Faithless guitarist Dave Randall: “If we got rid of Zionism people can live peacefully.”

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l to r: Ziadah, Randall, Wiles, Chairperson at SOAS.

The major obstacle to Randall’s vision is that Israelis are not going to voluntarily agree to dissolve the Jewish state. In the absence of such an agreement there would be bloodshed.

Incredibly, Randall replied that he rejected the idea that there would be war between the two sides and that he had been advised by Ronnie Kasrils that white South Africans actually felt “liberated” after apartheid ended.

Incidentally, Kasrils once claimed that “South African Jews told their children not to waste time on the blacks.”

Randall continued:

“The antagonisms are the product of Zionism. If we got rid of Zionism people can live peacefully together.”

Randall, who described himself as a “socialist”, said it was in the west’s “interests to cosy up to Israel and turn a blind eye when it breaks international law because it sees Israel as an ally near 70% of the world’s oil resources”.

Randall said Faithless joined the boycott because “to play in Israel sends the message that it is acceptable to conduct business in an apartheid state”.

Although, he said, some of the band members weren’t happy about not going to Israel to play.

However, Faithless are now defunct having been active from 1995-2013. Only in 2011 did they actually decide to join in this racist cultural boycott. Ironically, their Wikipedia profile has a photo of them performing in Haifa, Israel in 2005.

Last night Dave Randall was, instead, performing to just 30 people at a SOAS Palestine Society event sponsored by British charity War On Want. It was the book launch of Voices from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement. The so-called Palestinian “right of return”, which would lead to the destruction of the Jewish state, is the main racist plank of this Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS).

Also on the panel were the book’s editor Rich Wiles and War On Want’s campaigns officer Rafeef Ziadah. In answer to my question about how many should die Wiles said he didn’t see why anyone would die but that the Palestinians “will never give up the right of return”. As for destroying the Jewish state Wiles continued:

“The idea of having a Jewish democracy is an oxymoron. It’s a case of one group of people privileging their rights over those of others.”

Meanwhile, War On Want’s Rafeef Ziadah claimed that for me to speak in terms of “Israel being destroyed” was racist discourse because it was actually the Palestinians who were suffering an “ongoing destruction”. She said that “the BDS movement will relinquish the racism of the Zionist movement”.

As an aside Ziadah told the audience that I attend all her talks to write about them. She flatters herself but seeing as she obviously reads this blog maybe she could leave a comment letting us know whether she is still a big fan of Islamic Jihad terrorist Khader Adnan who does a nice sideline in inciting Palestinians to become suicide bombers.

Wiles also said that the three main events that have attracted people to BDS in increasing numbers are:
1. Israel killing 1200 people, “mostly civilians”, in Lebanon in 2006.
2. Israel killing 1400 people, “mostly civilians”, in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead.
3. Israel killing Turkish activists on the flotilla.

But he left out the main reason; those who deliberately single out the Jewish state because it’s, well, Jewish. Wiles [claimed] that “650,000 mainly innocent Iraqis had been murdered by American and UK led forces”, but calling for a boycott of the USA and UK did not pass his lips.

Wiles, who said he had lived in “Palestine”, claimed that although it was now “quiet times in Palestine” there was an “ongoing Nakba” including:

1. The planned removal of 70,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel from the Negev so that a forest funded by the JNF can be built instead. Wiles said that to Israelis “the lives of trees are more important than the lives of the Palestinians”.

2. The West Bank Palestinian village of Sosia whose inhabitants were displaced so an “illegal settlement” could be built there instead.

3. Seven Palestinian villages that are waiting to be demolished so Israel can build Firing Zone 918 to practice military manoeuvres.

4. 90,000 Palestinians living in east Jerusalem who are at risk of displacement so Israel can build road links to settlements.

Wiles described all this as a “silent transfer policy which can slip under media attention unlike what the Zionists did between 1947 and 1949”.

At one stage there was a surreal discussion about the size of the anti-Iraq war march through London and the size of the crowds in Tahrir Square. Wiles said that although BDS wasn’t as big they would, instead, be more “strategic”.

Just as well because with only 30 people in the audience Wiles, Ziadah, Randall and War On Want are embarrassing themselves. And now you can understand more fully why even arch-critic of Israel Norman Finkelstein felt compelled to call the BDS lot “a cult of dishonesty” with no other desire than to destroy Israel.

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  1. After the Jews were invaded by the Muslims 635, it somehow mysteriously became Arab forever and ever. The PA thing is about the Califate, NOT the reugees. Almost half the Arabs here arrived to work under the British Mandate and few of them owned land. 1922-48 residence here does not make it their eternal home. If you want to shed tears legitimately, go seek Justice for Jews from Arab Countries JJAC.And learn that almost a million Jews’homes were stolen in ten Arab countries where most had been fixed long before the Arabs and the Muslims arrived. The land stolen would amount to five times the size of Israel. All stolen. Where are the tears?

