The Guardian plays crooked lawyer for the Palestinians

A few months ago we published an essay arguing that, in the event talks between the two parties break down and another is Intifada is initiated by Palestinian leaders, we can expect the Guardian to morally justify the violence.  

What we didn’t address at the time was our similar confidence that their editors, reporters and commentators would blame Israel for the break down in talks.

Sure enough, as talks have all but broken down (due to unilateral Palestinians acts hours before the Israeli government was set to approve an American brokered deal to extend talks to 2015), the Guardian published an official editorial which parrots the discredited claim that an Israeli announcement for new home tenders in east Jerusalem was the culprit.

Here are the relevant passages in the Guardian editorial (The Peace Bubble Bursts, April 11):

[Kerry’s] determined concentration on peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians, his repeated trips to the Middle East, and many months of hard work by a small army of advisers, drafters and facilitators, have ended not in a bang but a whimper

The “poof” moment was Israel‘s announcement of permits to build 700 new homes for settlers in East Jerusalem, a clearly provocative move given the Palestinian demand for a halt, or at least a pause, in settlement activity, and their insistence that East Jerusalem should be the capital of a Palestinian state

Of course, the claim that an “announcement of permits to build [708] new homes for settlers in East Jerusalem” effectively ended the talks is not even remotely accurate. 

First, Israel never agreed to so much as curtail the construction of homes beyond the green line (in Jerusalem or the West Bank) in the initial agreement brokered by Kerry to begin talks last July. They agreed to release Palestinian prisoners, but made no such guarantees regarding ‘settlements’.

Second, the east Jerusalem homes were reportedly a reissue of an earlier pronouncement permitting these new apartments in Gilo to be built, which, as Adam Kredo noted, means “that the substance of the decree [on new homes in east Jerusalem] had not changed for months and had not [previously] been a roadblock to the peace talks”.  

Third, other such ‘settlement’ construction announcements during negotiations have been made by Israeli authorities without major incident – due, again, to the fact that Israel never agreed to curtail such activity – prior to the east Jerusalem tenders.  This includes a January announcement that tenders were released for the construction of 600 homes in the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood in east Jerusalem.

Finally, it’s important to note that the 708 housing tenders were issued for Gilo, a neighborhood in Jerusalem which almost everyone (including the Palestinians) agrees will remain under Israeli control upon a final status agreement.  In fact, the Guardian should look back at their own reports of the leaked Palestinian notes during negotiations between Abbas and Olmert in 2008 (known as the Palestine Papers), where they confirmed that Palestinians leaders agreed that Gilo would remain Israeli.

Here’s a passage from a Jan 23, 2011 Guardian report by Seumas Milne and Ian Black:

The concession in May 2008 by Palestinian leaders to allow Israel to annex the settlements in East Jerusalemincluding Gilo, a focus of controversy after Israel gave the go-ahead for 1,400 new homes – has never been made public.

Here’s the map they published showing the Jerusalem neighborhoods in Jerusalem (in blue) which (Palestinians agreed) would be Israeli under the plan.  As you can see, the neighborhoods (beyond the green line) which Israel would retain include the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, East Talpiot, and Gilo.

mapsIn short, the Guardian’s risible suggestion that 708 housing tenders for Gilo caused the peace talks to fail does not represent the dispassionate analysis of ‘professional journalists’, but, rather, the deceit and sophistry of a crooked lawyer.

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  1. Chloe Valdary quotes the following:

    “In a memorandum of August 25 1881, concerning the establishment of provincial committees to review the Jewish problem…Ignatiev placed the blame for the pogroms entirely upon the Jews. He accused them of seizing not only the trade and business of the country but also considerable portions of land, and justified the attacks upon them as the natural reaction of an aroused people who were being exploited by the Jews.”

    The Jews in Russia, volumes I &II by Greenberg.

    How often history repeats itself.

    • So those who take issue with Israel expanding its borders by annexing foreign territory are anti-Semites? Give it a rest.

