CiF Watch prompts correction to inaccurate Indy headline about settlements

Yesterday, we posted about a report at The Independent which included a headline falsely claiming that Israel had recently announced the construction of “900 more settlements“.  As we noted, what Israeli authorities had actually announced was “900 more homes” in existing neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem.

Here’s the original headline:

Shortly after our communication with Indy editors, the headline was corrected, and it now reads as follows:


We commend Indy editors for promptly responding to our complaint.


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  1. ‘We commend Indy editors for promptly responding to our complaint.’
    You should also commend them for correcting their misspelling of ‘despite’ too.

            • Braindead enough to remember that you wanted to leave the fores, nazi, but here you are. Obviously the obsession with the Jewish state keps your mind alive, antisemite.

              • I did leave – for one day. Now I am back and ready to do battle with stupid fascists like you for however long that may take. When I read your brain-dead comments, I am reminded of the saying, “For evil to triumph, it is only necessary that good people do nothing”. I will not do nothing and I will not let evil people like you triumph.

                • Another lie of the Nazi, I see, he wanted to leave but he is obsessed by the opportunity to spread antisemitic garbage at a Jewish Website, so he keeps returning..
                  The evil people are naturally Jews, according to you, Nazi.
                  Why do you let this Nazi post his hate of Jews instead of kicking him out?

                  • Because – birdbrain – this is a Comment Is Fee blog. When will your dim wits finally grasp this? Probably: Never.

                  • I just knew that the wisdom contained in that old saying would probably go shooting way over your head. It was only to be expected of someone with the mentality of a parrot, like you. You really must try making more of an effort to keep up with the grownups in future.

                • Well, we grow up despite your nazi comrades, and we will still be here when the likes of you are forever back in the brown swamp.

                  • No, I am committed to free speech, like this web log is but you – as a fascist – are not.

                  • You are incapable of spelling the word nowadays. You really are hopeless and an appalling advertisement as the self-styled defender of Israeli interests. If anyone should be kicked off this blog it is you. You are an embarrassment for all the other people who post on here; that even includes me. I find your posts embarrassing for others to read and confirm just what a stupid fascist you truly are. Poor CiF Watch.

                • I`m not sure if Adam sees you nazi as advertisement, but funny that you are concerned about the reputation of a Jewish Website.

  2. This is excellent. Now if only you would print an article debating the cynical timing of the announcement I will go on CIF to fight your corner.

    • Wow, Sherri, you managed to get “criminal”, “illegally”, “baby killing”, and “land thieving” into one sentence! You are just the kind of open-minded, reasonable person we like to engage with on this blog………………

    • Do you feel better, now that you have popped in again today and spewed out the same rubbish as yesterday?
      Are you getting treatment for the anti-Semitic Tourette’s syndrome you are clearly suffering from?

      If you are an Attorney, as you claim on your ‘Mondoweiss’ profile, I am very happy that I do not have to face the American legal system.

      Sherri Munnerlyn
      “I live in the US, in Arkansas. I am a Christian. My husband grew up in Iran, and was raised as a Muslim. I am an attorney. I began closely following the Israeli Palestinian Conflict, after the 2006 Israel Lebanon War. I support an end to the human rights abuses and illegal Occupation.”

      • Not surprising since the Iranian Regime is the hotbed of human rights as the US congress has recently confirmed by tightening the boycott measures. A lawyer like her must fall in love with a Sharia Regime.

    • Sherri: unfortunately the settlers – or illegal occupiers – are simply responding to economic stimuli that most other people would react to too. It has to be recognised that they are the willing tools of Zionist ideology and practice. Most of the homes in the illegal settlements are around 30 per cent larger than similar properties inside 1948 Israel and they are sold at around 30 per cent less than equivalent properties in 1948 Israel. How is this possible? Simple: the land is stolen and therefore cost-free, so people are bribed with other people’s land and money. Israel collects up to 50 million shekels annually through the permit system they impose upon the Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories so the Palestinians end up meeting the costs of the illegal occupation themselves. Like you, I hope they will all end up leaving the occupied territories but it has become even more difficult to resolve. To be fair to the Israelis, you cannot blame them for the poor political leadership and stupid posturing of successive Palestinian “leaders”. I am sure they would have preferred to have had the future of their own country and that of the Palestinians long ago. Let us hope that the present talks can achieve some sort of reasonable outcome which will be acceptable to the vast majority of people on both sides of the present divide.