    • After the Jews were invaded by the Muslims 635, it somehow mysteriously became Arab forever and ever.

      How about saying: “after the Canaanites were invaded by the Jews in xyzx BC, it somehow mysteriously became Jewish forever and ever”?

      The PA thing is about the Califate, NOT the reugees.

      “PA” as in Palestinian Authority? If so, please expand.

  2. Come to think of it, what does the present violence at this very moment in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Libya have to do with the Jews and or Zionism and not to mention the blood spilled almost throughout Africa of Muslims against African Christians and other native peoples? Israel was in some respects less inhabitable before 1910 because of the Beduin and other highwaymen making it difficult to travel from one point to another. Israel is a buffer against all the warring nations throughout history that fought in this nexus. Without a strong Israel, there would be unimaginably worse warfare. Certainly, it would be a major Russian base on the Mediterranean.

    • “After the Jews were invaded by the Muslims 635, it somehow mysteriously became Arab forever ”

      The people who lived in Manhattan were invaded a millennium later and it became New York from memory …do you think they should give it back to the native Americans seeing as it is a more recent occurrence than 635?

      • Hey, rascal, swimming doesn t seem to have lasted much, eh?

        So, as you seem so worried about justice, why aren´t you whining about, say, Jordan, a completely artificial creation of YOUR imperialism and that comprised 80% of the Mandate? Or Uruguay, an invention of British Imperialism. Same with the many African countries. There are plenty of opportunities for you to expiate your guilt, but strangely, you obsess about Israel.

        Now, explain to us all: what gives legitimacy to ANY nation whatsoever. Why don´t you ask for the dismantling on UK? Oh, never mind, it´s already becoming a muslim enclave.

        • “you obsess about Israel.”

          SerJew … a lot to obsess about. A tiny country for thousands of years at the crossroads of history ,the centre of powerbloc politics, of resource issues, with religion and race as issues.

          A tiny country against a slumbering giant.. I repeat a lot to obsess about.

          By the way yes I get that you meant I was insane and that I picked out Israel for special criticism.I don’t. I criticise the UK much much more . Israel has every right to be paranoid. We have none. The formers wars are of a different moral order than ours.

          • You are mistaken, rascal. Your laidback appeasement attitude is suicidal. But it’s your business if you want to be crushed. So, please, spend your precious time & whining pledging for the dismantling of YOUR nation.

      • I’ve lamented the sorry condition of US education: analogies are never identical. Your analogy might have been relevant had you assured us the Americans had been in NY since 2000BC and quarreled with the Indians about their having driven the Americans out a thousand years ago and that now the Americans have found that they can live nowhere else in peace. The Jews could have come back sooner, but the Arabs had destroyed their land of milk and honey and wild Arab highwaymen threatened all travellers. In Israel’s case, it was lucky that there was just that moment in history that the Ottoman empire was weak enough for the Jews to come back. Contemporary leftist sympathizers are doing the Arab cause untold damage and retarding all progress by not examining the issues sufficiently to give them wise counsel. Your sympathy is accomplishing the opposite of what you want for the Arabs and for your followers.. Let’s see what kind of fragile analogy you can make of the expulsion of the Jews from ten Arab countries (1941-67) and the stealing of all their homes, lands, and other assets. Why don’t you in all sincerity join JJAC or WOMAC and help the exiled Jews get some of their assets back? They were there even BEFORE the Arabs and the Muslim religion. The Arabs seem to connive so well, but fail to think. By driving out all their Jews, they simply DOUBLED the Jewish population of Israel!

      • If the Anglos were well established in Manhattan many thousands of years ago and left artifacts of their culture in abundance, Yes, I’d think they had a pretty good claim. But that’s NOT the case. There are no archaeological Anglo remains of an earlier Anglo civilization in NY. Jews giving up Zionism which has been a daily spoken word for thousands of years? Give it up? It might be easier to get the Arabs in the same way to give up the Koran and Jihad, and it would be far more beneficial to world peace. Why not write a song like that? It’d be a real killer!

  3. Guitarist of long-since irrelevant band says he doesn’t like Israel.

    Wow, I bet Bibi’s having sleepless nights over this!

  4. Note that Kasril remark. Does he mean that all South African Jews had a meeting at which they decided that they would all tell their children the same thing? Or does he mean that his own parents were heartless and told him something he revolted against and spent the rest of his life trying to compensate for, something that he generalised to ‘all’ South African Jewish parents?

