Following our post, Guardian changes photo caption alleging IAF strike during Hamas rally

Yesterday (Dec. 9) we posted about a Dec. 8 Guardian photo from Gaza (Khaled Meshaal attends Hamas anniversary rally in Gaza – in pictures) which contained a patently false caption:

Members of Hamas security forces stand guard

Here’s the original caption which caught our eye:

captionAs we noted, the claim that there was an Israeli airstrike, on the very day of the widely covered Hamas rally, which destroyed a building yet, somehow, wasn’t reported by any media source, leaves you wondering if there are Guardian editors doing elementary fact checking for such photo stories.

We asked our readers to contact the Guardian readers’ editor to point out the mistake, and, sure enough, in less than 24 hours the caption was changed. It now reads as follows:

revisedThe Guardian correction section notes the following:


It’s still unclear why Hamas security forces were guarding the top of a Gaza building on Dec. 8 , weeks after it was likely destroyed (during the war which ended on Nov. 21), but at least the Guardian is now clear about the day it certainly wasn’t destroyed.

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  1. Maybe this was a case of sloppy cutting and pasting, i.e. the “during the rally” should have come right after “said witnesses”.

    But only maybe, I stress. Either way: where indeed were the editors?

    • “where indeed were the editors?”

      Indeed. But note that whichever way you cut and paste that statement, you can’t force fit it to be accurate. The key is in the word “witnesses.” What were they supposedly witnessing if not the alleged destruction of the building during the rally?

      Even their amended version does not make it clear that the building was not destroyed during the rally.

  2. One has no way of knowing whether or not it was done with malice aforethought. One can only presume.

    Sherwood, warts and all, is not an antisemite. It’s business, not personal with her.Things turn 180 degrees with McGreal. It’s personal, not business with him.
    His senescent brand of antisemitism comes out every time. He is also a liar. A while back, McGreal claimed to have overheard some IDF colonel giving orders to shoot unarmed civilians.

    IDF standing rules of engagement proscribe harming unarmed civilians.

  3. The Guardian I’m told that on December 8, you published a photograph of a building destroyed said to have been by an Israeli airstrike during the big terrorist leader rally. Have you taken steps to teas how intact this building was on December 7 or are ‘witness’ statements that support your editorial standpoint simply enough. What a ‘news’ paper: where’s Leveson when needed? – Colin Spencer

    Dear Anna – I wrote to the Guardian to complain about a caption on a

    photo you used on the big Gaza terrorist rally day. The caption read,

    “Members of Hamas security forces stand guard on top of a building, which

    witnesses said was destroyed in an Israeli air strike during the rally.” You

    amend it to read “Members of Hamas security forces stand

    guard during the rally on top of a building which witnesses said was

    destroyed in an Israeli air strike.”

    So many would-be clever twists in this Guardian way thinking that I can’t be

    bothered to try and unravel them. Of the twenty odd rally photos they

    published, the one I found most striking was of a boy of say eight with a

    machine gun. Guardian caption? Something like, Young Palestinian with

    Arabic on his headband.

    Does Seumas himself hand pick these ‘journalists’ ?

    • Colin. Having observed The Guardian crowds mis-representation of Israel, I get the impression that some of them don’t know how bigoted and uninformed about Israel they actually are. They only register negativity about Israel and some of the stuff that they publish is pure fantasy. What is surprising is that they still have subscribers. Even an anti Israel person wants other ‘news’ to be reported in a balanced fashion and the Guardian has other agenders that clearly colour its presentation. (Global warming, US power, UK budgeting for expensive arms like aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines and anything to do with Muslims).

  4. As the unholy alliance between the far left and radical Islam continues, we can expect more anti-Israel lies and propaganda to slip through the ‘editing’ process.

    • Honestly, what I think–the far left has been doing this stuff since the PLO was still talking like Marxists. Radical Islam was a late-comer to this party, and as far as I can see, simply manipulated the progress already made on making the left identify with Palestinian and other ‘anti-imperialist’ causes to limbo under what radar there may have been.