Guardian’s David Hearst participates in discussion on the power of the Israel lobby

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Swapping “Zionist” or “pro-Israeli” for “Jewish” is not opposing antisemitism. It is, at best, a lazy linguistic complacency that camouflages antisemitic ways of thinking: making antisemitism harder to expose and fight. An unusually explicit example of this can be clearly seen in the footage of a meeting at London journalist haunt, the Frontline Club. View it here (but read the below first).

The meeting, on 12 June 2013, used a book by British Islamist, Ibrahim Hewitt, as the basis for discussion about the media’s approach to the Israel-Palestine conflict. The discussion, between Hewitt, ex-BBC Middle East correspondent Tim Llewellyn, and Guardian foreign leader writer David Hearst, was chaired by Mark McDonald, a founder of Labour Friends of Palestine & the Middle East.

Under the title, Anti-Zionism: the Frontline, CST Blog had already warned what might happen at this meeting. We related some of the overblown anti-Zionist conspiracy theory and imagery that Hewitt’s group, MEMO, had previously published. We noted that Llewellyn might be worse than Hewitt. We recalled Hearst’s silence in the Guardian after a judge had found against Sheikh Ra’ed Salah’s denials of having made a blood libel speech. (The judge still granted Salah his appeal.) We asked, without optimism, if Hearst or McDonald might intervene if either of their fellow Frontline speakers strayed into territory occupied by antisemitism.

The footage shows that Hewitt did not repeat the wilder material from MEMO, and that Llewellyn was indeed worse than him. Hearst explained things calmly and without resort to conspiracy theory, but does not seem to have directly rebutted either Hewitt or, especially, Llewellyn. If anything, Hearst surely normalised his fellow speakers to the mainly young audience – rather than undermined them.

The footage also shows that there was only one intervention against a speaker who took things too far. This was against Llewellyn, when Hewitt pulled him up for saying“the Jewish Lobby”: whereupon the meeting chair, Mark McDonald, said that it should be “the Zionist Lobby” or “pro-Israel Lobby” instead.

Any serious objection to antisemitism must go far deeper than swapping “Zionist” for“Jewish”. Otherwise, it simply becomes an exercise in how to swap an antisemitic conspiracy theory for an ‘anti-Zionist’ one. The anti-Zionist left claims, furiously, to oppose antisemitism, but swapping “Zionist” for “Jew” is advising upon camouflage, not anti-racism.

The salient moment occurs approximately 30 minutes and 45 seconds (30:45) into the footage, when Tim Llewellyn asks David Hearst to explain why he says that newspaper editors “wilt under pressure”. Llewellyn:

Is it because. I can see it in the BBC. They’re frighten’, these people are quite aggressive, right. The Jewish Lobby is not much fun. They come at you from every direction.

Off camera, Hewitt says “no”, then, “its the pro-Israel lobby”. It is not exactly clear who says what after this, but it includes McDonald talking over Llewellyn, stating:

I mean that’s a very important thing to say, that it’s not a Jewish lobby. Can I interrupt a second. It’s not a Jewish lobby. It might be a Zionist lobby. It may be a pro-Israel lobby.

But Llewellyn won’t give it up. He retorts:

Yes, but they use Jewish connections to get you.

McDonald’s anti-racism intervention now wilts. He wants consensus, not a discursive analysis on the meaning of “they use Jewish connections to get you”. So, he lamely replies:

Yes, but it’s not necessarily a Jewish lobby, as in

McDonald’s words trail off. He does not say ‘its not necessarily a Jewish lobby as in the way that antisemites allege Jews run the media and politics, via intimidation, money and power’. Llewellyn gives an inch:

Alright, it’s an Israeli lobby. A friends of Israel lets say. Lets not be too polite about them, because they’re not very polite about us.

Llewellyn continues, asking why “we are afraid of them”:

Why are we afraid of them. That’s what I don’t understand. You know, I mean, we’re all British…I may be Welsh, but I’m British.

Nobody intervenes. Nobody asks Llewellyn to clarify if he is meaning to say that these lobbying, connected Jews are somehow not British. There are no more anti-racist interventions, not even half-hearted ones.

