Al-Durah Redux? Facts emerge contradicting Guardian presumption of IDF guilt in Palestinian deaths

The deaths of two Palestinian rioters in Betunia in the West Bank on May 15 has generated considerable media attention, in large measure because the incidents were apparently caught on video.

One heavily edited security camera video distributed by Defence for Children International/Palestine – a radical NGO which supports Muslim Brotherhood-organised ‘Freedom flotillas’ and continues to promote the ‘Jenin massacre’ libel – purports to show the two Palestinians allegedly being shot (within one hour and 15 minutes of one another) through the chest with real bullets fired by Israelis.

Here’s the video:

A DCI-Palestine spokesperson said the videos “clearly show two kids being hit directly with something other than a rubber bullet”, a narrative repeated by pro-Palestinian activists, and many in the mainstream media.

Naturally, the Guardian’s Peter Beaumont – in two reports he’s filed since the incident – seems to have no doubt whatsoever that Israeli soldiers fired live ammunition at the two Palestinians, killing them both, and has indeed all but mocked Israeli denials.

Both reports by Beaumont (Video footage indicates killed Palestinian youths posed no threat‘, May 20, and ‘Footage of Palestinian boys being shot is genuine, says Israeli rights group‘, May 20) primarily focus on the narrow question raised by some (including the IDF and some critical commentators) regarding whether the original CCT footage was manipulated to distort what really happened in Betunia.  

However, he significantly downplays what has emerged as the central element of the story: the dearth of any evidence whatsoever indicating that Israeli soldiers used live fire (real bullets) as opposed to rubber bullets, as the latter could all but certainly could not have killed Palestinians in a manner described by Palestinian sources.  

Beaumont’s May 20th report does note that “a preliminary investigation determined that live fire was not used by security forces”, but argues that “the composite picture presented by the evidence points to the conclusion that the two teenagers were” indeed shot with “live fire”.  His May 22nd report is even more tendentious, leading off by citing a statement by B’tselem “contradicting Israeli army claims that the footage is likely to have been forged”, and mocking the Israeli response.

Additionally, though he cites the new CNN video purporting to corroborate Palestinian accounts, he simply ignores two important take-aways from the clip: that, based on a careful review of the video, the Israelis were certainly firing non-lethal rubber bullets at the Palestinians, and that the bullet produced by the father of one of the victims did not at all look like it could have been the bullet which passed through his son’s body.

Before viewing the CNN video, here are the two relevant stills:

1. Was the “bullet” recovered?

First, at 3:22 of the clip, here’s the bullet produced by the victim’s father which he claimed killed his son:

CNN Betunia Bullet

However, as Vic Rosenthal noted after consulting a firearms expert:

The bullet that the father of the victim said had been removed from the backpack was a 5.56 mm bullet such as is used by the IDF. But it was only slightly deformed. If it had passed through a person’s chest and then was stopped by books in a backpack, it would have been completely crushed. “That bullet looks like it was fired into sand,” the expert said.

Additionally, as CAMERA’s Dexter Van Zile noted:

Appearing [yesterday] on Israel’s Channel Two, [Israeli weapons expert] Yosef Yekutiel stated that if the bullet actually went through the victim’s body the way Palestinian doctors say it did, it would look entirely differently from the one displayed by the boy’s father.

2. Did Israelis use live-fire or non-lethal rubber bullets on rioters?

Here’s a still (at 1:53 of the video) of the Israelis who were allegedly firing at one of the Palestinians who was killed:

rubber bullet

Firearms experts cited by Vic Rosenthal, experts consulted by Israeli Channel 2 and others have noted that the weapon used by soldier in the clip clearly appears to have the rubber bullet extension by virtue of the thickening in the barrel (again suggesting that they couldn’t have used live fire). Additionally, the “manner in which the victims fell, the absence of blood at the scene, and the lack of entry or exit wounds”, experts have noted, are all inconsistent with being shot with live ammunition.

