The Guardian yawns in reaction to Gaza terrorists targeting Israeli school children

A guest post by AKUS

On Sunday, August 26th, two rockets hit the small industrial area of Sderot at about 9:00 am. Had they fallen about 100 meters to the west, they would have landed in the densely populated “shikunim” (low-cost housing projects) across the road. The satellite picture below shows the area where the rockets fell. The white oblongs are the little workshops and factories in the area, and the long one on Kopenhagen Street is a supermarket.

The timing was not coincidental – it is the time in the early morning when children go to school and adults go to work and are more likely to be caught out in the open. Had the kassam that hit the factory in Sderot fallen into one of the suburbs shown to the left, above, there would have been a high probability of killing or injuring people leaving home to go about their day’s activities.

Today, at the time children return from school, two more rockets were fired towards the town. Again, the timing was not coincidental. The objective was to hit people – children – caught in the street between school and home.

Three rockets were fired at the area on Saturday. During the school holidays, Ma’ariv reports that over 100 rockets were fired at the area (I heard a few of them)

The people firing these rockets are the so-called “militants” that the Guardian brings to write op-eds and columns that attempt to cover up the use of terror against Israeli civilians, and, specifically, as we can see from the timing of the rockets, children. There is not a mention of these attacks in the Guardian, currently obsessing again over Rachel Corrie while ignoring all the Israeli Rachels who get no trial, no plays written, and no sympathy.

The IDF has announced that the rockets were fired by the Salfist Jihad group in Gaza. Nevertheless, Israel holds Hamas responsible as the group that purportedly governs the Gaza Strip, and retaliated, destroying an arms warehouse owned by Hamas. The Salafis may be trying to push Israel to war, and they are about one child’s death away from succeeding. If Hamas does not want a repeat of Cast Lead, it had better do something about this – quickly.

A public bomb shelter in Sderot, painted so as not to scare children.

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  1. Let’s face it, AKUS, the Guardian is racist, not only against Jews but also against Palestinians whom it believes to be incapable of taking responsibility for their barbaric actions. The bar is lowered for them, because they are the Guardian’s pet victims.

    The Guardian is very well-defended psychologically, hence its rigidity and fearfulness of what might happen if it behaves humanely and employs someone who might bring a breath of fresh air to its fusty pages – such as Josh Trevino – and you yourself have written very eloquently about how quickly it caves in to Islamist bullying and puts its full hypocrisy on display in an attempt to excuse its reprehensible behaviour towards him.

    All these being the case, why one earth should it give one damn for the danger to Israeli children? To do that would confuse it utterly and leave the way wide open for another hissy-fit from Ali Abunimah and his Islamist buddies.

  2. It makes me sick that Israeli children are directly targeted by these barbarians and the western media is silent.

    What’s interesting to me is the recent spate of Jewish Israeli teens arrested for attacking Arabs. It seems that after years of Arab terrorism directed at Jews a generation of Jewish children has grown up hating Arabs (with good reason I’d say) but I’d say to the Arabs; you reap what you sow. If this is any indication the next generation of Israelis will even more “hawkish” than their fathers.

    • What’s interesting to me is the recent spate of Jewish Israeli teens arrested for attacking Arabs. It seems that after years of Arab terrorism directed at Jews a generation of Jewish children has grown up hating Arabs (with good reason I’d say) but I’d say to the Arabs; you reap what you sow. If this is any indication the next generation of Israelis will even more “hawkish” than their fathers.

      It is deplorable that hatred of Arabs, as Arabs, for being Arabs, has become somehow more acceptable in Israel. The perpetrators are of less concern to me that the religious/political platform that somehow excuses these violent attacks on people who for all intense and purposes are INNOCENTS.

      I smell rabbis/extreme right wing teachers somewhere. I think that we can assume that the young perpetrators were not educated in kibbutzim. Not even religious kibbutzim.

