Jihad camp: Guardian caption softens depiction of Palestinian child abuse

The Guardian’s June 17 edition of ‘Picture Desk Live’ included the following photo depicting a day in the life of Gaza residents:


Here’s the caption:

A Young Palestinian crawls under barbed wire during a summer physical training camp run by Hamas in Gaza City

Now, it doesn’t take too much investigative work to note that the Palestinian youth attending this “summer physical training camp” is crawling beneath barbed wire, not exactly a routine activity at a regular youth summer camp. In fact, the original image (at Getty) by the same photographer, Mohammed Abed, includes a caption which notes that the youths are indeed engaged in “military exercises”. 

Additionally, the photojournalist site Demotix includes several photos of the same ‘camp’, and includes a title: ‘Palestinians participate in military style exercises run by Hamas.

Here’s Yahoo reporting on the same camp, which include captions clearly stating its military purpose.  This photo at Yahoo, for instance, has a caption clearly indicating that these youths are being taught how to properly fire a rocket-propelled grenade.


A peak beyond the Guardian obfuscation clearly indicates that the ‘camp’ provides training for future jihadists.  Indeed, every summer both Hamas and Islamic Jihad reportedly train more than 100,000 Palestinian children (as young as six) in “resistance” (terrorism), the destruction of Israel, the “right of return” and other elements of the groups’ radical Islamist ideologies.

The decision by editors at ‘Picture Desk Live’ not to inform readers of the paramilitary nature of the youth camp represents yet another example of Palestinian child abuse that the Guardian won’t report.  

(See also a post at the blog This Ongoing War‘ on a similarly misleading caption at The Telegraph beneath a photo of ‘summer jihad’ in Gaza.)

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  1. Considering that the foundation stone of Zionism was wearing brown-shirts and training for warfare, it beggars belief that anyone would criticise the Palestinians for desperately trying to catch up 100 years later.

    This is David Ben-Gurion on life as a street-thug in Poland before 1906 when he brought his cudgels to Palestine:

    “when a gang of Jewish boys met a Polish gang the latter would almost inevitably represent a single suburb and thus be poorer in fighting potential than the Jews who even if their numbers were initially fewer could quickly call on reinforcements from the entire quarter. Far from being afraid of them, they were rather afraid of us.”

      I never knew antisemites had such a good sense of humor.

    • Nick-a-Nazi just can’t stay away from the blog he hates so much. He needs to barf his hatred or else he dies. In fact, in a sense he’s already dead inside.

      • An apt description, although I think there is also deep-seated sexual longing in a sado-masochistic way.

    • Nick: “This is David Ben-Gurion on life as a street-thug in Poland..”

      Jews that hit back. An anti-Semites worst nightmare.
      Now tell us that one about the African American who stood up against the whites in the Deep South, you racist piece of shit.

  2. On the ‘stopped-clock’ principle, Latuff has it right (although I’m sure he’s too fucked-up to recognise the connection with what Hamas are doing).

    Joseph Kony and Thomas Lubanga were indicted as war criminals, partly because of the recruitment of child soldiers. ‘Nuff said.

  3. Heroism is dead, the west is in an postheroic age according to the postmodern left, apart from their worship of heroic martyrs.

  4. As Chazal say, ‘shoita ein loy busha’, – an idiot does not have a sense of embarrassment.

  5. “summer physical training camp”!

    What – like Butlins with Sir Cliff as your merry host?

      • I wonder if this is the right site for me. Nick above is called a nazi, an idiot an anti semite and implications are made about his sexuality . When I first heard of CIFWatch I heard it in negative terms and I see why people hold it in such low esteem.

        Jews have been harrassed and harmed for thousands of years and I am glad there are sites designed to combat this but I am deeply disappointed in the schoolyard behaviour on display here


        • Hey Rosco. Please don’t confuse the quality of the blog (gernerally, though not always, excellent) with the “quality” of the btl contributions which are (as you note) sometimes, though certainly not always, peurile and immature.

          On a specific point, however, Nick has proven himself through many comments to be an irredeemabble antisenite, who is quite happy to adopt the most despicable comparisons of Jews with Nazis, and no insult against him is too extreme.



        • Another sensitive flower. Who cares if you are disappointed? You are not the center of the universe. If you dislike this blog, don´t read it, don´t post. It´s that simple.

  6. Sorry, but doesn’t Israel operate the Gadna scheme, which prepares teenagers for their recruitment to the Tzahal? And the Marva scheme for overseas teens who want to experience life in the Israeli military, which includes weapons training and combat training?

    Is there really any fundamental difference between that and the Hamas camps?

      • Is the Hamas camp obligatory? I don’t know.

        Look, I do not compare the ideals and morality of Hamas with that of ISrael and the IDF. I am fully aware of the clear differences between them. I am just saying that you can’t simply shout “child abuse” because your opponents carry out military training for their teenagers, while supporting the right of your own side to carry out military training of its teens.

        There is no moral consistency there.

        If you have evidence of the content of those coutrses, and the the nature of the “inoctribnation” involved, then fine. But just to say that a teen crawling uder barbed wire should be labelled “child abuse” is not good enough.