Vatican contradicts Guardian’s claim about pope’s visit to terror memorial

On May 26th we posted about a report by the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent Peter Beaumont which characterized the pope’s visit to a Jerusalem memorial to Israeli terror victims “as an attempt to appease his Israeli hosts“.  

headlineHere are the relevant passages:

Pope Francis has deviated from his itinerary for his tour of the Holy Land for the second time in two days – this time to visit a memorial to Israeli victims of terrorism.

The surprise addition on Monday was made at the request of the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and was interpreted as an attempt to appease his Israeli hosts after his surprise decision to pray at the controversial Israeli separation wall in Bethlehem the day before.

Interestingly, however, his narrative was undermined by the Vatican itself.

The Catholic News Agency, in a report titled ‘Vatican: Pope’s stop at terror memorial not a political move‘, May 26, specifically addressed the Guardian’s claim:

Amid claims that Pope Francis’ unscheduled stop at an Israeli memorial for terrorist victims was made under pressure to appease government officials, the Holy See has said that the rumors are false.

Stating that he “was not surprised” by the negative reactions some have had toward the Pope’s stop, Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi explained to journalists May 26 that the visit “was against terrorism and nothing else.”

The report continued:

According to the U.K. newspaper the Guardian, the stop was done at the prime minister’s request, and has been seen by some as an attempt to appease Israeli authorities following the Pope’s impromptu visit to the separation wall diving Israel and Palestine yesterday ahead of his Mass in Bethlehem.

Despite the fact that some suggest the Pope was pressured into making the stop, Fr. Lombardi assured that he has “no political agenda.”

Whilst Beaumont didn’t bother to note who precisely “interpreted” the pope’s visit to the terror memorial as an act of “appeasement, it seems that the visit likely represented a simple acknowledgement that though the security fence ‘represents a symbol division‘, its construction was motivated by the moral desire to save innocent lives from the onslaught of terror – Palestinian attacks which the pope characterized (in his remarks that day) as “absolute evil“.

Though a Vatican spokesman clearly explained to foreign journalists like Beaumont that the pope’s visit to the memorial “was against terrorism and nothing else“, as we’ve demonstrated continually, when there’s a competition between soberly reporting the facts and advancing the Guardian narrative, the latter will win out almost every time. 

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  1. “Whilst Beaumont didn’t bother to note who precisely “interpreted” the pope’s visit to the terror memorial as an act of “appeasement”

    Well actually most of the world’s serious press interpreted the Pope’s memorial visit as a political gesture responding to Israeli anger at his stopping at the wall. See The Telegraph and the Wall Street Journal (neither noted as sharing the Guardian’s politics) for example:

    Of course Vatican diplomats denied the story; it’s a diplomats job to lie for his country.

    • “Of course Vatican diplomats denied the story; it’s a diplomats job to lie for his country.”

      Brian if you had bothered to read Adam’s post you might have noticed he was quoting Father Lombardi, a Jesuit priest who is Director of the Holy See Press Office not a diplomat.

    • Ok, so maybe Beaumont should have written: “..the visit was interpreted (by a few like-minded foreign journalists who share my cynicism and myopic understanding of Israel) as an attempt to appease his Israeli hosts”.

    • Yes, of course, sencar, or Brian, the Pope must be lying because his explanation goes against “serious” journalists, i.e., the new priesthood who reveal truths.
      Of course, it’s not worth the time to respond to your insipid comment without vilifying you as the sad sack of shit you are, so full of it, I wouldn’t know which end to pick up first.

  2. Adam one thing I can guarantee is that once the ‘usual suspects’ here and elsewhere have decided that they cannot use the visit of the Pope in their continuing campaign to undermine Israel, they will attack him and the Church with their usual tactic of spewing lies, myths and libels.
    Before his visit remember all the Bullshit about the plight of Christians in Israel?
    Yet when the Pope met the President of Israel at his residence in Jerusalem, on 26th May 2014, this is what the Pope said;
    “A variety of Christian communities live and work in the State of Israel. They are an integral part of society and participate fully in its civic, political and cultural affairs.”
    He went on to say;
    “The presence of these communities and respect for their rights – as for the rights of all other religious groups and all minorities – are the guarantee of a healthy pluralism and proof of the vitality of democratic values as they are authentically embodied in the daily life and workings of the State.”

