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Irish Times fawns over mother of an Arab who murdered a Holocaust survivor

In our July 29 post, What does the mother of a pre-Oslo monster look like?‘, we focused on a story in The Independent about Israel’s decision to release 104 Palestinians prisoners – inmates, convicted before Oslo, largely consisting of terrorists who murdered or attempted to murder Israelis.  The Indy piece was illustrated with a compassionate photo of the mother of Ateya Abu Moussa, one of the Palestinians who may be released.


Here’s the caption:

The mother of Palestinian Ateya Abu Moussa, who has been held prisoner by Israel for 20 years, hugs her grandson upon hearing the news that her son may soon be released.

Ateya Abu Moussa, as we noted in our post, was convicted of murdering Isaac Rotenberg with an axe in 1994. The terrorist attack on Rotenberg was carried out by Abu Moussa and an accomplice as a precondition (an initiations of sorts) of their entry into a terrorist organization – information evidently not deemed interesting by Indy editors.

Additionally, we recently noticed that the following Irish Times’ story, also focusing on the renewed Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and the issue of the prisoner release, similarly included a photo of Abu Moussa’s mother to illustrate the story:


Here’s the caption:

The mother (R) of Palestinian Ateya Abu Moussa, who has been held prisoner by Israel for 20 years, reacts as she is hugged by her sister after hearing news on the possible release of her son. Abu Moussa was expected to be among more than 100 Arab prisoners to be released as a step to renew stalled peace talks with the Palestinians in Washington today. Photograph: Reuters

As we noted, Rotenberg was a Polish Jew, born in 1925 (alternately listed as 1927), who survived the Sobibor Nazi extermination camp during the Holocaust. (With the exception of Isaac, who miraculously was able to escape during a revolt, the entire Rotenberg family perished in the camp.) 

Rotenberg reached the Land of Israel in 1947, joined the IDF a year later and fought in the War of Independence. 

He was survived by his wife Riva, and his two children, Tzipora and Pinhas.

Neither the Irish Times nor the Indy saw fit to mention that the son of the woman depicted in their stories brutally murdered a Holocaust survivor.  In both stories, the emotional reaction of the perpetrator’s mother is emphasized, while the victim and his family are callously ignored.

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  1. I don’t understand why everyone forgets that the Irish were overwhelmingly pro-Nazis during WW2, but because they were part of the British empire they fought with Britain in the war. Ireland was never vetted for antisemitism after WW2 in much the same way Austria was never deNazified after WW2 as well.

    • In fact Austria was denazified for a very short time, but with the coming of the Cold War the Allies lessened the pressure on the government in need of war experienced men in case, and the Austrian governments were more than willing to rehabilitate and brought on large amnesties. And so on ..

    • Where the hell are you getting your information. Firstly ireland did not fight during during ww2, Ireland was neutral. Having just come out of a war or independance and a civil war Ireland was not in a position to fight, and also there were many people who did not want to fight on the side of the country that had occupied them for so long.

    • Ireland was not part of the British empire before or during WWII. Please get your facts straight.

      • Please discuss the pro-Nazis sympathies and the overt antisemitism found today in Ireland. While I did get the timing of Irish independence incorrect (OK my bad) that really wasn’t the overriding point of my comment.

    • Absolute and completely wrong,Ireland was not part of the British empire during WW2,It was a neutral country,that had just gained independence from the brutal British empire you mention (They carried out a holocaust in Ireland,that left 2 million dead)the Irish people were hardly going to join with the Brits in a war against anybody.The British were and are without doubt the worst war criminals on earth,and only for the likes of Hitler,they would have been exposed as such by now,they soon will be.As for antisemitism in Ireland ? i would safely say Ireland has the least record of it in Europe or anywhere,it dosent,or never did exist.

      • I’m afraid that’s not true, there was a pogrom in Limerick early in the twentieth century.

        Did neutrality mean that the Irish had to allow Nazi Uboats permission to refuel on their territory?

        Incidentally, DeValera sent his condolences to the Germans people on the death of Hitler.

        It’s not a great tale, is it?

    • Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!! Ireland were neutral in name only but shared intelligence with the Allied forces as well as permission to use air space. A large number of Irish soldiers actually deserted the Irish army to join the British army to fight against the Nazis. Ireland also had a relatively large Jewish population in some of its cities that were always accepted well into Irish life.
      Please get your facts straight!!