      That many Arabs/Muslims behave like animals is no excuse or extenuating circumstance for Israeli educated youth to behave like animals.

      • “I smell rabbis/extreme right wing teachers somewhere.”

        The nationalist always seems more prepared to contextualise hate crimes committed by “his side”.

        “That many Arabs/Muslims behave like animals is no excuse or extenuating circumstance for Israeli educated youth to behave like animals.”

        “Many Arabs/Muslims” vs “Israeli educated youth” – aarr, good old fashioned racism.

  3. “a generation of Jewish children has grown up hating Arabs (with good reason I’d say) but I’d say to the Arabs; you reap what you sow”

    This is pure racism, holding millions to account {on the basis of their race} for the actions of a tiny minority. Try swapping ‘Arab’ and ‘Jew’ around in that sentence and you get the sort of anti-semitism so regularly castigated on CifWatch.

    • Where’s the link to that statement, by MK Rotem?
      Anti-Semites should not throw stones, you know.

    • Excellent point. The obverse of this argument, of course, is that Jews everywhere are responsible for the actions of the “Jewish state” – after all, they reap what they sow”.

      Correctly criticised as racist when applied to Jews, totally fine when applied to Arabs.

      • Avram’s photo stream on flickr.
        The gift that keeps on giving.
        100 photographs of the Wehrmacht in action.
        You could not make this up.
        Please remember that Avram is a fan of Pappe, Finkelstein, Dr Patrick Wolf, Brenner etc.

        • Have a few hundred more WWII photos to upload too, thanks for reminding me.

          Just wait until you see my collection of Soviet propaganda posters that I will be uploading. You will have a fit! Be sure to subscribe!!

          • Avram,
            you are one extra sick puppy. You get a semi from trolling Jewish blogs and spreading your antimsemitc hate? you are a neo nazi. I had you figured out from the get go. Fuck you are sick. I pity your children. You sick fuck.

    • OK sencar. I will react as appropriately as you would wish me to when you post below the line on CiF similar comments against racism and screenshot them here.

      Until then, you are still yourself a racist and biased

  4. The attacks are entirely the responsibility of the Government of Israel.

    As belligerent occupier of the Palestinian territory, it is Israel’s responsibility to ensure that Gaza is demilitarised. By refusing to have boots on the ground in Gaza, Israel is shirking its responsibilities under the laws of belligerent occupation and is putting both Israeli and Palestinian lives at risk as a result.

    • Aza is not occupied. Rafa is in Egyptian hands. Hamas likes killing Jews. Hamas could put its energy into rebuilding Aza and making peace. It does not. We may have to D9 the place .

      • Gaza is part of the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Note the word “Occupied”. You can disagree with the UN if you like, that’s your business.

        Secondly, Hamas did not fire these rockets.

        Thirdly, your genocidal calls are disturbing but should hopefully get you banned.

        • No genocide. Simply taking out fascists. Hamas is the proud government hence it is their responsibility . If Hamas can not controll it’s citizens maybe they can hold the elections which are three years late?
          Judging by the way Egypt is dealing with Aza and Hamas &Co even they are not too keen to open Rafa, for very good reasons.
          After the murder of 16 Egyptian soldiers for an ifta meal ( Muslims don’t kill Muslims 😉 ) even Morsi saw that his Muslim Brotherhood bro’s in Aza are not in control of nothing, except of course all vaginas under its jurisdiction.

        • How, by any definition, is Gaza “occupied?”

          Israel pulled out. Egypt has a border that they can open or close as they choose. And Hamas, which governs Gaza, is an offshoot of the governing party of Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood. “Occupied” is quite a contortion of the term. Or the facts.

          You may be right. Hamas may not have fired the rockets. But they are the de facto government in the territory, and are therefore responsible.

          Israel certainly has the right to respond to any rocket fire to protect its citizens, against any responsible parties.

          • “How, by any definition, is Gaza “occupied?””

            By the legal definition, obviously.

