Antony Loewenstein’s latest dishonest anti-Israel smear at ‘Comment is Free’

Antony Loewenstein doesn’t believe the Jewish state should exist under any circumstances, and in his latest ‘Comment Free’ commentary he wears this badge proudly by characterizing his identity as a melange of Judaism, atheism, Germanic traditions, Anglo-Saxon-Australian beliefs and anti-Zionism.

When last we posted about the marginal Aussie commentator, we revealed that he flat-out lied when he recounted a conversation in which he evidently told Tony Abbott (before he became Prime Minister) that there were “Jews only roads” in the West Bank.  As CAMERA proved definitively quite a few years ago, such roads do not exist.

In his current CiF contribution, the misinformation he advances to Guardian readers is a bit more subtle, but easy nonetheless to refute for anyone who understands Israeli-Jewish demography, or is at least willing to open the link he provides to “prove” his argument.


Here’s the passage in question:

According to new Israeli government released figures, Jews are now outnumbered by Arabs under Israeli sovereignty by over 50,000 people. That’s segregation by definition. Israel learns nothing from history except how to brutalise the marginalised.

This bizarre claim that the current demography proves  Israel is practicing “segregation” is clarified by opening the link he provides, an article at The Forward by J.J. Goldberg, which provides these population figures.

Palestinian Arabs, West Bank: 2,676,740

Palestinian Arabs, Gaza Strip: 1,763,387

(Total Palestinians, Israeli military-administered territories: 4,440,127)

Israeli Arabs (citizens): 1,666,800

Total Arabs under Israeli sovereign administration: 6,106,927

Israeli Jews: 6,056,100

In case it didn’t already jump out at you, Loewenstein, per Goldberg, is including in his Arab-Jewish demographic snapshot, not only Palestinians in the West Bank, but Gaza (where Israel completed a withdrawal in 2005) as well.  However, even for those believing the specious claim that Gaza is still “occupied”, there’s another group of Arabs Loewenstein includes: Arab Israelis!

Loewenstein fails to acknowledge that a segment of the Arab figure he cites as under Israeli sovereignty are in fact under the state’s sovereignty because of course they are full citizens.  

Even those who advance the hyperbolic claim that the territorial dispute between Israel and Palestinians represents racial ‘segregation’ don’t include Arab citizens of Israel in this smear because the segregation charge (dishonest under any circumstances) could only conceivably be leveled if the subjected group is denied voting rights and other civil rights.  As this is clearly not the case with Arab Israelis, Lowenstein’s argument completely falls apart.

Loewenstein’s polemical slight of hand isn’t as egregious as his outright lie about “Jews-only roads”, but it does again demonstrate that anti-Zionist ideologues will continue to find a platform to spread their smears at ‘Comment is Free’.   

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  1. That particular post demonstrates the difficulty that The Guardian/CiF is experiencing finding extreme radical delusional left wing ‘as a Jew’ to write posts for them.

    So many comments deleted. CiF is a stomping ground for the ‘Hate Israel’ loonies.

      • It would seem that a fair number of self-identifield left-wingers think they do have such a right, but only in one such case.

        • Those people aren’t really Left wingers, then. They can claim to be all they want, but the principles of their argument tend to show that, really, they are hate mongering trash.

          The Left that I belong to is the anti-thesis of hate mongering trash. The Left I belong to believes in multi-culturalism, general understanding, the freedom of the spirit. Not to repeatedly smear on the same lies and bullshit, but, rather, to find a real peace seeking conclusion. One that involves everybody and not one body.

          As a Left wing pro-Israel poster, I do not dismiss the Arabs nor their urge for autonomy. I do fault the Arabs for finding it impossible to live justified life while in the shadow of the Jewish state. A state that has opened itself up to others despite the dangers it faces on a daily basis.

  2. What immediately struck me was how he started with an interesting story about his family heritage – before crowbarring in a critique of Israel and Zionism for no discernible reason. And a very one-sided critique, at that.

    • Paraphrasing the Christian “The Lord moves in mysterious ways”
      which derives from Romans 11:33
      Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and[a] knowledge of God!
      How unsearchable his judgments,
      and his paths beyond tracing out!

      The paths of assimilation are not beyond tracing out, but some assimilationists are moving in mysterious ways and their judgment is at least questionable if there is one left, after all..

  3. This is the same newspaper who has been defending Glenn Greenwald, who, let’s remember, is currently in a brouhahardeeharhar with Edward Snowden after convincing young Mr Snowden to take the job in Hawaii in order to smuggle out information regarding NSA which anybody who has been paying attention to over the past decade already knew about.