      • We choose whether we live on stolen lands of others or refrain from such war crimes. We choose whether we make our children land thieves and war criminals. I have no sympathy for the illegal settlers, they live on stolen land in violation of intl law. And since 9/2000, members of the IDF and settlers have killed over 1500 Palestinian children in Palestine. Economics does not justify such depravity. To think, over 600, 000 illegal settlers have chosen this life of crime, a life filled with commissions of daily crimes of humanity against the indigenous peoples in the land. I try to fathom that. I cannot help but finding myself thinking about Jesus weeping as he looked down on Jerusalem. The people who choose hate, it breaks Gods heart watching people make those choices. So, while I said I have no sympathy for choices of illegal settlers to live on lands of others in violation of intl law, I have to accept God still loves even them, even in spite of all of their bad choices. He loves them, too, and does not give up on them, and desires they do what is right, but there are always consequences for our sins. A few weeks ago I was reading the story of a 16 year old boy killed on a school bus by Hamas. His name was Daniel. He was the one child killed by Hamas in thepast 5 years, as Israel killed close to 500 Palestinian children. He was born in Hong Kong, HAmas killed 1 child as Israel killed close to 500, but that did not keep me from crying as I read about his life. And it did not stop me from sharing that article with my 12 year old son, and discussing what was happening in Palestine with him.

        • Sherri: I understand what you are saying and my explanation was not an attempt to justify what has happened but to explain it from the perspective of human motives.
          Many immigrants to Israel are allocated housing in the illegal settlements on terms which include free support and generous discounts. One case in point is Nazareth Ilit (even though it is inside 1948 Israel). Russian migrants – who actually prefer to live in the Tel Aviv area – were placed there. As many as 20 per cent of them found they could not cope with living in Nazareth Ilit and – in a number of cases – could not cope with the difference in climate there, so they went back to live in Russia.
          Of those who remained, a significant number stayed there for 3 years, after which time they could legally sell the properties they lived in and re-locate to Tel Aviv, which is where they wanted to stay in the first place.
          Paradoxically, this development has meant that Palestinians living in the ancient city of Nazareth under highly crowded conditions (because the Israeli authorities do not permit Nazarenes to extend upon existing properties or to build new ones) are now able to buy properties from the migrants quitting Nazareth Ilit, which has caused the Zionist mayor Shimon Gapso of Nazareth Ilit considerable angst, to the point where he has recently stated inter alia ‘Upper Nazareth is a Jewish city and it’s important that it remains so. If that makes me a racist, then I’m a proud offshoot of a glorious dynasty of “racists” that started with the “Covenant of the Pieces”… See for the full statement.
          Ultimately, Zionist strategy is to manipulate human weakness and greed, even among their own “chosen” people.

        • Sherri… punim… all of America is stolen land. And Christianity is based on the blaming the murder of a Jewish guy on Jews.

          And your numbers… Do they include the children of Palestine blowing up the children of Israel?

          Your 12 year old son has a difficult life ahead of him.

        • “So, while I said I have no sympathy for choices of illegal settlers to live on lands of others in violation of intl law, I have to accept God still loves even them, even in spite of all of their bad choices.”

          Yes, Sherri. God even loves us. He might so much as love your pathetic self. But does God love your kid? For he gave him you as a mom.

        • And his response was? None – because, unlike you, he has the intelligence to know that I was right in what I said. You – on the other hand – are just too stupid to ever know the difference between right and wrong. In a world of rich difference, I suppose there has to be a special place for numbskulls like you. Perhaps you can work out where that special place is if I leave you long enough to ponder on it?

          • He obviously is to decent to comment on an Antisemite, but I prefer to kick the shit out of Nazis like you.

              • Well, you are not the first nazi, and I doubt that you will be the last, whom I kick the shit out.

                • Fat chance – like your empty head !
                  You won’t be the first Zio fascist fanatic to give it a try.
                  I am still here – or have you not noticed due to your congenital stupidity?

                • Well, I wonder what patience Adam has with Nazis like you. But as I already said it is a Innerer Rechsparteitag for a Nazi like you to post at a Jewish website and to Insult and denounce Jews.

                  • I see you are enjoying wearing your storm-trooper mentality again, Fritz.
                    You fascists all get such a kick out of it, don’t you?