    • IRELAND did not fight with BRITAIN in ww2.IRELAND was neutral.IRISHMEN looking for an income or adventure joined BRITISH MILITARY.

  2. Many Irish are rabid Catholics, which explains their Nazi sympathies and anti-Semitism, attitudes which they share with their growing Muslim population.

    I hope I’m still around in ten years time when Irish Muslims begin to assert themselves. That should be great one to watch.

    • I can’t let your comment go unanswered. There’s no dispute about the historical responsibility that Catholics have regarding anti-Semitism. That said, to say being Irish Catholic explains why someone is anti-Semitic or has Nazi sympathies makes about as much sense as saying that just because a white person grew up in the rural South of the U.S. they must be irrevocably racist toward blacks.

      • Well I didn’t say they were all antisemirtes, I said many were fanatical Catholics. The historical antisemitism of the Catholic hierarchy has naturally infected many of their flock. Some do not buy it I agree.

    • You are a rabid racist,and war monger(probably some sort of Brit)that hates both the Irish and all Muslims.As for the Irish Nazi sympathies ? are you also a terrible clown,there is absolutely no evidence of this,and the Jewish people have always done very well in Ireland,the present minister for justice is Jewish,out of a population of 2000 (Alan Shatter),in short everything you mentioned about Ireland and the Irish is complete rubbish OK,

      • Please see my comment above. Not meaning to be gratuitously offensive, but you can’t rewrite history either.

        Anti-Israel hysteria is very well set in Ireland – sadly.

      • In fact I have very warm working relationships with a few Irish colleagues. We do business together, and we enjoy each others company, and the crack in London and Dublin.

        Fact remains your President Devalera signed Hitler’s book of condolence, and your Mary Robinson hosted the violently antisemtitc Durban conferences. Most people would be ashamed of that.

  3. The Irish Times article isn’t about Ateya Abu Moussa at all, and certainly doesn’t “fawn” all over his mother. The IT is just reporting a fact – that Israel, not the Irish Times, has decided to release the murderer of a Holocaust survivor. Isn’t that the real story here?

    • Well, if you ask me, it’s the US telling Israel to release the murderer of the Holocaust survivor.

      As for the fawning… If a picture speaks 1000 words, and is used as the image to describe, say, the release of a murderer of a Holocaust survivor, then it can be read into like, say, the cover of Rolling Stone with Tsarnaev on its cover.

      Done to sell and make a profit. Easy to do when the publisher considers how cheap all the spilled blood was.

    • No, the story is the fact that Irish Times editors made the decision that the most important way to illustrate the release of homicidal extremists was to use an evocative photo of the terrorist’s mother rather than, for instance, the victims’ families. It was an editorial decision indicative of a European left which is often unable to morally distinguish between innocent Jewish victims and sociopathic terrorists.

    • “The IT is just reporting a fact – that Israel, not the Irish Times, has decided to release the murderer of a Holocaust survivor.”

      Gee, Niall, I couldn’t find that fact in the article or in the photo and certainly not in the caption below the photo. The caption says that this woman’s son has been held prisoner for 20 years, we don’t know why. The article says the release of such prisoners is opposed by much of the Israeli public, we don’t know why. The reasons for incarceration and the unpopularity of the release are hidden from public view.
      Let’s be clear: The PA demanded that Israel release convicted felons, many of them involved in murder, as a precondition to restart peace talks which the PA has resisted. It’s really O.K. to report it, even at the risk of the delicate sensibilities of Irish readers.
      If you don’t think that the photo is there to elicit sympathy, what do you think it’s there for?

  4. This study and the data visualization map shows anti-semitism in Ireland (excluding Northern Ireland) to be far lower as a percentage of population than in the US and UK. The study measures incidents of “anti-Semitic violence” (which should be a fairly valid indicator…)

    As well, according to this study, anti-Semitic violence is far lower than nearly all other European countries. This is from the Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism, Tel-Aviv University.

    • Given that there are less than 2000 jews in Ireland, 0.04% of the population, that map is meaningless. Of course there’s going to be only a small number reported. Even if everyone of them reported an incident the figure will be tiny compared to other European countries. But incidents regularly occur here and the antisemitic comments that appear frequently on sites like would quickly dispel any notion of us being anything other than rabid anti-semites. I’m not surprised at all by the IT portrayal of the story, they have always taken an extremely pro-terrorist anti-Israel line. Whether this shapes the views of readers or is to fall in with them is hard to tell.