      • Missing the point, just a bit? Ignatiev, like modern-day leftists, was looking for a way to demonize Jews.

        Furthermore, Israel has not expanded its borders since 1967, in fact it has shrunk its borders since then and it has not annexed any territory that doesn’t belong to it. Jordan has relinquished all claims to Judea and Samaria, and there has never been a state called “Palestine” to lay claim to that territory. As for the Golan, Syria attacked, so tough.

        • “The prisoners were not released by Israel on the day they were supposed to be released and then another day passed and another day and then 700 [settlement] units were approved in Jerusalem and then poof — that was sort of the moment, We find ourselves where we are.”

          Clearly the Secretary of State of the United States considers that Israel is the culprit. The entire foreign press, Guardian included, only says what the international community is saying – that Israel did not fulfils its obligations on the road to peace.

        • Jordan has relinquished all claims to Judea and Samaria, and there has never been a state called “Palestine” to lay claim to that territory.

          Yes – and when the PA make moves to gain international recognition for that very state, the Israeli govt. threatens to counter it. Nice.

          What relevance does your Ignatiev quote have to do with the article above, then?

          • “Yes – and when the PA make moves to gain international recognition for that very state, the Israeli govt. threatens to counter it. Nice.”

            You mean when the PA makes unilateral moves in breach of binding agreements they have made with Israel? Nice.

          • History repeating itself. Palestinian leaders make promises, break them, and then loony leftists blame Israel.

            “What relevance does your Ignatiev quote have to do with the article above, then?”

            Duh, blame the Jews for the problem. That tactic has been around for some time.

        • Erm the Country was called Palestine. Where did i get this from? Well know how you crazy hasbarists are always waxing lyrical about ‘San Remo’ And the ‘mandate for Palestine’…well umm yah, it’s right there in THAT mandate. I’m sure i don’t need to quote the relevant part.

          Now let me ff a decade or so and we find that Israel declared her Independence [Independence from whom?] and declared her borders based on UNGA res 181. Any land outwith those borders is still Palestine. Any land stolen by the Zionist enterprise outside those declared borders are stolen from Palestine..

          • christiansforzionwatch,
            You show up here on the Jewish holiday of Passover to spout your circular logic and complete bullshit. Have you no shame at all?
            Go stick your head in a toilet you degenerate shit head.

          • “christiansforzionwatch”

            Rather than just “.ff a decade or so..” as you put it.
            Why don’t you F Off permanently?

            Oh in case I forget, Happy Easter shitheads!

          • Hafez al-Assad: During a meeting with leaders of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1976, Syrian President Hafiz al-Asad referred to Palestine as a region of Syria, as Southern Syria. He then went on to tell the Palestinians: “You do not represent Palestine as much as we do. Do not forget one thing: there is no Palestinian people, no Palestinian entity, there is only Syria! You are an integral part of the Syrian people and Palestine is an integral part of Syria. Therefore it is we, the Syrian authorities, who are the real representatives of the Palestinian people.”

            Zuhir Mohsen: The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism. For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.

            CiFWatch has also exposed the fact that the word “Palestinian” was hardly mentioned before 1967.

            • Firstly let me thank you for not using foul language. I appreciate that. Unfortunately that is where my kudos for you ends.

              I have given you historic fact and you have replied with mere opinion. So let me repeat. Palestine under the mandate system became a country in its own right go check it out for yourself. Next you dig yourself a deeper hole [well not you exactly but the hasbarists who pass on their useless information. Ever wonder why they rant about ‘San Remo’ and the ‘mandate’ but never furnish their followers with the whole text?] by claiming that the word ‘Palestinian’ was hardly mentioned. From that we can deduce then that the word Palestinian was in use ergo their was Palestinians which means, by your own words, that there was a Palestine. But once again let us look to the mandate article 7 and we will see what is what.

              Again i thank you for not using foul language.