                • Well, nazijohnny, whatever you tell about fascist and nazis, you know them at close range. I prefer to keep distance to such despicable people unless they harm us , then I kick the shit out of them, and of you, of course.

                  • I have no idea how the numbers of votes against each entry are made but I cannot help noticing that yours are going down. Don’t cry over it; I am sure your insistent stupidity is bringing this blog into disrepute which, presumably, is what you want?

                • Poor NSJohnny is concerned about a Jewish website`s reputation depsite Adam allowing him to post his Antisemitism.
                  How perverted Antisemites can get?

                  • Stupid Fritz cannot spell the word despite correctly – as with so many other challenging words he fails to understand – like the invented anti-Semite word.
                    Semitic people/languages: Family of Afro-Asiatic languages spoken by more than 200 million people in northern Africa and South Asia. No other language family has been attested in writing over a greater time span—from the late 3rd millennium BCE to the present. Both traditional and some recent classifications divide the family into an eastern and western group. Until recently the sole known East Semitic language was Akkadian; now some scholars add Eblaite, the language of a cuneiform archive found at the ancient city of Ebla, with documents dating from circa 2300 to 2250 BCE . West Semitic contains as one major subgroup Northwest Semitic, which includes Ugaritic, known from alphabetic cuneiform texts of circa 1400–1200 BCE ; the closely related Canaanite languages (including Moabite, Phoenician, and Ancient Hebrew); and Aramaic. Further subgrouping is controversial; traditionally, Arabic was placed in a distinct South Semitic subgroup of West Semitic, though a more recent classification puts it together with Northwest Semitic. The South Semitic languages include Epigraphic South Arabian; Modern South Arabian (or Modern South Arabic), a group of six languages spoken in eastern Yemen, southwestern Oman, and the island of Socotra; and Ethiopic.
                    As I am sure all readers of this blog will realise – though not stupid Fritz – I am not anti- any one of the estimated 200 million people who speak Semitic languages.

                  • I suspect Fritz’s comments are self-directed now as no one else is taking any notice of him. What a weirdo he is. Utterly crazy! Very amusing of him to behave in his predictably stupid way.

            • Does Fritz know the simple difference between to and too? Clearly not but this is no great surprise as all his contributions are clearly the work of an ignoramus.

          • I followed the link to your comments and read them, and really don’t think you should be calling anyone else stupid, or fascist for that matter.

            • Jeff: I assure you I only do it when the cap of stupidity or storm trooper helmet of fascism fits, as it amply does in the case of the stupid fascist Fritz. Anyone who – like you – debates politely and sensibly with me will always be reciprocated.

            • And he clearly doesn’t know the origin of the term “anti-semitism” (a term I avoid myself, given its origins and the fact that some idiot who fancies himself terribly clever will always witter on about “Arabs are Semites too” or list other Semitic languages).

              • cba: it is not a matter of cleverness but a fact that all entries listed for Semitism invariably refer you and everyone else to the description of a group of languages.
                What you and countless others have fallen for is the Zionist propaganda “spin” whereby they use the invented term antisemitism to mean anything they want it to mean. It is extremely useful for them because it enables them to frighten other Jews into thinking some other undefined group is “out to get them”. This creates a general feeling of paranoia in the Jewish community, which is completely unwarranted.
                Far more historically specific was the term Jew-hatred, which formed the basis on which many Jews were horribly murdered, raped, robbed and looted in the past – all of which it is necessary to condemn in the strongest possible terms. What they did historically, including the Nazis in the 1940s, is so appalling I struggle to find the words which are adequate to express my sense of revulsion and disgust that otherwise apparently civilized people could have behaved so appallingly badly towards another group solely on the basis of religious belief. That is really crazy!

    • The other commenter is religiously motivated – I am not. But, of course, you are too simple-minded to work out the distinction. I expect nothing less than that from a Zio-fascist like you. You would fit right in with Mussolini and his fascist blackshirts.

          • Here we are, the nsjohn revisionist equates Zionism with Nazism.
            Discussing with such a nonperson would just gives him the impression that his opinions are legitim enough to be discussed.
            Which they are not, kick the nazi out; Adam.

                • With your insatiable lust for lebensraum you are the only one capable of being involved in ethnic cleansing – not me.