    Is Danny Boy around? Mr. Washington Bureau chief, your newspaper is a sack of dung, and that is why we laugh at you.

    • after convincing young Mr Snowden to take the job in Hawaii in order to smuggle out information regarding NSA which anybody who has been paying attention to over the past decade already knew about.

      Do you have a solid link to back that up or are you surmising??? Don’t get me wrong. I could believe it of little Glenny but, if that charge could be substantiated, our little Glenny would be in deep, deep trouble with the US law enforcement. I think that would clearly be conspiracy.

      Not a lawyer though.

      • This is based on reports coming out within the first week of the Snowden affair. I don’t really read the newspapers, but Little Green Footballs is where I found that information. There were emails between the two of them that came before his hiring at the contractor for NSA.

        Greenwald is laughed at by the left wing folks I hang out with. In fact, it can be said, the first mistake Snowden made was being stupid enough to trust that guy.

  4. I think overwhole the article, though incorrectly written with regards to some facts, goes to demonstrate the emotions which run through people who are affected by forced migration and wars.
    It is very possible that Antony would have felt different had he served in the IDF or even lived in Israel. It is almost certain he would have felt different had he lived in germany 80 years ago.

  5. Antony Loewenstein knows the truth, but decided to present a false picture. However, the reason for presenting a false picture is because he thinks he’ll get away with it. He thinks his readers are dumb; they’ll swallow anything he feeds them. So, apart from writing an inaccurate piece, he has a low opinion of his readers, too. That’s arrogance, a common, self-righteous, lefty trait.

    • I wouldn’t claim I know for a fact what he knows or doesn’t know.
      I noticed that he expresses his father’s feelings in the article which basically goes to show he has a habbit of thinking for others and applying what he believes people think or feel in writing.

      This is false journalism if you don’t note that what you wrote is your own take on matters rather than a fact.

  6. The demographics of Israel are interesting Reality is that from the sea to the river it is one country atleast as far as the administration goes. -But over fifty percent of the population under Israeli administration are Palestinians, yet the Israeli administration and its military is predominantly Jewish. So what does this imply?

    One possible implication is Israel is either a colonial power and therefore Palestinians are its subjects and not its citizens. Which is fine. The subjects have the right to resist their colonial masters but have no right to be part of the democratic process.

    Second option is that Israel’s democracy is flawed and is racist as it is not democratic for the majority of those under its administration. The majority finds itself disenfranchised. The minority thinks it is only their country and wants the majority not only to accept that but be happy about it. Ultimately, the minority would like tthe majority to leave the place because there are atleast 100 other countries where people who look like the majorty live anyway. So why is the majorty making such a fuss? Why can they not just leave their houses and go some where else.

    Some might try to argue that Gaza is not occupied. Well ask any body who has tried to go into Gaza or who have tried to leave? They will tell you whether Gaza is occupied or not. The UN has classified Gaza as occupied.

    Israel is soon reaching the point where it will have to face some blunt questions. It cannot be put off anymore. The nine months will soon be over. The PA would have earned its US dollars sitting round the table. Than what? .Another few hundred settlements. A few more Palestinians dispossesed.

    • Athiest – do you really have any proof of what you have spouted? As the saying goes in Vegas – Put Up or Shut Up. And how is Israel racist? Tell me – how many Jews, Christians, Bahais, Hindus, etc. are on any governing board under the Invented Creatures aka Palestinian Authorities’ command? 2? 1?? Try 0. Or, how many non-relatives of the Saud Family are in the government of Saudi Arabia? How many churches and synagogues exist? Let’s see – what’s another one – oh yes — Egypt recently had fired upon a fishing boat that had two invented creatures on – you’d call them Palesitnians. DId you care? Did you write the UN or Congress to have a special meeting about this? Nope didn’t think you did. What about the ongoing slaughter of your heroes by their bretheren in Syria (where most of them came from originally)? Again you are silent. Again no Flotilla is being ordered to sail, no demands to Congress, no phone calls to the UN. What? Are you a Hypocrite? (GASP – BACK OF HAND TO FOREHEAD EYES LOOKING UP IN DISBELIEF) Seriously – you need to put up and show us all exactly what a Palestinian is, where the proof is about Israel’s racism (which is why an Ethiopian descent woman won Miss Israel; the Arabs in the Knesset – some of which were even on a Flotilla) and the ongoing friction of allowing those who wish to kill one to be in charge of one’s sacred facilities. (Here’s proof of the Egypt firing upon the invented creatures – http://www.jpost.com/Defense/IDF-shoots-injures-2-Palestinians-in-W-Bank-Gaza)