    Stand back and wait for noam/Noam, Tehran Jane and the other ‘useful idiots’ attempt to twist or deny what the Pope said.

    • Gerald,
      Up till now, sencar is the only one to jump in. His friends are not here to offer their “reasoned” arguments. He must feel very alone.

      • Gerald May be they feel it is an exclusively a Zionist party and they do not want to entrude.

  3. Beaumont’s potential response to this in order to save face would be to say that Israel “controls” the Vatican. Now that would be a first!

  4. As Caroline Glick wrote.
    Left wing wing Jews who opposed the fence in Kibbutz Metzer realized how wrong they are and the Arab terrorists Israel is dealing with.
    MAY 28, 2014

    As the former Cardinal of Buenos Aires, Francis may have heard of the November 2002 massacre at Kibbutz Metzer. Metzer was founded by Argentine communists in the 1950s. Metzer is located 500 meters from the 1949 armistice lines which made it an obvious beneficiary of the security fence. But true to its radical roots, in 2002 members of the kibbutz waged a public campaign against the planned route of the security fence. They feared that it would, in the words of Metzer member Danny Dovrat, “ignite hostility and create problems” with the kibbutz’s Palestinian neighbors.

    Thanks to that concern, on the night of November 10, 2002, a gunman from the “moderate” US- and EU-supported Fatah terror organization faced no physical obstacle when he entered the kibbutz. Once there he killed two people on the street and then entered the home of Revital Ohayon and executed Revital and her two sons, Matan, 5, and Noam, 4 years old.

    Fatah praised the attack on its website and pledged to conduct more assaults on “Zionist colonizers,” and promised to continue “targeting their children as well.”

    Had he actually cared about the cause of peace and non-violence he claims to champion, Francis might have averred from stopping at the barrier, recognizing that doing so would defile the memory of the Ohayons and of hundreds of other Israeli Jewish families who were destroyed by Palestinian bloodlust and anti-Semitic depravity.

  5. If Beaumont doesn’t know, the Wall was built to protect Israelis from Palestinian Arab racist mass murderers of Israeli civilians.
    13 years ago Israel was suffering a 9/11 every week!
    Also at the southern Jerusalem-Bethlehem region, Fatah terrorists fired automatic fire from Bethlehem into Jewish neighbourhoods and roads. This is why there is a high wall between Bethlehem to Jerusalem – to prevent direct gunfire.

    As Arnold Roth wrote on here.
    In search of Palestinians who are sickened by PA’s celebration of Sbarro bomber
    Arnold Roth

    A Story of How Deep the Palestinians Have Sunk Into the Moral Abyss
    Dr. Arieh Eldad
    May 20, 2011

    I was instrumental in establishing the Israeli National Skin Bank, which is the largest in the world. The National Skin Bank stores skin for every day needs as well as for war time or mass casualty situations.

    This skin bank is hosted at the Hadassah Ein Kerem University hospital in Jerusalem where I was the Chairman of plastic surgery. This is how I was asked to supply skin for an Arab woman from Gaza , who was hospitalized in Soroka Hospital in Beersheva, after her family burned her. Usually, such atrocities happen among Arab families when the women are suspected of having an affair.

    We supplied all the needed Homografts for her treatment. She was successfully treated by my friend and colleague, Prof. Lior Rosenberg and discharged to return to Gaza. She was invited for regular follow-up visits to the outpatient clinic in Beersheva.

    One day she was caught at a border crossing wearing a suicide belt. She meant to explode herself in the outpatient clinic of the hospital where they saved her life. It seems that her family promised her that if she did that, they would forgive her.

    This is only one example of the war between Jews and Muslims in the Land of Israel. It is not a territorial conflict. This is a civilizational conflict, or rather a war between civilization & barbarism.

    Bibi (Netanyahu) gets it, Obama does not.

  7. Has anyone seen poor, lil’ Janie? She must be in one of her usual rage-spirals about this, so she’ll be even more incoherent than usual, bless her heart.

