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Hanukkah Diarist: Antisemitism and the flight of the ‘progressives’


Hanukkah 1931, at the home of Rabbi Akiva Boruch Posner in Kiel, Germany (across from Nazi HQ)

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As my wife and I lit our Hanukkah candles last night, and we sang Ma’oz Tzur (מעוז צור), my mind darkly drifted back to a query posed last year by an especially thoughtful friend in the context of a longer discussion about Semites, philo-Semites and anti-Semites.

My friend asked the following:

“In the event there was another attempted Holocaust, would the world this time stand up and resist, and defend the Jews before it was too late?”

I chose not to reply to his inquiry because the seriousness of the question seemed to demand a more reflective and serious response than time would allow.

While, even in the most “enlightened” circles, the failure of so many to reveal, yet alone seriously confront, the Nazi genocide as it was being perpetrated is well-documented, in our post-Shoah world the homage paid posthumously to Jewish victims is nearly universal among the respectable class.  

Indeed, such pieties are often observed, if perfunctorily, by even the most shrill critics of the modern Jewish state.

However, in observing the failure of such a large segment of the ‘progressive community’ to engage in serious moral resistance in the face of explicit threats by many leading Islamists (such as the leaders of Hamas) to annihilate the Jews, it seems extremely unlikely that the next coordinated assault on world Jewry would be radically confronted.

Examples of the moral impunity enjoyed by antisemitic extremists abound: 

website closely linked to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khomenei recently outlined why it would be religiously acceptable for the Islamic Republic to kill all the Jews in Israel – a doctrine which details why the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of all its people would be legally and morally justified, and in accordance with Islamic doctrine.

According to a 2011 WikiLeaks report, Sheik Yousuf al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, in a sermon broadcast on Al Jazeera Arabic, literally asked Allah to kill ‘every last Jew on earth’.

Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah has stated explicitly that all Jews in the world (not merely Israelis or Zionists) are legitimate targets for murder.

All one needs to do is visit the pages of Palestinian Media Watch and MEMRI to view countless well-documented examples of Islamic extremists sanctioning (and often inciting) the mass murder of Jews.

Such expressions of annihilationist antisemitism are routinely ignored by the media, international human rights groups and even the most enlightened political leaders.

So, it isn’t at all surprising to observe the muted response to Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal’s recent speech in Gaza reiterating his group’s commitment to annihilating Israel – an eerie silence which stands in stark contrast to the righteous outrage expressed by international statesmen, opinion leaders, NGOs (and even self-described Jewish progressives) in response to the possibility that Israel may build new homes between Jerusalem and Ma’ale Adumim.

In Gaza, on Dec. 8, Maashal was clear: 

“Palestine – from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea, from its north to its south – is our land, our right, and our homeland. There will be no relinquishing or forsaking even an inch or small part of it.”

“Palestine was, continues to be, and will remain Arab and Islamic. It belongs to the Arab and the Islamic world. Palestine belongs to us and to nobody else.”

“Since Palestine belongs to us, and is the land of Arabism and Islam, we must never recognize the legitimacy of the Israeli occupation of it. The occupation is illegitimate, and therefore, Israel is illegitimate, and will remain so throughout the passage of time.

“The liberation of Palestine – all of Palestine – is a duty, a right, a goal, and a purpose. It is the responsibility of the Palestinian people, as well as of the Arab and Islamic nation.”

“Jihad and armed resistance are the proper and true path to liberation and to the restoration of our rights, along with all other forms of struggle – through politics, through diplomacy, through the masses, and through legal channels. All these forms of struggle, however, are worthless without resistance.”

Hamas’s Meshaal – as with Islamist leaders in Iran, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Palestine and elsewhere – are explicit about their desire to annihilate Jews, yet the world is silent.

Where are the righteous editorials in the Guardian and New York Times condemning such dangerous antisemitic incitement as impediments to peace and an affront to human decency?

Why aren’t European foreign ministers summoning Mahmoud Abbas – the putative ‘moderate’ Palestinian leader who continues to seek reconciliation with Hamas and continues to nurture a culture of incitement and extreme antisemitism in the territory he rules – or subjecting him to moral opprobrium?