And so the meeting goes on, showing how easily anti-Zionist conspiracy can be normalised when people are willing to sit alongside it and treat it with respect.  In particular, Hearst and McDonald treat Llewellyn’s interventions as if they are entirely normal and legitimate. They are not merely bystanders in this, they facilitate it. The audience takes it all in.

Contemplate the following low points and note that all of them were treated as being entirely normal:

06.20 Ibrahim Hewitt stresses England football manager Roy Hodgson was right to visit Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial, but asks about his not visiting the nearby remains of Palestinian village, Deir Yassin.

08.57 Hewitt says that Abraham Foxman (of the Anti Defamation League) is the only person “guaranteed”  to get their letters published in the New York Times.

11.30 Hewitt says he enjoys reading the obituaries in the Guardian. Llewellyn interrupts, “any day now”.

21.55 Llewellyn asks “a deeper question” about BBC reporting:

why is it like this?…is it a sinister conspiracy…a lazy way of looking at, you know, the fact that the Israeli lobby is very powerful in all three of our main political parties. Is it the BBC being very fearful?

40.44 Hewitt’s curious use of the word “diaspora”: “one of the paradoxes…that the media in Israel is often more lively and robust on this issue than the media in the so-called diaspora in New York and Europe”.

41.11 Llewellyn jokily tells Hewitt, “learn to write in Yiddish”, to get his letters published in Israeli media. Someone (from the audience) says “Hebrew”, Llewellyn counters, “No, Yiddish”.

50.04 A well spoken English woman cites Moses, her ‘them and us’ style is a classic of the genre:

AIPAC, America’s Jewish Israeli lobby, they are sooooo well organised. And we’re too nice. Whether we’re the Palestinians, or the British, we are awfully nice, we, as you say, go make a cup of tea. They don’t make cups of tea…they are desperately tough…Moses said that they were a hard-necked people. They are. And they are so well organised… 

58.40 Llewellyn adds more about what “troubles” him. He objects to Europeans regarding Israelis as being like themselves, whereas Palestinians are not seen that way. He says “the Jewish lobby”, interchangeably with “the Israeli lobby”:

We talk about the Jewish lobby, the Israeli lobby, the friends of Israel. There is this people like us thing…   

1.01.20 Llewellyn brings the lobby’s political power into the BBC equation:

The BBC is pressured because its part of a Governmental system. There’s no question about the friends of Israel are big in each three political parties, right.

1.14.08 Hewitt reveals his theory about the “sleepers” that the Israelis are now allegedly activating in media positions of power around the world:

It’s very telling that…the Israeli Foreign Ministry actually issued a directive to the hasbara people, the propaganda people, around the world, start placing articles…so they were very confident that they had the ability, the people in place to be able to do that…said a lot, if they can just basically give this directive and all these sleepers all of a sudden wake up and start doing things. There are clearly people in positions of influence who are able to do this.

1.32.06 Finally, the last word at the meeting went to Tim Llewellyn:

The editor of the Guardian who said that comments were free and facts were sacred: was the biggest Zionist who ever lived.

(The footage link, again, is here.)

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  1. What all this is about is how to bash Israel without being seen to be anti-semitic – not about the anti-semitic sentiment that inevitably infects such discussions.

  2. When Israel was destroying Lebanon in 2006, their Ambassador to the UN, Dan Gillerman, declared: “To those countries who claim that we are using disproportionate force, I have only this to say: You’re damn right we are.

    Yet when William Hague, then British Shadow Foreign Secretary used the same word for the same action he was blasted for it:

    … A leading Zionist [Lord Kalms, a major Tory donor] hit out at Hague and told The Spectator that his comments were “not merely unhelpful” but “downright dangerous.”

    David Cameron was reportedly arm-twisted to give a solemn undertaking that the ‘d’ word would not be used again by any member of the British government. A few months later came “Cast Lead” and there was silence.

    • What IS your point? You have a habit of weaving words said in different settings by different people and giving it all a cohesive logic that isn’t apparent to anyone but yourself.

