Boycotted at Ben White Amnesty event as David Hearst announces “I know who you write for”.

Cross posted by London-based blogger Richard Millett

White and Hearst in discussion at Amnesty last night.

White and Hearst in discussion at Amnesty last night.

Last night (Shabbat) I was at Amnesty International’s London HQ for the launch of Ben White’s updated Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner’s Guide. The event was chaired by David Hearst, former chief foreign leader writer of The Guardian.

After White’s talk he had a Q&A with Hearst after which members of the audience were allowed to ask White questions. Well, most of them anyway.

I had my arm raised for half hour while Hearst took questions from those sitting around me, before taking questions from the other side of the room. While my arm was still raised Hearst called an end to questions.

Feeling rather frustrated I asked whether I could put a question to White. Hearst declined my request and replied:

“I know exactly what you’re up to. And who you are. And who you write for.”

Sinister or what! Here’s the exchange:


So, what was I up to? Who am I? Who do I write for? Well, since starting this blog in 2009 I have mainly written for myself. I have occasionally written for the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish News, the Jewish Chronicle and CiF Watch, but I never realised writing could get me boycotted.

But here’s the point; I have never had any dealings with Hearst. So, how did he know who I was?

He was obviously primed but why? I have never been disallowed from asking a question at Amnesty before, although I was once threatened at an Amnesty event by Amnesty Campaign Manager Krystian Benedict, who has since been moved to work on Syria and who was present last night.

My question to White was going to be simply this: Seeing that White relies heavily on statements by Israeli politicians to paint Israel as racist (see slides below) I wanted to know whether the same could also be said of White particularly after he once stated that (British Jewish author) Howard Jacobson’s face was “another reason to support a boycott of Habima”, the Israeli theatre company.

I’m sure White would have batted that away quite easily, wouldn’t he? He reads my blog (he mentions it), so he should feel free to leave an answer below.

White started his talk addressing the Israeli Embassy’s apparent attempt to stop last night’s event taking place and went on to dedicate the evening to “all those people, including the Palestinians, who have sacrificed so much for liberation”.

Here’s the clip:


He then proceeded to talk about Israel’s continued “Judaisation”, particularly in the Negev and Galilee, and Israel’s “brutality”, “racism” and “apartheid” (including towards Israel’s own Ethiopian and Mizrahi Jews).

White loves nothing more than portraying Israel and Israelis as child killers. Apparently, Israeli soldiers hide near schools so they can kill Palestinian children (see slides below).

White finished off by telling his love struck audience that “Israel is afraid”.

Meanwhile, if last night is anything to go by I’m sure that Middle East Eye, David Hearst’s new website, will be a beacon of democracy and one of many and varied views…..

Slides used by Ben White last night:













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  1. Ben White wrote: “I do not consider myself an anti-Semite, yet I can also understand why some are. There are, in fact, a number of reasons.”

    Did he elaborate last night at his pamphlet launch on these “number of reasons” he thinks there are to hate Jewish people?

    • “I do not consider myself a racist, yet I can also understand why some are. There are, in fact, a number of reasons”

      Bloody hell. Out of control or what?

      • It is always fascinating to see people like Millett, who have vowed to defend the indefensible – illegal settlements built in the territory of another state in violation of international law. Millett defends settlements that make life impossible for the Palestinians, and peace an unreachable dream for the Jewish people in Israel. I always wonder if later in life, these people will realize how wrong they were?

        • Yes… What an impossible life! The best living conditions of all Arabs in the world + smallest infant mortality rate + longest Arab life span = Bad Joooooooooooossssssss.

          Nah…. pro-Palestinians aren’t complete asswhipes. Not with Big Ben White Sheet Johnson informing us all that Amnesty International sold their souls to the Saudis years ago.

          Stay insignificant, Israel bashing moron. Unless your goal is to remain stateless while sucking on International Teets.

        • You repeat it over and over that Israel occupy anther state territory. Israel took over Judea and Samaria from Jordan . do you think we should give it back to Jordan.?

          • Israel has occupied the Palestinian territory since 1967, imposing military rule over 4.5 million Palestinians, and building settlements in violation of international law. Wether Palestine was under Jordanian protection in 1966 is irrelevant. Israel’s military rule over inhabitants of the occupied Palestinian territory contravenes international law.

            • Israel took the territories from Jordan not Palestine. territories that according to international law should have been part of the Jewish state. 181 is not international law. Leage of nation mandate is.

            • Re-writing history, Wonderbra? To claim that “Palestine was under Jordanian protection in 1966” is simply a flat out lie.

              Jordan ANNEXED the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 1950. This is indisputable fact. Later, in 1998, Jordan formally relinquished all claims to the West Bank.

              So – whose land did Israel “occupy” when it conquered the land up to the west bank of the River Jordan in 1967? (Clue – see ANNEXATION above).

            • The Israelis did not impose military rule over 4.5 million Palestinians in 1967, because there weren’t nearly that many there in 1967 (and most likely there isn’t now). Up until 1967 the Arabs who did live there were called Jordanians. That area was shown on Jordanian maps and postage stamps as “Jordan.” During the previous 19 years that the Jordanians occupied what they referred to as the “West Bank” there were no calls in the international community, i.e., the UNGA and/or Security Council, for the removal of Jordan nor for the establishment of a “Palestinian” state on that territory. Any building construction on that territory gained by Jordan by means of an illegal, aggressive war was met with yawns by self-regarding “leftish” human rights warriors. The original 1964 PLO charter didn’t even claim that territory. All that it did claim for itself was Israel inside the 1949 armistice lines, aka the “1967 borders.” Notice how Palestinian claims as to what constitutes their “historic homeland” always run concurrent to any land controlled by Israel and no land from the mandate controlled by Arabs (Jordan, Egypt). Take it as a big hint why there are not two states not living side by side in peace and harmony. Really a damn shame and waste of human resources and money.