                  • Perhaps your bird brain will get around the concept that it is Zionists who hunger for lebensraum – from the Nile to the Euphrates – for an Eretz Israel but without assimilated Jews. Do you get that? I seriously doubt you have the intelligence to understand such an ideological point. Your racist friends – like the Mayor of Nazareth Ilit – will explain it simply for you if you ask him.

                • Whimpy NSJohnny ascribes to Jews what his adored had done, always the same with These Antisemites, all mouth, no brain.

                  • Why idiot Fritz employs a capital letter before a non-proper noun I do not know – but then his overall stupidity defies rational belief anyway. As I have pointed out to his dull mind more than once, I reject the term antisemitism as having any credible meaning. It is a journalistic invention dating from as recently as 1879 and has been used ever since by Zionist fascists like Fritz to mean whatever they want it to mean.
                    I think Fritz perfectly represents the category of all mouth and no brain. At least I can spell words correctly and use definite and indefinite articles correctly, which is apparently beyond the ability of Fritz’s single brain cell to cope with. He is a fool.

                • John Dowdle:
                  … the concept that it is Zionists who hunger for lebensraum – from the Nile to the Euphrates …

                  “concept” as in the idea of flatulent-fly-fuelled interstellar ice-cream vans?

                • Another NS Diatribe from NSJohnny denying his Antisemitism by attributing the use of the term, invented by a left extremist Antisemite, Marr, to Jews and therefore as meaningless.
                  Well, NSJohnny is an Antisemite, if ever there was one

                  • Fritz really is incredibly ignorant and stupid if he believes that Wilhelm Marr was a leftist – as he stupidly puts it. Marr was a strongly motivated pan-Germanist at the time he first coined the phrase anti-Semite. Arabs, including Palestinians, are Semites. You don’t see me attacking them do you? Therefore, how can I be accused of being an anti-Semite? I make allowances for the congenital stupidity of Fritz and it is a relief to be able to observe that he is the only one stupid enough to make the same stupid mistakes over and over and over again. He was obviously born with a malfunctioning brain – from which he has never recovered.

                • NSJohnny is an Antisemite, if ever there was one.
                  Funny that he is afraid of being labelled as such, his predecents were proud of being Antisemites. and now this, a touchy Nazi, after the Holocaust.

                  • No, Fritz, it is Zionists like you who are Nazis, so you are incapable of hunting them down – unless you believe in hunting yourself down – but that would be really stupid, even for someone of your incredibly limited intelligence.

                • John Dowdle @ Fritz W.
                  “It was Zionists like you who offered to fight alongside the Nazis”

                  And you ask if it’s ME “smoking the weird stuff”??

                  • Read on-line the article “The Zionist-Nazi Collaboration”, especially the paragraph ‘The understanding of Herzl, as well as the Zionists, about the inevitability of anti-Semitism was possibly self-fulfilling, for rather than opposing anti-Semitism in the first half of the 20th century, the Zionists found common cause with Hitler, Eichmann, and the Nazis and used anti-Semitism and Nazism as a means of achieving their end which was the establishment of a Jewish state. The two reactionary movements shared the view that German Jews were living in that country as a ‘foreign race’ and that the racial divide was essential to maintain. The Zionists’ use of Nazism involved, among other things, the blocking of avenues of escape to other countries of Europe’s Jews and diverting them to Palestine, even as the death trains began to roll in Europe. The rise of Nazism and Hitler to power was never, or almost never, opposed by the Zionists prior to the establishment of Israel.

                • Another NS reviionist lie of NSJohnny, trying to pin the guilt for the destruction of the European Jews on them

  3. Looks lke you are more than a bit out of mind, my remarks aren`t coming from you.
    Poor Nazijohnny, there goes your mind.


    • Well, what a surprise. Dim old Fritz has managed to work out how to copy and paste some hyperlinks. Whether or not he managed to work it out by himself is probably very open to question.

  4. The links prove that I rightly call him NSJohnny. Or does somebody know whether he suffers from mental disorder?

    • As I have said before, I do not mind the fact that I read New Statesman from time to time. You seem to have a problem with that – but then again you have a problem with anyone who can read anything in the least bit intellectually challenging – which is why everyone is right to consider you intellectually challenged, i.e. “thick”.

    • An accusation which is part of the customary idiotic fare from dim brain Ziofascist Fritz. If anyone is an anti-Semite, it is Fritz – he gives everyone a bad reputation.

