Remembering Howard Grief

A guest post by Roslyn Pine


Howard Grief. 19 April 1940 — 3 June 2013

On 2 July, the stone-setting for Howard Grief took place in Jerusalem, and I should like to pay tribute to this extraordinary man, and the unique legacy he left to the Jewish people in his book, “The Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law“, published in 2008 —– the product of more than 20 years of research. 

It is a work of profound scholarship, yet the documentation of the Jewish legal rights to the land set in a historical narrative, make it a compelling read. Each titled chapter within it is a stand-alone, with the first being the most important.

Howard Grief was a Canadian lawyer specialising in commercial law and litigation, whose passion and love for the land of Israel and the Jewish people set him on the path he was to follow, in 1982.

In 1989 he made aliya with his Israeli wife and two young sons, and whilst practising as an attorney in Jerusalem, was appointed  legal advisor to Yuval Ne’eman, minister for energy and infrastructure in the Shamir government, on matters pertaining to Israeli territorial sovereign rightsIt is worth mentioning that Ne’eman was a distinguished physicist who set up Israel’s space programme, and discovered the existence of quarks independently of Murray Gell-Mann who won the Nobel prize for the discovery.

Howard realised that Israeli sovereignty did not originate from the UN Partition plan of 1947, universally believed to be the instrument of international law that created Israel, but instead it was the San Remo Conference of the 24th. and 25th. April 1920, which invested sovereignty in the Jewish People through the representative Zionist organisations.

It was at San Remo, the continuation of the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, that the Principal Allied Powers, the victors in the war against the Central Powers, set aside all of Palestine as the land designated for the reconstitution of the Jewish National Home, based on the historical connection of the Jewish People with Palestine.

The San Remo Resolution was described by Lord Curzon, the British foreign minister from 1919, as the Jewish Magna Carta.

The Franco-British Boundary Convention of December 23, 1920, fixing the northern and northeastern boundary of Palestine with Syria-Lebanon, affirmed that Judea, Samaria and Gaza were to be integral parts of the Jewish National Home. Indeed, the maps of the cartographer and theologian, George Adam Smith, were to be used as the basis of the future borders, based on the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

Howard conducted his painstaking research from British government archives and the minutes of the San Remo conference, both in English and French, as well as numerous other original documents associated with that era.  His original research has established him as the leading world authority on the subject, and has been used in an Israeli government video explaining its rights to the territories.

On a personal note it was my good fortune to have met Howard and enjoyed his friendship during the last two years of his life.

In June 2011, whilst in Jerusalem, I called him up with a view to him giving a lecture in London, but he explained that his health would not allow it as he was on dialysis several times a week.  Nevertheless, despite his deteriorating health, he was busier than ever, writing articles, giving lectures and responding to requests worldwide for his opinions. He had presented a petition to the Canadian House of Commons on behalf of Canadian citizens regarding Israeli sovereign rights to the territories, and was in the process of doing the same in the USA to Congress.

He had an ever-growing email list, and it was always a pleasure to read his latest missive addressed to “my dear correspondents”, and had a marvellous pen which he used to great effect in his put-downs to those so-called legal experts, dilettantes he called them, who admonished Israel for her “illegal” behaviour.

My particular favourite was a letter on behalf of clients regarding demands from the European Former Leaders Group, including Chris Patten and others, to  the President of the European Council, which denounced Israel for its “illegal” settlement activity, including in East Jerusalem, and demanded that punitive measures be taken against it.

He admonished them for their “impudence” and their “complete and abysmal ignorance of Jewish Legal Rights to the Land of Israel“, and then went on to inform them what these were, in a concise summary.

Howard was a modest and gentle person, never interested in  his own ego, and spent his most productive years documenting Jewish rights to the Land, (at his own expense), so that future generations should have the knowledge with which to fight the delegitimisation and demonisation of Israel, which has now become common currency.

His passing is a great loss to all Am Yisrael. May he rest in peace.

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  1. Is he really a lawyer?

    It seems to me his argument they gave it to me therefore it is mine. Never mind it was not theirs in the first place to give. At least he admits there were already people living there.