Here’s the CNN video in question.

Here’s the video (edited and uploaded by Elder of Ziyon with translation assistance from CiF Watch) of the Israeli TV (Channel  2) analysis referenced by Dexter Van Zile and Vic Rosenthal:


One big question remains that those accepting the Guardian/ MSM narrative of the shooting must answer:

How can they assert that live fire was used by Israeli soldiers when NO evidence has emerged to buttress this claim, and when all the evidence to date suggests that only rubber bullets were used – non-lethal fire which couldn’t have caused the damage claimed?

Further, if no live fire was used by Israeli forces, the narrative advanced by Palestinians and their media supporters is almost fatally undermined.

Whilst it’s too soon to say if this is an instance of lethal journalism in the spirit of Al Durah‘, the failure of journalists like Beaumont to ask important questions about the shooting suggests that, once again, the bulk of the work in critically examining Palestinian claims will fall on media watchdog groups, citizen journalists and analysts not compromised by the pack mentality and the immediate presumption of Israeli guilt.

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  1. When was the last time someone,having been SHOT THROUGH THE HEART, falls forward with arms outstretched to break his fall and pushes himself to the left? even if he was to survive the initial impact the first reaction would be to clutch the chest. It just does not add up. Lucky also, that there were lots of people with video cameras to run to him when he fell. and finally, the passer-by just after the body was taken away walks right past the scene of the alleged shooting without a care in the world. If it was me next to a spot where a sniper was active then I would run the hell out of the way.

    • That is exactly the point. The kid in the video was so afraid he would hurt himslef when he faked his fall that he held his arms out to cushion himself from hitting the ground too hard.

    • It is not the first time that Palestinian protestors are shot by IDF with live ammunition.

    • By the way, what was the IDF doing outside Israel, in the Palestinian territory? Ofer and Beituna are in Palestine.

      • By the way, what makes you think you have a brain? I get it. Israel is wrong because you say so. But who the fuck are you? Just another brain dead Israel bashing twit who thinks that bashing Israel is the righteous way to achieving a state for the Palestinian people? And who are the Palestinian people? How is it in the 1940s they were all Jews, but in the 1970s they all became Arabs?

        • You don’t understand, Alexa. Binding agreements are for westerners. The Arabs have another culture and who are we to judge? 😀

      • Eve – “By the way, what was the IDF doing outside Israel, in the Palestinian territory?”

        The double-speak of another SWP wanker, which roughly translates as yids back to the ghetto, your European superiors will decide where you can live and whether you have the right to defend yourselves.

    • Mr. Adam Levick, people who are shot do not fall like actors in a movie. Welcome to the real world.

    • “even if he was to survive the initial impact the first reaction would be to clutch the chest”

      Mr Adam Levick, this is the difference between CNN and your website. CNN has experts, while you appear to have seen people be shot and killed in movies only.

      • If you were to really read this post you would find out that fire arms expert on israeli tv said the “manner in which the victims fell, the absence of blood at the scene, and the lack of entry or exit wounds”, are all inconsistent with being shot with live ammunition.
        don;t you think Israeli experts know what they are talking about? only cnn experets do.

  2. Well, if the Israelis are so sure it’s a fake, they should have no problem allowing a proper investigation. They’ve got nothing to hide, have they?

    • Between the experts of CIF Watch and the experts of CNN, I believe CNN. And CNN does confirm that footage by B’Tselem – an Israeli organization – and DCI appears genuine. Two kids were shot and killed. No one in the world is going to buy conspiracy theories.

          • International Law doesn’t equate anything you can pull from your rancid, hate infused brain. Welcome to the real world, where peace involves compromise, and your handlers will never allow peace with Jews because they, like you, are futile, brain dead dipshits who can’t acknowledge real history because you’re stuck in a lie of your own creation.