    • Nothing amuses me more when going over ME issues (and surprisingly, a lot of ME discussions DO amuse me, mostly due to the extreme Left/Islamist/both stupidity contribution) than hearing Israeli Arabs declare A) they are Palestinians and B) Israel treats them like a 5th column. Even Sencar here can fill out the Logic 101 hole in that argument.
      In any case, the numbers you applied only work if you lie about Gaza, most of the West Bank, and of course 20% of Israel’s citizens. Fortunately for your side, you have a willingness to lie. Unfortunately for them, you’re also not very bright.

  7. The problem is not one of race, it is religion. Most of the Israeli Arabs (citizens) are Christians and as such do not have fanatical, blind-to-reason, hate- and envy-inspired views. That’s why they didn’t leave when the modern state of Israel was created. It is only among the Islamist group that the indelible hatred for Israel and Jews exists, and is strong enough to provoke atrocity after atrocity. And we see this Islamist hatred extends towards every other person who is not an Islamist, be they Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or atheist. Perhaps their worst hatred is reserved for Muslims who do not share their extreme version of Islam. Whoever opposes them they want to kill, and they are delighted to kill and maim any innocent person to achieve their ends. Of course they will never achieve their ends and their acts are completely in vain, but nevertheless the innocent still suffer. Antony Loewnstein is a disgrace – he is more interested in his own ego than the sufferings of humanity. What does he write all this stuff for? To get attention of course. I doubt if he has an ounce of true compassion or understanding in his body.

    • Ben,
      That is a very wrong take on what happened between 1947 – 1949.

      “That’s why they didn’t leave when the modern state of Israel was created.”
      If, for example, you take the village of Abu Gosh.
      Mixed Christian and Muslim village on the route to Jerusalem.

      It is worth learning of the injustice carried out to them in the early turbilant times and how now the village welcomes Israeli Jews seeking cheaper houses near Jerusalem.
      The same can be said about Usafiya for example.


      The village was helping Hativat Harel and has a memorial for them at the top of the village.
      You should visit it if you ever go there. It is a place where people really feel we are all connected and where you can feel alliances can be formed with those who cherish life and seek mutual respect.

  8. By the way – Lowenstein should change it’s name to Smith, Cameron, Obama, Reid – something that doesn’t sound Jewish since it is clear he is a self-hater. And yes, Jews can also be anti-semitic. Hopefully this creature that is NOT a true Journalist (not by the old standards) only had a Jewish father like Anthony Weiner. To be honest – us Jews have enough Tzurists (Troubles).

  9. Atheist stop with the lie that Israel controls Gaza.
    100% of Gaza Hamas controls.
    If your concerned about Gaza, you would protest Hamas using Gazan’s as human fodder.

    Palestinian Journalist Blames Hamas for Problems In Gaza
    “I feel even sorrier today for the people in Gaza as Hamas is pulling a publicity stunt with their blood.”
    Rachel Avraham
    June 30th, 2013

    Palestinian journalist Mudar Zahran claims the Hamas government in Gaza is corrupt, abuses its people and is to blame when Israel is forced to air-strike terrorist targets.

    Mudar Zahran, a Jordanian Palestinian political activist and writer whocalls for peace with Israel, has emphasized that he believes Hamas is responsible for all qassam rockets fired into Israeli territory, even when the Palestinian Islamic Jihad or another group is the one taking responsibility. While noting that there are disagreements between the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas, especially in the wake of the present crisis in Syria, Zahran still believes that Hamas permits the Palestinian Islamic Jihad to wage attacks against Israel from Gazan territory for it is in their interest to do so.

    “Having a confrontation between Gaza and Israel is good business for Hamas, who makes a lot of money off of the deprivation of average people in Gaza. Hamas is to blame for every thing that happens in Gaza. They don’t care for the blood and humanity of their people,” Zahran claims. “Hamas is creating a situation where scarcity and poverty help make people submit. This is nightmarish. The only job Gazans can have is joining Hamas.”

    Yet at the same time, Zahran has emphasized that due to the rise of President Morsi in Egypt and the international political situation, it is better for Hamas if the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and not them, gets the credit for initiating the violence. According to Zahran, “Hamas is not about Islam any more but business and investment. It is a true dictatorship. It is willing to sell its own Islamist values for the sake of money if the right price is offered.”