        • I leave you and your gay friends to fixate upon and hero worship Hitler.
          Bear in mind I have nothing against gays or Jews but I do object to the conduct of the Nazis. It was a good job that we British stood alone against the Nazi war machine when no one else did. Certainly, it was Zionist extremists like you who offered to fight alongside the Nazis – or have you conveniently forgotten that?

            • I don’t hate Jews – or homosexuals. I have friends who are both. You need to give up your fixation with Hitler and the Nazis; it clearly disturbs you. If you continue to fixate on these events of the 1940s, you will never be free of them – and that means the Nazis carry on winning by influencing you even up to this very day. Think on that.
              The Romans murdered all our Druid priests 2,000 years ago. Do I care? No!
              You need to address the real issue – which is to achieve a peaceful agreement so that you and the Israelis can live alongside the Palestinians in peace and tranquility. That is the main prize for all living in the Middle East.

              • Real issue has been addressed, John Dowdle. Israel has an outstanding state offer to the Palestinians for the past 13 years that received a response of only war, and you blame Israel for making the Palestinians want to fight them.

                Stated and understood. The problem, Johnboy, is that you have spent a lot of energy on this site telling us just how racist we JEWS are, telling us how we JEWS control US government, telling us how we JEWS want go to battle and to raise a racist society. And then you claim exasperation before coming back and repeating your bullshit.

                If that’s how you want to spend your piece of shit life, then realize that we will call you out for it.

                As for your gay friends, and your Jewish friends, and of course your gay Jewish friends…. you fucking crack me up.

                Not only are you obtuse but entirely unoriginal. Which is right up that Nazi/Klan alley.

                • Can you point out the comment I made in which I claimed the ‘JEWS control US government’? You seem to be engaged in some form of projection. I say – politely – look to your own beliefs and try to assess if you are not projecting those on to others?
                  I have [previously said – here and elsewhere – that the major is a failure of political leadership – on all sides, starting with the British, Israelis, Palestinians and latterly Americans. Now, only political leaders from Israel, Palestine and America are in a position to achieve peace. I hope they are up to the task – but I am not terribly hopeful. Even if Abbas manages to obtain something acceptable to all, there will still be Hamas to satisfy and I have no idea how that will go.

                  • I guess now is the time to admit to you, Johnboy… but I don’t really read all of your shit. Probably because I see you as part of the same old anonymous vitriolic dump that comes from other wonderfully named albeit anonymous posters who do insist that Israel goes so far as to steal organs from Haitians while also demanding attention for all the work Israel does over there. Do you know what I mean? See, when your entire SIDE’S premise is that Israel is some monster who is incapable of peace, and your entire SIDE shouts this out repeatedly no matter the issue, then when one sees you as posting from that SIDE, one presumes that you are as empty headed as they all are.

                    The trigger to lump you in with the others is your (repeated) suggestion that I am projecting some racist belief I hold upon my assessment of your biases. And my retort has been pretty consistent: There is a state offer on the table that was brought about by the Oslo Accords; and that this state offer is routinely rejected by folks on your side who continuously complain that Israel doesn’t do enough to make peace with an entire side that treats Israel differently than any other country on this planet.

                    You are a one dimensional gas bag, and because of your constant state of reproach towards Israel and Zionists, you really shouldn’t be surprised by us lumping precious you in with other hate mongers whom you parrot and whom parrot you.

                    As my final ever thought directed towards you, I will say that blog sites like this, and news sites like the Guardian, aren’t going to bring peace to the region. That is between Israel and Palestinian leaderships only… Not America. Not Russia. Not the EU. Of course, the more outside players get involved by encouraging violence upon Israelis whether openly or through backhanded means (like not taking Palestinian society to task for their own hate mongers and murderers) will make this task MORE difficult to reach. In fact, it’s all the noise coming from the sidelines that has rendered Oslo a figment of a forgotten time as opposed to the BUILDING BLOCK it had been.

                    But whatever. I’m the racist because you say so, and you say so because you’ve got gay Jewish friends. Amazingly, even though all of that is “understood” there still is no Palestinian state.

                    So, yeah, work on those premises….