              • You present no facts, you unfortunately try to revise history. There has never been a state called Palestine in the history of the world. I challenge you to find it, if not. There has also been continuous Jewish habitation of this land since before the time that there were any Arabs whatsoever. Try looking that up, if you dare to have your presupposed thinking challenged. San Remo clearly establishes what is today Israel and Jordan as the Jewish homeland. What it does say about others is that there rights are not violated which does not happen under Zionism.

                But, do go ahead and continue to show your ignorance.

                You’re also a hypocrite for stating that others don’t state facts.

                • Golly gosh. Read the mandate there’s a clue in the title ‘The Palestine Mandate’

                  You then continue to dig a deeper hole by claiming,

                  “There has never been a state called Palestine in the history of the world. I challenge you to find it”

                  Challenge accepted.


                  I know you wont accept the facts though. but they are the facts and you sticking your fingers in your ears wont change that.

                  Btw, San remo only allowed for Jewish immigration into Palestine under certain conditions and numbers and those Jews who did move to Palestine were to take up ‘Palestinian citizeship’

                  “ART. 7.

                  The Administration of Palestine shall be responsible for enacting a nationality law. There shall be included in this law provisions framed so as to facilitate the acquisition of Palestinian citizenship by Jews who take up their permanent residence in Palestine.”

                  If you can’t accept the facts then please, pretty please, do not waste my time.

                  • Well, golly gosh!

                    The UN granted them non-observer state status.That does not constitute being a state. That comes after negotiations with Israel.

                    Furthermore, your quote applies to area under the British Mandate.

                    You don’t present facts. You present perversions based on what’s convenient for your agenda.

                    Maybe you should stop wasting everyone’s time.

                    • That’s non member observer STATE.

                      Once again we find you unable to accept the FACTS.

                      Nothing cuts a more pathetic figure than someone who can’t accept the facts.

                      I think we’re done here.

                    • Wrong.

                      The most commonly used definition is Max Weber’s,[6][7][8][9][10] which describes the state as a compulsory political organization with a centralized government that maintains a monopoly of the legitimate use of force within a certain territory.[11][12] General categories of state institutions include administrative bureaucracies, legal systems, and military or religious organizations.[13]

                      The PA does not maintain a monopoly on the use of force in the area it administers.

                      Once again, YOU try to pervert facts.

                      What’s a more pathetic figure is one that tries to pervert facts to suit his agenda.

                      Yeah, we’re done

                      Goodbye and good riddance.

                    • Oh, he’s back. Trolls never go away quickly, especially the ones that aren’t too bright.

                      Try looking up these words in a book (it’s a rectangular thing with a lot of paper on the inside and many are available online) called a dictionary:


                    • Palestine a country under the mandate system.

                      Palestine observer state at the UN with the recognition of most of the international community.

                      You can’t refute that so you roll out the old OMG he’s a ‘troll’ in order to deflect from you obvious and blatant bigotry.

                      “MOST COMMONLY USED DEFINITION”

                      That means nothing in regard to either the mandate system or International community.

                      if you were as educated as you would want me to believe you’d have made your case using the ‘Montevideo Convention’…but then again that wouldn’t work for you either…would it?

                      Bye bye.

                    • Palestine as an independent country under the mandate system? You’re confused or trying to reach the most specious argument.

                      Observer status does not constitute statehood. The PA does not have police power, which you conveniently and blatantly ignore.

                      You can’t refute that so try the same debunked arguments.

                      “That means nothing in regard to either the mandate system or International community.”
                      That means nothing because there is no such thing as an international parliament to make those decisions.

                      if you were as educated as you would want me to believe you’d have made your case using the ‘Montevideo Convention’…but then again that wouldn’t work for you either…would it?
                      One of the Montevideo Convention is a defined territory which “Palestine” will not have until final-status negotiations which subsume talking about final borders. The left-wing media and sanctimonious libero-fascists, nor UNGA, defines that.

                      I truly hope that it’s really bye bye this time.

                      Trolls SHOULD stay under their rocks.