    It is a struggle between colonizers and the colonized until the colonizers recognize the rights of the colonized no amount of sophistry will work. End the occupation and forget about the mandate. It has no validity just as any other colonization.

  2. It makes no sense to argue that it is perfectly legal to take away other peoples lands and homes because it is what the victors do. That is the law of the jungle. Whatever the legality of denying peoples rights to their own homes and lands it is unjust to throw people out of their homes and their lands. No matter how it is cut until justice is done no amount of sophistry will bring peace to the usurpers. Gone are the days when whole peoples can be wiped out. Mandates the colonial powers shared among themselves is of no consequence to the colonized.

    • “That is the law of the jungle.” jessy wanker

      Says Jessy Wanker, the sock-puppeteering zoo monkey.

    • It was interesting to note that Arab Palestinians after their 1949 debacle, when asked what they would have done had the situation been reversed and the Arabs won, replied that they would have driven the Jews into the sea. To be charitable, the Arabs should think before they speak because invariably their words magically dictate their beliefs and actions. This is not a madhouse or a kindergarten and we must take them at their word: they mean what they say.

  3. The fact that not asingle expert in international law has ever tried to test the legality of the occupation of the WB is testament to the power of his research and analysis. Despite all the chatter about illegal occupation and settlements, the experts know they have no case. Israel may give the WB to the Arabs to create Palestine, but it will be a gift and not an obligation

  4. ” demands from the European Former Leaders Group, including Chris Patten .. European Council denounced Israel for its “illegal” settlement activity,”

    Patten was filmed in Gaza following the 08 war, from memory and he was seething .Billions of Euroaid in dust and debris. If he denounced Israel there is possibly a reason.

    “fight the delegitimisation and demonisation of Israel, ”

    This was a sober and helpful article until this bit when it nearly became an advert.

    • Mr Burns:

      ““fight the delegitimisation and demonisation of Israel, ”

      This was a sober and helpful article until this bit when it nearly became an advert.”

      How so? Are you saying that the call to uphold justice and the rule of law is an advert? Are you an anarchist?

      • “delegitimisation and demonisation ” of Israel, ”

        Im sorry I just found the phrase lumbering and unnecessary. The attempt to dress criticism of some tactics of Israel in demonic terms is going to fail and will be seen by CIF lovers as risible.

        It is also a gross insult to those Israelis who argue a peaceful and honourable solution without stirring up the forces of evil over a hot flame in the basement.

        • “The attempt to dress criticism of some tactics of Israel in demonic terms is going to fail and will be seen by CIF lovers as risible.” rascal burnout

          You are risible in any circumstance.

    • The wannabee sweetheart of Greenwald, always ready to denounce Israel, in submisseive service of his master.

      • “The wannabee sweetheart of Greenwald.. submisseive service of his master. ”

        I shouldn’t have let on about me and Glenn.I can see it has disturbed you. This is the third slightly rude comment you have made about it .

        I would suggest that this article is not the one in which to carry on our debate. It is meant to be a respectful nod to a chap that tried his best to work with his people as he saw , it rather than one to snigger about peoples private lives.

        You will have another opportunity .. Be patient.

        • I don`t debate with someone desperately in love with Grennwald. You get that wrong, as most what is written at that blog. You ought to learn reading and understanding, two basics of communications.

        • “You will have another opportunity .. Be patient.” rascal burnout

          Aww, you are so magnanimous. Yes, you give plenty of opportunities to reveal yourself as the blog’s current comical fraudster.

    • Billions of Euroaid in dust and debris.

      Maybe Hamas should refrain from using the billions in aid to support their terrorist activities.

      • Maybe the EU shouldn’t have supported financially the terrorists in Gaza….

        • No maybe about it peter, they should not have and should not continue to do so.
          Let us hope that when the new Commission takes office after next year’s European Parliamentary election, they stop all funding to terrorist groups and their enablers.

      • “Hamas should refrain from using the billions to support their terrorist activities ”

        Of course this is right.

        The point I was making is that standing up to your waist in rubble where the work you have planned and argued about for 5 years is collapsed all around you is probably quite a traumatic experience..To expect Patten to lean towards Israel in any understanding is folly.