            Firstly, Gaza is part of the Palestinian Territory. Gaza, the West Bank (incl East Jerusalem) are one. Palestine is occupied.

            Secondly, the test of occupation is not boots on the ground, it is effective control. Do we really have to list the ways in which Israel exercises effective control?

            • “Gaza is part of the Palestinian Territory. Gaza, the West Bank (incl East Jerusalem) are one. Palestine is occupied.”

              Oh – that’s a great argument, Avram. So, Essex and Yorkshire were occupied by the Nazis during WWII because Jersey, Guernsey and England are part of British territory, they are one.

              Or perhaps, India occupies the whole of Pakistan because it occupies disputed parts of Kashmir (or vice versa – I’m not getting into that argument).

              Try harder please.

        • Is Hamas not the government in charge and “democratically elected” as its useful idiots like to bleat like a mantra?

          Is it not therefore responsible for any acts of war against its neighbours?

          Take your time… I wouldn’t want your brain to explode.

    • What disgusting moral inversion!
      Israel is somehow responsible for rockets fired on its territory, even though it left it to fulfill its obligations under the “Road Map for Peace”!
      You’re pathetic!
      Avram, I sincerely hope you’d one day feel on your own flesh(and this I say, not accustomed to wish calumny on anyone) the weight of living years upon years, under constant shelling.
      You’re an amoral cretin!

      • The situation in Gaza is designed from the ground up to create a state of perpetual conflict. Israel should honour its obligations under the law of belligerent occupation to protect both Israeli and Palestinian civilians.

        The Government of Israel does not give a damn about civilian casualties in Sderot. They are the price to be paid for ensuring perpetual conflict.

        Before the Gaza massacre, when the ceasefire had worked so well that it saw a 98% drop in the frequency of rocket attacks with Hamas working to enforce the ceasefire, life in Sderot was moving towards some semblance of normality.

        Unacceptable! Conflict must be perpetuated! Precisely why Israel violated the ceasefire and perpetrated the Gaza Massacre to ensure the conflict would continue.

        • You are a lying scoundrel.
          There was no “cease fire”… 2008 alone registered 2000+ rocketaction Israeli soil.
          There shouldn’t be a single projectile launched at Israel, not two, not one percent, none!
          Leaving Gaza was “perpetuating the conflict”? Wow! Orwell would be proud…
          What would end the conflict then, by your logic? More troops? You’re that brainwashed.
          As for the “massacre” I am not even going to dignify that. If you’re equating a defensive actiob

          • “You are a lying scoundrel.
            There was no “cease fire”… 2008 alone registered 2000+ rocketaction Israeli soil.”

            From the start of the ceasefire on 19th June 2008 until Israel’s violation on the 4th November 2008, 20 rockets and 18 mortar shells were fired from Gaza – none of them by Hamas, compared to 1,199 rockets and 1,072 mortar shells in 2008 up to the 19th June – this is a 98% reduction in frequency.

            You’re like one of those inflatable punch bags. No matter how many times they get knocked down, they just pop straight back up with the same smile on the face.

              • No, it’s not permissible. But the ceasefire was with Hamas, which fired zero rockets and zero mortars. Hamas spent its time enforcing the ceasefire, and was getting better at it.

                In October, they had got it down to 1 rocket and 1 mortar.

                People in Sderot were actually going outside. Unacceptable! Rather than let Hamas keep getting better at enforcing the ceasefire, they elected to violate it, to the detriment of the people of Sderot.

        • That’s rockets on*
          And defensive actions against a genocidal terrorist org.*
          Don’t bother replying.
          I am done talking to a person exculpating murder and terrorism.

          • Commentary 101,
            But you knew about avram and how he really felt since your fist glorious take down of him a few days ago. I knew for sure. But like the Nazi’s there is always a fascinating pseudo academic ‘narrative’ we can dig our teeth into.
            What I need to know where this guy is studying. Maybe Adam can find the IP….

