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The antisemitic reflex: A Jew-baiting Tweet by the Guardian’s Michael White

Today, pending an investigation, the Labour Party suspended Baron Ahmed, a member of the House of Lords and the first male Muslim peer in the UK, for claiming that his prison sentence several years ago for dangerous driving resulted from pressure placed on the court system by Jews “who own newspapers and TV channels”.

He reportedly said the following during a TV interview last year.

“My case became more critical because I went to Gaza to support Palestinians. My Jewish friends who own newspapers and TV channels opposed this.”

Ahmed was imprisoned for 3 months in 2008 after sending text messages while driving.

Today, on Twitter, as news of Ahmed’s suspension was reported, there was this exchange between veteran Guardian journalist Michael White and Daniel Finkelstein, a journalist for The Times.

The exchange continued:


Let’s be clear about what just transpired.

A reporter for The Times expressed surprise that news of a Labour Party investigation into racism against a member of Parliament was not in BBC radio news summaries.

A Guardian journalist, noting that Finkelstein was Jewish, immediately engaged in an ad hominem and completely irrelevant attack, raising the topic of settlements in the state of Israel.

The Guardian reporter’s ugly response to Finkelstein’s Tweet represents the classic antisemitic “reflex” of holding Jews collectively responsible for the perceived sins of the state of Israel – a bigoted association he’s made on at least one other occasion in a column at the Guardian.

Daniel Finkelstein is not an Israeli.

He happens to be a Jew but is no less British than Michael White.

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  1. Well spotted Adam.

    Also note White’s failure to criticise the peer for having committed the offence and the fatality he caused texting while driving, which is where he should be directing his ire.

    Finklestein gave White a second chance. He didn’t take it. He just dug a deeper hole.

    • This is crucial. We are all capable of tweeting things without thinking, but if we don’t retract when challenged, we lose the right to say it was an off-guard, spur-of-the-moment thing. White is condemned by standing by his original tweet.

  2. White was notorious for his comment (I think on a BBC program – we reported it here some years ago) that “of course in Israel they murder each other a lot” or words to that effect.

    He is at the core of the Guardian’s anti-Israeli brigade.

    • I think what he actually said was that politicians murder each other a lot in Israel. I can’t work out if he’s stupid or simply malicious and with this latest spat with Finklestein, it is so nonsensical I wonder whether he is suffering from dementia.

  3. “Danny, you’re a good chap, and I know what you’re doing.” What is he, Michael White’s pet?
    Michael, you’re not a good chap, and we know what you’re doing. Do you?

    Apparently, Mr. White and Mr. Ahmed share some of the same ill-informed prejudices.

    • i think the way its going, it’ll be laying them all off soon enough. Electronic Intifada will become am overcrowded refugee camp for Jew-haters.

  4. Looks like White and Lord Ahmed graduated at the same higher learning institute as George Galloway. I bet Lord Ahmed was texting “Jihad George” at the time he killed that poor soul. He should have been in jail for longer than 3 months.

    • But he had to spend the entire 3 months watching “Jihad George” lapping up milk from a saucer 🙂

  5. Bloody Jews, only gave Ahmed 16days community service for killing an innocent driver. If I had my way, I’d have sent him back to Pakistan and took away his passport. These Jews control everything…

  6. This doesn’t look good for Michael White. He’s trying to laugh it off, but he knows its the equivalent of Gordon Brown’s BigotGate with Gillian Duffy.

    Keep up the pressure on White, and keep the tweets going. Together with Lord Ahmed, it’s two bigots for the price of one.

    • From whose perspective does it not look good Andy? As much as we’re in the same HOW, we’re all preaching to the choir. I hope that there will be repercussions for both, but I doubt it.

  7. This anti-semitic guy might be applying for a job at the equally jew-hating BBC and is trying to collect brownie(shirts) points.