        • Apparently Rosco thinks Israel forced Hamas to use EU aid to support their terrorist activities.

          • ” Rosco thinks Israel forced Hamas to use EU aid to support their terrorist activities.”

            Its as if you can predict what I am going to say . Its uncanny.

            I was trying to explain why a right wing pompous oaf like Patten , normally expected to be a Israel lover ,would feel the way he does.

        • Mr. Burns:

          “To expect Patten to lean towards Israel in any understanding is folly.”

          What about to expect him to be more objective and truthful?
          It takes 2 to tango and it wasn’t only Israel’s fault to be dragged into this affair. I believe Pattern is a racist that does not sees any Arab as being an adult who should be held accountable.
          More like tried in a jouvenile court.

          • a racist that does not sees any Arab as being an adult who should be held accountable

          • I believe Pattern is a racist that does not sees any Arab as being an adult who should be held accountable.

            This is news to me. Got any details?

        • Did you ever ask yourself, Roscoe, why the rubble exists? Is it just mindless animal behaviour by Israelis, drunk with the power of belonging to a strong country (for once)? Or could it be because Israel is forced to take steps to protect her citizens from rocket attacks/suicide bombings/kidnaps/rock throwing etc etc.

          I know you will find this hard to believe, Roscoe, but Israel has no desire to be at war, no desire to have any conflict with her neighbours at all and gains nothing from random acts of violence against people or property (which is not to say that these never occur, or that mistakes are never made, just that there is usually a reason for these things if you care to see it).

          Do you not think that Israel would much rather NOT put her sons and daughters at risk and NOT spend her valuable resources on tanks, guns and soldiers? She only does so because she knows if she does not, the State of Israel (and many/all of her Jewish citizens) will die faster than you can say “Iranian nuclear weapon”.

  5. Whether the occupation of Palestine is legal or illegal is secondary. First of all, is it just? I would it is never just to turn peoples out of their homes and give it to somebody else is never just. It may be legal in the corridors of power because the same power that forcefully first occupied other peoples lands than proceeded to legalize that occupation and later expulsion. It does not matter an iota whether that legality was granted by whichever club these usurpers belonged to. League of Nations, the UN Security Council or indeed the chief of thieves the British Empire or its later day replacement the US.

    The occupied do not recognize the legality of the occupation and the expelled do not recognize the legality of the expulsion. Occupied and expelled will struggle to reverse these injustices. Let us hope they legalize the reversal with human compassion unlike the current tyrants that occupy Palestine.

    • I get the distinct impression you are talking not about the “occupation” of 1967 but the “occupation” of 1948, i.e. the establishment of the State of Israel. In which case you are denying the inalienable human right of self-determination to the Jewish people – that same inalienable right that you so happily grant to the Palestinians.

      Which makes you either a bigot, a racist or an anti-Semite. Possibly all three.

      I’m not going to go into all the detailed legal reasoning behind the granting of the Mandate to Britain to build a homeland for the Jews in what was then Palestine. You can read it all up for yourself if you want. Which you obviously don’t.

    • Mary T:
      … the current tyrants that occupy Palestine

      Tyrants?? Exactly who are you referring to there?

    • By your ethical standards, I invite you join me in pleading on behalf of the Jews expelled from ten Arab countries from 1941-67. Their lands, equal to five Israels, were stolen from them as were their homes and other assets. Today they constitute more than half of all the Jews in Israel. When lands promised the Jews were being divided up, the Jews did not expect Jordan to be removed nor did they expect to have their population doubled by the 850,000 Jews from Arab countries who had lived in the pre-Arab, pre-Muslim Saharan world for up to 2600 years whereas perhaps half the Palestinians were newcomers serving the British Mandate over a 24 year period.
      Much of the Palestinian land was absentee owned in Syria and Lebanon and many Arabs could not come up with legal documentation for lands they farmed.

  6. “..the current tyrants that occupy Palestine”
    Yes Mary the sooner the fascist goons of Hamas in Gaza along with Abbas and his crooked cronies in Judea and Samaria are expelled the better.