          • So when I read that one of the victims is 20 years old, then he is not a child, right?
            And for those who are under 18, they’re not to fight in wars, right? So why are they recruited to do just that? Isn’t there a law?

        • Besides, your comment suggests a despise for the lives of two teenagers which is strange, to say the least.

          • Adam I claim the prize for being the first to spot today’s entrant in the “Spot the Illiterate anti-Semitic twat” competition.

          • You know how your pathetic ass of a people decide to justify blowing up pizzerias? Because all those dead Jewish babies were simply categorized as future IDF. So why don’t you take a flying leap off a fucking bridge.

  3. Jimmy

    Two points – firstly, it appears to me (correct me if I’m wrong) that the bodies are not in Israel’s hands, suggesting that they have no control over whether there can be a proper investigation. Furthermore, given that the father of one of the dead men has apparently got hold of the bullet which supposedly killed his son, any proper forensic investigation has already been compromised.

    Secondly, and more importantly, in what alternative dimension would an Israeli investigation be considered reliable by the MSM unless it totally condemns the soldiers involved? If the soldiers were acquitted it would be rejected outright by the Guardian etc as being a whitewash. In fact, even if the PA etc were to declare themselves that the Israelis hadn’t killed them, that still would not be enough to convince most of the Guardian lot (e.g. the blockade is still regarded as ‘illegal’, despite the fact that the only body with the power to make that decision, the UN, has said it isn’t).

    Israel should just reject this and move on.

  4. You just have to watch the kid doing his dive with hands outstretched to cushion his fall and make sure he was not hurt by when he hit the ground to understand that this is totally faked.

    Then watch 7 heavily equipped TV videographers rushing to the scene who just happened to be passing by, no doubt, (!!!) to realize that this was another Pallywood production, all set up to be recorded and distributed.

    Finally – have any dead bodies actually been shown to anyone, or, like with Al Durrah, have they mysteriously disappeared?

    • What you write is nonsense. Protests take peace at ofer every Friday and are always covered by loads of journalists, which is why CNN and AFP were at the scene, among many others.

  5. Why is the only issue whether live fire was involved?

    Two teenagers were shot dead, clearly by aimed fire, in circumstances where they were presenting no immediate threat to anyone and were not part of a rioting group. That’s murder to my mind whatever the weapon used.

    • I like your selective outrage. Rock throwers attacking Israelis and their toddlers gets nothing but self-righteous ignorance shooting out of your sorry ass. Pizzeria bombers make you all WHY CAN’T WE LIVE TOGETHER???? Go fuck yourself, Loser. Slowly and with a chainsaw.

      You don’t care one whip about he Palestinians. If you did, you wouldn’t be so focused on everything supposedly the Israelis did.

    • Where are the bodies? Without an autopsy it is impossible to say what the cause of death was. In fact, without a body, it is impossible to say whether these two guys are actually dead.

  6. O Oracle tell us what the wicked Wikipedia says about Al Durrah
    And tell us is this another example of the Palestinians killing their own children to defame Israel. Call in the Defamation League.
    And Abtalyon if there was a law in Palestine – The soldiers would have been taken in for questioning in the least. The weapons would have been taken into custody for forensic and the site would be embargoed to prevent contamination. Instead, the soldiers have disappeared. The weapons have gone. We await the oracles verdict. No point holding your breathe.

    • The FACT that you claim the Anti-Defamation League is somehow anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab, and anti-peace is REASON ENOUGH to consider anything you say as bat shit loony.

      You guys have dug your ditch. The sand has ended up in your eyes, and you’re still wondering just why all of us think you’re pathetic morons incapable of making peace with a bunch of Yids.

      Not to mention you’re a grown man dressing up like a lady on the Interwebz. GEE… I WONDER WHY THE PALESTINIANS DON’T HAVE A STATE YET?????

    • In fact, if you watch the CCTV video, one person was not “throwing stones”, but hurling stones with a slingshot.

