Guardian continues promotion of fringe BDS movement

On May 11th – three days after its initial publication of Stephen Hawking’s decision to pull out of a conference in Israel – we noted that the Guardian had already published eight items on the subject. 

Since then the tally of Hawking-related items on the Guardian’s ‘Israel’ page has risen to twelve, with an article criticising Hawking’s decision by Steve Caplan published in the Guardian’s science section on May 13th and an article of the opposing opinion on same date in the same section by Hilary Rose and Steven Rosewho are of course among the founding members of BRICUP – the organisation which seems to have played an instrumental part in Hawking’s decision. Two additional letters on the subject were published on May 14th and yet another on May 16th

And yet – nine days and twelve features later – the Guardian still has not found the time or the inclination to inform its readers of the real nature and aims of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement of which BRICUP is part.

“The leaders of the BDS movement are ‘one-staters’: their ultimate hope is not to see the Israeli state and a Palestinian state existing peacefully side by side. Their aim – which is entirely transparent to those not dazzled by the faux human rights rhetoric – is one Palestinian state ‘from the river to the sea’, with – at best – a minority Jewish group making up part of its population.”

A key element of the BDS campaign is the rejection of what is called ‘normalisation’: a term which relates to any activity which promotes dialogue, co-existence or joint Israeli –Palestinian projects.  An example of such rejection was recently highlighted when Fatah activists threatened Palestinian teenagers who had taken part in an EU-backed football match together with Israeli youths.

“But as soon as photos of the Palestinian and Israeli players appeared on a number of websites, Fatah activists denounced the event as a form of “normalization” with Israel.

Several Fatah activists posted threatening messages on the Internet against the Palestinian boys and girls who participated in the tournament.”

The accepted mainstream view of the solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict is one of two states – Palestinian and Israeli – existing side by side, hopefully in peace and co-operation. That view has been the aspiration of the international community and majority Israeli opinion for many years now and considerable efforts have been invested in trying to bring it about. It is, however, perfectly clear that peaceful co-existence cannot grow from the rejection of dialogue and co-operation – either on the football field, at academic conferences or elsewhere.

The fringe BDS movement, in common with other elements in the region such as Islamist extremists, rejects the widely held, normative aspiration of a two-state solution. The Guardian’s failure to make that point clear to readers of the barrage of articles promoting Hawking’s adoption of the minority, rejectionist view suggests identification with and empathy for the fringe elements seeking to undermine the accepted route to peace. Is that really the stance a true “Left liberal voice” would be taking? 


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  1. So is Stephen Hawking removing the Israeli chip that allows him to communicate as part of his boycott??? Hypocrite

  2. The Guardian, along with the rest of the liberal media, studiously ignores Palestinian racism and extremism.

    But taboos elsewhere are being broken. Now we can talk about the damaging effects of immigration. Now we can talk about Muslim grooming (although the Guardian is still fighting a desperate rearguard action). Now we can say that non-whites can be racist without being prosecuted. Now we can speak of Islamic terrorism.

    Perhaps this will open the door to a frank discussion of the moral state of Palestinian society.

        • You talk about “Muslim grooming” as if it’s a phenomenon involving a substantial section of that community. THAT is bigotry.

          I’m closing my eyes to the facts? Nope – you’re making that up, of course.
          And “patronising”? That’s your inferiority complex talking there.

          • Would you like to answer the points raised in the article?
            Or are you going to behave as usual and keep your head buried in the sand completely unaware of what is happening?

            The rest of your post is hilarious and pathetic

            • Would you like to answer the points raised in the article?

              So all of your posts on this site have directly addressed the articles in question?
              And why don’t you also put your question to e.g. SerJew?

              I notice you didn’t respond to my actual question to you …

              • You never answer questions directly. You only call people “bigots”, “twats”, “mental midgets”, etc, and whine about the little stars you dont get. In sum, you are a major hypocrite, a bore and a block_wart.

          • Pretz. You address this the wrong way. I don’t think anyone says that “all” or “most” or even “many” Muslims are guilty of grooming. But it is apparent (at least from the media coverage of this issue in recent years) that “many” if not “most” gangs in Britain who have been found guilty of grooming numerous white girls are Muslims.

            This is clearly a problem, and it is one which, as Gerald points out, the main Muslim representative bodies acknowledge and have agreed to address. What is bigoted about pointing this out?

            • The problem is talk of “Muslim grooming” – as if this were a phenomenon affecting a major section of the Muslim community.

              People like Andy Gill (whose comment above reads like an EDL post) and Gerald are using this issue to smear Muslims in general.

              • Andy refers to all sorts of things – such as “Islamic terrorism” and “the damaging effects of immigration”. I do not necessarily endorse his views (e.g. on immigration, so far as he sets them out) but these phrases are accepted shorthand. We simply can’t go about saying “the grooming of which some Muslims have been found guilty which appears to indicate an unrepresentative proportion of such crimes in Britain in recent years” every time we want to make a point.

                Don’t you think?

                • “Muslim grooming” is not an acceptable phrase IMO – and I’m disappointed to see that you apparently think to the contrary.

              • “People like Andy Gill (whose comment above reads like an EDL post) and Gerald are using this issue to smear Muslims in general.”

                Wrong, as usual, pretzelberg. I cited the article to clearly demonstrate that your smear against anyone who raises the issue of ‘grooming’ is a bigot is wrong and part of the usual tactic to smear anyone who dares to raise what is happening inside the U.K., and who is responsible for these despicable acts.

                Obviously you do not know what is happening in the U.K. but, then it must be hard for you from inside your bunker in Germany. Please carry on posting your opinions as they clearly demonstrate what an ignorant fool, or should that be ‘mental midget’, you are.