                    • ROFL. Israel’s legitimacy comes of its own right, not granted by sanctimonious libero-fascists, so you can take the attitude that you decide who lives where and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

                    • Sanctimonious individuals like you purport to dictate where others can live i.e., “settlements.” Israel is sovereign within its borders which extend from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. That will only change when Israel and the Palestinians reach a final-status agreement. Your opinion will certainly not be solicited, so you can drop your constant spouting of nonsense.

                    • Hmm interesting.

                      “Israel is sovereign within its borders which extend from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.”

                      Apart from being a downright lie i find it strange that when an Arab makes a similar claim he’s immediately tagged as a terrorist who wants to wipe Israel off the map….

                      Btw Israel’s only legitimate borders are those declared based on UNGA 181.

                    • Oh, you’re the liar here. Israel captured Judea and Samaria from Jordan, which has since relinquished all claim to the land. Since there never was a state called “Palestine” on that land, it is disputed territory. It maintains that status until the final-status agreement for which Palestinians themselves have agreed talk about final borders.

                      UNGA does not decide borders and it does not make law. That is not in its charter. Furthermore, 181 no longer applies because the Arabs themselves rejected it.

                    • Firstly, did i say UNGA decided Israel’s borders. Israel declared her borders based on UNGAres 181. Again your dishonesty shines brightly.

                      Secondly It is inadmissable to obtain territory by war.

                      Thirdly if it is disputed as you claim [which it is not and international law is clear on that] then Israel, by your argument, has no defined borders and therefore, again according to your previous nonsense, is illegitimate or at the very least a non state entity. I doubt though that yiu can grasp that and even if you did grasp it you’d just deny it anyway.

                      Btw Jordan, just like Israel, had no claim on that land to ‘relinquish’

                    • Firstly, this is what you said:
                      Btw Israel’s only legitimate borders are those declared based on UNGA 181.
                      How are those Israel’s only legitimate borders. If UNGA doesn’t decide that, and it doesn’t, then Israel does itself.
                      However, since you don’t even try to deny that the Arabs rejected 181, then how does it still apply?

                      “Secondly It is inadmissable to obtain territory by war.”
                      Which is why the land is disputed. Jordan which formerly held sovereignty has relinquished all claims.

                      International law is made by agreement between countries, not by the media, sanctimonious libero-fascists, or UNGA.

                      Israel decides its borders, whether you like it or not. Those borders run from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea where Israel exercises police power, whether you like it or not. The fact that you can’t personally accept that is your problem.

                      “Btw Jordan, just like Israel, had no claim on that land to ‘relinquish’”
                      In that case it’s still British? Get a life.

                    • Your ignorance is shining brighter than ever. Israel declared her borders. You really should cease sticking to the shop worn scripted hasbara.

                      “MY DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: I have the honor to notify you that the state of Israel has been proclaimed as an independent republic within frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its Resolution of November 29, 1947, and that a provisional government has been charged to assume the rights and duties of government for preserving law and order within the boundaries of Israel, for defending the state against external aggression, and for discharging the obligations of Israel to the other nations of the world in accordance with international law. ”


                      The land is not ‘disputed’ as it was not Jordan or Israel’s land. The land remaining after Israel’s declaration of independence was and still is Palestine.


                      ““at present over the entire area of the Jewish State as defined in the Resolution of the General Assembly of the 29th November, 1947. In addition, the Provisional Government exercises control over the city of Jaffa; Northwestern Galilee, including Acre, Zib, Base, and the Jewish settlements up to the Lebanese frontier; a strip of territory alongside the road from Hilda to Jerusalem; almost all of new Jerusalem; and of the Jewish quarter within the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. The above areas, outside the territory of the State of Israel, are under the control of the military authorities of the State of Israel, who are strictly adhering to international regulations in this regard [1]. The Southern Negev is uninhabited desert over which no effective authority has ever existed.”


                      That my ignorant friend is an admission of occupation. Just as currently Israel uses the International laws of occupation to cleanse and confiscate more Palestinian land. Funny though how they use the laws of occupation when you claim Israel is above international law.

