ze laze…” as opposing to “Kol Israel arevim ze laze”.

      I’ve been in london for 15 years or so and the only person who really conned me was another Israeli.

      • As testament to Britain’s anti-Semitic past, “Jew” is still often used as a verb meaning “to con”.

        Wonderfully, when I’ve pointed this out to people, they don’t seem to have any idea that it actually refers to, you know, Jews.

      • That may be so, but the Jews still manage to come up with useful software and the odd medical break through. Where as Arabs have problems reading half the time. So I’ll stick to the Hebrews. At least the brother doesn’t cut his sisters head off when I go to bed with her. Also a major plus IMO.

  2. It`s the answer of a spoilt and dull child when pressed to think about serious consequences of its intentions and assumptions it thought were brillant.
    His parents should have given him a straight lecture in time.

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  4. Whilst Loewenstein’s comments were at best stupid and offensive, they are interesting.

    The question parallels a similar one from pre-48 Zionism, namely how many Jews would the Zionists sacrifice in order to obtain their political ends?

    On the subject, Ben-Gurion famously said:

    “If I knew that it was possible to save all the children of Germany by transporting them to England, and only half by transferring them to the Land of Israel, I would choose the latter, for before us lies not only the numbers of these children but the historical reckoning of the people of Israel.”

    Whilst numerous Jewish organisations at the time campaigned strenuously (and in vain) to get the Zionists to prioritise the rescue effort over their political manoeuvrings, they failed. But it’s interesting how even today, it’s still politics first, people second.

    This “sacrifice” of Jews by the Zionists is one of the main reasons I dislike the word “Holocaust”, because of its religious sacrificial overtones. The suggestion being that Jews were offered as a sacrifice to “pay” for the creation of the state of Israel.

    • The con keeps on repeating the anti-Semtic lies of Arab and anti-Zionistic propaganda.
      These special lies are invented for destroying the support of the diaspora for Israel and for comparing Zionism to Nazism. That`s why Avram posts the lies of the conspiracy nutter Brenner.
      The con Avram is certinly proud of himself for being able to post his anti-Semitism at this site and imagines himself a sort of hero sick as he is.

      • Fritz as long as people respond to his nonsense he will carry on posting. With attention seekers such as ‘Avram’, or whatever identity he makes up today, ignore him and walk on by, when he stops getting the attention he craves he will slither away back under his stone.

        • I just don`t like to see his hundred times refuted agitprops popping up all the time in which he vilifies persons of historic importance just because they are or were Jews.

          • I think thanks to Fritz and commentary 101 he had his trousers pulled down in public and was thus exposed as a communist zombie troll who has issues with Jews. I think it is best to leave it at that. At the most link his rubbish lies to his exposure in that huge thread about white and Ali. That should do the job. Otherwise ignore him. What he has to say is off topic and has been heard a million times before.

            • ??

              You mean the conversation that went “Joan Peters hoax? How is it a hoax? OK there were serious flaws with it. I don’t recognise the validity of it. But she doesn’t touch on Jordan. OK she does touch on Jordan. Wait that quote doesn’t exist. P393 is blank…OK I can’t read.”

              • Oh, you mean:
                “Begin is like a Nazi”… “No, I didn’t mean that”…
                “Ma’ariv quoted Ezer Weitzmann” — uhm, no it didn’t.
                “Zionists collaborated with the Nazis” — “No, I was merely citing Brenner”…
                “The Holocaust is comparable with the Pal. Exodus”… (which you didn’t even bother excusing).
                “I don’t know of any incidents prior to Zionism, of assaults on Jews”…
                Yes, quite the melange you have assembled.
                Can we now get you to apologise for your effronteries?
                While we’re all assembled here?
                Don’t keep us, and this audience waiting, “Avram”.
                (And by the way, a single quote, from a 400-page text, is hardly “touching”… It’s not even mentioning it in passing).

                • Commentary 101,
                  On another level i find it more interesting uncovering the pseudo academic network and their hactivist peddlers across the globe who
                  Use this faeces. For that the White/Ali thread was great. I have been putting together the paths of the global blog/twitter/press network where these people practice their onanism. And they have one thing in common. They are all Marxists or socialist Christians/Islamists. It is as straight forward as it is hollow. The Marxists lost every battle in history. The few remaining ones meet up in their virtual jack off chambers and delight in their antisemitism.
                  I think universities will let these dinosaurs die out within one generation. Universities won’t employ people who teach redundant subjects. Money is too tight and people wish to learn about taking humanity forward and not back.