      • Good point. I hadn’t realized the population was so small. I took a closer look at the source, and it shows that the creator of the map is independent of the original Tel- Aviv University source. It would have been more meaningful if he had indicated numbers of Jews as a percentage of the population of each nation.

  5. I’m still waiting to hear what the Palestinian peace plan will actually entail. Other than the total destruction of the Israeli state which doesn’t sound very peaceful.

    Up is down! Right is left! Round is straight!

  6. Look who’s getting defensive about the pro-Palestinian sympathies of the Irish Times? Last time I checked, The Independent was still owned by a millionaire Irish family, also. Let’s face it, Irish Catholics are more likely to be anti-establishment, anti-American and anti-Jewish, than are Irish Protestants.
    I’m backing the Proddies – and if some of our readers can’t handle that, they should go back to reading the Indy or the Graun where they will feel more at home, I suppose.

    Those women’s pictures are exploited quite cynically by lazy and dishonest journalists who know full well the horrors committed by their terrorist perpetrator sons but prefer to blame the Israelis by omitting to tell the full story.

    • Racist attacks are vastly more likely to come from Loyalists/protestants in the occupied 6 counties,than from nationalists (from which there are virtually none),There is a sinister attempt by proBritish/anti Irish racists to change history and the present,and lie about the Irish people attitude to race and Jewish people in particular,this will be met head on,and the culprits identified.

      • Really Gerry if you want to identify ‘culprits’ you need look no further than the one time MP for Cavan Arthur Griffith and his anti-Semitic ramblings in “The United Irishman” as well as his support for the anti-Semitic attacks in Limerick at the start of the last century.
        Or how about the speech in the Dail by the TD (MP) Oliver Flanagan on 9th July 1943;
        “How is it that we do not see any of these [Emergency Powers] Acts directed against the Jews, who crucified Our Saviour nineteen hundred years ago, and who are crucifying us every day in the week? How is it that we do not see them directed against the Masonic Order? How is it that the I.R.A. is considered an illegal organisation while the Masonic Order is not considered an illegal organisation? […] There is one thing that Germany did, and that was to rout the Jews out of their country. Until we rout the Jews out of this country it does not matter a hair’s breadth what orders you make. Where the bees are there is the honey, and where the Jews are there is the money.”

    • This is a disgusting piece of film but highly highly selective.Those of us who watched in horror as hundreds of young Palestinians had their arms broken know why there is so much hatred.

      The peace talks are wonderful I wwish both sides well

      • “Those of us who watched in horror as hundreds of young Palestinians had their arms broken know why there is so much hatred.”
        Obviously you don’t.

      • Are the peace talks as wonderful as Oslo was? I harp on Oslo because none of the peace lovers who seem to show up in forums are actually aware of all the sacrifices made by Israel, and the subsequent words broken by Palestinian leadership.

  7. Since I do not have any Irish acquaintance, I will withhold judgement as to whether they are or are not antisemite nowadays. During WW2, it is well known that their government was as pro-Hitler as the Vichy government of France but, in the same way I don’t blame German and French people for what their grandparents did, I’ve no intention of blaming the Irish for what theirs did. Each generation is responsible for its own actions. This said, the Irish Times article affords the murderer’s victim, Aizik Rotenberg, less respect than it would a dog and this shows quite clearly that, in the eyes of its editor, Jewish lives are totally worthless. It normalizes and legitimizes the murder of Jews by Palestinians and therefore, the Irish Times is without question an antisemitic newspaper.

  8. Irish anti-Semitism? I sometimes wonder why the IRA was so violently anti-Israel that it would go out of its way to assist the anti-Semitic PLO murderers of Israeli civilians. I would have thought the IRA would have had its hands full with its terror campaign aganst Britain. How on earth did it have the time and the capability also to assist PLO terrorists?

    And of the ordinary Irish people I have been acqainted with, virtually all have been anti-Israel and some arguably anti-Semitic as well, in a cheerful, joking fashion.

    Again, it would be interesting to get some feedback here on the background of IRA support for the PLO.

    • I think it would be helpful to this discussion of the degree of anti-semitism in “Ireland” to distinguish between the “occupied six counties” and the Irish Republic. Because they are separate political entities, they do have a separate history in relation to anti-antisemitism. I think in this discussion some are referring to both as if they are one.