      As Malcolm Gladwell pointed out in “David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants” a slingshot like that is as deadly as a rifle.

      • It is a Palestinian tradition to use stones to bring the Goliaths down. David did it. I am sure the Palestinians will succeed. It is still despicable for today’s Goliaths to target teenagers, especially as they pose no threat to anybody.

    • Assuming the many people around all busily recording continued to do so, there should be lots of footage showing ambulances arriving, the bodies being lifted into them and their arrival at hospital. I don’t recall seeing any of that: perhaps I missed it. Can anyone tell me if such footage has been released to the public?

    • Jane – O oracle, tell us what the wicked Wikipedia tells us about Little Hue of Lincoln. You can’t beat a good blood libel to whip up the self-righteous indignation of a Jew / Zionist hater.

  7. kauf you are not used to the sand and the perception that you have made the desert bloom was a mirage – start walking towards the greener pastures in Europe. Your heart is there. Your mind is there. You feel like being there. Be brave admit the desert is not blooming and move.

    • “Jane”, getting back on point, can you kindly point us to any evidence that live fire was used by Israeli soldiers- info that, for some strange reason, hasn’t yet emerged?

      • Adam two teenagers are dead. If it is not the bullets than what killed them or do you subscribe to ridiculous conspiracy theories that many have put forward on this blog already. To answer those conspiracy theorists seriously would be an insult to the dead children.

        • Jane, I asked you an extremely relevant question, and you’re evidently unable to answer it. Sorry, but I reject the suggestion that the burden of proof is on the accused. Imputing malevolence to Israelis without cause is right out of the anti-Zionist playbook.

          • Burden of proof is on the occupation forces to properly investigate the deaths. Why is it that you always twist what is said. Israel is not accused of the murder. It is accused of not proper investigating the crime of murder. Even there the onus is not on the accused to prove anything. The demand is that properly constituted authorities investigate both the crimes. The first is for Israel to do the investigation in the deaths of these two children and bring those responsible to justice. If, as is obvious so far Israel has failed to mount any serious investigation, that Israel’s role as an occupier be judged by the international bodies. I answered your question with seriousness. I asked the question what killed these teenagers and it seems to me there is plainly a case for the soldiers present at the time of incident that they have to answer. Are they questioned? Are they even been identified? Has there weaponry been investigated? I am sorry this indignation at even suggesting that a crime is committed and therefore needs investigation is not going to work anymore.

            • Adam,you can`t get a straight answer of an antisemite when they have to prove their allegations.
              I would suggest if there are no corpses and bullets provided to examine there was no incident besides the staged one.

            • Tehran Jane you are the most stupid type of liar.
              A liar with a poor memory.
              Today you write, and I quote “Israel is not accused of the murder”

              But yesterday on the thread “Why the Guardian’s new Jerusalem correspondent won’t take Palestinian anti-Semitism seriously” in your post MAY 22, 2014 @ 10:21 AM you wrote “Two Palestinian teenagers were murdered by the IDF”

              So which is it Tehran Jane, today’s version or yesterday’s?

              • And then there was this from two days ago:

                “Would be allowed to meet the bereaved families of the two Palestinian children murdered by the IDF on Nakba day?”

                “IDF murdered two teenagers on the Nakba day”

                “So why not condemn the murder of two Palestinian teenagers on the Nakba day by the IDF”

                -Jane Mardell

            • You konw for sure that they were killed by soldiers? why? becuase palesitaian told you so. ? why don;t the palesitninba let the body be examined before they hurries to bury them?

      • Adam, perhaps you would respond to my post above. Whether the fire was ‘live’ or rubber is irrelevant. It was targeted at youths who presented no immediate threat and was intended to kill or disable. In any civilised country it would lead to investigation with a view to prosecution. We know from bitter experience that there will be no such investigation.

