Guardian reader bemoans the effectiveness of CiF Watch

The following reader comment beneath the line of a Steve Bell cartoon on Feb. 4 – which, as we argued in a post, could arguably be interpreted as suggesting that Zionists have a significant degree of control over the media – was priceless.


It didn’t occur on the date the reader believed, but on Nov. 6, 2011, there was indeed a post by Guardian readers’ editor Chris Elliott which made a thinly veiled reference to CiF Watch, and argued that “reporters, editors and writers” must be more careful to avoid “lapses into language resonant of antisemitism”.

Whilst, I don’t know if anything we do, per the comment above, can exactly be characterized as “well-orchestrated” and, per SantaMoniker, the idea that we’re “powerful” is risible.  Additionally, antisemitism at the Guardian clearly has not disappeared since Elliott’s warning (Bell’s cartoon on Nov. 15 depicting Bibi controlling Blair and Hague as puppets suggests the limits of Elliott’s control over such content), but if the result of our work is that the Guardian is even a little bit more careful to avoid having their voice “diminished” by evoking antisemitic canards, then we’re clearly doing something right. 


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    • Incredible! Someone mentioned ‘CIF Watch’ in the Guardian!

      But.. errr… wait… it was not in the Guardian, only in comments posted on its website. And, errrr… it was erased by the Guardian’s moderator.

      Surely a journalistic conspiracy to prevent ‘CIF watch’ from rising to fame!

      • “Nat”,
        You’re trolling awfully longer than usual… Long day at the office? Paid overtime?
        Does that mean we won’t be seeing you tomorrow?

      • Nat, I do admire your total lack of shame. Such a middle class English snob at heart. Mean-spirited and shallow to the core, continually trying to parade your moral and intellectuall superiority over your nemesis – the dear Mr Levick, and always coming away looking like a bitter self-obsessed asshole with a useless PHD.

        • I never wrote that I had “moral and intellectual superiority” over Mr Levick, groovy. I disagree with what he writes, that’s all.

          • No, you’re trolling.
            You couldn’t disagree with horse, about to vended to consumers in Europe.
            None of what you post here is of your own fashioning. Just cut and paste, cut and pasted.

  1. CiFW a hate site? That’s the same mentality that libero-fascist Israel bashers use to label Iron Dome a “weapon of mass destruction.”

  2. The “LOL” mem is overused – but I genuinely laughed out loud on reading SMKirov’s second paragraph.

    “That was the day …”
    It’s armageddon! Get the women and kids off the streets! Run for the hills! Oh the humanity!


  3. This site does great work. Now if only we could have a Mondoweiss Watch, or even an Electronic Intifada Watch. Now those are websites that need to be challenged more often.

  4. An interesting aspect of choosing monikers by some loyal Guardinistas like this tovarish Kirov.
    During the Civil War, Kirov was one of the swashbuckling commissars in the North Caucasus beside Sergo and Mikoyan. In Astrakhan he enforced Bolshevik power in March 1919 with liberal blood-letting: over four thousand were killed. When a bourgeois was caught hiding his own furniture, Kirov ordered him shot.
    In 1921, he became manager of the Azerbaijan party organization. Kirov supported Joseph Stalin loyally, and in 1926 he was rewarded with the command of the Leningrad party

    A proud follower of one of the most heinous murderer of the twentieth century…

  5. I feel a little bit sorry for SMKirov, and by extension, all of the CiF readers who share his underlying views. Honestly, his whining post was the tennis equivalent of a talentless schlub lofting a 15 MPH left-handed serve that barely cleared the next and bounced over to Serena Williams. Suffice it to say, the response to SMKirov was the tennis equivalent of a 100 MPH response from Serena!