                      “In that case it’s still British?”

                      You really do cut the most pathetic of figures.

                    • Get this through your thick skull ignorant jackarse:

                      The Arabs rejected the Partition Plan, so it no longer applies. Since you don’t deny that, it constitutes an admission on your part.

                      “The land is not ‘disputed’ as it was not Jordan or Israel’s land. The land remaining after Israel’s declaration of independence was and still is Palestine.”
                      Since there has never been a state of Palestine, and non-observer state does not constitute statehood, as Israel is still sovereign.

                      The rest is just regurgitation.

                      The only thing that Israel occupies is the minds of ignorant libero-fascists like you.

                    • Again we find you have nothing to offer.

                      The partition plan is not the point. Israel DECLARED HER OWN BORDERS. ISRAEL ADMITTED TO OCCUPYING LAND OUTSIDE THOSE BORDERS.

                      Your hasbara is as worthless as you are cluelerss. And you think you’re an advocate for Israel when in reality all you are is an ignorant and shameless liar.

                      Btw from whom did Israel gain her independence if not Palestine?

                    • Again, jackass you offer no legitimate refutation. You still can’t deny that the Arabs rejected the partition which invalidates your whole argument. You have an anti-Israel agenda that you are pushing and trying to pervert facts to fit that agenda and it’s very transparent as well as pathetic. Probably not as pathetic as your life in general.

                      Israel gained her independence from the UK.

                      Do keep displaying your ignorance. It’s rather amusing, albeit pathetic.

                    • You really an odious individual. Whether the Arabs rejected the PP or not is not the issue. Israel declared her own borders…But you can’t accept this fact because you know it will show as the fool that you are and expose every lie that you are telling.

                      Good day sir!

                    • Still wrong jackass. As much as it may be hard to believe, you only dictate law to yourself, not to anyone else. Israel is not bound by your precepts.

                      Your opinion of me as is meaningless as your attempts to dictate law.

                      I truly wish this is goodbye, but you keep coming back like a fungus.

                    • Still wrong. You don’t state history. You state perverted propaganda to suit your agenda.

                      That is what is odious. Your ignorance is beyond the pail.

                    • “You state perverted propaganda to suit your agenda.”

                      lol i’ve quoted the Israeli’s themselves and you call it “perverted propaganda”

                      That shows just how deeply trenched your denial, ignorance and bigotry is.

                    • That’s right. Just continue to display your ignorance for all to see. Anyone with even a speck of knowledge in Israel knows how polarized the country can be about politics. Try looking at Ha’aretz for any example.

                      I knew that the fungus would return.

                • He obviously chooses to lie by linking.this as there never was a Palestinian state and still is no Palestinian state instead of admitting the truth.
                  Just another one without any honour and shame. Quite characteristic for antisemites.

                • That`s really fun, what this antisemite posts. When Israel acknowledged the partition plan, it was attacked and recognition was denied, the partition plan was dismissed by the Arabs. And now the antisemite wants that Israel should forget its victories, so substantial for survival.
                  If this antisemite wants to turn back history, he should adress his Arab terror friends .

              • Historic fictions only are facts for uneducated idiots or as tactic for liars, antisemites and enemies.
                There was and is no country called Palestine. There was a geographical denomination of the greater region used by Christians, not by Muslims.
                And the Jews inhabiting the Ottoman vilayets and sandjuks forming nowadays Israel were called Palestinian in the 19th century.
                We can see, even the name was aryanised, eh, arabised, in other words, stolen from the Jews, just like in most Arab countries.Jews were ethnically cleansed and robbed by Muslims.
                Many of the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians are decendents of Egyptian immigrants to the Ottoman provinces in the second half of the 19th century, following the war between Egypt and the Ottoman Empire. Others came from Albanian land, obviously as soldiers of the Empire, or from the Arab peninsula, as nomads. The region was poor, full of swamps, notorious for Malaria, which vanished due to the methods used and applied by Jews.
                Article 7 is interlinked with article 25 which indicates that the eastern part of Palestine, east of Jordan, nowadays Jordan, was considered as Arab whereas west of Jordan was considerd as Jewish homeland, as laid down in the preamble.
                The deduction is clear, Jordan is Palestine, thanks for your support for clarifying this important issue.