    • The accuracy of that rant can be simply assessed with reference to our brownshirt friend’s claim that Cameron was PM during ‘Cast Lead’ (2008-2009).

    • This letter from Tory peer Stanley Kalms – one of the party’s leading donors and the Jewish founder of Dixons – appears in this week’s Spectator:


      William Hague’s usual good sense has deserted him. Criticising Israel for being disproportionate without serious consideration of the alternatives merely mouths the buzzwords of the ignorant armchair critic.

      Think again, William, for whom you speak. How do you deal with the Hezbollah leader Nasrallah, who is committed to Israel’s total destruction (not a single Jew to remain alive in Israel) and who rains thousands of rockets on Israel, keeping the population in shelters, devastating industry, kidnapping and killing Israeli soldiers within Israeli territory?

    • “Yet when William Hague, then British Shadow Foreign Secretary used the same word for the same action he was blasted for it:”

      Which word was that Nick?
      You see, Nick, you can only get away with confusing the issue with such obscurantist nonsense on anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sites. My suggestion is that you head back to those irrational sewers of hate. People here are a bit too well-educated for you.

    • It’s no kindness to meet force with equal force. That’s what is happening in Syria right now and look how many lives are being lost. Or consider Japan in 1945 and how much longer the war would have lasted as we were proceeding with roughly equal force. Dealing with a street thug, are we to wrestle in the moonlight until one of us falls in exhaustion ? Formulators of principles appear so just and humane but they are simply naive. If the Israel weren’t extra sensitive to world opinion, it might have long ago mercifully brought things to a close. I am no admirer of Russia or China in these matters, but I believe they resolve things expeditiously.

  3. But the story about the sleepers is totally true!
    There’s the elderly lady at my local newspaper kiosk. Her hair’s a bit curly – know what I mean?
    And it’s not just in the media, dude. They are everywhere.
    I’m looking at one right now on the roof across the road. Cunningly disguised as a mobile phone mast technician, of course. But whipping out my high-powered binoculars and looking really hard, I could swear that’s a yarmulke poking out from under the baseball cap.

    • I don’t recall the source, but in a story about the US annual expenditure of upwards of 80 billions on intelligence gathering, it was mentioned that in addition, Israel provides much high quality intelligence whose dollar value was not suggested. It was pointed out that Israel not only has its own resource network in place, but that in addition it has a probably larger array of sympathizers world wide who provide additional tips. These are not to be confused with the growing numbers of alert Israelis, diaspora Jews, or Jewish sympathizers who are increasingly vocal in nailing misinformation and disinformation. Perhaps even more importantly they force Israel’s critics to be just that much more accurate. Happily, they sense this to be the result of a pressure group whereas it’s simply a mounting confrontation against lies.

    • His bio reveals that he was BBC Middle East correspondent based in Beirut for a long time and is now in ‘retirement’ working for the Arab lobby ( aka friends of Palestine ). As regards possible psychological motives, maybe a good dose of Welsh fundamentalist Christian upbringing added to career disappointment at the hands of Jewish colleagues – who knows? At any rate, the outcome is poisonous.

      • Just observing Llewelyn’s gesticulating and sluggish thought is suggestive of acute alcoholism. This is not an evaluation. A psychological advantage for world wide Jewry in having a state, is that somehow they no longer feel obliged to internalize anti-Semitism and are confronting perpetrators. It’s really good for all of us to be aware of how we’ve bought into this brain washed notion. The chosen people is not a source of pride, but meant that Jews would be made an example of for any wicked deeds. It’s like Dad telling older child that he’ll be making an example of him for the younger child’s benefit.

    • Tim Llewellyn is a swivel-eyed scumbag and Jew-hater. He works for the risibly named Council for the Advancement of Arab British Understanding, a far right hate group masquerading as a think tank.

  4. There is a many thousand year Jewish tradition of close, lifelong study of the Talmud undergone for many hours a day. This confers an advantage on many Jews. Such traditions are somewhat different from those of kings who could neither read nor write and whose illiterate followers painted themselves in blue.