                    • Thank you for your thoughtful response. I know nothing about organs being taken from Haitians. I do know that a Nepalese UN contingent has been blamed for bringing cholera to the island during 2010, which had never seen it before.
                      Around 90,000 contracted cholera and more than 2,000 died from the disease.
                      I believe the UN continues to deny responsibility for the outbreak.
                      That is all I know from impartial objectively based information about Haiti.
                      I will also say – as I have repeatedly said – that the principal problem is a failure of political leadership, on all sides. The recent film – The Gatekeepers – by former leaders of Mossad carries a similar message so it is not just me saying it.
                      I never thought much of Arafat and I don’t think any more of Abbas either.
                      But that means Israel needs to provide even better leadership but the constant changing of goals and constantly approving more and more illegal settlements just does not help the process. The greatest failure by Netanyahu and others of his ilk is that their tactics may win small victories but they will end up by leaving the people of Israel having to live in a single state – which may require real ethnic cleansing to reduce the numbers of Palestinians or a true apartheid system of politics and government in Israel. This nightmare scenario is much closer than you may know.

      • BTW: Weren’t you going to quit this website? Because you’ve got gumption and stuff?

        Another lying piece of shit. Those Palestinians don’t have a state because their friends are all incapable of encouraging peace. They love the hate mongers’ hate. It must be the flashing lights that attracts them.

        • You are just not keeping up, are you? As stupid as he is, at least Fritz got the message through his thick head a whole lot quicker than you. Amazing but true – you must be even more stupid than Fritz – which I had thought humanly impossible.
          All the Palestinians I have met do want peace. Yes, they pursue their demands but they do so in non-violent ways, despite IDF/settler provocation. You are seeing flashing lights are you? My advice to you is to stop using certain substances when you participate in physical recreational activities. I have read reports which say that gay men seem to enjoy that sort of thing so I will be discreet about your activities.

          • What’s there to keep up with? You hate Jews. You come here to express this opinion. And you do so as moronic as a Klansman with a shit-stained sheet.

            I’ve seen the John Dowdle experience firsthand. You’re not impressive. An opinion that rings more true as the Palestinians continue to flounder in their quest to exterminate Israel and replace it with another Arab entity.

            Go… Dream the big dream…. But realize your dreams are jokes, and that you are a joker, hellbent on getting nothing out of life.

            You are a futile and stupid little man. Eventually, you will die, leaving the world nothing but the knowledge that an empty brained, Jew hating gas bag has finally left this realm.

            Personally, tomorrow will be too late for your impending death. But have at it, man. KKKeep the hope alive.

            • Well, well, well – what a wellspring of deep bitterness you have inside you. You are lost for all time. You will never heal or recover – that is truly evident. I feel sorry for you and your cultivated bitterness. I hope you find a way to get better. No one – or at least very very few – deserve to have the thoughts you have. You are really sick.

      • That`s truly original and surprising. that a nazi accuses Zionists of being Antisemites.
        How long do you allow this mental midget to stay on, Adam?

        • There is only one mental midget on this blog – and that Fritz is you. You are an anti-Semite according to Zionist philosophy – you hate Palestinians and Arabs. QED.
          I don’t hate anyone so am not an anti-Semite. QED.

            • And you, Fritz, are barely conscious – if that. Just stay with the mosses and the lichens, where you belong. You should enjoy your simple conversations with them.

          • You are an anti-Semite according to Zionist philosophy – you hate Palestinians and Arabs.

            Hilarious! Ta for that laugh-inducing start to the week.

            • Palestinians and Arabs ARE Semites – are you too ignorant to know that?
              Thanks for the laugh – ON YOU !!

          • Dowdle you are a liar!
            In your post above AUGUST 18, 2013 @ 5:06 PM you write,
            “I don’t hate anyone so am not an anti-Semite”

            But on the thread titled “The Tripod: CAMERA links in three languages – August 9 – 12” in your post of AUGUST 14, 2013 @ 6:33 PM you wrote,
            “I detest Christian Zionists, of which I believe you are one.
            You really are the lowest of the low, aligning yourselves with Jews,..”

            Don’t try and argue that ‘hate’ is different from ‘detest’ or you will provide further proof that you are an idiot as well as a liar.

            • @ John Dowdle

              Gerald is a Christian who supports Israel. Got a problem with that in itself? It seems so.