Where are the ‘peace’ advocates, the ‘Elders’, the “progressives”, the “citizens of the world”, the social justice advocates, the sensitive souls and the “universalists”?

Where are the righteous walk-outs, the campus takeovers, the mass rallies in San Francisco, London, Paris, Toronto, and Madrid, or the boycotts against enablers of radical Islam’s malign Jewish fixation?

The flight of the progressives in face of such reactionary Islamist movements may be motivated by several dynamics, but perhaps the most egregious factor motivating this dangerous moral abdication relates to the capacity of today’s anti-Jewish advocates to skillfully employ the language of liberalism.  Islamist exclusivists have become adroit at using human rights and universalist lexicon to convince the gullible of the supreme threat posed by Israel’s expansionism, its immutable aggression, it’s ongoing crime against humanity. 

In this most fantastical moral inversion, antisemitism claims the mantles of anti-war, pro-peace, and anti-imperialism. 

The progressive ‘international community’ – cowed into cowardice, stymied by au courant activists who have convinced them that ‘this time’ those who stand against the Jews in fact morally represent the ‘new Jews’ – won’t lift a finger.  They will not “intervene”.

However, at Hannukah we are taught to believe in the miraculous.

So, while again this evening Chana and I will light our menorah, celebrating past victories over incredible odds, we will also remember that “miracles” often merely represent positive outcomes resulting from the convergence of a will to defeat your enemy, a belief in moral agency and an insistence on political sobriety.

The natural despair in response to the supreme moral abdication by much of the progressive community in the face of resurgent Jew hatred can not stymie Semites and philo-Semites in their steely determination to overcome the malevolance of anti-Semites.

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  1. Excellent, inspiring stuff. Thank you. We will not surrender to the night. We will not go quietly to our doom.

  2. The so-called progressives, (and they aren’t really), have no use for Jewish soldiers, Jewish pilots, Jewish sailors and Jewish farmers To them, it is a gargantuan waste of talent.

    The Jews were put on earth to win the Nobel Prizes and to enrich humankind as a whole. That’s what they believe deep down; although they won’t ever admit it to you. Jewish self-determination makes no sense to them.

    • The Jews were put on earth to win the Nobel Prizes and to enrich humankind as a whole. That’s what they believe deep down; although they won’t ever admit it to you.

      What a bizarre post! And the recommends show once again that there are a lot of seriously deluded individuals on this website.

  3. Europe has lost its collective marbles, and has become morally and spiritually bankrupt. It will become (deservedly) Islamized over the coming decades.

    Meanwhile Israel needs to build bridges with India and China and other rising powers in the Far East which will replace the west economically, and which will resist the encroachment of Islam. Other allies such as Australia and Canada are already proving to be better friends than the UK and Europe, and the prospect of a shale deal with Russia offers opportunities there too.

    • Andy Gill, Europe is already Islamised and dhimmified. It is frozen and immobile in the face of the liberties taken by Islam, as a result of which, of course, Islam takes more and more.

      Adam, good article!

        • I have no idea where he lives, but Oslo would be a good start to see a town where (Islamic) anti-semitism has been justified by the elected Mayor. On the whole though the situation is not yet that bad. (France is quite bad if you take the nature of muslim on ?Jew attacks which are basically ignored.)

          • Oslo?
            Oslo is a city not a town last time i checked (about 2.5 times the size of Haifa).
            I heard of the Sweedish town of Melmo which its mayor received harsh condemnation from members of the Sweedish parlament – hardly sweeping it under the carpet.

            As for France, with the largest Muslim population country in Europe you would think that if what you say was true you should have had cases such as Ilan Halimi (Z”L) to be the norm rather than the sadistic racist exception which it was.

            As for what happened in Toulouse, judging by the fact it took the coppers 4 dead Jews to get their fingers out of their back sides and shift into gear (after a prior week ended with 3 dead paras) suggests the exact opposite to the theory you support.

            I’d be more worried about countries like Hungary, Ukraine and the Baltic states with regards to Anti Semitism and Racism in general.

      • Imagine if someone wrote “Europe is already Judaized” and “The Jews take more and more”. There are of course wackos out there who actually do.

        CiFWatch is supposed to be about challenging bigotry – but it seems to have no qualms about anti-Muslim prejudice and scaremongering.