  7. I wish what you say Gerald was true but alas it is not. Palestine is occupied by the Zionist entity. Let us hope one day peoples of all faiths in Palestine, from the river to the sea, will come out and throw away the repressive Zionist regime that occupies Palestine and is a source of so much friction and oppression in the regime. May be what the Egyptians have done for the second time is catching and will cross over into Palestine. .

    • What’s a “Zionist entity”? Is that the Jewish Agency? The JNF? The Jewish Boy Scouts?

      Get over yourself and call Israel by its name. Your bigotry, not to say your utter unrealism, is almost beyond belief.No one calls Israel the Zionist entity besides extreme Islamists and Palestinian terrorists.

      “from the river to the sea” – is that you Yasser Arafat?

      May be what the Egyptians have done for the second time is catching and will cross over into Palestine. .

      Ha ha! The Israel-haters have been hoping for an Arab spring, whoops, I mean winter, amongst the Palestinians since the first protest in Tunisia over 2 years ago. They’ve been sorely disappointed because the Palestinians know what’s good for them – and it ain’t revolution or bringing the Islamist terrorists back into power.

      You are living proof that you are willing to fight the Palestinians’ cause till the last drop of Palestinian blood while you yourself, I’m sure, are safely ensconced in your armchair in South London or somewhere else safe.

      What a disgusting little hater you are.

      • Anneinpt:

        “while you yourself, I’m sure, are safely ensconced in your armchair in South London or somewhere else safe. ”

        You make the false assumption that South London is safe.

      • I have a sneaking feeling that “Mary” is not going to reveal exactly what this “Zionist entity” is.

    • So tell me Mary will you be writing speeches for the new President of Iran as well as the last one?

    • May be what the Egyptians have done for the second time is catching and will cross over into Palestine.
      An interesting opinion of a wannabe gas chamber operator.

    • Jabal! You’re now posting as a Woman! (Or don’t know that Mary is a female name?)
      But my word, Jabal, that’s Haram! What would the Prophet say?!
      Oh, this is sacrilege!
      I would like to know, though, what *is it* with Pakistan and trolling these past few days? Are you all out of work in the Punjab? is that it?
      If so, how does the ISI feel about your posting on a “Zionist” blog?
      Are you sure you won’t be dragged in the streets, or perhaps blown up for your lasciviousness?

    • Mary – if you are truly concerned with the welfare of “people of all faiths, from the river to the sea”, surely you will notice that people of all faiths and none have far more freedom to worship in whatever way they choose under the yoke of the “repressive Zionist regime” than they do under either of the glorious regimes running Gaza and the WB. The period since the reunification of Jerusalem (in 1967) is the first time in a very long time (perhaps ever) that Christians, Muslims and Jews can all access their holy sites in Jerusalem. Isn’t this a GOOD thing for “people of all faiths”?

      You will, for instance, no doubt be aware that the Baha’i faith have their world headquarters in Haifa (under the dreadful oppression of the feared “Zionist entity”) having been forced out of their spiritual home of Iran.

      Surely, then, you should be hoping for the whole of the land, from the river to the sea, to be run more closely to Israeli lines than under the yoke of the Islamists and terrorists who claim to be the elected leaders of the Palestinians?

      • I was about to post much the same thing, but luckily I decided to read the other comments first!

        The trouble is, people like “Mary” don’t really care about anyone’s welfare, least of all the Palestinians’. They’re just pissed off that uppity Jews get to run a country, even if it’s a country where “people of all faiths” (and none, as you say) have as many rights as people in any other country in the world, and a heck of a lot more than in many–certainly more than in most of the countries in the same general neighbourhood.

      • But she is not concerned at all – her crap is only a fig leaf to cover her wish to eliminate the Jews in Israel – no sane person would have any doubt what would happen if her dreams come true. Any cretin who reads the media or watches news on TV knows what is happening in Syria where Arabs viciously and brutally slaughter their co-religionists simply because some disagreement regarding the inheritance of the Prophet – one doesn’t need exceptional imagination to know what they would do to the Jews.

    • “Palestine is occupied by the Zionist entity.”?
      No, your head is occupied by the antisemitic entity known as Hitler`s ghost.