      But regarding the republic, which I think history shows was less overtly anti-Semitic than the IRA or the six counties, the prejudices were contained in a somewhat hidden way within the policy of “neutrality.” Neutrality is often seen as a kind of moral superiority, to be “above the fray.” But in the context of the holocaust, it is moral dissociation. While I would defend de Valera to some degree simply because some of his actions were actually welcoming of Jewish immigrants and involved standing up to the prejudices of other officials, Ireland (the Republic) after WWII for the most part hid behind neutrality. That policy continued in the form of bureaucratic procedure that limited the number of Jewish immigrants Ireland (the Republic) would allow.

      To refrain from doing the right things is not neutrality, it is a degree of complicity in doing the wrong thing.

  9. Talking of jokes, here’s a pertinent one:

    Two beggars are sitting some distance apart on a pavement in Dublin, one with a tin bearing the Star of David and the other with a Cross.

    A priest who has been watching the two for some time aproaches the beggar with the Star of David and says, “I hope you don’t mind me pointing out that Ireland is a deeply-religious country and nobody will give you anything here with that symbol on your tin. On the contrary, people are likely to give that fellow over there with the Cross money just to emphasize the point that they prefer him to you.”

    So the beggar with the Star of David looks over at the beggar with the Cross and says, “Hey, Abe, looks who’s here to teach the Cohen brothers about marketing!”

  10. Davie – I think the dinner was nice I do not know about the conversation. It felt very stale do you not think? Same thing over and over again. It is a merry go round. Although I am not sure who it is merry for? Perhaps for the Secretary of State as he has nothing to lose or gain whatever happens.

  11. It is always distressing to see the true nature of people shine through their words. I must agree with those who see the presentation of the prisoner’s mother as an expression of pro-palestinian propaganda without mentioning the fact that the prisoner axe-murdered a holocaust survivor as an initiation rite for joining a terrorist organization. The whole piece is typical of the newspaper bias in reporting facts about Israel.

    I can only hope that there is a good reason for the release of these murderers, because it is certainly can’t be about a pointless meeting with Abbas. The Israelis may be many things but they are not often dumb.


    • As I understand it, the Palestinians made the release of prisoners a preconditon for these latest talks – which were meant to begin without preconditions – and the Israelis caved in.

      Still, I don’t think any prisoners have yet been released. Their release will apparently be in phases and based on progress, if any, at the talks.

  12. Has anybody mentioned why the Palestinians have got so much against the Zionists. Any ideas? Perhaps something to do with ethnic cleansing or Dir Yassin or house demolitions or ethnic cleansing. or the 30,000 Bedouins facing expulsions from their homes today.

    I blame the Irish for being one sided but give us a break it is not just the Irish who stand by the colonized. Every colonized people stand by the colonized and against the colonizers.

    • I think it’s because the Zionists are really just Jews who happen to live in the Middle East. I know…. THE NERVE!!111! I do like bringing up Dir Yassin as if you were there. Surely, someone as clueless and racist as you knows all there is to know about Israelis, Zionists, and World History.

    • Fynny than that they were murdering Jews long before Dier Yassin. perhaps it is to do with the pogroms and hate muslim had for jews for so many years long before Zionism?

  13. Kauf Palestinians do not ask for much.
    1. A secure border with full Palestinian sovereignty over Palestine, including control of its borders, air space and sea routes.
    2. The right of Palestinians to their homes

    Now tell us what the Zionists want for peace.

    • “…. Palestinians do not ask for much.
      2. The right of Palestinians to their homes.”

      The problem is ‘their homes’ that the Palestinians want are those that belong to Israelis.
      In fact they want ALL of them!

      Angel? more like Arsehole.

    • …which they’ve been offered several times, and refused several times.

      Whats do you mean by “Palestine”? Be specific.

    • The Palestinians haven’t asked for anything, per se. There haven’t been counterproposals to the 2000 accords. There haven’t been any demands to get back to the table (except that Israel should stop all construction in the B Zone, which, as hammered out in Oslo, is land destined to be part of Israel via the future peace deal).

      On the other hand, the Palestinians have rejected everything. 97% of what they want with the other 3% in land swaps? Nope. Stop shooting missiles into Israel? Nada. Teach the kids peace and to raise them seeing Israelis as their neighbors and not enemies? (That was a part of the Oslo talks, by the way.) Nyet, nyet.

