Another Guardian post lamenting that news of misogyny in Gaza deflects focus from Israel

On March 7 we posted about a ‘Comment is Free’ essay by Nabila Ramdani titled ‘Hamas’s ban on women running Gaza marathon is a missed opportunity, March 6. We noted that the main concern of Ramdani, a Paris based journalist, was that Hamas’s decision to ban women from running in the UNRWA sponsored charity run, which resulted in the cancellation of the competition, would deflect attention away from the Israeli “occupation”.

The decision by Hamas, argued Ramdani, wastes what should have been yet another huge blow against Israel’s illegal [sic] occupation and blockade of the Palestinian territories.”

Ramdani isn’t alone in her political myopia.

The Guardian published a piece on March 9 titled ‘Format photography festival: from sharks to axe-wielding women – audio slideshow, which includes photos from a cultural event in the UK called ‘Format photography festival, as well audio from four of the festival’s photographers.  Here’s a clip from the first woman, Tanya Habjouqa, which I edited from a longer Guardian audio. Especially note what Habjouqa says at the 1 minute mark.

Habjouqa advances a truly a remarkable argument.  Like Ramdani, she seems especially concerned that those focusing on the oppression of women by a reactionary Islamist terror group are deflecting attention away from the Israeli blockade.

The sensitive artist evidently is unconcerned about hundreds of thousands of Palestinian women who suffer under a Hamas regime which has imposed personal status law derived from Sharia, placing them at a stark disadvantage in matters such as domestic abuse.  And, she would much rather discuss the “siege” than the misogynistic social mores in the Palestinian controlled territory which results in rape, domestic abuse, and “honor killings” often going unpunished by Gaza’s courts.

Habjouqa may fancy herself a feminist, but her selective outrage, which obsesses over Israel while ignoring the backwardness of Hamas’s theocratic tyranny – which promotes gender apartheid – undermines any claim she may have to being a genuine defender of women’s rights.  

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  1. Isn`t it very hypocritical to moan the limitation of travel when there are no possibilities of free movement for women besides at home?

  2. If I were a supporter of Hamas (or the PA and PLO for that matter, or any of the other racketeers pushing “the Palestinian cause”) I’d lament any honest look at the those I was supporting as well – they don’t come off very well. An honest look at Israel doesn’t serve those types very well either. That’s why they put so much energy into deflection and lying.

  3. The author stresses “misrepresentation” from the off and talks about women struggling to find their “dignity” – while ranting about the Israeli occupation.