Guardian editor struggles with Jewish Geography, but puts ‘Israeli hawks’ back in Jerusalem

On Nov. 18 we reminded readers that until the summer of 2012 the Guardian’s Style Guide stated that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel – a shamefully false claim which was only officially retracted by their editors after a complaint was filed with the PCC.  We noted this quintessentially Guardianesque misinformation in response to a recent report by their Middle East editor, Ian Black, titled ‘Hawks squawk even before Iran nuclear deal is sealed‘, Nov. 8.  

Black’s report included this sentence:

Hardliners in Tehran, hawks in Tel Aviv and Washington, nervous Saudis and their Gulf allies are all alarmed at the prospect of a nuclear deal between Iran, the US and the international community [in Geneva].

As we noted, the context made it clear Black was referring to the putatively “hard-line” and “hawkish” political leaders within the governments of Iran, Israel and the United States.  Yet, while the capitals (where the ‘seats of government’ is located) in Iran and the United States were of course correct, the paper’s Middle East “expert” bestowed this status to the wrong Israeli city.

Though no change was prompted to Black’s misleading Nov. 8 report after our complaints, the following sentence in Black’s latest report (a ‘Middle East Year in Review’ published on Dec. 19) included an update on the nuclear deal which, at the very least, is quite curious.

It is an interim [nuclear] agreement and faces opposition from hardliners in Tehran who mistrust the emollient Rouhani, Republicans in Washington and hawks in Jerusalem, where Israel – anxious to maintain its monopoly of (undeclared) nuclear weapons – was ignored by Barack Obama

Yes, those ‘squawking Zionist hawks’ are safely back in their nation’s capital.  

We of course can’t formally claim credit for Black’s ‘evolving’ expertise in the subject of Jewish Geography which likely inspired his implicit acknowledgement that it is wrong to suggest that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital.  But, in the event that one of their contributors attempts similar rhetorical slights of hand in the future, you may want to ‘gently’ remind them of the following:


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  1. Anyone can make a mistake. I once learned that Liverpool was the capital of Ireland………it took me years to memorise the name ‘Dublin’.

  2. Another own goal by the Guardian. We are now discussing where the capital is rather than the reality of a few hawks refusing to accept that the world has spoken and the phrase the 67 lines is the issue. Yes it is unfair on both the Israelis and the Palestinians but lifes not always fair.

    • …the reality of a few hawks refusing to accept that the world has spoken…
      As a few hawks like Winston Churchill refused to accept what the “world has spoken” in Munich 1938…

    • Do you know what’s not fair? You having a brain while corn in poo– which is clearly smarter and more entertaining than you’ll ever be– gets flushed down a toilet and becomes fish food.

      • koufaxmitzvah

        “poo– flushed down a toilet ”

        Ah toilet humour.. the Guardian must fear this organ !


        ” Munich 1938 ”

        Lecturing Brits about not standing up to Hitler is pure hilarity.The one country that actually did. Brilliant.

        • “Lecturing Brits about not standing up to Hitler is pure hilarity”……… mean the way we laughed at Chamberlain in ’38?

        • Maybe you should point out where I lectured anyone especially Brits. But undoubtedly the person behind the Munich agreement was Neville Chamberlain the prime minister of the UK. You know the “peace for our times” bloke.
          Lecturing Brits about not standing up to Hitler is pure hilarity
          Lecturing Jews about letting go nuclear murderous fascistic regimes whose declared goal to eliminate Israel is not hilarity – it is the prerogative of condescending antisemite assholes like you.

        • Jasshole. Webshite. If anyone closely resembles shit on a stick, it’s the pro-Palestinian front (aka 1 person with many aliases, i.e. all the voices in a head fit to shit). That’s why Toilet Humor, as you so categorize it, is a fitting response to your so-called educated position.

          I’ll make a bet with you, Webshite: The moment you die, there will be more joy than sorrow. And I mean that universally.