                  • Thanks Daniel,
                    What I am most surprised about, is the reason why we attract such trolls, to begin with…
                    What do they hope to achieve, exactly, by spouting talking points, and meaningless neologisms and backformations?
                    (“Avram” has adopted, for instance “Settler Colonialist state [sic]”, and probably has cachets of ready-made blather, stamped with “IOF”).
                    Especially curious is the cognitive dissonance exhibit by them; to wit:
                    “CiFWatch is insignificant”, says “Avram”.
                    Yet at the very same time, he complains about “skewed coverage”, “propaganda”, “Hasbara”(the usual concoction), assuming, of course, that this Blog does hold sway.
                    In yesteryear, they used to call that “Luminiferous Aether”…
                    Now, I think more appropriately, it showed be labelled: “Schizophrenia”.

                  • As an old left I must state that he is maybe a communist, but not a marxist at all as he never delivered any analysis fitting marxism.
                    I assume he is more one of this anarchocommunist-neoliberal nerds who gathers everything without understanding the history, the context and so on.
                    To give an example of this new mentality these pirate parties representatives are fighting for free access, freedom of information generated by hard working people without any conscienciousness of work, costs and copyright law, but individually want just get into money by hacking or designing a software that sells.
                    The con Avram fits, he uses sources in the internet without ever reading according books or having the ability to develope a critical analysis of what he cites or reads, he just fakes it by linking or citations.

                    As you have seen by the citations I gave there were other marxists like Adorno for example who had a high standard of academic research, thinking and analysing. The academic networks you refer to don`t have these standards and they are, least to say, postmodernist/multicultural “marxists” who uses everything getting in their way without any scientific standard of rationality or empirism, it is just plain speculation aided by the linguistic and cultural turn and a sort of pop pyshoanalysis.
                    For instance, comparing Adorno with Zizek, you get the picture, a philosopher versus a con.

                    • Fritz,
                      Yes there is some truth to what you write, and I am often reminded of the left wing garbage from the 70s in western Europe when reading con’s and his comrades rubbish. In fact maybe a letter from the Red Army Fraction explaining the murder of one of their victims comes to mind. It is the tone and the ‘insanely’ arrogant pseudo analysis I find frightening. Like the ‘academics’ which covered various aspects for the Nazis also had the same tone. It is frightening I feel my stomach tightening.
                      Please find Ali Abunimah on YouTube and see how he articulates himself. Soviet aparatchiks come to mind as he rigergitates his world view. Wether it was the communists, Saddam or Honecker there is a totalitarian stench to the whole dynamic.

                      Another character that fits the bill is Yossi Gurvitz of 972 mag who comes up with articles which would have made any bone crusher in the East proude. Perversely Gurvitz has an intimate knowledge of the Israeli communist party and also comments on the Syrian communist party. It feels like mushroom poisoning wandering through that mans world.

                      The fact is that wether it is Pappe, Shlomo Sand, Finkelstein, Chomsky and many many others they all have a Marxist history or are still there. The younger ones like the Con here, Ali, Joseph Dana, Max Blumenthal, Ben white, jonathan cook, pilcher etc are all moving in the socialist periphery. My guess is that especially in the USA it is not wise to clearly state your left wing credentials, but the code today is ‘progressive’. Yet when we follow these people through the net, we find them at socialist meetings ( YouTube ). They publish in socialist publications and their books are published by socialist/ communist publishers.

                      Another point is the murder in Munich in 1970? By the Bewegung 2 juni of seven Hebrews in the communities old people’s home.
                      Those German terrorists were trained in Fatah camps in Jordan to then kill . All EU left wing terrorists were of course trained by the Arabs. I met a former Corse terrorist once and she told me about how they were all in camps in Libya. The training was very tough and most went on to kill innocent people across the world. The Germans of course perversely ganging up with the Arabs to murder Jews and others. It is all there. You just need to connect the dots.

                    • Fritz,
                      Another important point is that the entire Al Fatah nomenclature was supported by the Warsaw Pact fools and that an entire generation of PLO thugs was educated at Warsaw Pact universities. There are many photos of Honecker hanging out with rat Arafat. The communists supplied the Palestinian killers with money, arms, private planes, political support, pussy, safe houses, training and much more. That Germans would pay for the organized murder of Jews across the world is of course vomit inducing. But when it comes to the Left anything is possible.

                    • Yes, on a political and intellectual level there is no excuse. for the criminal politics many leftists, communists, marxists executed, defended, excused or else.
                      Taking Adorno or Amery they never executed, defended or excused left, communist or marxist crimes, they publicly condemned the Soviet bloc, the left extremist student`s movements and so on.