              • The Irish and the Scots supply some of the crassest anti zionists. I have asked myself why this is. There is a certain moral smugness in these cultures due to their colonial history and a higher percentage of the sub proletariate and a penchant for violence ( see Glasgow, IRA, irish crime families etc ). The Left is proportionally stronger compared to other nations. Also of course the Irish with their Catholicism are more prone to antisemitism. It’s all rather incestuous me thinks.
                I found Meitner, what a fruit cake. I see Meitner, Ali A. and your pederast Dublin priest having a pow wow in a Dublin sauna. It’s the perfect moral combo.

              • This is Avram’s conspiratorial website:


                As a rule of thumb, when people, especially from the Left have their very own websites it’s a red flag. The need to randomly communicate your own world view in such detail, plus all those children AND the stressful day job and an obsessive petty relationship with the Israeli press are sure signs that someone has gone wrong.
                Now we know why.

      • Will also add that each firing of a rocket by these rogue militant groups constitutes and individual war crime for which they must be held accountable.

        But the fact that they were able to launch such an attack is entirely Israel’s failing.

            • Avram,
              I love the D9 so much I will be buying Caterpillar stock this week. For every rocket fired from Aza/Iran I will buy two stocks. And I will buy one more stock for every sick post you make from now on. My broker will be delighted.

              Where are you writing from? Do you have a Khomeni Martyrs scholarship ? Are you in student halls in Tehran? You dig the muscular, hairy Al Quds Force guys in the shower? You wish you could be like them? Only better? Post some photographs here!

              • Daniel, I pray you don’t reply to him.
                This is a person who lays the blame of Rocket fire against Israel, on Israel!
                Best solution is to disregard his lunacy altogether.
                Let him troll with his terrorist apologetics elsewhere

                • Commentary 101,
                  You are right, naturally. And I will cease replying, also because I need to get in touch with my broker. The nazis also blamed the Jews for getting gassed. Nothing new. same old same old.

                • Doing well. Down just 5% this week with minor dips in derivatives. Recommend you go long on puts for expirations towards the end of the year.

            • “Vulgar and ad hominem comments. Will Adam ban you now?”

              Has Adam ever banned anyone for ad hominem abuse of non-Zionists or racist comments about Arabs/Palestinians? Both feature regularly here.

            • “Vulgar and ad hominem comments. Will Adam ban you now?”

              Why should he be banned? His comments were entirely your failing.

  5. This censoring of the news by the Groan fits in with what they do in Cif.
    I see the resident troll is twisting his crap again. Welcome to the world of the Left. I look forward to another history lesson a la Dr Patrick Wolf. And avram and Sencar are one. Go figure.

  6. “By refusing to have boots on the ground in Gaza, Israel is shirking its responsibilities ”
    This is a new low and superb proof of how you can justify anything. Very educational. Pol Pot would have been proud.

  7. Should a islamofacist rocket hit a full school or kindergarten it would be war. Maybe the IDF could then finish off which was left unattended during Cast Lead?

  8. Odd the Guardian and Harriet have not posted this story …

    Anti-rocket school protects Israeli kids near Gaza
    By ARON HELLER | Associated Press – Mon, Aug 27, 2012

    SDEROT, Israel (AP) — For the first time in years, the children of Sderot can study in peace.

    Living under a constant threat of rocket fire from militants in the nearby Gaza Strip, their schooldays were often interrupted by mad dashes to bomb shelters. But on Monday, they started the school year safe from attack in a new, fortified, rocket-proof school building.

    The $27.5 million structure features concrete walls, reinforced windows and a unique architectural plan all designed specifically to absorb and deflect rocket fire. Notices on the walls of the “Shaar Hanegev” High School remind the 1,200 students of their new reality: In case of a warning siren, it reads, stay put.

    Well, the children are now are safer in school than on the way home, during the hours when the Gazans like to try to kill them.