      “Now tell us what the Zionists want for peace”


      For starters, there is that Palestinian state thingyamagig offered by 3 separate Prime Ministers over a 10 year period that resulted in numerous suicide bombers, 10,000+ missile strikes, and a 5+ year kidnapping of Gilad Shalit.

      It might the Palestinian cause if their supporters weren’t the stupidest people on Earth. Don’t you think, Angel?

  14. Angel aks Rafi aka Nazisse Sharon/Jane/Catherine/Samantha aka HarpalSingh/AaronPatel/AnrewBird/Jeremy Bowles/AlanThornton aka NS-
    Ismail/Alan/Deborah/Jim/Jason/Dirk/Nick/Natzie/Rob, amended by Gerald with Dopey/Grumpy/Sneezy/Sleazy/Tosser/Dorothy/Straw Man/Dick Head/Drek is a ls stupid Antisemite, which is quite self-evident.

  15. Thieves do not acquire property rights at some stage all properties would have to be returned unless of course thieves can get away with genocide. Highly unlikely in the 21st century.

    • Congratulations! I’m not sure if there was any particular situation you were referring to, but not one thing you wrote is actually true. The kicker was the reference to the 21st century. Tell me, are you 12 years old? Your terror buddies are busy fomenting genocides this very minute.

    • Then you are for all Arabs returning to Arabia, as they stole all lands through conquest west of the Arabian peninsula.

    • So all properties in the west bank Gaza and Jerusalem should be returned to Jews who their proerties there were stolen from them by the arabs not metntining of course the propertire stolen from Jews from arab countries.

  16. In the Negev there is a village called Hiran where Jewish-Israelis live in caravans in a wooded forest planted by the Jewish National Fund. It’s a familiar scene in the West Bank, but not so much here, inside Israel. Like settlers these villagers are not planning to stay in trailers for long. Willingly they took on a lifestyle more arduous than life in a house or an apartment because they are preparing to benefit from an expulsion. Nearby Bedouins residing in the village of Umm el-Hieran will be evicted soon under the Prawer Plan, a Knesset bill that is likely to evict more than 30,000 Bedouins from their villages. And the villagers of Hiran are hovering until that happens.

    Of course all this is a lie the Knesset has not passed a Bill for the Prawar Plan – there is not going to be any expulsions of the 30,000 Bedouins and of course there is no such things as the Knesset and pigs do fly. Everything else is a lie Jeff

  17. Another lie

    One of the reasons why the government group that drafted Prawer did not look to recognize more Bedouin towns is because they determined the villages interfere with city plans to expand industrial zones, Jewish National Fund forests and Jewish-Israeli localities. Hiran is an example of a locality that is locked into the district’s future blueprints, partly marked up in the location of the Bedouin village of Umm el-Heiran. These types of conflicts, the Prawer Plan says, should be resolved in favor of the planned villages over the existing villages. In practice this means: the Bedouins will have to move out so the Jewish-Israelis can move in.

    • Dear ‘Angel’ in a spirit of friendship and Christian charity I would like to help you.
      I would like to help you by easing your labours.
      There is no need to take up time and effort by including at the start of your posts the phrase “Another lie”

      As soon as we see your ‘name’, or any of the other multiple identities you use, everyone knows it is going to be “Another lie”, it is kind of you to remind us but we already know.
      Thank you but why not use your time more productively by, for example, swimming with the Zionist sharks off the coast of Egypt.

    • Do you even know what is really happaning in the Negev? Do you even know that tousands of dunam are stolen by bedouine who than claime they woned it for tousands years.

  18. Another lying Palestinian this never happened – IDF has denied ever killing any Palestinian except terrorist –
    “My friend called from Dubai,” Ahmed said on Monday. “He told me they had shelled an al-Dalou family near al-Nasser street and two or three homes had been damaged. At first I thought it was our relatives.

    “I called my sister’s husband. He canceled the call. I called my father and my brother. They didn’t answer. Finally, I called my sister’s husband again. He answered screaming.”

    After receiving the news of his family’s massacre, Ahmed returned to Gaza as quickly as he could. “I saw our home, our children, our dreams, all gone,” he said. “When I came, they were still searching for the bodies.”

  19. This is the god honest truth
    From: Delta Customer Care
    Date: Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 8:00 PM
    Subject: Delta Air Lines (KMM25201657V70362L0KM)
    To: [redacted]

    RE: Case Number # [redacted]

    Dear Ms. [redacted]

    We are in receipt of your letter to the Delta Law Department dated July 2, 2013 and the subsequent communication sent on July 25, 2013. We apologize for the delay in our response.