    • Actually, with the ex-BBC guy so bonkers anti-Israel, I can’t understand why he doesn’t have a full time job at the Guardian.

  5. I imagine that in past years, most Jews were too reticent to speak up, but I have noticed that there is an increasing tendency to not allow enemies to get away with the smallest misstatement of fact. Enemies are not quite used to that yet. It’s not a Jewish lobby.
    I have lived in the US for more than 70 years (20 years in Beverly Hills) and NEVER encountered a Jewish Zionist. Secret: more than half the Jews in Israel are 1948 refugees from Arab countries; most of them look like Arabs after 2600 years in Arab lands. Now, what race are they? I think that the Jews are a people rather than a race.

    • “I have lived in the US for more than 70 years (20 years in Beverly Hills) and NEVER encountered a Jewish Zionist.”
      Oh, please! Give me a break.

      • I watched the video and found the gentlemen whining bores. The drunken Welshman’s brain seemed pickled and the chair’s preening and posturing retarded. I would guess that their obsession with criticism from Jews suggests their deep sense of inferiority. The issue seemed to be whether one writes exposing one’s prejudices and assumes somehow that the editors will at some point balance it with opposing views OR one writes a discplined piece with judiciously balanced views to start with. I spoke of Zionist Jews in the US, not simply of Jews. There was a flood of Iranian Jews that came in to BH after 1978 who could have gone to Israel, but chose the good life in Beverly Hills instead and so it is with most US Jews: they prefer “the good life” and are bored in seconds if you even mention Israel. I am a Spanish Catholic on one side and one of seven generations of Jerusalemites on the other.

        • Dear Dr Otero,

          “…I am a Spanish Catholic on one side and one of seven generations of Jerusalemites on the other.”

          Yet you chose the “good life” as you some how put it (you did say you lived in Beverly Hills for 20 years, didn’t you?
          Are you also bored in seconds when one mentions Israel?
          That does not mean you are not a Zionist.
          It simply means you do not lie talking about it.
          Sad to hear you broke the chain with Jerusalem but one can’t blame you for it.

          • @Itsik

            Who gave you the right to dis Dr Otero? You think that by making aliya you are better than him? You can take an Itsik from Wembley but you can’t take Wembley from Itsik.

            • I think you got my meaning wrong Cynic.
              The Dr. seemed to “dis” Iranians (and most US Jews – his / her words) who chose to move to California as opposing to 70’s Israel.
              I am the opposite of what you have in mind.
              I am a Tsabar and now reside in the UK. The Dr forgot that like many those Iranians and others chose to move to the US for many reasons like family, work, etc etc.
              My personal choice is not important but it is hardly a good life…

            • Another word cynic2jours, when you say:
              “You can take an Itsik from Wembley but you can’t take Wembley from Itsik.”

              I’m not sure how to take it. Do you mean the Wembley by alperton? (mainly Hindu)
              Do you mean the Wembley by East lane and the high Rd? (mainly Muslim)
              Do you mean the Wembley by Chalkhill or Black bird hill? (mainly black)
              Or perhaps you mean Wembley by Preston Rd where the Reform synagogue is?
              Or maybe you were refering to the English national stadium?
              Either way, I’m nothing of any of those.

              • I meant once an Anglo, always an Anglo. You claim to be a sabra – I bet your mammeloshen is English. Dr O means well, as I see it. CifWatch has cathartic qualities.

                • Not sure what Mammeloshen means but I can only guess it is Sfat Em.
                  No it is not english.
                  אין לי מושג למה אתה עצבני אבל אולי עדיף לעזוב את זה ולהגיד שבת שלום.

          • Correction: I meant to write “It simply means you do not liKe talking about it.”
            When i answered to Dr Otero. aplogies.