    • Mary Thompson:

      “Palestine is occupied by the Zionist entity…”

      Silly me, thinking it was the Hasemites who occupy Palestine since 1946.

    • Oh, my, here´s Mary Poppins in place of Jessy Wanker. Why the heck are such professionla sock-puppeteers allowed in here??

    • Judging from what instability we are seeing throughout the Arab world, your assumption is that, if the Jews and Christians were eliminated, there would at long last be peace. Amazing!
      My understanding is that most Arabshave always loathed the Palestinians and that the land was generally underpopulated before 1900 because it had served as a buffer zone for hundreds of years between Egypt and other Ottoman areas. One had to fear the roving Beduin tribes as well. And most of the land had been rendered useless by centuries of Arab neglect: malarial swamps, horrific erosion, etc.

  8. Excellent article, and a dreadful shame for the loss of such a forthright individual.
    By the way, another question to the mods:
    Can we please end this ceaseless sockpuppeting by Pakistan’s finest: “Mary”, “Jessy”, “John Bosworth”, “Jeremy” — I mean surely not even England is decked with such a fine array of perfectly Anglo-Saxon names?
    Either let him post his drivel under one handle, or boot his behind back to the Punjab.
    Preferably, let him carp about the “Zionist entity” where such idiocy belongs: on “PressTV” or the Jam’aat el-Islamii forums.

    • Agreed! It’s about time to kick out this fraudsters. Or at least demand some more imaginative monikers. 🙂

  9. It is worth mentioning that Ne’eman was a distinguished physicist who set up Israel’s space programme, and discovered the existence of quarks independently of Murray Gell-Mann who won the Nobel prize for the discovery.

    Erm … why is that worth mentioning?

    the Principal Allied Powers, the victors in the war against the Central Powers, set aside all of Palestine as the land designated for the reconstitution of the Jewish National Home

    Well – that was Howard Grief’s optimistic interpretation.

    • Pretzel…you’re not thick so why act the fool?
      Obviously it was worth mentioning to demonstrate that Ne’eman wouldn’t engage a half-wit to advise him
      It was a great honour for Grief.

      As to “Grief’s optimistic interpretation”, just read the original documents and minutes to important meetings, as he did.
      Failing that, get a copy of Richard Meinertzhagen’s Middle East Diary….it’s all in there.
      He was there in many capacities as events unfolded….you were not.

  10. Mary Thompson, lies, lies and more lies by you.
    Who’s about apartheid and racism?
    I’ll let you judge.

    8500 Jews live in the Arab countries.
    1.5 million Arabs live in Israel.
    Nuff said.

    What What sickens the Israel haters like Mary is, that Jews can now fight back.
    So killing Jews for sport and slitting the throats of sleeping Jewish babies is no longer consequence free.

    The Palestinians’ plight is due to their own fanaticism, hatred, intolerance and intransigence.

    Palmediawatch has brilliant documented the racist hate mongers these Pals are.

    How hard it is for Mary to go on Palmediawatch and see Abbas’s and Hamas state controlled media?
    I would think a radical like Mary would be bothered when Abbas and Hamas media glorifies the Sbarros Massacre, Disco Massacre, Passover Massacre, Munich massacre, 1978 Coastal Road massacre where Palestinian terrorists murdered 37 Israeli civilians.

    These sicko’s from Abbas PA are now glorifying massacring Jewish children at Maalot.

    The worst thing about the Palestinians is that unlike the Israelis – the Palestinians deliberately target women and children.

    The Palestinians have no basic human morality and the majority of them believe killing all Jews, including women and children.

    Opinion polls show the majority of Palestinians support killing Israeli civilians.

    73% of Palestinians Believe Jews Should Be Killed Wherever They Hide
    Jim Hoft
    July 16, 2011

    Even though their was never in history any state called Palestine governed by Palestinians, Israel made 2 detailed offered to end the conflict in the 2000s.
    Palestinian Rejectionism and Fascism is the problem.

    As i’v been saying, Hamas and the PLO derive their legitimacy by killing Israeli secretaries and high schoolers.

    • The Palestinians have no basic human morality

      Ta for that appalling bit of bigotry.

      Par for the course for the hate-fuelled likes of Barry Meridian.

