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Huffington Post Promotes Anti-Semitic Cartoonist, Carlos Latuff

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The Huffington Post, allegedly a mainstream, balanced news media outlet, has covered and promoted the work of anti-Semitic cartoonist Carlos Latuff. The Huffington Post, its editors, and its owner, Arianna Huffington, have created a safe, welcoming space for all manner of Jew haters to spread their rhetoric and ideas.

On at least not onenot two, but three articles about Gaza, the Huffington Post published this news tidbit:

In case you can’t see the cartoon clearly enough, here’s a link to it. It’s a cartoon of Israeli PM Netanyahu wringing votes for himself out of a (presumably Palestinian) baby, a modern twist on the classic blood libel against Jews. 

The Huffington Post and its reporter that published this story, Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, seem to have no problem with this anti-Semitic cartoon, publishing it with no condemnation and in fact support, with Shihab-Eldin claiming Ha’aretz reported Netanyahu’s approval ratings have increased.

There is no other explanation for the decision to publish this news story other than the Huffington Post considers Latuff’s hateful cartoons to be legitimate political opinions that not only belong in mainstream discourse, but worthy of the Huffington Post’s readerships’ attention. 

Why is the Huffington Post publishing the hate filled rants of anti-Semites as if it is respectable, news worthy opinions?

[Editor’s note: Please see additional background on Latuff here, here, here, here and here.  See additional Latuff cartoons about Israel here.  Below is a larger version of the Latuff cartoon seen above. – A.L.]

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  1. I’m sure we all remember another cartoon on that theme a few years ago in The Independent, showing Sharon EATING Palestinian babies. That cartoon went on to win the 2003 Political Cartoon of the Year award.

    “… this revealing exchange between filmmaker Martin Himel and Dr. Tim Benson, founder of the British editorial cartoonists’ society that honored the Sharon-eating-babies cartoon with its 2003 ‘Cartoon of the Year’:

    Himel: My question to you is, why, in all these [images] don’t we see Sharon and Arafat eating babies?
    Benson: Maybe because Jews don’t issue fatwas.”

  2. “Why is the Huffington Post publishing the hate filled rants of anti-Semites as if it is respectable, news worthy opinions?”

    Because they no longer fear the false allegations of anti-Semitism and because the paradigm has shifted and Israel only has the support of a minority of US jews.

    Truth – 1 Hasbara – 0

  3. I’m always amazed by the contempt for democracy of those who accused Thatcher and Bush of the same thing. Why don’t they ask why Hamas decided to escalate violence so close to an Israeli election?

    • Is that so Arik?
      What truth would that be?
      Do you even know what truth is?
      Verite, in case you are a Franco lingo.

    • Here, another one whose nick is a “meaningless name which is not part of language at all”. Philosophaster-in-chief, aka “realzionist” is creating his own tribe.

  4. Thanks for the coverage CifWatch. The Algemeiner picked up this story, and I think we have you to thank for it. Hopefully the Huffington post will be taking some hits over this.

  5. What would these anal thinkers say when Bibi loses the election, which is likely what will happen as things stand…

    Ever changing goal posts…