        • In any civilised country…
          The best of Europe is educating the Jews about the nature of a civilized country… This is called internet humor.
          Regarding the lack of investigation:

          “The Military Attorney-General (MAG) has instructed the Military Police to
          open an investigation into the matter of the May 15, 2014 incident in
          Betunia (Ofer), as it appears in an internet video. The findings will be
          submitted to the MAG, who will then decide on further proceedings in
          accordance with the evidence.The MAG will inform the public in due course regarding the final results of the investigation and any future measures to be taken.”
          Anyway you and your comrades in Jew-hate Unite won’t accept the findings of an Israeli investigation. Next demand: Start an international investigation led by the Arab League looking into the allegations that Jews are using the blood of Palestinian children in their Passover rituals.
          Sencar haven’t you purchased your chainsaw yet? Hurry up there is a big sale at your neighborhood hardware shop…

        • Sencar go and investigate this (and don’t forget to bring your new chainsaw)
          Palestinian militants in Gaza fired a rocket which struck southern Israel on Friday, without causing casualties or damage, following a weeks-long lull, the army said
          Or call for an immediate investigation of the violent firebombing of a Swedish synagogue whose perpetrators have been released after some hours and their act has been declared by the authorities a juvenile crank and not a hate crime. Oh the beauty to live in a civilized country…

        • ” In any civilised country it would lead to investigation with a view to prosecution”

          Brian you should know better than that. The way your sentence reads “..investigation with a view to prosecution” Is wrong. Surely the purpose of the investigation is to uncover the facts and evidence about the case?
          Then after the investigation is over the decision on whether or not to prosecute should be taken on the facts and merits of the case. To suggest, as you do, that you investigate with a view to prosecution is to prejudge the outcome of the investigation with a bias towards ‘finding evidence’ to support a prosecution. That is not how justice works in a civilised country and you should know that.

    • But the desert is blooming . YOu should come for a visit and see for yourself.
      Once a deserted 112-mile strip of land stretching from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea, the Arava now has some 600 farms supplying more than 60 percent of total Israeli exports of fresh vegetables and about 10% of ornamentals.
      In addition to dozens of varieties of peppers, Arava farmers produce tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplants, melons, watermelons, table grapes, herbs and dates – many raised organically and all with minimal pesticides. Other Arava agriculturists specialize in flowers or aquarium fish such as the “Nemo” clownfish.

    • You do not see the difference between Israel and the IDF soldiers obviously. The IDF soldiers are accused of the murder. The occupation authority needs to investigate the crime. If the occupying forces do not investigate the crime than the occupation force is in dereliction of its duty as an occupying force. It than needs to be investigated at an international level.

      • Tehran Jane it is really pathetic watching you digging yourself into an even deeper hole, but you deserve it.

        Now answer the question which version is it, “Israel is not accused of the murder”
        or is it “Two Palestinian teenagers were murdered by the IDF”?

        Before you try to squirm your way out, note that you wrote “by the IDF”
        If you are now retracting the accusation in your post yesterday that they were “murdered by the IDF” then do so.

        • Gerald I have answered it. Adam has understood and he is not now going to come back. You are just a frivolous conspiracy theorist who shouts wolf at every denunciation of the occupation.

          • LyingJane can`t prove her allegations, as usual just antisemitic propaganda of a complete idiot.

          • Tehran Jane so, as you either cannot or will not answer the question you throw up a heap of Bullshit and hope no one notices you scuttling away like a cowardly rat.

      • “You do not see the difference between Israel and the IDF soldiers obviously.”

        That’s right , Gerald. You don’t see this big difference. You know who does? Why, Jane, of course! (and probably, Jimmy, Sencar, Alex, and Moe, Larry and Curly).

  8. I’ve now looked at the CNN video provided here many times. I don’t see any of the IDF’s men in the picture frame firing or even aiming at the time the shot is heard.