    For his information my South African Jewish parents told me nothing of the sort.

  5. What’s your point? Should we all stop highlighting what is happening in our universities and being written about in newspapers? For me, this isn’t about Israel or Bibi. This is about British Jews and the backlash these lies can have against them. Mohammed Merah wasn’t too concerned with Israel and Bibi. Instead he went straight to a Jewish school to kill as many Jews as he could based on the lies he had heard about children being murdered by Israel in Gaza.

    • My point was just having a pop at Randall.

      It’s up to you whether you do these posts or not. It’s not how I’d want to spend my spare time but I’m grateful you do as your posts are fascinating and are a good document of the lunatics and hatred out there.

  6. Good post. What is frightening is the place and that it was sponsored by Pluto Press. So much for “academia”. But an attendance of 30 says it all.
    I wonder what would happen if right wing whites had a “talk” on their topics. My guess is that the uni would disallow them for ‘security’ reasons.

  7. Regarding South Africa….SA is actually going down the drain. There is a massive brain drain taking place with the country losing its mostly white educated young. We have two volunteers from SA in the kibbutz right now. Both will leave SA asap. There is reverse racism in place with badly educated blacks taking managerial posts from whites and running companies into the ground in a matter of months.
    The new government has failed in twenty years to educate a new generation. 25% of 14 year old girls are HIV+. Corruption is crippling the nation and the lack of perspective for the black populace has led to world famous crime rates making the country unattractive for most. The new president coming up after the current one will make things worse, maybe even Mugabe style.
    So when Socialists talk about all being peachy in SA after a return to black power they are lying. Kinda like Egypt, Libya or Syria or Iran, or Yemen, or Pakistan or Afghanistan or Sudan or Lebanon or Aza or Venezuela or Nicaragua or….

  8. The BDS “movement” just lost another round. I suppose after diligently looking for a Palestinian alternative, Samsung reluctantly settled on yet another example of Israeli technology:

    Samsung buys set top box maker Boxee

    Samsung is buying Boxee – an Israeli firm that makes media streaming devices.

    The South Korean electronics giant said it had “acquired key talent and assets” from the company.

  9. Sure thing, Dave Randall. The whole world cozies up to teh Joos. As opposed to those oil baron sheiks. Yeah, they’ve got nothing on, say, Ronald Reagan getting rid of the solar panels installed by Jimmy Carter at the White House in 1980.

    Dance music, huh? I’m guessing the Dolphinarium bombing meant Freedom for Jew Hating, Zionist Bashing, Big Boy Dave. Stupid hack.

  10. Seriously, do we really have to publish every silly utterance by every single vaguely famous nincompoop?
    That guy is obviously blinded by unthinking, rote learned, antisemitism to the point the current news on Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Irak (yes, it’s back in the news for a bombing), and Lebanon aren’t even making a dent on his conviction that Jews are at fault for everything happening in the ME, if not the entire universe.

  11. Dr M Otero makes an interesting point that there were no Arabs until the they arrived on the scene in 635 I assume he means 635 AD. I would be interested to know where they came from.

    • By 635AD, the Arabs of Saudi had killed off their long indigenous Jews, conquered what had been Israel and marched on in further conquests across North Africa and on into Spain I’m pointing out that ten per cent of the Mediteranean basin had been Jews in Jesus’ time long before the arrival of the Muslim Arabs around 735AD. It is the 1948 850,000 Jews from Algiers, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, etc who were expelled by dint of the Arab League in revenge for the defeat of the five invading Arab armies into Israel. The Jordanian army led, equipped, trained by the British did succeed in grabbing Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria but gave them up in 1967. Good old Brits! You can always count on them if you want treachery.

  12. Ironically, their Wikipedia profile has a photo of them performing in Haifa, Israel in 2005.

    Tee hee. Like it.

  13. Commentary101 is right.

    Wikipedia confirms his assertion “The Arabian Peninsula is located in the Asian continent and bounded by (clockwise) the Persian Gulf on the northeast, the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman on the east, the Arabian Sea on the southeast and south, the Gulf of Aden on the south, the Bab-el-Mandeb strait on the southwest, and the Red Sea on the southwest and west.[2] The northern portion of the peninsula merges with the Syrian Desert with no clear border line, although the northern boundary of the Arabian Peninsula is generally considered to be the northern borders of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.[2]”

    SO, the Arabs remained in the peninsula as they were than. Muslims did not come from Mars but were those who converted from other religions, primarily Mono atheistic faiths whose origins go back to Prophet Abraham. Indeed, the foundation of the Kaaba that the Muslims face towards when offering their prayers were laid by Prophet Abraham.