              And there is of course bollock-all evidence to suggest – as you do in the link cited by G. above – that he is a Restorationist looking forward to 1,000 Year Jew-free Reich.
              (and you can additionally fuck off for that Nazi reference)

              • Detestation is analytical while hatred is irrational – which I am not.
                Yes, Christian Zionists are to be detested by any decent person, whether Judaist, Christianist, Islamist, Buddhist, secularist – whatever. If you are a Christian, you should detest them too or be accused of having low moral standards.
                Christian Zionists are a bunch of dodgy shysters, as you must surely know.

                • Detestation is analytical while hatred is irrational

                  Ah, the old “judenhass/antisemitism” divide! That line of argumentation has a long and “illustrious” pedigree.

                  • Christian Zionism has nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity or the teachings of Jesus. And it arose out of erroneous interpretations of Scriptures in England in the 1800s. Any true follower of Jesus will reject and renounce all of the idolotrous cult teachings of Christian Zionism. Rejecting Christian Zionist teachings is what real Christians choose. Its always a choice we make every day of our lives, to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ or reject them as Christian Zionists do. Jesus must always come first for real Christians, not man made nations like Israel.

                  • cab: you appear to have missed the point – or have you?
                    Is it because you choose not to get it?
                    Are you closing your mind off to a rational approach and – instead – choosing the alternative, peculiar as that may seem?
                    You are aware of the old saying “There are none so blind as those who will not see”, I suppose?
                    I suggest it applies to you and many of the other contributors to this blog.

              • Where to even begin? How about ‘The idea that Christians should actively support a Jewish return to the Land of Israel, along with the parallel idea that the Jews ought to be encouraged to become Christian, as a means fulfilling a Biblical prophecy has been common in Protestant circles since the Reformation.’ from Wikipedia entry for Christian Zionism. It also mentioned the Second Coming of Christ by way of further explanation.
                The so-called New Testament predicts a 1,000 year regime on Earth after the Great White Throne Day when Jesus will reign over everyone.
                You may feel – as I do – that only nutjobs, fruitcakes and downright idiots will ever buy into any of this Christian Zionist nonsense but I think you will find that there are people calling themselves Christians who believe this utter tripe. For all I know, Gerald may be one of them. Here is his chance to clarify matters.
                Is he a Christian Zionist? Is this why he supports the “ingathering” of all Jews into the “Holy Land” in order to usher in a new era in which all the Jews convert to Christianism and then Jesus comes back to rule over all of us for 1,000 years, following which we all go to heaven – or hell, as the stupid story goes?

  5. A nazi, Antisemite and homophob who maintains that he is befriended with Jews and Homosexuals.

    Quo usque tandem abutere, NSjohnny, patientia nostra?

    Kick that Nazi out.

  6. Now Fritz imagines he is a Roman senator. How more delusional than Fritz can anyone get? He surely is completely crazy.

    • How more delusional than Fritz can anyone get?

      Sad fuckers who claim that Fritz W. “worships at the shrine of Nazism and fascism” for starters …

      • I will leave you and Fritz to worship together. You can bear in mind the fact that Adolf Eichmann visited Palestine in 1937 to meet with Zionists there and reported back to his Nazi friends favourably on Zionism. At his trial in 1960, Eichmann stated ‘”[H]ad I been a Jew, I would have been a fanatical Zionist. I could not imagine being anything else. In fact, I would have been the most ardent Zionist imaginable.”—A. Eichmann, “Eichmann Tells His Own Damning Story”, Life Magazine, Volume 49, Number 22, (28 November 1960), pp. 19-25, 101-112; at 22.

  7. The art of citation is unknown to nazis like you. I can`t recommend a nazi to learn history as he is inept, self evidently.

    • In view of the citation above your comment, it would seem that you are far closer to the Nazis than I will ever be. Poor stupid Fritz, you still don’t get it; you are still trying hopelessly to defend the indefensible.

  8. I am signing-off on this blog to concentrate on my anti-Zionist and anti-fascist work for a few days. If any of you are interested in such things and are likely to be in East London on Saturday, 7th September, check out the Unite Against Fascism web site for details of their demonstration against the EDL.
    Who knows, we might all meet up there?

      • Fascism lies in the oppressive practices of Israel as they occupy and discriminate and violate intl law, not in the viewpoints of individuals who support or oppose these fascist practices.

  9. Sherri is mentally ill, it’s really quite sad. Let’s hope she gets some treatment soon for her illness, because she is very sick.