                Whereas the Principal Allied Powers have also agreed that the Mandatory should be responsible for putting into effect the declaration originally made on November 2nd, 1917, by the Government of His Britannic Majesty, and adopted by the said Powers, in favour of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which might prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country; and

                Whereas recognition has thereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country;

                • ” the Jews inhabiting the Ottoman vilayets and sandjuks forming nowadays Israel were called Palestinian in the 19th century.”

                  Ok so we now have deduced that there was a Palestine which, under San Remo went from being merely a geographical area to a country in its own right.

                  The rest of your comment is just an attempt to muddy the waters and a despicable use of the term ‘Anti Semite’ and i find it offensive that you should so easily cheapen that term.

                  Also your comment as a whole is about 10% accurate and 90% fallacy.

                  I’m guessing you are a knuckle dragger.

                  But hey, Jesus loves knuckle draggers too.

                  • As Fritz correctly states, there was an area referred to as “Palestine,” but it has never been a state.

                    “Also your comment as a whole is about 10% accurate and 90% fallacy.”

                    About 100% of your comments are perversion.

                • ‘christianforzionwatch’
                  In your post above, April 17, 2014 @ 3:12 AM, you write;
                  “No just a low opinion of people who spout insults without addressing the topic.”

                  But in your post directly above @ 3:18 AM you write;
                  “I’m guessing you are a knuckle dragger.
                  But hey, Jesus loves knuckle draggers too”

                  So you are not only a lying twat, but also a self-loathing lying twat.

                • I was quite sure that you are intellectually neither honest nor fit enough to reply and argue correctly. Thanks for the confirmation.

      • Pretzelberg some of the posters on Cifwatch consider you a laughably ignorant asshole who knows better what is good for the Jews and what is not, who is an antisemite and who is not. Now there is a very good occasion for you to prove that they are mistaken and you know what are you talking about. Please elaborate which borders are expanded and which foreign country has been annexed by Israel?

        • In your opening sentence you refer to assorted bigots and mental midgets as well as complete idiots who accuse me of Holocaust denial.

          Why should I give a damn what they think?

            • You can be depended on to come up with a juvenile insult whenever something doesn’t suit you – or whenever somebody doesn’t obey your orders! Grow up.

              • I see pretzel – you can’t answer the question so as usual you posted a completely unfounded and laughable bullshit.

                • I can’t answer the question? Hilarious! That’s right – keep on making shit up about me, like you do so often.
                  I simply choose not to. I am hardly under any obligation to answer a question from someone who called me a Holocaust denier.

      • Gilo is not a neighbourhood in Jerusalem. It is a settlement built int the Palestinian West Bank in violation of international law.

        • Which bit of “international law” are you referring to? The non-binding law according to the ICJ in 2004? The misinterpreted Geneva Convention? The plethora of non-binding UN Genera Assembly resolutions? Or perhaps you mean the Chapter Vl non-binding UN Security Council Resolutions?

        • Learn to cope with reality or get a different hobby. Israel decides its borders not some lame libero-fascist. International law is decided between countries, not by libero-fascists either.

  2. “talks have all but broken down (due to unilateral Palestinians acts…”

    Well that’s your opinion, but not apparently that of John Kerry. Speaking to the foreign relations committee he clearly attributed primary responsibility for the talks breakdown to Israel, saying:
    “The prisoners were not released by Israel on the day they were supposed to be released and then another day passed and another day and then 700 [settlement] units were approved in Jerusalem and then poof — that was sort of the moment, We find ourselves where we are.”

