CNN responds to Greenwald Guardian article

Yesterday, Adam Levick wrote about one aspect of the Guardian’s latest signing Glenn Greenwald’s September 4th CiF article entitled “CNN and the business of state-sponsored TV news“. 

It has come to our attention that CNN International has published its own response to Greenwald’s Guardian article.

Read the whole response here

Don’t know about you, but I particularly liked the last part: 

   “Seeking and publishing a response from the subject of a story is Journalism 101.”

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  1. Maybe Al-Guardian should try to carry out the ideals enbodied in the last sentence of that CNN report the sentance that starts with the words “the truth” something ive not seen too much of in AL-Guardian over the last few years

  2. Greenwald is a nasty, opinionated piece of work and he got shot down brilliantly by CNN. I would love to see CNN file a suit against him or the Guardian, and perhaps have the Guardian drop him.

    • That is a tremendous fisking of the Guardian piece. I wonder – do you think the Guardian will publish a correction/apology? Pfft.

    • You mean the same way the muslims and their useful idiots at Al-Guardian got Joshua Trevino dropped ???

    • It’s nice to think that ‘people’ are scanning El Graunid ‘obsessively’ recently to find any discrepancy that will enable some readers to realize what a hate filled obsessive lot The Guardian Management editors are.

      Obsession can work two ways and I am happy to see that lefties are also mobilising against The Guardian which claims to be ‘progressive’. Yet shames these same ‘lefties’.

  3. ”Seeking and publishing a response from the subject of a story is Journalism 101.”

    Obviously not at the school where professor of journalism Roy Greenslade is teaching.

    Guardian is unfair and unbalanced.