CiF reader comments attacking one particular Abrahamic faith not deleted by moderators

H/T Margie

The following reader comment was posted under ‘s Hanukkah post (My Hanukah honours list for 2012, Dec. 13) at ‘Comment is Free’ over 14 hours ago, and still hasn’t been deleted by CiF moderators.



Here’s another ‘thoughtful’ comment posted this morning under a story which, by the way, has absolutely nothing to do with Jews, (‘HSBC’s record $1.9bn fine preferable to prosecution, US authorities insist’ Dec. 13), and similarly hasn’t been deleted by CiF moderators:

comment 2


Finally, here’s another ‘meditation‘ beneath the story about HSBC, by the same commenter above, which hasn’t been deleted by CiF’s team of professional moderators.

comment 3

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  1. These Nazi loons’ comments are STILL up, I see (just checked). Seems like the CiF moderators want to make sure that more people read that crazy garbage. After all, the Guardian website is trying to flog books where the Protocol Elders of Zion are being promoted, too.
    One person answered to the first nutter’s post suggesting that Bulganin was promoting his views in trying to get hired as a CiF political ccommentator by the Guardian. Sadly, I think, that might actually happen (considering who has already contributed there).

  2. How did ‘Bulganin’ chose his/her moniker? The name happens to match that of one of Stalin’s henchmen. I presume that CIF will be hosting other remarks from ‘Mekhlis’, ‘Vyshinsky’, ‘Beria’ and other charming souls named after Seumas Milne’s heroes.

  3. I just checked these comments on the HSBC thread – they are still there.


    Try replacing the references to Jews with “Muslims” or “Palestinians” and watch them vanish as if by magic.

  4. The poster who choose the moniker Bulganin is a perfect match to the Guardian and letting him spit his anti-Semite crap uncensored is only natural.
    …in 1918 he was recruited into the Cheka, the Bolshevik regime’s political police, where he served until 1922…
    He served in this terror organisation during the so called “revolutionary terror” period when the Cheka executed hundreds of thousands of civilians.
    A loyal Stalinist, he was promoted rapidly as other leaders fell victim to Joseph Stalin’s Great Purge of 1937–38….
    Maybe this poster is Seamus Milne himself?
    …During World War II Bulganin played a leading role in the government, and also in the Red Army, although he was never a front-line commander
    Exactly like the armchair generals on CIF ready to fight against the Jews to the last drop of blood of the Palestinians.

    Bulganin & Guardian – a marriage made in haven.

    • You repeatedly compare the Guardian with the notorious Der Stürmer.

      Strange how the G. has regular – and very popular – Jewish columnist Hadley Freeman posting an article about Hanukkah, isn’t it?

      • And what precisely has that to do with Al-Grauniad’s consistent “anti-Zionist” (which opens the door to antisemitism below the line there), support of Islamist terror and its racism of lowered expectations?

        Are you seriously trying to argue that one article about Chanuka evidences even-handedness?

        • I am simply saying that the G. is hardly the modern version of Der Stürmer.

          And who are you to talk about bigotry, given your recent anti-Muslim rant??

          Shame on you.

          • You are correct pretzel. There is a huge difference – Der Sturmer never tried to masquerade as a progressive liberal voice.

          • @ peterthehungarian

            Why would the G. have Jewish colmunists if it were anti-Semitic?

            You’re talking crap – and you know it.

          • Why would the G. have Jewish columnists if it were anti-Semitic?
            Pretzel you can’t be this stupid. You must be pretending it.

          • I beg to disagree
            Are you sure that it was an anti-Muslim rant (according to you, and it is evident that your grasp of such things is compromised) rather than an anti-Islam/ism rant?

            Prove to me and the nice ladies and gentlemen that you are capable of distinguishing between the two.

            Tell us what I allegedly said.

          • @ Snigger

            If you say “Europe is Islamised” and “Islam takes more and more”, you’re talking about Muslims – not some abstract concept.

          • @ peterthehungarian

            You get nasty because you have no valid argument – and you know you’re talking nonnsense.

          • Pretzel please explain your assertion that the employment of Jews (even in significant jobs) proves that the employer organisation can’t have an anti-Semitic agenda. Who knows maybe the ignorant posters on Cifwatch will learn something new….
            Please tell something about the so called “Yevsektia”, (if you have ever heard about it), about the employment of rabbi Hirsch by Arafat as Minister of Jewish Affairs”, the use of kapos by the German Nazis, the publication of the writings of Jewish anti-Semites like Philipp, Weiss, Max Blumentahl, Gilafd Atzmon, Richard Silverstein on outright anti-Semitic forums. You can comment on the activity of Otto Weininger and analyse the examples of high ranking Jewish employees of murderous Jew hating organisations taken from Theodor Lessing’s book (The Judische Selbsthass), the leading role of Peter Sichrowsky in the Austrian Freedom Party etc. etc.
            Please prove that all of the above examples are only mirages, don’t exist in real life,
            or alternatively stop carping about subjects you know nothing about demonstrating your total and unlimited ignorance.

          • 1. I didn’t call Hadley Freeman a kapo. Try to take a reading course Pretzel.
            2. Would you care to answer my points instead of totally inane bullshitting?

          • @ peterthehungarian

            “Try to take a reading course Pretzel.”

            Wit isn’t your strong point, is it?

            “Would you care to answer my points instead of totally inane bullshitting?”
            Points link … “Pretzel you can’t be this stupid”??

            Nah. I’d rather not bother.

          • You don’t bother naturally. If someone has no arguments against his/her opponents then bothering to answer is a waste of time. But thank you being so frank.

  5. “Moses, Abraham, Soul, David, Solomon”
    That confused me for a bit… I assume s/he meant “Saul”?

    Pretty funny.

  6. As for Mostmagnificentone: I wonder what kind of day job people like that have. Taxidermist? Probably best not to know.

    • He/she/it is probably posting from the locked ward of a psychiatric institution while the nurses’ backs are turned.

      The name is a dead give-away of the sort of loon who might have called himself Napoleon and believed that he was.

  7. Ms Hadley seems to have mistaken Hanukkah for Rosh Hashana. Isn’t it New Year’s when Honours Lists are published?