          • It’s interesting how you arrange or rearrange facts. That might be developed into an interesting psychological test. No, I’ve been an avid Zionist since the age of seven; first set foot there in 1952; tenured at HU; had three Sabra children; took leave to get a PhD at USC believing that I could help improve Israeli and world education; worked for US grants on higher education; got an incredible chance to create my own program at BHHS for fifteen years ( also as a one time UCLA student worked in Beverly Hills); made 12 trips to Israel; married a Catholic and had eight Catholic children; all formally educated which now leaves me back in Israel and finally made aliya and enjoy my vast family and memories here. (Never lived in BH). Reminds me that also that I was employed as chief psychologist in a men’s maximum security prison in Virginia and onhce sat locked in a cell with a man “who had 600 years.”
            I did have a chance to live the “good life” running a remote, difficult Virginia farm, homeschooling, dealing with specimens of near humanity daily, and fighting the IRS that says “We don’t care what the Supreme Court says, and we’re not bound by what any of our agents tell you or do.” My 91 year old tax attorney said that he had never seen that kind of thing before.I have my very modest retirement but I quit trying to make a nickel after that and haven’t. I’d like to spend time In Spain with my dear family there, but both their economy and recent, considerable influx of Arabs make me queasy.
            Obviously, I gain nothing by your believing me, but among others, I must have had many hundreds of BH students and their parents. A few were families of Holocaust survivors. None of these people had any interest in Israel, and 30-40 years later in renewed friendships still have absolutely NO interest in Israel. The Christian principal, Dr. Robinson hired and protected me against my mostly Jewish detractors. I have never had a membership in any pressure group except unwillingly the teachers’ union. I pay dues and contribute to absolutely NO cause. I spent a lovely day today on the Tel Aviv beach. Come and try it!

            • Emanuel, thank you for a wonderful life story.
              If it was me that you answered and you also post under Dr. Otero and having problems reading hebrew that does not contain Nikud, I can only apologise for rearranging facts but there was very little to go by and Dr. Otero did specify he/she lived in the BH area for 20 years.
              Always hated TA, much rather go to the hula valley.

              • Huleh? I was at the site the day in 1952 that the dam or irrigation project was “completed” only to learn later that there was a design flaw or miscalculation. We lived on the Beit Yanai cliff with Sea views from just about every window. It was no “big deal” in the 50’s, and we had an eventual S.A/Israeli billionaire as a good neighbor and zealous Brit, Zelda Harris, to share child rearing and friendship.

    • The Dr. likes to amuse. No Zionists in BH ? What What ? LA not a Zionist town ? LA is the third largest Jewish city on the planet.

      • Never realised LA was a “Jewish” city.
        Thought it was an American city.
        And one of the worst American cities.
        California still had the worst gun crime in the US as of 2011 though the figures are dropping.

        One reason the figures drop is the good job the ER are doing in saving the lives so it does not count as murder.
        L.A. county receives gun shot victims nearly every night of the year.

        • “Never realised LA was a “Jewish” city.”
          Itsik, no disrespect, but I think you’re being a little obtuse here. Ze’ev surely meant that L.A. has one of the largest Jewish populations, not that it has a majority Jewish population.

          P.S. I’ve been to L.A. several times and was never even shot at. I know that won’t jive well with all your statistics.

          • Guess you’re right Jeff.
            It’s the same stats that make Israel seem like a war zone when it clearly not.
            That’s why Harriet loves them so.

      • I know, Ze’ev, I also found the good Dr.’s comments on L.A. a little strange. (See above.)

        • I am well aware of the very large Jewish L.A./B.H. population. The new mayor is, in spite of his Italian surname, also Jewish and in the 30’s UCLA was referred to as JewCLA, etc I still maintain, even more ironic, I have never been able to conduct a one minute chat regarding Israel with any Jew in L.A. I would have considered it very rewarding. There seems to be very little interest. If your experience has been different, GRAND. I was invited once to talk with a high school history class in rural Virginia to balance the previous presentation of an aggrieved Palestinian Arab. The students were surprisingly interested. An L.A Jewish. internet station had me on for almost an hour in an interview. They said that they would notify me when they would play it. That was four years ago. Boyle Heights before WWII was an almost totally poor Jewish community. Not long ago, I taught a high school group there and asked them what had happened to all the Jews. The response was, “Whaht’s a Chew?” It was 99% Mexican American. What it is today?I asked the same question of an aunt in Spain and got the same answer. Most people are unaware of a sometimes virulent group that I encountered in the prisons, La Raza. Take note.
          Finally, the Palestinian Arabs have been faced with an injustice which led to an Arab League revenge on all the Jews of ten Muslim countries which constitutes another injustice..My thought is that unless both are considered together, it’s all nonsense.