        • My apologies,
          Roy Shani also did a splendid job at exposing and nailing ‘Avram’ to the door as a communist lying zombie troll. He is best ignored. Cudos to Adam for not reigning in this anti Semitic commie. Only here can these individuals exposé themselves and bring their degenerate academia with them, including an entire bibliography of global Marxist anti Zionism/antisemitism.

        • Like the creation of Pakistan and Bangladesh?

          I’d like to hear you give a speech about this in Islamabad.

          • I don’t think British imperialists should ever have been allowed to draw lines on maps. It’s ridiculous. Every line they have drawn is bathed in blood.

          • Pakistan being one of the beacons of the Ummah. A failed state being propped up solely for the reason as to not have the atom bomb fall into islamofacist hands. If these dudes had no a bomb history would have flushed them by now. Or they’d be rimming china Asa tool against India. The life of a whore.

        • [similarly off-topic]

          May I ask what you blame yourself for, if anything Avram? Or in your life generally is it always someone else’s fault?

        • That is in line with Arab thinking. Namely ‘ it is never my fault.’. That is precisely why the Arabs find themselves in this mass slaughter pickle referred to as The Spring.
          Most Arab Muslims will say:
          It was the British.
          It was the French.
          It was the CIA.
          It was the Jews.
          It was the Mossad.
          It was the IMF.
          It was the UN.
          It was the Sunnis.
          It was the Shiites.
          It was the Christians.
          It was the Pashtuns.
          It was the Indians.
          It was the Kurds.
          It was the people in Darfur.
          It was the Russians.
          It was ………( insert any Arab country.)

          Needless to say, if you took this line of argument, which ‘coincidently’ is very similar to the communists, and transferred this pattern onto the individual you’d get a citizen who sadly is not capably of making a sound and constructive decision in regards to his society. Then known as a cluster fuck.

      • Forcing massive European immigration onto the tiny region of Palestine was, let’s face it – dumb, and destined to end in disaster. In the end, the world powers traded one refugee crisis for another.

            • The “subjugation” of the Palestinian population is as much by their crackpot leaders as by Israel and can be ended by Palestinians themselves by behaving as if they want a lasting peace with their neighbour, and well you know it but daren’t admit it.

              Meanwhile, they are deluded and colluded with by useful idiots like you into believing that teaching hatred to their children will result in their Jewish neighbours agreeing to commit suicide.

              Dream on you idiot.

              • Only a free people can free themselves. And the Arabs in our time are not free. They will not free nobody. Neither each other nor the Hebrews.

                • I do enjoy people making sweeping derogatory statements about “the Arabs” – an undifferentiated mass of identical people.

                  Textbook racism.

                  • As in the Ummah? Where apostates are stoned? That kind of racism? Or the kind of racism that brings thousands of young Arab men to ‘swim’ across the Med risking near death because Arab society has failed them ?

  5. Anthony Lowenstein is the Australian Richard Silverstein, these two are making a name for themselves by bagging Israel.He lives in Australia that has no homicidal neighbors,that allows him to to stick his nose into Israel’ affairs,half the time he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about he’s completely out of his depth.

    He has a very a superficial knowledge of the Middle East in fact it’s a fundamental ignorance of Israeli politics.He has made numerous dumb blunders whenever writing about Israel.

    Lowenstein Silverstein, whats with these Steins,the only way that they can get any recognition is by kissing anti-Israel Butts……..

  6. Are people of Jewish origin, who reject Judaism and condemn the Jewish people into which they were born, still Jewish?
    Anthony Lowenstein claims to be a “Non-practicing Atheist Jew”, but I know several who make such claim, yet retain a strong solidarity with the people from which they’re biologically issued. That’s obviously not the case of Lowenstein, so I repeat my question, in spite of his look, name, and ancestors, is he really a Jew?

    • In past days there used to be a system whereby a cherem (temporary or permanent excommunication) could be declared against Jews who behaved in ways which put their people in danger or sided with their enemies.

      It would be difficult to enforce now, but there should be a viable alternative – perhaps a boycott against such egregious individuals.

      • Cherem works if you’ve got a fairly united community, and it’s not easy for people to simply walk away.

        This guy wouldn’t be affected, even slightly, and it would boost his credentials.

      • Interesting that you speak of “cherem”. The Palestinians deal with their traitors by murdering them. Our traitors get cushy jobs as University professors & authors.

  7. “Although it is probably very hard to imagine in 2012 the idea of a Middle East country called Israel that’s not a Zionist state…”

    I wonder, does he truely believe that the one state will be called Israel?

    Does he think his Arab friends will be happy with this name?

      • Well if you and this piece of human excrement have your way it will be called ‘Jew’s Graveyard’.
        May his wishes for others be fulfilled on him.