  9. Did those terrorists have their faces revealed? Or was that part of the elaborate scam? Can we ask for a photo of them whilst alive, together with a photo of them dead please, that would clear things up very quickly.

    If theres nothing to hide that shouldnt be a problem.

  10. The CNN video clearly shows the soldiers firing and the boy being hit. Perhaps you should watch it – Clearly another evidence that the IDF has a case to answer.

    • Still waiting for an answer Tehran Jane to my question that you are trying and failing to avoid;
      Now answer the question which version is it, “Israel is not accused of the murder”
      or is it “Two Palestinian teenagers were murdered by the IDF”?
      (And added to with further examples by Jeff above.)

      Retract or substantiate your accusations Tehran Jane.

  11. The CNN video clearly shows an edited video by amateurs like you.
    Provide the names, LyingJane.

  12. I am referring to the CNN video on this blog – Are you saying you edited it before putting it on here.
    In the second video, if we ignore the expert employed by the Israeli Scurty services everything points to the fact that the soldiers have a case to answer.

    • Tehran Jane making false and malicious accusations is also a crime, at least it is in civilised countries.
      When are you going to either substantiate or retract the accusations of murder you have made over the last couple of days?

          • Gerald you can answer it if you want but it is a statement of fact based on the evidence that two teenagers have been murdered. There is evidence to inviestgate to implicate the soldiers present at the location have a case to answer.

            • Tehran Jane sorry, but I was taught English not gibberish. So what is the translation into English of this, “There is evidence to inviestgate to implicate the soldiers present at the location have a case to answer”

              As usual I am still waiting for an answer to my question.

        • But in the only democracy murdering Palestinian teenagers is not a crime.

          Yeah! Explain Avi Popper Jane.

          Now show me a prisoner of the PA accused of killing Jews?


    • Interesting that you instantly confirm it was edited. Thanks for the cooperation as you firstly considered it as evidently.
      LyingJane, provide the names, or do you bury your people nameless?

  13. There were not two teenaged boys shot. Mohammed abu Dhaher was 20 years old.

    There is no indication anyone responded to LIVE BULLETS by avoiding that spot or taking cover in the gas station. Why?

    The body is carried right away INTO the direction that fire came from; why aren’t they worried about a second deadly shot? Which never comes.

    Nahim Nawara has one of the strangest falls (in the first video). He stops on one foot and falls with straight legs catching himself with both arms extended. It looks planned. I say that because the Palestinians have admitted to and been caught faking the deaths of children to blame on the IDF.

  14. The hasbara machine is going into overdrive! Your inexcusable attempts to absolve Israel from it’s murder of unarmed Palestinians is utterly without morals just like the IDF.
    You’re not fooling anyone.

    • no we just had enough expriance with Pallywood not to belive anything your propoganda show. let the bodies be examined and than talk.

    • alex,
      Your inexcusable attempts to label the Israelis as murderers before any fact finding are the mark of a bigot, a special kind, well-steeped in a sordid, poisonous, and lethal history. I’m not certain I know what you mean by
      “unarmed” other than being masked and in between hurling rocks at people who by agreement have every right to be there to keep the peace. You really should stop before embarrassing yourself any further.
      And on a related note, just who the f___ do you think you are?

    • vid of both “victims” throwing rocks and fire bombs

      newspeak doesnt change the fact that those are weapons and therefore neither of the terrorists were “unarmed”

      you filthy, jew hating bastard

  15. So your terror buddies can`t provide names? Was there anything else than a staging for useful idiots like Alex and Jane?

  16. Palestinian Deception: Fake Palestinian Funeral in Jenin in 2002, of Palestinian Fatah liars say was killed by Israel.
    Watch this dead Palestinian rise from the dead. Pallywood at its finest.

  17. Jane Mardell the only occupiers are Arabs occupying land that doesn’t belong to them.
    All Arabs come from Saudi Arabia.
    All Jews come from Israel.