    The world’s press interpreted this as blaming Israel. For example:
    “Kerry raps Israel in faltering Mideast peace.” The Washington Post
    “Kerry places blame on Israel for crisis in peace talks.” Haaretz

    One Israeli politician, David Rotem, is quoted in The Independent as effectively accusing Kerry of anti-semitism: “being blamed by Mr Kerry was to be expected. “The Jews are always found guilty of all the problems in the world,”” Rotem might almost be speaking for CifWatch.

  3. CiFWatch accuses the Guardian of a) blaming only one side, b) having a general bias and c) having an agenda.

    CiFWatch itself is without doubt guilty of all three.

        • Pretz I don’t think you have been following the main issues that Adam has made here at all. You just want your say about settlements being an obstacle to peace, which it may be in part, but that’s not adam’s point.

          It is not the rights and wrongs of what actually happened in this case, but the selective reporting by the Guardian to leave the entire blame on Israel in the mind of the reader as being the only intransigent party, while ignoring important facts.
          If one factors in the bits left out, the reader could still conclude on balance one or the other may have been at fault. The falsification by omission, exaggeration and creating pretexts however leaves no doubt in the mind of the reader that it is Israel that is ALWAYS wrong and the Palestinians are hapless innocents- which they clearly are not.
          I would not say that that is being “a tad more objective” would you?

          • If you look at my post above you’ll see the reference to the Guardian’s lop-sided reporting.
            I just think the point could be made more credibly by the likes of CiFW if it weren’t so biased itself.

  4. Since the Guardian likes to misapply blame on Jews but has a hard time looking itself in the mirror. The Guardian likes to claim how Jews make it oh-so difficult for Palestinian society (without evidence) while ignoring how the Guardian gives a bum check whenever discussing Jewish culture? Got it!

  5. Well actually, Adam is right. Israel has not agreed to anything. Not even to peace so it cannot be blamed for anything. I am surprised Israel agreed to talk. I cannot verify whether Israel said anything as the talks were shrouded in secrecy.

    Hey, let us not be anti-Semitic and blame Israel for the talks breaking down, the occupation, the siege of Gaza, the house demolitions or anything else.

    And just because everybody else thinks differently what has that got to do with the facts on the ground.

    • The antisemite who call Jews nazis.still posts.
      Well, Adam, can`t you borrow one from this troup to detect the clearname of Natzie? Should be some fun in leisure time.

    • I am surprised Israel agreed to talk. I cannot verify whether Israel said anything as the talks were shrouded in secrecy.
      Did the Israelis let tens of your mass-murderer pets free in secrecy too?
      And just because everybody else thinks differently what has that got to do with the facts on the ground.
      Everybody? Really? Did you ask about three-million Israelis too?
      I’m happy to see that you have always some new extremely stupid and laughable assertions in the reserve….

    • Oh, Palestinians have made what peace gestures, exactly?

      Siege of Gaza? News flash: since the Israel pullout, Gaza has been ruled by a violent, fanatical organization bent on the destruction of Israel. They try to import weapons, not toys.

      The only thing that Israel occupies is your mind and others are obsessive and ignorant as you.

      Try to present facts, instead of trying to make them up or parroting debunked myths.

  6. Of course it’s expected that Al Guardian would blame the Israelis for the failure of peace talks. If they showed the PLO strategy of maximalist demands and anxiousness to walk away, they would be undermining the bullshit claims of unbearable suffering. This could confuse the crap out of their readership.

  7. After Assange had published some protocols about the Fatah leaders’ alleged readiness for some compromise the Guardian editorial called them craven opportunists.

  8. The Guardian never blames the Pals for anything. Even their hero-worship of child-killers is kept secret, lest their readers begin to doubt the unique evil of Israel.

    Any remotely accurate reporting of the Middle East would highlight the vicious racism and moral bakduptcy that permeates Palestinian society.

  9. Actually, in that article the Guardian did lay some blame on the Palestinians for the failure of the peace process. I nearly fell off my chair when I read it:

    Mr Kerry’s sincerity was patent and his perseverance extraordinary, but he seems to have made a mistake that has been made before in the Middle East. He assumed the parties actually wanted peace [my emphasis], a proposition true only in the sense that they want to get their way without encountering violent resistance.