          • “Finally, the Palestinian Arabs have been faced with an injustice…” dr. Manolo Otero

            What injustice? Losing a war of extermination against the Jews?

            “…which led to an Arab League revenge on all the Jews of ten Muslim countries which constitutes another injustice..My thought is that unless both are considered together, it’s all nonsense.”

            Oh, I see. Palarabs lost all wars waged against Jews and we have to understand their frustration. Yeah, you write a lot of nonsense.

            • Agreed, but the Arab skill or game plan had several moves: order the Pals out so Arab armies could move in (tempt with promises that they could return AND have Jewish properties too); on failure of Arab armies, entrap Pals in camps; create UNRWA for those entrapped; beguile the naive, the liberals, the mindless, the Jew haters, etc to blame Israel for the “misfortune” all engineered by the Arab League. BUT, BUT, BUT what everyone ignores is the Arab League strategy of causing the expulsion of all the Jews in ten Arab countries AND the theft of all their lands amounting to five times the size of Israel. Unless the two losses, Jews’ and Arabs’ are negotated together, the sneaky Arab League enterprise will go unexposed and there will be no justice for either peoples, Palestinian Arabs or Israeli Jews.
              Yes, the Palestinian suffering has been all a misbegotten strategy engineered by the Arabs themselves. Beware the webs we weave!

      • You might not call that guessing, but what you develop with the nekudot (vowel indicators) are useful clues. Imagine with my absolutely negligible Hebrew sitting on a TA bus trying to read the electronic sign with the changing names of the upcoming stops. There are no nekudot, I can’t hear the voice over and I don’t have a clue as to where I am or where to get off. With nekudot, I might be able to decipher. OK?

      • A moment of clarity! Yes. My contacts never wished to discuss Israel BECAUSE perhaps they felt guilty that they had left Israel OR a mite guilty that they are not there. In both kinds of cases, it’s best for them to pretend indifference. Case solved! Most of the later years, while working in BH, I gentrified homes and took in UCLA graduate students as tenants. There’s a clue there for some of you to engage in a very prosperous enterprise.

  6. Incidentally, a good, literary Yiddish is chiefly 15th century German written in the Hebrew alphabet; however, in most cases the original Yiddish is laced with words from a variety of sources including Hebrew, Englilsh,Russian, Polish, etc. The modern Hebrew language shares the same alphabet with Yiddish and not much more. One must be clever to read Hebrew inasmuch as almost all the vowels are not indicated and must be guessed at from the context: almost like a secret code! Arabic the same?

    • good, literary Yiddish is chiefly 15th century German written in the Hebrew alphabet

      I remember getting my knuckles rapped by my Yiddish teacher for suggesting something like that!

    • One must be clever to read Hebrew ? Not really. Any language which is not your mother language is difficlt to learn. When you are young you learn to read and write Hebrew with punctuation so when you do the same with no punctuation you don;t have to guess anything.

  7. The Guardian has 30 million people reading it? Yea, right. Pull the other one. Also, these idiots contradict themselves; if the media is so biased in favour of Israel why do all the people in Tim Llewellyn’s village disapprove of Israel so much? They don’t realise how idiotic they look.

    • It is perfectly possible that 30 million visits were made to the Guardian website on average.

      It all depends how they calculate it.

    • I assume the 30 mil is a figure linked to their online site. It probably refers to hits or something rather than unique visitors.

  8. Honestly, the Guardian threat to Israel is not to be taken lightly. They expanded Comment Is Free to Australia and immediately gave Antony Lowenstein (or whatever his name is) a column. He’s a “Jewish” extreme-left scumbag who promotes the “one-state solution” destruction of Israel. He’s rabid about it. one of those guys who spends 18 hours a day trying to figure out how to erase the world’s only Jewish state and make it an Arab state. And the Guardian CIF Australia immediately gave him a column.