          • “Jasshole. Webshite. resembles shit on a stick, a head fit to shit. ”

            Again the Guardian quivers having been successfully attacked by the boys in the 2nd form detention room. What stunning insight .

              • Right. I’m all Der Stuermer because I call you out for being an anti-Semite. I mean, Wow. The denseness of your entire thought process is really precious. Never mind how der Fuhrer supported anti-Jewish Arab aggression.

                You two shit loaves deserve each other. Tweedle Dipshit and Tweedle Dumbass. Together, the Palestinian state is… why… just around the corner…. Right around the bend right up there…. Where the killer bees are flying in from Argentina for the past 35 years…. Must be the Mossad sharks stopping fate from occurring.

                • “You two shit loaves ”

                  Here we bake them and eat them first . In the words of John Cleese ” You really are a true vulgarian aren’t you ? Every post you lower your zip a little further.

                • Ah, Webshite. The fate you weave. You do talk shit. You are not smart. Your entire premise is that your sole perspective is clearly plain and truthful, whereas tohse Joos (a phrase which you claim belittles this debate, as opposed to your need to insist that the Western perspective of world history is controlled by a small cabal of, let’s face it, JOOS) are continuously pulling the wool over the world’s eyes…. And you wonder how anybody could attack you for resembling human feces?

                  There is stupid. There is pathetic. There is human feces. And you put it all together, spin it around in circles for 39 years, and VOILA…. We have the Western Palestinian pro-Peace Demonstrators perspective. A futile and still stateless blame game.

                  You guys ain’t alchemists, that’s for sure. Plop you in the middle of a Middle Eastern desert, and rather than creating a lasting state (Israel ain’t going anywhere, Tweedle Dip) y’all would probably just eat each other. Like Lord of the Flies in a way, although I think those kids are a lot more inviting that your sorry shit filled brain will ever be.

                  • Let’s see, Wadi…. Do I talk about eliminating the Arab threat? Hardly. Do I talk about being a Supreme being in regards to Arabs? Nope. Do I suggest that a war machine state is the way to go, that a prison labor is justified for the good of the State,and that the State of Israel should expand and take over the entire continent in order to make all the people who support the Jewish state wealthy? Nyet.

                    So, really, Wadofshit, you don’t have much but your idiocy and hate monger tactics to support your allegations. In fact, you sound just like a Nazi to me. I know…. GO FIGURE! A Jew hating dipshit with an oversized ego being lambasted as a braindead Nazi turd. That’s some KKKrazy shit right there!

            • Website,
              You’re claiming to be a representative of the Guardian now?
              Does the Guardian know your here? Better yet, does your mother?

    • So your point is that only hawks refuse to give in to the idea the non-border armistice lines of 1949, and the something you call “the World” has spoken against this.
      The “world” is wrong, wrong on history, wrong on the facts, wrong on the law. This “world” you speak of has a credibility problem. Take the “world” with a grain of salt.

    • It’s not up to the world to decide. They have no say in the matter, nor do you.

      It’s legally, morally and physically our territory and anybody that doesn’t like it can go suck an egg

      • ” It’s not up to the world to decide ”

        There is nothing more likely to worry swayable moderates than this sort of self absorbed and quirky unilateralism. Sticking ones head in the sand as the world lines up to take a kick at ones beam end is one way of dealing with the situation. The US is going tits up visibly.Time to make peace whilst you can.

          • ” an intellectual lightweight ”

            Im actually very small so I am about average sized intellectual for my weight. However credit where credit is due, you posted an entire response without using a vocabulary really based on the poo flinging stage of toddler development .

            ” he has spent his entire so-called adult life chastising for daring to exist as being self-absorbed.. ”

            This is a lie . You have every right to post them and I am pleased you do it as it is proof to me that you could never argue decently .