    I believe that’s the very first time I have seen a “journalist” from the brain-damaged left acknowledge that the Palestinians might be less than perfect.

  10. Hey let us be very claer Israel cannot be blamed fr anything. It is all the fault of the Palestinians. Even the Nakba is their fault. If the Palestinians did not exist as the Zionists told everybody they did’nt Nakba would have been not necessary. What a affront to humanity by sheer existence. That is the tragedy of Palestine. Only good thing is almost nobody today believes that Palestinians did not exist.

    • Dim Jim, leaving one side your lack of honesty and logic. Leaving one side your mangling of the English language.

      What are you burbling on about?

    • Palestinians cannot be blamed for anything. If they fire rockets, it’s Israel’s fault. If they blow up a bus of schoolchildren or a cafe, it’s Israel’s fault.

      Israel is responsible for global warming, the Asian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and the disappearance of the dinosaurs.

      Many people have come to realize that Palestinians are an invented people.

    • Dim Jim let me know when you are going to answer the question.
      I understand it may take you some time as you have to get it translated into English first, but, I can wait.

    • The answer is peace talks which subsumes concessions by both sides.

      Don’t bother making any hotel reservations. There won’t be a seat for you at the negotiating table.

  11. I do not care what language you answer in. Google can translate fro me. So what is it? Zionist trait or just you being you? Besides Gerald, time is not exactly favoring Zionists at the moment.

    • “I do not care what language you answer in.”
      Nobody here really gives a flying f___ what you care or don’t care about.

      • P.S. Time is not on your side. You’re gonna die one day, and when you gasp your last breath of hate, Israel will still be here, laughing at you.

    • Dim Jim you are beyond parody.
      “Google can translate fro me.” Clearly no it does not, or more probably you are unable to read the translation.

      And I am still waiting for an answer to my question of yesterday @ 3:17 PM.
      Pose as many faux questions as you like in an attempt to avoid answering Dim Jim but I will wait.

  12. Michael believe whatever gives you comfort – bu atleast listen to what Livni is saying – I call your attitide head in the sand –

    Livni said. “I am willing to deal with all sorts of threats to protect important security interests. But those that want to derail a political settlement are trying to harm the messenger and our strategic relationship with the US. Those that don’t want a settlement want us to close our eyes in the face of the danger around the corner.”

    Read more: Livni: Kerry defends Israel against boycotts | The Times of Israel
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      • And just as evidence, Livni criticized Lieberman for asserting himself as Israeli foreign minister, decrying the “damage to foreign relations.”

        Remember that? Maybe not. That’s how much Livni’s opinion actually mattered.

        • I don`t understand why brownies like JD Natzie are allowed to post. They are not arguing, but diffaming, denouncing and demonising Jews, the Jewish state – their personal disorder is no excuse for giving them space for spreading hate speech.

  13. Fritz do you understand anything? Do you know the difference between Zionism, a political ideology for colonialism, and the faith Judaism many of its adherents are not committed to Zionism and some are actively opposed to Zionist ideology and the occupation of Palestine.

  14. @Fritz. Christiansforzionwatch is exactly the reason that we have to be firm. They utilize an ancient tactic: repeat a lie often enough and it’s accepted as truth, no matter how specious.

    • I´m not sure about the tactical approach. Antisemites after the Holocaust seem to be very comitted to our end.

      • The tactic is expose their lies for what they are. It won’t work on this generation of hard-core leftists whose brains have been fried by Arabist propaganda and only see and hear what they want.

        The next generation of leftists may be different.

        • Two works I`m reading at the moment
          Bruce Bawer, The victim`s revolution
          Nick Cohen, What`s left
          Barry Rubin, Wolfgang Schwanitz, Nazis, Islamists, and the Making of the Modern Middle East

          Nothing to be optimistic about the future we face