    This therefore follows that the Arabs were always there, many remained there all through history. They still remain in the peninsula from Palestine to the Arabian Sea.

    • Ismail bin boom boom,

      What is a “mono atheistic faith?”
      Palestine is not on the arabian peninsula. It is the home of the Jews and Judaism. They were always there, many remained there all through history and they still remain there.

      Fritz called you a fool and he’s right, but I would just like to add that you’re also an idiot.

  14. As always a very incisive post from Richaed Millett. Thank you for the latest about the BDS (and all the other unpleasnt events) you dilligently monitor for us.
    There is a mention of Ronnie Kasrils I see. He seems to be re-surfacing lately. I’m currently in England and was watching left-biased Channel 4 TV News last week. News anchor Jon Snow was out in South Africa, presumably thinking he’d be there for Mandela’s funeral and who was he interviewing outside the hospital in Pretoria? Yes, Ronnie Kasrils. Snow spoke to him with obvious respect and made it look as if Kasrils was some wise elder statesman.

    It wasn’t a good week to watch C4 News. There was a sympathetic interview with Glenn Greenwald from Brazil, and when there was an item requiring an ‘expert’ on Egypt they had Dr Tamimi in the studio, although he didn’t actually blame the Israelis for the removal of Mohammed Morsi, partly because he was too busy refuting a female Egyptian who was in favor of the removal.

  15. I am being called all sorts at this place. A son of a bufoon, a fool. A Paki. This is when people have no idea of who I am. I am just waiting for some more interesting insults. Perhaps I should be glad nobody here has called me a bastard or am I tempting fate?

    Perhaps, as one great man said patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, I think racist abuse is all some can come up with when they have no rational rebuttal of other peoples argument.

  16. I did not expect more of the same. What fool will repeat the insults again and again, apart from the fact that it does not make sense, it is also very boring – at least Jeff is a bit interesting he is picked on my spelling mistake is he not clever but than he thinks the Jews were not returning from Europe they were always in the Arabian Peninsula. Is he cleverly denying the Holocaust? What an idiot.

  17. However, Jeff’s question is genuine and he ignores the typo in my previous comment. Or is that generosity gone mad for him. Any, if he wants to know here it is

    “The major source of monotheism in the modern Western World is the narrative of the Hebrew Bible, the scriptures of Judaism. The text of the Bible states that Judaism began with divine revelations from “God most high” to Abraham [Gen. 14-15] and to the Israelites at biblical Mount Sinai [Exodus 20]. The understanding of the transmitters of the biblical text was that the Bible uniformly presents one God as creator of the world and the only power controlling history. In their understanding, references to other “gods” are to non-existent entities or angelic servants of God, to whom humans mistakenly ascribe reality and power. e.g. Babylonian Talmud, Megilla 7b-17a.
    Early Christianity, originally one of many sects within Judaism, emerged as a distinctive faith around the beginning of the second century when some believe followers of Christ refused to join the Bar Kokhba revolt. Christianity’s form of monotheism was distinctive from that of Judaism in that there was a concept that the Godhead was revealed to be three “persons” known today as the Holy Trinity. Islam emerged in the 7th century CE as a reaction to both Christianity and Judaism, drawing from thematic elements of Gnosticism[57][58][59][60][61][62][63][64] and stating that the Christian and Jewish scriptures were corrupted. Jewish and Islamic scholars each recognize the other faith as being pure monotheists as opposed to the rest of the world’s religions having corrupt monotheism or polytheism. Since they share a common theology, their differences are in that Judaism sees Islam as a closely related Gentile monotheistic faith, and Islam sees Judaism as incomplete due to a lack of recognition of Jesus as the messiah and the prophethood of Muhammad.[65]
    As they traditionally profess a concept of monotheism with a singular person as God, Judaism[66] and Islam reject the Christian idea of monotheism. Judaism uses the term Shituf to refer to ways of worshiping God not believed to be monotheistic. Muslims deny the Christian doctrine of the Trinity and divinity of Jesus, considering it to be polytheism.”

  18. This Ismail-who’s-not-sure-how-his-father’s-name-is-spelled guy sure is good at twisting what other people say and otherwise willfully misunderstanding…

  19. This is a list of people named after Abraham, the Biblical patriarch (Hebrew: אַבְרָהָם, Modern Avraham Tiberian ʾAḇrāhām Ashkenazi Avrohom or Avruhom); the father of the Abrahamic Religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam:
    As recounted in the Torah, his name was originally Avram which means “High Father” – “av” (אב) “father”, “ram” (רם) “high” – with the “ha” (ה) added in mark of his covenant with God.