    He continued, “People should realize that Hamas has changed. Hamas now wants interest, whenever they can find it. They will give in for whoever they are getting money. Hamas leaders now have a lot to lose if they are killed or attacked. They have houses, German cars, millions of dollars.” For this reason, Hamas gives the Palestinian Islamic Jihad the green light to operate against Israel, while refraining from taking actions on their own, so all Israeli retaliations will affect the Palestinian Islamic Jihad more than them, while the blockade works to distract the Palestinian people from Hamas’ oppression and to consolidate Hamas rule over Gaza.

  10. Antony Loewenstein the Nazi.

    Anti-Israel activist Antony Loewenstein: “Six Million Should Die.”
    August 23, 2012 | 243 Comments
    Antony Loewenstein is an Australian anti-Israel activist who describes himself as “a non-practising atheist Jew”. He has just co-written a book with Ahmed Moor called After Zionism, about the search for a one state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This would mean the end of Israel as a Jewish state.

    But, during the Q&A Jonathan Hoffman asked Loewenstein how many people Loewenstein thinks should die for this one-state solution, that Loewenstein wants so much, to come into existence. The idea being that Israelis are not going to vote themselves out of existence, so presumably such a state could come about only by force involving more bloodshed.

    As Loewenstein wasn’t quite answering the question he was pressed further by Hoffman as to how many people Loewenstein thinks should die. First, Frank Barat, the Chairman, answered “200,000″ (here is more on Barat). Then Loewenstein answered “Six million. That’s my answer. Write that down.

    • This is what I don’t get.
      Antony Loewenstein is an Australian anti-Israel activist who describes himself as “a non-practising atheist Jew”.

      If you are an Atheist Jew, you must believe in a Jewish national aspiration or, believe that all Jews are gene related.

      Since only the Nazis really advocated for the latter, Antony is either a follower of the race theory or believes that Jews are a nation unified by more than a religion (since he is an Atheist).

      Let’s assume he is the former to give him the benefit of the doubt.
      Now here’s the catchy bit. If he believes in Jewish as a nation why not believe Jews are entitled to a national home?
      He did identify himself as an Anti Zionist.
      So, he either believes no nation should rise or control its border or self proclaim itself or he is an Anti Semitic person.
      Since he chose to pursue a German passport for more than financial benefit according to his article, we can assume the latter is the answer.
      He is either an anti Semite or a believes in the Nazi racial theory which destroyed his family.
      Either way, he is a self hater in that case.
      Antony, this is your queue to explain yourself, because some Jewish people do want to hear your side before accusing you.
      But will you be willing to engage?

      • “If you are an Atheist Jew, you must believe in a Jewish national aspiration or, believe that all Jews are gene related.
        Since only the Nazis really advocated for the latter, Antony is either a follower of the race theory or believes that Jews are a nation unified by more than a religion (since he is an Atheist)”
        But I propose another path, interpretation as a part of the left supports the one state solution which could be become another final solution.
        It is nothing new that a lot of left extremists and communists of Jewish descency supported and support the end of Israel since its foundation, condemmed and condemm the very existence of Israel.

        With the end of the Soviet world right and left extremistes converge on the basis of “Antizionism”, transporting, spreading more and more blood and soil ideology.
        This is no news at the right, but at the left it went unnoticed that the long time dominant Thiridworldism (Maoism too) was already deep in blood and soil, albeit called fight for the freedom of people, anti-Colonialism was and is a nationalistic and ethnic turn of the international movement of workers, explained by some mechanics of endless dialetic turns of legitimisation.
        In comes the Palestine question, and now people like Loewenstein, Pappe, Barghouti, Ashrawi work together on the project to destroy their imagined centre of white, male, colonialist, capitalist, racist, zionist world domination which inherently is just a variation of the Elders of Zion. The convergence is complete.
        And the turnaround, workaround by calling Zionists Nazis provide them with a good conscience, a self righteousness and pomposity, legitimising their call for mass murder, for destruction of Israel to themselves. This certainly is a manichaean view of the world, black and white, devil (Zionist, USA, white men) and god (Palestine, the peopel, coloured people, themselves)
        The destruction of rationalism and education in Western civilisation who ever is guilty of that brings us near the abyss. We have to deal with complete nuts, extremely dangerous fools as the Nazis already proved.

        Take a look at his anti-American, anti-capitalistic explanation of the terror massacre in Nairobi
        Islamism as freedom and resistance movement

        Discussions in Australia, I wonder who funds this new group