  4. “Hamas’s Meshaal [is] explicit about [his] desire to annihilate Jews”

    Your lengthy quote from Meshaal includes nothing that justifies this statement, Adam. He says that “Israel is illegitimate” and that all means to liberate Palestine (including violent resistance) are justified, but nothing about ‘annihilat[ing] Jews’. Some of the Western press mistranslated his speech to include a reference to killing Jews but, in the case of The Observer at least, a correction was published, which you can see here:

    • sencar, a few words here and there do not add up to any misunderstandings as to what would be in store for Jewish people if these thugs were given the upper hand. If they attained the power they so desire, no one is going to stand in their way. Liberate Palestine means destroying Israel and killing Jews. It does not mean setting up a liberal democracy with equal rights. It does not mean Palestine will safeguard Jewish lives and their livelihood.In fact it does not even guarentee the setting up of Palestine.

      Hitler did not inform the world that Germany intended to set up gas chambers to anihilate Jews. Euphamisms such as “resettlement in the east” were used to describe mass deportation to death. The same goes for these deranged clowns, with whom sencar, you seem more in tune with, than with those who are able to follow the sentiments behind the wild anger unleashed on “the Zionist entity”, an anger that subsists so long as Jews have some autonomy over their own lives.

    • This is for you Sencar, maybe you can learn something new, and I’m sure you’ll like it.
      But even if the links have become distant from each other, and even if the obstacles erected by those who revolve in the Zionist orbit, aiming at obstructing the road before the Jihad fighters, have rendered the pursuance of Jihad impossible; nevertheless, the Hamas has been looking forward to implement Allah’s promise whatever time it might take. The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said:
      The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him! This will not apply to the Gharqad, which is a Jewish tree (cited by Bukhari and Muslim).

      The Slogan of the Hamas

      • The original article of 8 December included this claimed quote from Meshaal:

        “We don’t kill Jews because they are Jews. We kill the Zionists because they are conquerors and we will continue to kill anyone who takes our land and our holy places … We will free Jerusalem inch by inch, stone by stone.”

        If you look back to my link to the article as corrected on 9 December you won’t find any reference to killing Jews, but at the end is the following:

        “• This article was amended on Sunday 9 December 2012 to correct a mistranslation in a quote by Meshaal.”

        I think you stand corrected, Fritz.

        • So basically the original said Hamas doesn’t kill Jews for being Jews, and this had to be corrected.
          Whoops, own goal Sencar.

        • We know what Meshaal says sencar. But can YOU tell the difference between a Zionist and and a Jew? Perhaps YOU should suggest to Meshaal that one lot should wear yellow stars to distinguish them so that Jews will be safe.

        • sencar

          There’s a very dark heart lurking behind your liberal facade. Consider this; if an Israeli politician said all Gazans are fair game for annihilation, not because they are Arabs, but because they happen to inhabit a place on earth that God had given to the Jews, you would accept that as a progressive way of looking at the world?

    • Sencar:

      “Some of the Western press mistranslated his speech to include a reference to killing Jews…”

      How can you mistranslate the very common chanting of “Itbah El Yahoud”?
      Mistranslate this “you prick!”

      Just meant that you are a sharp tool…

  5. Meshaal (the leader of a group whose covenant calls for the annihilation of Israel and the murder of Jews) gave a speech which calls for armed resistance to liberate all of Palestine (Israel). Are you truly arguing that the mass murder of Jews who resist his “political vision” for Israel is not part of his plan?

  6. Very good, Adam.

    The world has stopped noticing Islamic antisemitism, It’s par for the course and ‘justifiable’ given the ‘sins of Israel’. What are Israel’s sins? : the theft of Palestine and the occupation. This big lie has been so successful that the Western world along with the UN seems to think Jews/Israelis somehow deserve whatever punishment the Arabs inflict on them.

    It’s time Jews and their supporters stood up to tell the world Israel didn’t ‘steal’ any Arab land and certainly not from a fictitious Arab nation ( Palestine ) – it was bought and taken perfectly legally under the British Mandate Plan and the 1947 UN Resolution.

