Shrapnel from Palestinian grad rocket pierces home in Israeli town of Netivot

On Friday, a grad rocket fired by Palestinians in Gaza landed in the southern Israeli town of Netivot.  The rocket exploded in the backyard of a family home.

Here’s a video taken by a resident close to the explosion.

While, fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt, once civilian was treated for shock.

The projectile sent shrapnel flying into a Netivot home, and pierced the walls, including in a child’s bedroom. 

Photo of Netivot bedroom after rocket attack

Over 40 rockets were fired into southern Israel by Palestinian terrorists during the past week alone.

The Guardian’s Israel page contains no mention of the latest round of attacks from Gaza.

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  1. “The Guardian’s Israel page contains no mention of the latest round of attacks from Gaza.”

    • That kind of (non) coverage really shows the Guardian’s obvious hypocrisy and bigotry toward Israel. There simply is no other plausible explanation for their ridiculously biased reporting.

  2. The Guardian doesn’t give a sh..t when Israelis, or Jews elsewhere in the world, are attacked and murdered by terrorists. That’s the simple truth which has become painfully obvious yet again.

  3. I’m sure we’ll soon be hearing vocal protests about this attack and others like it, from the Guardian, as well as all the big-mouthed English Lefties who
    are always bleating about “human rights abuses” in the Mideast
    But only when they’re accusing Israel…

  4. Absolutely wicked. I am a mature student at a uni North East England and in the SU shop the Guardian is the prominent newspaper on sale at hugely discounted price. I think it is a heinous crime that a newspaper which is little more than a leftie propaganda organ is so widely and prominently promoted on campuses. Today one has to wonder to what degree people are being educated in higher education. The bias to the left with the usual stereotypes prevails without critical thought being engaged if it involves accepting the leftie prejudice. I really feel for those Israelis who are living in their Promised Land who are being traumatised and facing anxiety daily. The Al Beeb does not care the Al Guardian does not care for truth, justice or balance. Clearly they are in the pay packet of their masters and are well on the way to dhimmie status, they are fairly dim already when it comes to balanced reporting. Read in Nigeria that 46 students were killed on campus by Islamist terrorist group, they want Christians out of Nigeria, bet Al Guardian and Al Beeb failed to report that. Only what further disseminates the vile propaganda gets an airing. And as for the EU getting Nobel peace prize well who is having a laugh, you could not make it up but does say it all about the corruption of the west who are servile before the holders of black liquid gold.