‘Pallywood Light’ at the Guardian, part 2: The Phantom Israeli Rock-Thrower

Earlier today we posted about a Guardian video which purported to show Israeli settlers attacking Palestinians, following the murder of 32-year-old Evyatar Borovsky by a Fatah affiliated terrorist at a bus stop in the West Bank on Tuesday, but which didn’t in fact include any clips of Jewish violence.

As we noted, there were indeed multiple reports elsewhere of retaliatory attacks (including rock throwing) by Jews against Palestinians in the area near where the terrorist attack occurred, but the Guardian video on May 1 – though titled ‘Jewish settlers attack Palestinians in the West Bank‘ – simply included short clips of Israeli soldiers using crowd control measures against Palestinians near the village of Orif.

However, upon looking at the film again, we noticed something else – an opening still shot of what appears to be an Israeli rock thrower which doesn’t actually appear anywhere in the actual video.

Here’s how the video is presented on the side of the Guardian’s Israel page. Notice the rock-thrower wearing a blue shirt.


When you open the link you also briefly see the rock thrower:

video 2

After a few seconds however, the image above disappears and the full video begins.

Here’s the video again.

Nowhere in the video does the (presumably Israeli) rock thrower in the blue shirt appear.  And, whilst we were unable to find the video corresponding to this particular still shot, if you Google the title you can find other uploads of the video which appear on YouTube without the mysterious rock-thrower.


Original Guardian video at top. Seen below is the very same video, uploaded by another YouTube user.

It seems that the image in question was spliced from a completely different video and added by Guardian editors to the May 1 video report to buttress the narrative.  

In fairness, this technique is used in other Guardian videos (and on other news sites).  Nonetheless, in this particular case it seems highly misleading – especially in light of the fact that, as we noted, the video itself contains no footage whatsoever of Israelis throwing rocks or otherwise attacking Palestinians, despite its quite explicit title to that effect.

I guess the more accurate title for the video which editors could have used, ‘Various clips and still shots which, when spliced together, still only suggest Israeli settler violence to the trained Guardian reader’, wasn’t quite as catchy.

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  1. The scene with the two guys carrying the supposedly wounded Palestinian to an ambulance which just happens to rush up at this remote location is so reminiscent of the Pallywood clips from Gaza that were proven to be faked that it is really quite funny.

    Its is possible that different angles would show different colors, but the colr of the ground in the “blue shirt: section is yello, while in the other scenews its is still quite green.

    I suspect that this is indeed a fake, and, moreover, the “wounded” man and the ambulance are pure Pallywood.

  2. The boy in blue – Such a Jewish ‘settler’ – Look, he is not even wearing a kippur!

    Pallywood cannot even get that right

  3. I’m looking forward to see on the Guardian’s website this show by a good friend of Robert Fisk – a Swedish journalist – on Syrian TV. The guy discovered Israel’s deepest secret: – the ruling family of Qatar are Jews, called bin-Gurion who are helping the Americans in crossbreeding Arab horses with Jewish ones, and that the Muslim extremism has been created by the Mossad in order to frighten Europe.
    Good stuff for use by glenn Greenwald, ashley/briggs/whatever, sencar, spratty, thayer and sanity.
    My favorite in the whole report is the introduction of of the idea of “Jewish horses”. Do they wear kippa? Are they Zionists? Are there haredim and as-a Jew leftists among them too? Are they part of AIPAC? A lot of unanswered questions…

      • A very interesting observation by the learned TV host:

        The Qataris have Jewish roots, because in the Arab national fabric, no Arab, unless he is Jewish, can harbor such vicious hatred toward another Arab. We know this from our Arab history, and we see it in the present.

        And he’s saying this on Syrian TV…

  4. When was the last time IDF used white phosphorus in the WB. Red Cross admitted that they didn;t found and illegal use of the staff in Gaza by Israel.
    Hamas used white phosphorus in their rockets ,

  5. Better read my post again. I asked you when was the last time IDF use it in the WB.

    GENEVA — The international Red Cross said Tuesday that Israel has fired white phosphorus shells in its offensive in the Gaza Strip, but has no evidence to suggest the incendiary agent is being used improperly or illegally.
    In some of the strikes in Gaza it’s pretty clear that phosphorus was used,” Herby told The Associated Press. “But it’s not very unusual to use phosphorus to create smoke or illuminate a target. We have no evidence to suggest it’s being used in any other way.”

  6. Bella what is your learned opinion about the Jewish horses? I’m sure that you are more familiar with the subject than with modern warfare. I have to tell you the great secret – phosphorous coated missiles exist only in the same reality where Jewish stallions race for the graces of the Arab mares.

  7. Stones coated with phosphorous? bella/ashley/briggs are you sure that you took your pills in the morning?

  8. Hey, Crazy Ahmad, do you by any chance know “nat”, or “briggs” or “jabal karim”?

  9. I have serious doubts that this report will be published in the Guardian.

    RAMAT GAN, Israel (AP) — In his short life, Palestinian toddler Mohammed al-Farra has known just one home: the yellow-painted children’s ward in Israel’s Tel Hashomer hospital.
    Born in Gaza with a rare genetic disease, Mohammed’s hands and feet were amputated because of complications from his condition, and the 3 ½-year-old carts about in a tiny red wheelchair. His parents abandoned him, and the Palestinian government won’t pay for his care, so he lives at the hospital with his grandfather.
    “There’s no care for this child in Gaza, there’s no home in Gaza where he can live,” said the grandfather, Hamouda al-Farra.
    “He can’t open anything by himself, he can’t eat or take down his pants. His life is zero without help,” he said at the Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital, part of the Tel Hashomer complex in the Israeli city of Ramat Gan.
    Mohammed’s plight is an extreme example of the harsh treatment some families mete to the disabled, particularly in the more tribal-dominated corners of the Gaza Strip, even as Palestinians make strides in combatting such attitudes.
    It also demonstrates a costly legacy of Gaza’s strongly patriarchal culture that prods women into first-cousin marriages and allows polygamy, while rendering mothers powerless over their children’s fate.
    Mohammed was rushed to Israel as a newborn for emergency treatment. His genetic disorder left him with a weakened immune system and crippled his bowels, doctors say, and an infection destroyed his hands and feet, requiring them to be amputated.
    In the midst of his treatment, his mother abandoned Mohammed because her husband, ashamed of their son, threatened to take a second wife if she didn’t leave the baby and return to their home in the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Younis, al-Farra said. In Gaza, polygamy is permitted but isn’t common. But it’s a powerful threat to women fearful of competing against newer wives.

    But maybe they will publish it together with a letter penned by lady Tonge demanding international investigation. The headline will be: Are Israeli doctors experimenting with Arab children?

  10. Whoever this is, the people in front of him seem to be wearing masks, while he does not. If I had to guess who was attacking and who was defending…

  11. Note that Palestinian ambulances and paramedics are never seen to be equipped with gurneys or stretchers in these clips. After all of those billions of carefully targeted aid this is the only first aid emergency service in the world that requires its patients to be hauled and tossed to the vehicle by men grabbing each limb as if they were wharf workers handling a sack of potatoes.

    It is also the only service that provides more photographers than medicos.

    A matter of priorities no doubt. This is war.

  12. A rock was thrown in Syria today. It was aimed at a convoy of rocks being shipped across Syria to rock throwers in Lebanon. Nothing is known about the rocks or whether any rocks still reached the throwers in Lebanon.

    I do not know whether this is a made story by the Guardian.