            I applauded the creation of Israel and wish her every success. I condemn any attack on her people …any attack ….even on an IDF soldier in uniform . I want a strong and free Israel based on the 67 lines like 95% of the rest of the world.

            Stick that in your pipe and don’t inhale! 🙂

            • So what you’re saying is that the 97% of 1867 borders offered in 2000 with the remaining 3% of that land made up in a land swap, didn’t and still doesn’t bode well for the Palestinian people? But that you supported Israel’s creation in 1947 even though you have been on this site for the past couple months bemoaning how Western European Jews are who created Israel by pushing out the Arabs from their homes? This is why it’s okay to shoot missiles from Gaza? This is how you can describe Israel as an Apartheid State?

              Better yet, am I to believe that it’s my fault for not keeping track of all your comments, and that I am somehow slandering your anonymously written perspective on this situation? That your obsession over Israel is one of love and not of hate, and that it is I who mis-reads your messages? Interesting…..

              Well, I must admit, you don’t mean much to me. Nothing you say really captures a moment of deep thinking, y’know? You hate American Jews for being uncouth. Naturally, we all see you and think Asshole. You hate Israeli Jews for being racist Apartheidniks, even though (and I brought this up with you but to no avail) you are suggesting that a Racist and Supreme Jewish Zionist would gladly utilize a German word to encapsulate said Jewish Supremacy (as opposed to a Hebrew word, for example). IS THERE REALLY MORE TO KNOW ABOUT YOU? Other than being a rampant apologist for a newspaper that doesn’t publish news but rather emotionally charged editorials that aren’t well edited, well worded, or well thought out.

              You don’t strike me much more than a pedestrian hate monger and tool. I don’t think there’s an original bone in your body. I do, however, believe there is a steaming pile of bullshit sitting where your brain is supposed to be. Hope that helps!

        • Sticking ones head in the sand as the world lines up to take a kick
          If you speak about us then there were times when part of the world lined up to kick us, an other part of the world sat on the fence and a tiny minority tried to stop the kicking. Last time this cost us six million. If the world want to kick us again it will get a big surprise. probably it will enjoy this surprise without any feet…

          • ” a tiny minority tried to stop the kicking ”

            All the fathers of every older friend Ive ever had. You have picked a paper in the one country who stood on her own in 1940 …you have been vulgar to, nasty about and lied about the very people who embody the fight against the Nazis.

            Good grief when I think about those who sat on their ASSES whilst my country was burning and their children come to this site to lecture us…

            • So you are saying that the UK fought WWII in order to save the Jews…
              Take your pills and go back to sleep, this isn’t your lucky day…

        • Funny how Israel is the only country in the entire history of the world that is not allowed to name their own capital.

          What you call unilateralism is also called INTERNATIONAL LAW. Foreigners do not and never have had any say in the matter in any country.

          As for making peace with somebody that declares their goal is your genocide – you first stupid

  3. The Guardian does have ‘get-out’ clause here because Tel Aviv is the HQ of the IDF and the implication could be that that is where the ‘hawks’ are located,

    • You assume that the Israeli army is similar to the other armies in the ME by being a political entity.
      This is not the case and the IDF, police and other public services answer to Jerusalem decision whether Hawkish or Dovish…

  4. The Knesset declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel in 1948 – not 1980. It is the only capital that Israel has ever had.

  5. I am just watching the Andrew Marr show (BBC 1) and the panel who are reviewing the press. This panel includes Jeremy Bowen. They have been talking about the dreadful plight of Christians in Syria who are being targeted by Al Qaeda and company. So Bowen decides he just has to make a comparison with the Christians (most of whom are Palestinians) in Jerusalem….and how we mustn’t forget them either. So Syria is having a civil war with all the attendant massacres, displacement and suffering – and Bowen just has to bring Israel into it somehow. Naturally neither of the other two reviewers challenged him.

    Come on CiF Watch. Get cracking! (Sunday Morning 22/12 at 09.20)