    So how did the Arabs go from 1 country” Saudi Arabia to 22 countries?
    How did the Arabs get all of North Africa from the Berbers?
    I’m talking about what it today Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya.

    Look at the blacks in Sudan, Mauritania and Somalia.
    How did to those people become Arab?
    Its called Mohammad and his Jihad armies in the 7th century invaded and took the entire Mideast and North Africa and forced everyone they defeated to be Islamic and Arab.

  18. The projectile looks deformed at the base, like its been pulled… And where is the distinct 6 groove rifling that should be on that projectile…
    Im also suprised that the projectile didnt break up into two pieces since the shot was apparently only 200 yds, and still well above the 2400 fps needed to break it into the usual two fragments… Just saying….

  19. A civilized country – one of the victims of Zionist oppression
    Iran Coast Guard Forces Women Off Beaches: “Operation Wholesome Sea” makes sure Iran’s beautiful beaches remain for men only. On most of them women, even those covered from head to toe, are forbidden to swim at all.
    Naturally the Guardian and co don’t give a flying niqab about this beautiful example of Zionist crimes..

  20. Time the IDF and Border Police took to wearing helmet cams and put a stop to speculation.

  21. Eve, Jane, alex and sencar are educating the Jews about civilization, meanwhile in Belgium – a very civilized European country – three Jews have been shot at the Jewish Museum. “Climate of hate” banned for the attack. This climate is the work of these professors of civilized behavior.

  22. I condemn the shooting at the Jewish museum in Belgium and the murder of the three innocent victims. I hope that the Belgian authorities bring to justice those responsible for these deaths.

    • LyingJane is quick to deflect from the antisemitic character of this killing. Self evidently.

    • Jane: “I condemn the blah blah blah”

      You want to show the Jews what a humanitarian you are Jane. You deploy blood libels against them, and then after wallowing in the sewer of your own prejudice, delude yourself that you don’t stink of shit.

  23. Jane you are so protective of children with slingshots i want to see the day that a rock from a slingshot will bust one of your family skull or chest apart and than we will see how much you approve of children using slingshots or the day that one of your busses will explode and kill innocent civilians or the day that 20 rockets will land in your beloved city this animals arent fighting the army they are fighting civilians and faking bullshit clips that even 10 year old can see its total bullcrap , if you got 0 clue about the army and the weapons IDF is using than seriously just keep your mouth shut, every one can see clearly that the muzzle on this weapon is specialize for rubber bullets and if you dont know what rubber bullets are thats a whole other issue but to make it pretty freaking simple a rubber bullet cant penetrate bones it will hit the person and bounce of him it will hurt like a bitch but it will certainly wont penetrate hes chest and will end up in his backpack… and lets say we did fire a real live bullet if it would penetrate the chest and will be stopped and stuck by the books in his backpack the bullet will be deformed into the half of the size and small fragments of the bullets will be stuck in his chest, i can tell you by serving in the idf and shooting for practise at pictures with they are on top of a metal bar just by retriving the bullet from the metal bar it was deformed as fuck and metal bar and this so cold bullet they retrived from the buddy was clearly from shooting at the sand just to put a scratch on it

    So do your self a favorite and just be quite really other than prooving that you are a complete moron and antisemtic you are just prooving nothing to any one,

    enjoy the rest of your meaningless life thanks.

    • Sorry Adam,
      third magavnik from left is getting up after first shot and swapping magazine clearing his barrel.
      Why would he do this and who is he?
      The investigation need to find out what happened and if rubber bullets were used against regulations the man who did it needs to be jailed.
      On the other hand the bodies need to be examined though by now any examination is too late and has been compromised as CNN or any other news outlet would or should be able to tell you.

  24. Sara and Jane, you’re welcome to find a country who will take you in anywhere in the world. Oh, you mean all 200+ countries on this planet consider you individuals too hate filled to allow citizenship? Interesting….. Yup, that must be Israel’s fault.