        • Of course. The bi-national state, as proposed by the Arab elites pre-48, as committed to in the Likud charter, as desired by numerous Zionist luminaries…..

          • “Arab elites” – like the Haj Amin al-Husseini?
            Funny, a “Bi-national” state is NOT what he advocated to Himmler(when he met him).
            So, per the *Herut* charter, you’re not advocating the annexation of Transjordan?
            My, my, what will the Hashemites say about that?

            • bi-national is mini multi culti and we know how well that is turning out even with the vast majority being of the same cult

                • No, you twonk.

                  Israel IS working, which is why you get into such a lather as do your fellow useful idiots.

            • Arab elites? Like the arms dealers? The hate preachers? The mass murdering leaders? And their hench men? What Arab elites?

      • So by that line of argument: does it really matter what Palestinians are called? Why not suggest they be called e.g. Southern Syrians or Cis-Jordanians?

        Good luck with that.

        • I couldn’t care less if you called them Martians. It’s a pretty petty details considering what they have to endure under the boot of their colonial masters.

          • “I couldn’t care less if you called them Martians..”
            That’s the point Avram, you couldn’t care less about anything, even the name.

            • A rose by any other name…

              Let’s face it. The subjugation of an entire people by a settler colonial state is unacceptable. Quibbling over names is something you can do when they are no longer suffering under the boot of their colonial masters.

              • “The subjugation of an entire people by a settler colonial state is unacceptable.”

                Indeed – but Israel is nothing of the kind.

                  • Another invention of anti-Semitic cons like you.
                    It`s just like in the twenties when all sorts of allegations were made against Jews.
                    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

              • YAaaaawn.
                Yesterday Roy Shani wrote in the White/Ali thread:
                Regarding colonization:
                Well, let’s review the basics of what happened. The Jewish community in Palestine (and later Israel) consisted of Jews who were native to the land, immigrants from Europe who came of their own accord to build a life and a country in the area, people who fled persecution in Europe, refuges from Europe who had nowhere else to go, refuges from Arab lands who had nowhere else to go (or at least it was the most logical solution for them to come here). Until the independence war they built their communities on purchased land which was bought from Jewish money (and not by European governments). The Jewish community in Palestine built their army from scratch and didn’t receive any support from the armies of European powers. Lastly, the conquest which you are talking about was a result of, at the very least, a civil war (if you regard Benny Morris as a good historian so much, you should know that). If this is colonization, it is a very strange one indeed. How would I call it? Well, a quest for self-determination for the Jewish people. If this is colonization, please elaborate on the merits of your claim. What characteristics does Israel have that makes it a colony?

                But the fact of the matter is that I’m playing dumb here. I know that your use of the word “colonialism” is not based on fact but it serves the same purpose as other people using the word “Nazism” or “apartheid” regarding Israel. You say you defended Israel against the use of the word “apartheid” but the fact of the matter is that you are not different from them. You all know (besides the really ignorant ones) that Israel is not a colonialism / apartheid/ Nazism, and when debated, after long posts and rebuttals, you (not you specifically but those who use these words, you included) always, always, admit in the end that you didn’t really mean colonialism / apartheid/ Nazism per se, but used those words as a shortcut to account for related characteristics of Israel to colonialism / apartheid/ Nazism. The problem with this is that people usually use singular words or phrases that convey something much more complex as a way to simplify communication. For example, if I say something like “my teacher, Tamar, is a Nazi” all the people that would hear this would immediately understand that I don’t really mean Tamar is a Nazi, but that she is a harsh teacher without the need for me to further explain (at least in Israel they would understand this). But with your use of the words colonialism / apartheid/ Nazism in relation to Israel it seems that for people to really understand what you mean you need thousands more words just to explain it… so please, let’s not be naïve. The use of the words colonialism / apartheid/ Nazism is done deliberately to defame, and not to convey complex principles.

          • ‘Scuse me, but what does it matter what you care about?

            And as for the flowery prose which follows in your post – do me a favour and can it!

  8. “Maybe “six million” was randomly plucked out of thin air by Loewenstein.”

    Richard, you are being far too kind. It very likely wasn’t. This creature was on home turf at SOAS, where anything insulting to Jews and Israel is not only tolerated but applauded. He felt safe saying it, the louse, but it’s good that he did in a way. It acts as a barometer of the extent to which Jew-hatred is thriving in places like SOAS.

    • I agree. The anti-Zionists and pro-Palestiians must be really furious with Loewenstein.

      He let the cat out of the bag. The plan to cleanse the Middle East of Jews was supposed to be a secret, and now Loewenstein has given the game away.

  9. As others have suggested – whether a reference to the Holocaust or the Jewish population of Israel, there is no way that “six million” figure was a random choice.