Richard Silverstein accuses African-American Zionist of being a ‘Negro’ Uncle Tom

The racism of blogger Richard Silverstein was laid bare today when he posted the following on his Facebook account, referring to an African-American Zionist named Chloe Valdary who had published an op-ed at Times of Israel about Judith Butler.


Here’s his Tweet:

Silverstein – a ‘Comment is Freecontributor through 2012 who, until now, was best known for his anti-Israel (and at times pro-Hamas) activism and his faux scoops – has now revealed himself to be bigoted towards black Americans as well.  The term ‘Negro” stopped being used in America in the late 60s or early 70s, and the term ‘Uncle Tom‘ of course is a horrible epithet used historically to accuse African-Americans of being subservient to whites, and betraying their own group by participating in systematic white racism.

As Valdary’s column about Butler had nothing to do with the issue of American racism, Silverstein’s ugly assault seems to have been motivated by his disgust at seeing a woman of color expressing support for Israel.

Silverstein seems to have deleted the post from his Facebook account (though the Tweet is still there), but let the snapshots above serve as a reminder of the narrow-mindedness of some on the Left when confronted with information contradicting their anti-Zionist assumptions.

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  1. Your tying Silverstein with “…some of the left…” is as horribly bigoted as is the Silverstein racism. Heal thyself. Using an ugly racist to smear the left is akin to calling Ron Paul a typical right-wing ideologue.

    • key word in the sentence you cited is, of course, “some”. Silverstein self-identifies as a man of the Left (his blog is called Tikkun Olam), and it is undeniable that “some” on the left are equally as racist.

      • Adam, I’m afraid you’ve lost me. I have doubt whatsoever that Tricky Dickie is of the lunatic fringe on the left, but what has the title of his blog to do with that, other than it shows a lamentable lack of insight into how his burblings contribute to the fracturing of the world?

        • The title of his blog translates to ‘To Repair the World’. He fancies himself a liberal Jew. What’s unclear?

          • Adam,
            I believe Tikun Olam is a mitzvah for every Jew, whatever their political stance may be.

            The fact that Richard Silverstein misunderstood the meaning of the term is another thing all together.

    • Sadly Allan some of the contemporary mainstream left are outright racists and antisemites. it doesn’t mean that all leftists are.

  2. Quite a typical example for the quality of contributors to Guardian`s CIF when it comes to Israel and Jews.

  3. Why should we be surprised anything that KAPO fraud does? I hope that he gets sued not only by her but also by the lady in his synagogue whom he accused in public of leaking information about his family.

    As for you Allan Pogrund, yes, the left is very anti-semitic, in fact even Peter Beinart, whom I dislike, said that a strong motivation for the left anti-Israel/anti-Semitic stance is their hatred of the US and capitalism. We have seen in the past that the Left would sell their own Mothers for their perverted ideology

  4. People like him are permitted to be bigots because they just are more moral than the rest of us, and to differ is to be evil.

    What would he say about Marcia Fudge, who said that:

    “Overall, we are very supportive,” that African-Americans and Israel have “a natural and ongoing good relationship. “There’s always been a natural kind of a bond based upon our histories. So I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon.”


  5. Long a fan of Richard Silverstein, his star has risen to far greater heights as a result of this attack on him.

    • Au contraire, mon frère. You are sadly mistaken. Chloe’s star has risen to far greater heights as a result of this vicious, immature attack on HER. Mr. Silverstein’s star is diminishing and floating off into oblivion.

    • So If I were to change this sentece like this
      They finally did it: found a Negro president Uncle Tom is dancin’ for joy you wound.t find it racist?

  6. By the way, I here Martin Luther King was also a “negro” who supported Israel. I heard that somewhere. Silverstein might have missed that scoop.

    • Blumenthal has no problem with that moron Silverstein’s tweet but tweeted about valdary
      ” A non-Jew calling a Jew anti-Semitic… The absurdity of Zionism!”
      what a hypocrite.

      • But Bluementhal doesn’t mind other non Jews telling us what should and shouldn’t offend us.