    Hopefully, she’s seeing the positives now about her lads getting Shahid-ed in Bitunia, FINALLY.

  8. To use children is a common, and frankly sick, tactic often used.
    This was such an attempt during the Pope’s visit to a ‘refugee’ camp at the Phoenix Centre 25th May 2014;

    “Holy Father

    First of all, I greet each and every one of you: I wish you good health and I hope that you and your families are well. I am happy to visit you and I can see that your hearts are brimming. May our God, the God of all goodness, grant you all your wishes. I have been told that you want to sing for me. Is that true?

    One of the Children

    Dear Pope Francis, we are children of Palestine. Our parents have endured occupation for 66 years. We opened our eyes to this occupation and have seen the nakba in the eyes of our grandparents as they left this world. We want to tell the world: enough suffering and humiliation!

    Holy Father

    Thank you for your songs which were beautiful. You sing very well. I also want to thank you for what you said to me in the name of all. I am grateful for your gift, which is very meaningful. I read what was written on your posters; I understood those written in English, while Father here translated those written in Arabic. I understand what you are telling me, the message you are bringing me. Don’t ever allow the past to determine your lives. Always look to the future, work hard and make efforts to achieve what you want. But you must understand this: violence cannot be overcome by violence. Violence is overcome by peace! By peace, by working with dignity to help your homeland to move forward. My heartfelt thanks for your welcome! I ask God to bless you! And I ask you to pray for me! Thank you!”

    Anyone who believes that the words spoken by the ‘child’ were spontaneous and not rehearsed has to be as dumb as Tehran Jane, Noam/noam and their ilk.

    • I agree completely with Gerald the use of children is an abominable practice and should be banned as The Israeli courts do.
      The IDF admitted it had used Palestinians as human shields, a practice subsequently banned by Israel’s High Court of Justice.[27] The Israeli Defense Ministry appealed this decision.[28]

      • Interesting post Jerry.
        Have the Palestinian courts ever taken a decision banning the use of children?
        If so how many people have been prosecuted?

        • It is news to me they exist – You may not have noticed but Palestine is under occupation. The previous President could not even leave his home. This one, well less said the better. He cannot even offer prayers in his favorite mosque. We could possibly discuss this when the state of Palestine exist as we will than possibly have some real data to go on.Today let us see what the Military courts of the occupiers do and say in Palestine.

          • So your answer Jerry is that the Palestinian courts have NOT taken a decision to ban the use of children.
            When will YOU campaign to stop the kleptocrats of Fatah and the Fascist thugs of Hamas using children?

            • By the way Jerry it is interesting that when we are discussing the use/abuse of children you raise the spectre of the late and unlamented Arafat.

              • The IDF killed two teenagers earlier this month with impunity. Nobody was arrested for the murder by the PA or the Occupation forces. That says it all. If you do not understand it than hey it is not my fault you are dumb

                • Not just they killed two innocent children but sold their organs to the international illegal organ-trading mafia so the Palestinians now can’t produce the bodies. The lack of any blood on the scene is understandable, it has been deposited to the special storeroom where the Jews keep the blood of gentile children until next Passover.

                • So your answer to my question is that you will NOT campaign against the use of children by the kleptocrats of Fatah or the Fascist thugs of Hamas.
                  Bye bye Jerry.

          • Jerry,
            If the PA doesn’t have courts then how are they putting 4 of your BDS friends on trial?

          • It is news to me they exist

            The Palestinians have no justice system of their own? Now you’re sounding like a Kahanist!

  9. Back to history
    Holy See–Israel relations deals with the diplomatic relations between the Holy See and the State of Israel which were established in 1993 after the adoption of the Fundamental Accord by the two States on 30 December 1993. A Vatican Nunciature in Israel and an Israeli embassy in Rome were established on 19 January 1994. From the Vatican’s point of view, the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two states is part of the Christian–Jewish reconciliation; >/i>
    A very short diplomatic relation with a former vicious antisemitic institution.

  10. To the Vatican, please condemn Pal leaders who use their people as human fodder.

    Fatah promised the boy $22 and 72 virgins if he blew himself up.
    Google the name Hussam Abdu 72 virgins.
    Sent To Die (March, 2004)