Guardian readers, and Holocausts real and imagined

A guest post by AKUS

The Guardian’s attempt to provide a thoughtful and appropriate article about a praiseworthy attempt by UK footballers to provide schools with a serious and sensitive Holocaust educational film documenting what they learned from a trip to Auschwitz (‘England’s football stars feature in Holocaust educational video film for schools, Jan. 14), was quickly hijacked, as we noted earlier, by Holocaust deniers.

The first comment on the thread was a plea that the footballers’ efforts (and, presumably, reader comments) not be hijacked to demand “equal time” for other atrocities:


Despite SantaMoniker’s plea anticipating what was to follow, in addition to the subsequent Holocaust denial comments CiF Watch captured which were eventually deleted, for one person simply denying the Holocaust wasn’t not enough. He demanded (comment now deleted) that the educational authorities invent a new one to provide some balance to the murder of 6 million Jews by the Nazis.

Yes – if English children are to learn about the Holocaust that actually happened, at least one reader, whose comment garnered recommendations, demanded that they learn about the non-existent Palestinian Holocaust.

2For this commenter, and those recommending his comment, as part of the campaign against Israel it is necessary to create a myth about a Palestinian history to reinforce the lethal narrative that the Jews, “who should know better”, have killed millions of Palestinians.

Visiting the thread now, about 12:40 pm UK time, the moderators have removed most of the presumably inappropriate comments. But the striking lack of empathy remains at least in this one, the last at the time this is written, which has been there for over an hour:


Apparently for some people it will remain a mystery why “the jews will bang on forever about their persecution, because they are under the impression no one as suffered like they have”.  For some it is too difficult to comprehend that this mass murder was so horrific that the special term “Holocaust” had to be created to refer to it and in which modern technology was used to eliminate an entire people by killing as many as 6 million of them – and why the annoying survivors keep “banging on about it”.

It is also worth noting that while holocaust-denying comments remained on the thread for hours, beneath Rachel Shabi’s tendentious and morally pretentious commentary alleging Islamophobia by the “the power-brokers of Hollywood”, comments which didn’t abide by the Guardian Left script were quickly deleted.

The appearance of both articles on the same day, and the totally different level of comment moderation, demonstrates the bias of Guardian editors and those they employ to moderate the threads. 

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  1. For some reason there are still people who are so ashamed of Europe’s and Christianity’s horrendous slandering and persecution of the Jews, rather than learn from history, they feel the need to double down on their prejudice. Inventing a “Palestinian holocaust” fictional narrative is but one manifestation. But hey, we already know the world is full of narrow-minded people. The problem is that this type narrative is pushed by certain groups that the Guardian has, shall we say, a “friendly” relationship with.

  2. What’s amusing about “takingthepease” and his comment is that certain losers will “bang on forever” about their absolute jealous hatred for all things jewish, so incapable are they of creating there own achievements. His opinions about Jews by now should be as archaic as his spelling of the word peas. It’s my opinion that “takingthepease” should rename himself “takingapee” (American English), a much more descriptive name which accurately portrays his commentary. It’s also my opinion that he should be helped into a straightjacket and placed in a rubber room where he can endlessly “bang on” about the “most racist state in the world,” while health professionals can assess the racist state of his mind.

  3. “The most racist state in the world”.
    This is the most idiotic part of his comment.
    Such a racist state spent time and effort to rescue doezens of stranded Arab famillies during last week’s floods (including Helicopter rescues from several Arab towns).
    The rescues would mount to thousands of tax payers money which I am buffled as to why such a “racist” state would carry out?
    Further more, Israeli soldiers from the “Nahal Haredi” (the Orthodox / Haredi infantry unit) was out pleading with Palestinian farmers to allow them to use thei tractors in order to carry out a risky rescue operation of a stranded Palestinian family in an area they didn’t control.
    They could have left them but they didn’t because like in most days they are asked to help and they do.
    The IDF bases in the OT are being visited by Palestinians which need help because they know that help will be delivered.
    This is the biggest irony of them all.
    But I guess Sanity refutes the soldiers who don’t even brag about these things because these are not something we use like a “badge of honour”. This is a normal thing for most Israelis. You help first even if you know they will forget you tomorrow.
    To call us Racist is a spit in our face.

  4. Where is Sanitarium, aka, the Knight of Hypocrishire, to condemn those truly racist posts? Nah, he’s busy whining about the blog’s finances.