    If anyone is illegal in Palestine, it’s the Arabs who came knowing that Western Palestine, unlike the Eastern part, had been assigned specifically to the Jews. 65 years later, the Arabs are still sore losers and have been encouraged by the UN and limitless funds to carry on trying to defeat Israel and claim the whole of Palestine for the Arabic ummah. It’s high time for us to claim the moral high ground.
    Say no to the big lie : Israel is not illegally occupying the West Bank – (Judea/Samaria) ; Israel is not a colonialist enterprise. Self-defense against Arab agression is not a sin.

    Antisemitism should be opposed and declared evil, along with other forms of racism.
    If the Guardian and other ‘liberal’ newspapers have stopped caring about Jewish security, all the more reason not to be blasé about it.

  7. Adam –

    Great job! But isn’t Europe just displaying a consistent attitude towards us as it does to the rest of the world? Did Europe do anything about Sri Lanka, Sudan, Rwanda, Cambodia, Syria, Kurds, Congo or any other mass killing/genocide? Only in Kosovo and Bosnia – in their backyard, and only Bosnia, after the killing started – did Europe/US intervene.

    Is not one of the arguments for national self-determination that a nation cannot ultimately rely on another nation for its protection?


    • Barbara,

      You make a very good point.
      A correction though, the West did intervene in other conflicts, recently in Libya and Siera Leon – to a degree.
      although these have been involvment for other reasons such as securing Gas deals and oil deals…

      Afghanistan is another example but again, the involvment came not as a result of the Taliban brutality to its own but as a result of the terror nests which flurished in the Pakistani – Afghan border area.

  8. Here is a source for the picture of the Menorah:

    It was the eighth night of Chanukah in Kiel, Germany, a small town with a Jewish population of 500. That year, 1931, the last night Chanukah fell on Friday evening, and Rabbi Akiva Boruch Posner, spiritual leader of the town was hurrying to light the Menorah before the Shabbat set in.

    Directly across the Posner’s home stood the Nazi headquarters in Kiel, displaying the dreaded Nazi Party flag in the cold December night. With the eight lights of the Menorah glowing brightly in her window, Rabbi Posner’s wife, Rachel, snapped a photo of the Menorah and captured the Nazi building and flag in the background. She wrote a few lines in German on the back of the photo.

    “Chanukah, 5692. ‘Judea dies’, thus says the banner. ‘Judea will live forever’, thus respond the lights.”

  9. I’m also reminded of Egyptian opposition leader Hamdeen Sabbahi, who has been acused by the government of involvement in a “Zionist plot” to overthrow Morsi et al. Yes – that’s the same Sabbahi who has said he would tear up the Camp David agreements and has also said he would never shake the hand of an Israeli!

    • There’s always a Zionist plot…
      If it’s not a plot to do mischief it’s a plot of land…:)

      The Arab, Muslim and Farsi leaders have been brain washing their people for some time now about the evil Zionists.
      It is not uncommon to hear Farsi chantings in demos shouting “We don’t care about Palestine or Lebanon, We care about Iran” when venting the frustration against their governments which takes them for fools.
      Sadly the same cannot be said about many Arab states where the exact opposite is displayed.
      Many protesters display Anti Semitic cartoons in demos and whn not agreeing with a politician he / she is portrayed as a Zionist spy.
      The case of ElBaradei, the mutual accusations of the Syrian regime and the syrian opposition each one suggesting that the other works for Israelis and even the Libyan lady which was assaulted:

      “Someone came in, and he started kicking me,” she says. “Then he started hitting me with his gun. He was telling me: ‘I will kill you and bury you here and nobody will know’. He was calling me an Israeli spy, and a whore and bitch.'”
      Now i’m not suggesting that the Arab populations are dumber than the Iranian one as a whole but simply pointing out that the mistrust is far greater and it seems that AntiSemitism is rooted deep within them so much so that they cannot even see how stupid they look and how weak their arguments are.

      Similar things can be said about some Russian communities where being called a Jew meant as a derogatory term rather than actualy meaning the person is Jewish.

      The shocking thing is to hear this nonesense reaching UK Universities at times in the Guise of free speech.

      • The shocking thing is to hear this nonesense reaching UK Universities at times in the Guise of free speech.

        Not just that: there seems to be a lot of ignorance when it comes to the continuining contempt in the Arab world for the very existence of Israel.