    Delta has notified our local catering company to discontinue serving the Vanilla Halva bar in meals onboard Delta flights from Israel.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.


    Specialist, Corporate Customer Care
    Delta Air Lines

    • “This is the god honest truth”
      Now you add Blasphemy to your lies and Bullshit!
      Exodus 20:7.

      Be gone vile blasphemer and liar!

        • BDSFail:

          In a letter to Mayer (which he promptly published on his Facebook page), the airline [Delta] explained that the snack in question – a vanilla halva bar – had indeed been removed, but only as a result of “a normal catering cycle and review,” in which the in-flight menu regularly changes.

          But there was more. Not only were reports of a boycott unfounded, but Delta’s representative explained that more than 1,000 Israeli-made items are “sourced by our local caterer,” adding: “the snack (fruit) that replaced the bar is grown locally in Israel. Delta makes a practice of sourcing local goods for catering in most international markets we serve.”

          Electronic Intifada. Consider the source.

  20. Angel aks Rafi aka Nazisse Sharon/Jane/Catherine/Samantha aka HarpalSingh/AaronPatel/AnrewBird/Jeremy Bowles/AlanThornton aka NS-
    Ismail/Alan/Deborah/Jim/Jason/Dirk/Nick/Natzie/Rob, amended by Gerald with Dopey/Grumpy/Sneezy/Sleazy/Tosser/Dorothy/Straw Man/Dick Head/Drek is a ls lying Antisemite, which is quite self-evident.

  21. Gerald I am not aware of the Jewish Blasphemy laws perhaps you will tell us how the Zionist regime enforces it in Palestine. I did not know the beduins houses are demolished because of the blasphemy laws thanks for the info –

    CBA the letter is from Delta unless you think Delta airline is administered by Electronic Intifada I do not see the connection.

    • “Gerald I am not aware of….” a long list of things by the content of your posts.
      I’ll leave others decide what is on the list.

      Now, again, be gone you vile blasphemer, liar and ignoramus.

  22. Beduins have been living in their houses since the 7th Century only thing is no Zionist entity existed when they were building their houses so those houses are obviously illegal according for the new Zionist entity that has only existed for the last sixty years. Never mind all good things come to an end.

  23. cba – I agree with you According to the Law passed by the Knesset the Beduins do not exist and those that do exist their houses will be destroyed as proof of their non-existence. Zionist entity had always existed and has now returned to its original existence of two thousand years ago.

    • First of all show us the law that say that Bedouins don;t exist.
      if they don;t exsit according to Israel than how come israel want to give them so many dunams for living and working.

      • alexa, while I admire your efforts, angel/liar/whatever-it-calls-itself-in-the-next-comment is not arguing in good faith. It’s simply a wind-up merchant who takes a few words from other people’s comments and then twists them into a completely different meaning… or it throws in totally irrelevant comments.

        As you can see from its claim that Bedouin traditionally lived in houses, its comments are totally disconnected from reality.

        Don’t expect anything approaching logic from it. The only thing it’s good for is a good belly-laugh. Which I certainly got from its “Beduins have been living in their houses since the 7th Century” comment.

  24. for houses to be houses they have to look like the ones they use to have in a sleepy village in Germany before they decided they like the look of that house in the desert. How stupid of me. Sorry alexa we are not all as clever as you but than we all did not have that idyllic house in a German village.

    • No dear. its not about their look but about the fact that for you to call somewere a house it has to stay in one place. Negev bedouine didn;t stay in one place that is why they were called nomadic..

  25. so alexa why did you bring yours from that sleepy German village and imposed it on the non-existence Beduins and than demolished beduin ones because they do not look like yours – mind you, according to the Knesset, Beduins cannot exist because they do not stand in one place for long enough. This Zionism is really losing its marbles coming up with outrageous ideas about promoting its atrocities against those it thinks do not exist.

    • Maybe I brought my own from Iraq or Egypt . Again and again you ignore the fact that it is not about what kind of a house but the fact that nomad people don;t have a house as these Bedouine didn;t until 1948. So do show me where the Knesset say Bedouine can’t exsits.

  26. alexa – you are so engrossed in your racist narrative that it does not occur to you that people living under different conditions house themselves differently – next you will be telling me that Eskimos do not live in houses but sleep in frozen water so it is alright to dismantle their houses with an ice pick. Besides what did you do with that house you took from Cairo at the time of the exodus. Did you carry it all the way to that idyllic village in Germany?

    alexa for your info when Bedouins retire to rest they retire in a dwelling they call home.

