Telegraph posts 3 stories on settlers’ Kerry spoof, but ignores PA incitement

If you go to the Israel page of The Telegraph, you’ll find three separate stories (and over 1100 words of text) devoted to one short satire produced by the Yesha Council (umbrella organization of councils of ‘settlements’ in Judea and Samaria) that is critical of US Secretary of State John Kerry.


Two of the stories were filed by Robert Tait (the paper’s Israel correspondent) within three hours of each other. One characterized the poke at Kerry as “a deliberately disrespectful spoof depicting America’s top diplomat”, while the other editorialized that the clip “undermin[es] a plea from the White House for Israeli politicians to desist from personal attacks on the US secretary of state”, ignoring the fact that the the Yesha Council is a settler’s advocacy group, not a political party.

Here’s the video:

While one can reasonably find the video objectionable, it’s curious that Tait would frame one short (and relatively benign) YouTube clip as somehow injurious to peace efforts while, like most of this fellow British journalists, failing to devote serious coverage to genuine incitement to violence by high level Palestinian politicians.  

Indeed, just a few weeks ago, the Telegraph failed to even note a disturbing clip of PA President Abbas applauding a PA Minister of Religious Affairs after he called for jihad in Jerusalem. 

Videos such as these, attesting to dangerous incitement to violence by Palestinian officials and explicit antisemitism in the state-controlled PA media, are ubiquitous and easily accessible for journalists genuinely concerned with actions on either side which undermine the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

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  1. Adam look at Tait’s biography.
    “Robert Tait is the Telegraph’s Middle East correspondent, based in Jerusalem. He was previously Iran correspondent for the Guardian, before being forced to leave when the authorities refused to renew his visa. He has also been the Guardian’s Turkey correspondent based in Istanbul and Washington correspondent for the Scotsman. He spends his spare time trying to learn Farsi.”

    Now how many ‘spoof’ videos do you think he saw in Tehran or Istanbul?
    Although his time at “The Guardian” should have taught him something. After all “The Guardian” is a spoof of a newspaper.

    • “Now how many ‘spoof’ videos do you think he saw in Tehran or Istanbul?”

      They also have no gays in Iran, so I’ve heard…

  2. I make no comment on the content of this spoof or its source, but satire is a powerful tool which, when carefully timed and sharply targetted, can prick the greatest pomposity.

    Anyone in the public eye (especially anyone with anything to do with controversial issues such as the I/P issue) must surely expect to be ridiculed, satirised, charicatured etc by all sides.

    I am suer Kerry’s skin is thicker than Tait gives him credit for.

    • “satire is a powerful tool which, when carefully timed and sharply targetted, can prick the greatest pomposity.”
      And so it has, and so it has.

  3. John Kerry is to international diplomacy what Mr Chinnery is to animal welfare.

    So why complain about him being mocked?

  4. I can’t understand why should anyone mock John Kerry? This is only a waste of time – he can do it himself. A very talented Secretary of State – he even invented a new country: Kyrzakhstan.
    Luckily he has very professional support staff too: His new ambassador in Hungary is the producer of the soap-opera “The Bold and the Beautiful”…