                • I cited the article to clearly demonstrate that your smear against anyone who raises the issue of ‘grooming’ is a bigot is wrong

                  Of course it’s an important issue. So you’re wrong there right away re. my views.
                  The problem I see is not raising it as such, but using inflammatory terms such as “Muslim grooming.”

    • ok.
      But are you saying that not one Israeli person was involved in any stage of the inovation, design or manufacturing of this product?

        • The Intel Core i7(which Hawking utilises), with “Sandy Bridge” technology, was developed at Intel Israel’s Haifa research centre.

          So now who’s lying?
          Sweetheart, clear the rabid foam from your mouth…
          (I think it is also safe to say that you yourself are using an Intel PC. So nice of you to thus support Israel!)

            • Thanks Jeff! Always a pleasure to hear from you.
              I’ve been lurking around, and I am still here. Didn’t find the time to post, however.
              As always, enjoying reading all your comments; keep ’em coming 😀

    • Sherri: ‘Liar!’

      Only one credible explanation for a Jew-baiter who disagrees with a Jew or those who promote Jewish projects. They must be liars or victims of Jewish ‘mind control’. Welcome to the wonderful world of ‘progressive’ thinking.

        • Yes, Commentary101, how dare you use wikipedia instead of an “unimpeachable” source like youtube. Look! pictures!
          “what they produce remains the ownership of a US Corporation named Intel,” developed in Israel and thereby profiting Israel. There, I fixed it for you, sherrimoonerlune.

        • Sweetie… Calm down. Did I not specifically ask you to wipe the effluvia from your mouth? These fits of yours are getting quite embarrassing.
          Here’s the man behind Sandy Bridge — which is the successor — i.e. more advanced than the nonsense you cite:

          Get ready to have your brain explode(if you have one): He’s Israeli; and this amazing feat was done *in* Israel.
          And the superseding technology to THAT was also pioneered in Israel:

          (Which Hawking has no qualms exploiting).
          So honey, have you thrown your computer out the window yet? If not, I guess you’re a big fan of Israel then…
          Thanks for your help! Every processor purchase counts!

  3. OT: Did you catch this one?
    On yet another bloviating, senseless article by Greenwald, this little “gem” was left — which rather neatly captures what Glenn really intends with his diatribes; an explicit call for genocide:

    They could end the war on terror tomorrow by blowing up the three largest promoters of world terror, the USA, the UK and the democratic jewish republic of israel.

    • “They could end the war on terror tomorrow by blowing up the three largest promoters of world terror, the USA, the UK and the democratic jewish republic of israel.”
      Yes, of course, get rid of whatever civilizing forces remain in the world and make way for “utopia!”

    • Took a few hours, but they deleted that comment. Could be that Greenwald was embarrassed by the trash his loathing of the US and Israel attracts and asked the moderators to delete the comment since it was in the most prominent position – the top of the first page.

  4. I’m just wondering what Mr. Hawking’s attitude would be to a boycott of British academics (including him) brought about by a well-organized slander campaign against his country, its policies, its raison d’être, by its frothing enemies.
    As someone whose life work depends on fact finding no one should be “pleading” or “requesting” that the good professor reconsider, he should be debated and ridiculed for his ridiculous stance which is so dependent on garbage-in garbage-out.

    • Professor Ruth Wisse who doesn’t study the cosmos, but human relationships, speaking on the occasion of Durban III. Essential for understanding, but notice the low number of views.

  5. The BDS Movement is an international movement of people of conscience who oppose Israels human rights abuses carried out in her Occupation of Palestine. I applaud The Guardian covering BDS developments.

    • “I applaud” – the international movement of Antisemites with its mouthpiece Al Guardian.
      Interesting that the new nazis are coming along with human rights to propagate another Holocaust, well, at least, they learned something from their last defeat, not pure racism, but racism in the name of human rights.

    • The BDS Movement is an international movement of a tiny fraction of a percent of the world’s population of people, some of whom have no conscience who single out Israel, the only country in the M.E. that has a conscience about human rights and the only country in that region that has an admirable human rights record. This singling out for abuse is carried out by Palestinians and the Arab states opposed to the idea of jewish sovereignty over jewish land along with their illiberal leftist allies. I denounce The Guardian for covering up BDS’s illiberal and anti-Semitic agenda.

    • Really, you applaud racism?
      But then, it isn’t much of a surprise, is it, darling? You hate Jews viscerally, and what better way to strike at them, than by attempting to boycott their state?
      Tell me, have you, and your “movement”(no conscience in that) always known you’d turn out to be such miserable failures? — Does it run in the family?

      • “..BDS Movement is an international movement of people of conscience..”
        I don`t want to know anything specific of this after the nazis, called it conscience or movement.

    • The BDS Movement is an international movement of people of conscience who oppose Israels human rights abuses carried out in her Occupation of Palestine.
      There are some words you forgot to write down in your sentence:
      The BDS Movement is an international movement of people wannabe SS members without conscience and brain who oppose Israels non-existent human rights abuses carried out in her Occupation of non-existentPalestine and don’t give a shit about real human right abuses in anywhere else.
      I applaud The Guardian covering BDS developments and promoting their hatred of the Jews
      Of course Sherri – a Jew hating rag is being applauded by a Jew hating asshole is perfectly natural.

  6. Dunno how many of these anti-Israel fools know that even the Israel-unfriendly Norman Finklestein strongly disagrees with the BDS movement, regarding them as hypocrites because they hide the fact that their aim is basically the destruction of Israel, not “justice” for the Palestinians.