    • As you seems to know history “so well” do show me on the map the Negev bedouines villages or cities that exsited before 1948.

  27. I suppose you are denying Bedouins exist and nothing will convince you they exist. Do Palestinians exist? I think racist like you definitely exist and they are genocidal. Let us hope humanity can overcome racists once again.

    • It appears that “liar” doesn’t know the difference between a “house” (or an igloo) and a “home”–of course, that’s the least of her/his ignorance…

    • No I don;t . i just deny the fact that they had homes in Israel before 1948. I am still waiting by the way for you to provide me with the list of Negev Bedouine villages and cities before 1948

  28. cba has now clarified only the colonialists live in houses and that gives these racist colonialists from Europe the right to destroy what other people call their houses. So let us hope for the sake of the Eskimos cba and his racist friends remain as far away from the Eskimos as possible otherwise they will end up destroying another people just because their house did not look like the one in that idyllic village in Germany. Pity is that the idyllic house in Germany would not last in terrain the Eskimos have to endure.

  29. cba – here is the difference between an igloo house and that idyllic house you think is the only house in that idyllic village in Germany. cba your view is a typical racist view of the world.

  30. An igloo (Inuit language: iglu,[1] ᐃᒡᓗ [iɣ.’lu] (plural: igluit ᐃᒡᓗᐃᑦ [iɣ.lu.’it]) or snowhouse is a type of shelter built of snow, originally built by the Inuit.
    Although igloos are usually associated with all Inuit, they were predominantly constructed by people of Canada’s Central Arctic and Greenland’s Thule area. Other Inuit people tended to use snow to insulate their houses, which were constructed from whalebone and hides. Snow is used because the air pockets trapped in it make it an insulator. On the outside, temperatures may be as low as −45 °C (−49 °F), but on the inside the temperature may range from −7 °C (19 °F) to 16 °C (61 °F) when warmed by body heat alone.[2]

  31. List at the bottom alexa
    This statement of conscience by over 60 leading Israeli writers, artists, intellectuals and activists was published recently in Israel’s major daily newspaper, Ha’aretz. We plan to publish this statement in the American Jewish media, with the endorsement of 100 prominent rabbis, American Jewish scholars, leaders, writers, artists and others.

    Click here to help Rabbis for Human Rights-North America and the Jewish Alliance for Change distribute this Israeli statement of conscience in the American Jewish media with the names of prominent Israeli and American Jewish signatories.

    A horror show as brutal as the one that took place in the Bedouin village of the Al-Touri family in Al-Arakib, in which no less than 1,500 police, special forces and mounted police entered the village armed to the teeth as though setting out to fight the bitterest of enemies, has not taken place since Land Day in 1976 and the events of October 2000.

    All these forces with government and Jewish National Fund (JNF) bulldozers arrived at the village to uproot 300 residents, young and old, and raze their homes to the ground – all to plant a JNF forest on their land. Since then they have repeated the spectacle some twenty times, in recent days and weeks with vicious beatings and shooting of Bedouin children, women and men, causing some to be hospitalized.

    Even if it is true that they came with legally signed orders, it is no less true that the Bedouin residents and the Israeli government are locked in a dispute over ownership of the land. This is not the way to settle a dispute that is still under deliberation in the courts. The Bedouin residents have documents and proof of their traditional rights to the land and of their residence there for hundreds of years, from the time of the Ottoman Empire and the British Mandate, prior to the establishment of the state of Israel.

    The government has enacted discriminatory laws against the Bedouin Arab population in Israel, and by way of those laws expelled them from their villages, relocated them, robbed them of their lands and transferred ownership of those lands to the state.

    The arbitrary policy of demolishing homes is meant to sow fear in the residents so that they will leave their villages and give up their right to live on their land. This policy violates the basic rights to shelter, to life, and to well-being, rights which the state ensures for the Jewish population in Israel, but ignores with regard to the Arab population. The right to housing is anchored in international law, particularly in treaties on social, economic and cultural rights that Israel has signed and ratified.

    Insistence on the laws that the government has enacted in opposition to these treaties is malevolent, foolish and short-sighted. Rather than coming to a mutually acceptable agreement with the Bedouin Arab community on ownership of the land and on the type of settlement it prefers, the government holds fast to its intention of concentrating all the Bedouin in yet another crowded township, plagued with unemployment and neglect in every area of life.