    People can’t just blog about this stuff and complain and then forget it. People really have to start going 2-3 steps more, and going the extra mile, and looking at the editors of that paper, the publishers, the companies that advertise with them, and take the battle to a much higher level.

    It is honestly time to start organizing “BDS” against the likes of the Guardian, and any other powerful bigots who, each day only mention Israel if they can demonize it

    People have to start reaching out to their friends, explaining the seriousness of this, etc.

    • Your suggestion of a serious threat to Israel seems a little overwrought given that Israel is a marvellously strong country able to withstand most situations if she can negotiate rather than warwar. Also the idea that people should reach out to their friends is 45 years out of date. I well remember being part of an organisation supporting Israel during the 6 day war and watching a programme about US “tinshakers ” raising money that made our pathetic attempts look like a Womens Institute bakery sale

    • Hmm, to start a boycott movement of all medias who misinform about Israel intentionally would overreach the capacities as there are so many.
      Maybe internationally focusing on an open call for boycott of the Guardian would do it, as strong signal.

      The question remains how it fits to the freedom of expression.i

      • And maybe it would help Al Guardian to reach out to more readers, f.e. in the Arab world, and to get more funding by Oil Emirates.

      • Either that or try to work out why Israel has so many publications who “misinform” without automatically assuming they are all antisemites. Maybe there are other reasons.

        • ” .. Israel has so many publications who ‘misinform’ about ..”

          Try to work out the sense of your writing.

          • Yes I can see that precise wording is really important when considering a poser that has on two occasions nearly caused WW3 and could yet .

            • What has German expansionism got to do with it?
              Anyways Germany is not interested in territorial gain nowadays, so I do not see it causing WW3

              • This Rascal is surely a sock-puppeteer for “nick”, insanity, snottyville or another classical Jew-hater around the blog. Just pathetic.

                • “This Rascal is surely a sock-puppeteer for “nick”, insanity, snottyville or another classical Jew-hater around the blog. Just pathetic.”
                  I think you’re on to something. I could be wrong, but I say the smart money is on Nick.

          • That was meant for Rosco Burns

            ” Either that or try to work out why Israel has so many publications who “misinform” without automatically assuming they are all antisemites. Maybe there are other reasons.”

  9. it was Loewenstien who was once asked how many people should die for a one state solution to come about answered “6 million”.

  10. ‘Back to BBC, etc, I imagine that every culture has its vanities, but the British seem to foster delusions of grandeur with attendant pomposity. On the other hand, it was very revealing to travel tourist class 1953 aboard the Queen Elizabeth surrounded by its lower classes or to spend a month driving through the Isles listening to local talk radio and hear the withering scorn boorish call ins were heaping on the fleeing Indians of the professional class begin driven out of Angola in 1972. Their misplaced arrogance is evident in their TV series, many calculated to reassure themselves with their past “glories”. The history of the East India Company is a shocker. Will they ever do one on that subject?

  11. “the fleeing Indians of the professional class begin driven out of Angola in 1972.”
    That is an interesting comment.
    Perhaps, Emanuel, you can explain why refugees from a former colony of Portugal would expect to come to Britain?
    In fact a colony that received its independence, from Portugal, in 1975.

  12. As I recall, it was Angola. Can you help me if it was another Central African country in the summer of 1972? The point was that the race conscious, lower class Brits were so prejudiced against the professional class Indians who felt they had a right to throw themselves on the mercy of the Brits. There seems to be a commonality with Jews in the Western world, the Indians in Africa, and the Chinese in southeast Asia who all seem to earn the jealous hatred of the locals who believe themselves to be exploited.

    • Probably Uganda, they were fleeing and/or being expelled by the then leader of Uganda. His name was Idi Amin. Not really forgettable was he.
      Possibly Kenya as well.
      Indians not all of them, quite a large number were of Pakistani origin.
      You might find it useful to find out the origins of a number of the terrorists who have committed terrorist outrages in the UK. A clue, as you are obviously clueless when it comes to Britain and Africa, try East African Asians.

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