    • Earth to Mary, the Arabs are all invaders from Saudi Arabia

      The Jews were all invaders from Ur!

      That’s bollocks, of course – just like your silly declaration.

  11. Mary, Palestine is a Roman Colonialist name, which the Romans named after the European invading people called the Philistines.
    The Palestinians like all Arabs come from Saudi Arabia.
    Jews come from Israel.

    Poor Mary, who’s upset that 22 countries isn’t enough for the Arabs.

  12. Mary supports Hamas using Gazan’s as human fodder.

    Palestinian Journalist Blames Hamas for Problems In Gaza
    “I feel even sorrier today for the people in Gaza as Hamas is pulling a publicity stunt with their blood.”
    Rachel Avraham
    June 30th, 2013

    Palestinian journalist Mudar Zahran claims the Hamas government in Gaza is corrupt, abuses its people and is to blame when Israel is forced to air-strike terrorist targets.

    Mudar Zahran, a Jordanian Palestinian political activist and writer whocalls for peace with Israel, has emphasized that he believes Hamas is responsible for all qassam rockets fired into Israeli territory, even when the Palestinian Islamic Jihad or another group is the one taking responsibility. While noting that there are disagreements between the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas, especially in the wake of the present crisis in Syria, Zahran still believes that Hamas permits the Palestinian Islamic Jihad to wage attacks against Israel from Gazan territory for it is in their interest to do so.

    “Having a confrontation between Gaza and Israel is good business for Hamas, who makes a lot of money off of the deprivation of average people in Gaza. Hamas is to blame for every thing that happens in Gaza. They don’t care for the blood and humanity of their people,” Zahran claims. “Hamas is creating a situation where scarcity and poverty help make people submit. This is nightmarish. The only job Gazans can have is joining Hamas.”

    Yet at the same time, Zahran has emphasized that due to the rise of President Morsi in Egypt and the international political situation, it is better for Hamas if the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and not them, gets the credit for initiating the violence. According to Zahran, “Hamas is not about Islam any more but business and investment. It is a true dictatorship. It is willing to sell its own Islamist values for the sake of money if the right price is offered.”

    He continued, “People should realize that Hamas has changed. Hamas now wants interest, whenever they can find it. They will give in for whoever they are getting money. Hamas leaders now have a lot to lose if they are killed or attacked. They have houses, German cars, millions of dollars.” For this reason, Hamas gives the Palestinian Islamic Jihad the green light to operate against Israel, while refraining from taking actions on their own, so all Israeli retaliations will affect the Palestinian Islamic Jihad more than them, while the blockade works to distract the Palestinian people from Hamas’ oppression and to consolidate Hamas rule over Gaza.

  13. Gerald, I know the Zionist military killed many on the Mavi Marmara illegally. It demolishes Palestinian houses on a regular basis in Jerusalem and the West Bank and thinks its army has the right to train on lands where Palestinians live. It attacks Gaza and the West Bank regularly and with impunity. Now maybe, the Israeli government has convinced itself that Palestinians are not people and can be treated with impunity. As to you calling Africans basket case that is a common colonial narrative. If Africans were not a basket case why would the racists like you want to colonize them.

    The great news remain colonialism is nearing its end and Israel remains the last bastion of the colonizers. . .

    • As to you calling Africans basket case that is a common colonial narrative. If Africans were not a basket case why would the racists like you want to colonize them.

      a) Gerald said no such thing, of course.
      b) It is preposterous to suggest that Gerald is a racist who wants to colonize Africans.
      c) All you acheive is to make yourself look like a massive fool.
      d) But otherwise a fantastic post. Keep it up.

    • “As to you calling Africans basket case that is a common colonial narrative. If Africans were not a basket case why would the racists like you want to colonize them”

      Mary if you read my post you will see, that is if it is possible for someone wearing blinkers to see, that I specifically mentioned Zimbabwe as going from the ‘bread basket of Africa to basket case’. Now it may be that you are as unaware of the situation in Africa as you are in the Middle East, hard to believe as that may be.
      But I defy you or anyone else to demonstrate that Zimbabwe is anything other than a basket case under the dictator Mugabe, whether you are referring to its economy or human rights record.
      Of course if I was being unkind I might believe that you have an affinity for dictators and those who reject democracy as long as they spout the same infantile and empty anti-West, anti-colonial slogans as you do.