    Nothing like this exists in any other Western country: that so great a number of tax-paying citizens are denied their basic rights to water, electricity, infrastructure, health services and education as are denied to the 90,000 Bedouin citizens of the state of Israel who live in 45 unrecognized villages in the Negev.

    With a modicum of effort, fairness, goodwill, and an understanding of the needs of the Bedouin community, it is possible to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement on the issues in dispute that will benefit all the residents and communities of the Negev. Prolonging or unilaterally forcing the situation holds genuine danger for all the residents of the Negev, Jews and Arabs alike.

    It is unthinkable that the State of Israel encourages and invests in settlements of every kind for Jews in the Negev, including single-family farms rich in acreage and public resources, while ignoring the needs of the Bedouin community and its future development, in flagrant violation of the principle of equality and the vision of Israel’s Declaration of Independence.

    Before the situation gets worse, before calamity strikes, we call on the Government of Israel and the JNF to stop, to rethink their policy and to arrive at an agreed solution with the Bedouin Arabs in the Negev.

    Signatories from Israel:

    Ronit Matalon
    Amos Oz, Israel Prize Laureate
    Sami Michael
    Avraham B. Yehoshua, Israel Prize Laureate
    David Grossman
    Yousef Abu-Zayd
    Sheikh Sayah A-Touri
    Atiyya Al-Assem
    Shulamit Aloni, Israel Prize Laureate
    Prof. Naomi Chazan
    Nathan Zach, Israel Prize Laureate
    Prof. Anat Biletzki
    David Tartakover
    Prof. Oren Yiftachel
    Anat Matar
    Gadi Algazi
    Prof. Ilana Krausman
    Adv. Dan Yakir
    Rachel Michael
    Yehoshua Sobol
    Prof. Aryeh Arnon
    Dr. Mordechai Bar-On
    Prof. Moshe Shoked
    Rabbi Arik Ascherman
    Dr. Edna Lumski-Feder
    Prof. Uri Ram
    Adv. Rawiya Abu-Rabi’a
    Haia Noach
    Hasan al-Malhi
    Yaakov Manor
    Rim Chazan
    Amos Gvirtz
    Prof. Ruth Butler
    Prof. Amiram Goldblum
    Yair Yanov
    Dr. Sarah Helmann
    Dr. Alla Shainskaya
    Prof. Itzhak Nevo
    Prof. Iris Parush
    Nouri al-Ukbi
    Prof. Ruchama Marton
    Miri Barak
    Jonathan Pollack
    Silan Dallal
    Michal Rotem
    Prof. Marwan Dweiri
    Adv. Michael Sfard
    Prof. Aeyal Gross
    Prof. Daniel Bartal
    Dr. Dan Filk
    Prof. Neta Ziv
    Prof. Avner Ben-Amos
    Adv. Avigdor Feldman
    Dr. Awad Abu-Freih
    Khalil al-Amour
    Mickey Fischer
    Mahasen Rabus
    Eilat Maoz
    Noam Tirosh


    • I am sorry but that is not an answer to the list I requested
      if I a tax paying citizent were to build with no permit I wouldn;t get any service by the country as well My house will be destroy and I;ll face big penalty Why do the bedouine deserve better treatment than I. Why are Bedouine as we speak steal more and more land and I see it with my own eyes daily. Next they will say like they already do that they own it for cenury. Yes the Bedouine deserve a solution but they can’t only demand and give nothing in return.
      This list represent a certain part of Israel intelectual who do not represent Israel at all only the left side of it.. no wonder it was publish in Haaretz.

    • By focusing on the issue of “uprooting 300 Palestinians” from a land they never purchased or owned. You are not only caving in to illegal behavior, but also, more important, you keep silenced on the massacre in Syria. By this you are taking part of the war crimes that Assad is executing on his people.


    A win-win for Bedouin and the Negev
    In the coming years, the Negev Desert is expected to enjoy great growth and prosperity, and the Negev Bedouin should be part of that bonanza.

    Indeed, the government plans to invest more than 10 billion shekels ($2.75 billion) over the next 10 years in upgrading Bedouin communities in the Negev, including magnanimous settlements of Bedouin land claims. So what could be bad about this?

    The current situation is good only for extremists who thrive on unrest, and for those who always seek to assail the State of Israel.