            • Palestine was not under Jordanian protection. What is now Jordan, Israel and the West Bank and Gaza Strip were ruled by Britain under the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine. Jordan got its independence in 1946 and Britain left the rest of Palestine in 1948 following UN Resolution 181 which called for a Jewish state in Palestine. The Arab states attacked following the 1949 armistice agreement Jordan, which had military control of it after the fighting, annexed the West Bank in 1950. Only Britain and later Pakistan recognised the annexation. The territory has never been a Palestinian state.

              There is nothing in international law that forbids the building of new settlements.

          • Phillips’s criticisms of liberal Jews who disagree with her positions on Israel have been condemned by Jewish writers such as Jonathan Freedland, Alan Dershowitz, and Rabbi David Goldberg. Freedland criticised Phillips’s labelling Independent Jewish Voices, a group of liberal Jews, as “Jews For Genocide”. He wrote in The Jewish Chronicle: “Now, as it happens, I have multiple criticisms of IJV … but even their most trenchant opponents must surely blanch at the notion that these critics of Israel and of Anglo-Jewish officialdom are somehow in favour of genocide—literally, eager to see the murder and eradication of the Jewish people … it is an absurdity, one that drains the word ‘genocide’ of any meaning.”

            • The indepenedent Jewish voices who call to end the seige on Gaza. praises United Church boycott campaign.
              No wonder you like them. No wonder phillips wrote what she did about them,

            • Actually, as it happens, I basically agree with Wunderbra here. Phillips, while a staunch supporter of Israel, often goes too far in her language. Perhaps it is a consequence of writing for a bitterness-drenched, bile-filled rag such as the Daily Fail. They like articles that are jam-packed with disdain, arrogance and nice, simple black-and-white views of complex issues. You know, people on welfare = bad. Immigration = bad. Social workers = bad. Unions = bad. Things like that.

              Now, I don’t support IJV either, but I do agree that to call them “Jews for Genocide” fits that Daily Fail profile of exaggeration and fear-mongering in which they excel.

              • Labenal, I’m afarid you are rather out of date — Melanie Phillips stopped writing for the Daily Mail sometime ago — she now writes for the Times.
                However, even when she did write for the Mail she rarely wrote about the Middle East. Most of her articles about the Middle East/ Islamization/ etc. are written on her own blog, plus a few elsewhere.
                I think it’s great that Richard Millett has the dogged determination to sit through many an evening listening to ill-informed, hate-filled, sheer malignant poison against Jews and Israel, and then lets us read and view videos via his measured summaries of what takes place.
                Thank you Richard Millett: we who fight for what we believe to be true would be the poorer and lonelier without your courage and doggedness.

                • You are, of course, right Moshe. I didn’t say she writes for the Mail, but she used to, and I fear she had a natural home there, and their group-think probably rubbed off on her. Anyway – I don’t want to overdo the criticism of MP – she generally does a splendid job, it’s just I don’t think everything she ever says (or indeed anything anyone ever says) should be reflexively defended outright.

                  I second your praise of Richard Millett too, by the way. He obviously has a very weak sense of smell – the amount of shit that is spouted at him on a regular basis must have killed all his olfactory nerves.

        • Wunderbar: “It is always fascinating to see people like Millett, who have vowed to defend the indefensible”.

          It is also fascinating to see how you ignore the indefensible – and focus exclusively on the Jewish villainy instead. European intellectualism and humanitarianism in a nutshell.

  2. Sad to see Amnesty International go down the drain like this. Can’t really take them seriously now…

    • Amnesty International will not support violations of international law such as the illegal settlements built, by the government of Israel in the territory of the State of Palestine.

      • Apparently, Amnesty International will allow racists and abject jackholes who can’t argue their way out of the piss-stained white sheet that covers their pointy heads to take control of the headquarters. Well, there’s your victory, Palestinian Loving Jew Bashing Asswipe. Now, how does this bring peace on Earth?

      • Could be helpful to take you seriously showing a map of the State of Palestine, name its capital, its currency, its elected government and some other basic necessities to be a state. Without these simple but significant information there are some readers who could consider you a moronic troll wasting bandwidth on the web and if you are more than a zombie than a waste of valuable oxygen. For a change do something for the Palestinian cause…

        • Seems like you have not read the press for the past two years. The State of Palestine is now sitting at the UN.

          • You should change your medication Fritz before your delusions would cause some serious harm. In which kind of press did you read about the State of Palestine sitting in the UN? The Daily News for Mentally Challenged? Maybe The Proceedings of the Flat Earth Society?

  3. Ben White is serves up the worst kind of smut. He’s not a critic, but a defamer. I honestly don’t know how Richard sits through these things.

  4. Richard, you have done a much-needed job here showing these ghastly Jew-haters at work. It must be like swimming through a sewer. More power to your elbow.

  5. Amnesty International is losing credibility daily. I’m looking forward to October when their poster boy Moazzam Begg goes on trial at the Old Baliey for terrorism.

    That should be a rather large nail in Amnesty’s coffin, and I hope the full extent of their role in promoting this man is exposed.

  6. “Beginner’s Guide”? Surely White’s book should be titled “A Guide for Dummies.”

  7. It is eery how AI and others keep plugging Ben White. I assume that if it were true what he writes, he’d be found more often in the MSM.