  14. Gerald, if you do not want to be considered racist do not make racist comments. Calling Africans basket case is racist no matter how you cut it. Ethnic Cleansing is racism in its ugliest form. Basing citizen rights on race is discriminatory and racist.

    • Mary let me make this perfectly clear so that even you understand.
      I do not care in the slightest whether you consider me a racist, your opinion of me or my views is of no importance whatsoever.
      Not only I but also pretzelberg pointed out to you that you are deliberately misquoting my post, that is sad but not a surprise from someone who writes the puerile nonsense that you do.
      I note that you have made no attempt to show why Zimbabwe should not be considered a basket case. “Ethnic Cleansing is racism in its ugliest form” indeed it is Mary are you going to condemn the ethnic cleansing of the Farmers in Zimbabwe by the dictator Mugabe and his goons? Farmers who need I remind you had farmed the land for generations.

  15. Barry it is indeed a tribute to 1.5 Million Palestinians who stood firm and did not allow themselves to be expelled. However the following story in the Haaretz exposes the racism they have to endure even as children. ,” The story emerged early last week when Khaled Shakra, who teaches seventh grade at the Ajial school in Jaffa, called Superland to book tickets for his class to have an end- of-term fun day. He said a Superland representative offered him three options, on June 17, 18 or 19.

    He asked to reserve 25 spaces for his students on June 18. But when he was asked to provide the school’s details and the representative understood that he taught at an Arab school, he was put on hold. Another representative got on the line and told him that the dates he had discussed minutes before were not available.”

    And of course over 750,000 Palestinians, comprising 80% of those living in Israel were forcefully expelled in 1948. Their children and grand children now amount to over 4.5 million Palestinians who, under international law, have the right to return to their homes.

    • Hey, Mary Poppins, you should have a date with Rascal Burnout and get to know each other. See, rascal has famous inlaws and you two have lots in common, begining with your atavistic Jew-hatred. Now, clear off and take your sock-puppets with you.

      • While Mary Poppins is very apt, I think it overly indulgent.
        Let’s call a spade a spade: Jihad Mary!(going by the strong tradition of Tokyo Rose, and Hanoi Jane) 😀
        (Even though we’re dealing with a clearly deranged, Male(!), Islamist).

    • Indeed. And they remind me of jim jerbyl, adam biggots, ronnie biggs, jessy wanker, mary poppins, etc. Again, why is sock-puppeteering allowed in here?

  16. Mary lies with her facts again.
    First, their were more Jewish refugees from the Arab countries in the late 40s.
    2nd, The Pals left at the calls of the Arab leaders cause they thought they would be in the way of the Arab armies when they would annihilate the Jews and then the Pals thought they would get the spoils of war.

    Read this great article, which rebukes all of Mary’s falsehoods.
    Were the Palestinians Expelled?

    Were the Palestinians Expelled?
    Efraim Karsh

  17. “Pro-Palestinian media people like the Guardian, Independent, BBC, and radicals the world over continuously assert that the Palestinians should be granted a right of return according to international law. However, NONE of these claims hold water if one actually examines international law. For example, the.
    Palestinians rely heavily upon the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which states that “no one should be arbitrarily deprived of the right to enter his country.” Yet, can one consider Palestinians born in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and other Arab countries to be Israeli citizens and thus deprived of the right to enter their country?
    Most of the Palestinians living across the Arab world were never born in Israel and have never lived in Israel. Secondly, even the minority who did live in Israel did so under the British Mandate, not under Israeli rule. They fled before they had a chance to receive citizenship rights.
    and their Israeli blue ID cards, because their leadership was opposed to them coexisting with the Jewish people. Such peoples are about as Israeli as Turks who lived in Ottoman-controlled Greece yet left are Greek. So why should the Palestinians be any different? Based on international. precedents, Palestinians are entitled to equal rights within their present countries, yet not Israeli citizenship

  18. Aww, rascal, you are so ignorant and so sensitive for a professional fraudster. What can one expect from a pathetic harpo-Marxist with a mind of an amoeba?

    BTW, moron, this is not a site “about ensuriing Jews are not disadvantaged because of their religion”, but a site for combatting anti-Semitism in all guises. This includes your brand of postmodern coward Jew-hatred.

  19. Earth to Mary, their are 22 Arab countries and 57 Muslim countries thats why the U.N always sides with the Arabs. Its not that hard to figure out.
    Did you ever ask yourself, why the U.N doesn’t support a Berber state in North Africa.
    Any historian will tell you the Arab invaders took North Africa from the Berbers in the 7th century.

    When Israel arrested Eichmann from Argentina in 1960, the U.N Condemned Israel.
    The U.N had an emergency meeting and demanded that Israel return Eichmann back to Argentina. The U.N and all the Arab countries said it was against International law to kidnap Eichmann from Argentina.
    If Mary was around in 1960, she would have demanded Israel send Eichmann back to Argentina.

    The Entebee rescue was condemmed by the U.N in 76.
    More appeasement of Arab terrorists.

    The bombing of Iraq’s nuclear facility in 1981 was condemned by the U.N
    I guess the U.N would have been happy if Saddam used atomic weapons against the Kurds instead of gassing them.

  20. In 2012, Breaking the Silence, an oranization founded by former Israeli soldiers whose purpose is to expose alleged abuses committed by the Israeli Defense Forces released a booklet of witness reports written by more than 30 former Israeli soldiers. These reports document of Palestinian children being beaten, intimidated, humiliated, verbally abused and injured by Israeli soldiers. An Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson said the group had declined to provide the IDF with testimonies for verification, and Danny Lamm, president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, said these types of testimonies are “anonymous … devoid of critical detail and untested by any kind of cross-questioning.”[34

    May be this is not pedophilia but it is bad enough

    • Really. These poor “children” you describe are usually strapping teenagers taught to hurl rocks at travelling Israeli vehicles aimed to kill….which they do…such as the murder by this means of 25 year-old Asher Palmer, and his 6 month old son Jonathan.
      But this isn’t new….the Arabs have been murdering Jews since the 1920s.
      It’s what they do.
      And haven’t they got a captive audience inpeople like you just ready and willing to soak up the lies?
      Until these soldiers are named…if they exist….this testimony counts for nothing.

    • Wait a sec: is it “paedophilia” or “pedophilia”? Ask the blog’s fraudster Rascal Burnout, the specialist on nothing aka “the weirdo with famous inlaws”.

  21. “Now, he´s in love with mary poppins.”

    Your sense of understatement was never fully developed as a child was it? If I defend anyone it is because the term Jew Hater should be reserved for Jew Haters and not used as the first line in a debate.

    • Your first line in this blog was a defense of nick-a-Nazi, even before your babblings about your famous inlaws. You consistenly defends the blog´s Jew-haters. You are a grotesque hypocrite and a Jew-hater yourself. Now, go back to the Thames.

      • “You are a grotesque hypocrite and a Jew-hater yourself.”

        Again a mature and weighted response I thank you for the time it must have taken to think that one through.

  22. Fritz you are right the International Court considers the wall illegal. I do not know what Why Mary Antisemite says otherwise.

  23. I agree with Fritz the International Court has declared the wall built on Palestinian land illegal. I for one is anxiously waiting to see whether Israel will comply.

    • No, you are lying, I never wrote that, Antisemite.
      The International Court was asked for an opinion on the fence, and the Court published his opinion, he never declared anything like you wrote.

  24. Fritz, you are right. The International Court has declared the wall illegal within Palestinian territory. However, the world is waiting to see whether Israel will comply with the Court’s ruling and dismantle the sections of the Wall that are illegal. Of course Israel has every right to build within its own territory whatever it wants to. That was never in question.

    • Hi “Jane”, how was the sex-change operation? I bet that you find a lot of resistence from your Pakistani folks. But, hey, now you can be stoned to death.

    • No, you are lying, I never wrote that, Antisemite.
      The International Court was asked for an opinion on the fence, and the Court published his opinion, he never declared anything like you wrote.