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A perfect illustration of how the PA fools the UK media into believing they’re ‘pro-peace’

The double standards employed by foreign journalists when covering the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict are especially egregious in the context of terms used to characterize the two governments.  For instance, while the Guardian has described Naftali Bennett’s Jewish Home Party as an “extreme rightwing nationalist party, the antisemitic terror group Hamas has been characterized by the paper’s Jerusalem correspondent on multiple occasions as merely “conservative“, and an official Guardian editorial claimed that PA President Abbas is a “leading moderate“.

Indeed, in order to maintain the edifice of moderation, Abbas and his PA ministers routinely perform a simple trick: engage in antisemitic, pro-violence, extremist rhetoric in Arabic to their own people, while feigning ‘moderation’ and pro-peace politics in English when speaking to Western audiences.  However, for this to work, foreign journalists must play their part when reporting the words and deeds of Palestinian leaders: suspending their normal skepticism and failing to employ the critical scrutiny which Israelis are routinely subjected to.

A perfect example of this dynamic – in which Palestinian hypocrisy almost certainly won’t be reported by the UK media – can be found in a report today at Media Line titled “Senior Palestinian Official Lashes Out at Hamas Encouragement of Violence“.

A senior aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says the Palestinian leadership rejects any efforts to teach a culture of violence to Palestinian children. Mahmoud Al-Habbash, the Palestinian Minister of Waqf and Religious Affairs was responding to a report on Israel’s Channel 2 on a Hamas rally in the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

In the video, Palestinian boys, some of them wearing black ski masks, carried toy guns and waved the Islamist group’s green and white flag. One boy said he wanted to become a “martyr” and take revenge on Israeli soldiers for killing his uncle. Other boys said they wanted to “resist” Israeli control of “Palestine.”

“It will be very dangerous to allow any party to educate the children according to the ideology of this party (Hamas),” Al-Habbash told The Media Line. “The children must be educated according to the Palestinian culture, Palestinian understanding, and Palestinian heritage without any relation to violence.”

Al-Habbash went on to explain that Islam is a peaceful religion in dialogue with all peoples. “We reject violence against anybody, against Muslims, against Christians, against Jews, against anybody in the world,

Wonderful, isn’t it?  Mahmoud Al-Habbash, the PA minister of Religious Affairs, has come out strongly and unequivocally against Hamas-style violence and incitement.

Except that, well, that doesn’t seem to accurately represent  Al-Habbash’s true views – as we revealed in a post back in February.

Here’s Al-Habbash saying something very different about violence – in Arabic of course – in front of an audience which included President Abbas:

Whoever wants resistance, whoever wants Jihad, the direction for Jihad is well-known and clear… Those who send young people to Syria or elsewhere to die for a misdirected cause must stop and understand that Jerusalem is still waiting. Jerusalem is the direction, Jerusalem is the address

Here’s the video:

Additionally, Palestinian Media Watch also recently reported that in another speech where Abbas was present, “Al-Habbash said that the PA’s negotiations with Israel are modeled after the Hudaybiyyah agreement between Islam’s Prophet Muhammad and the tribes of Mecca, and explained that Muhammad signed a 10-year truce, yet two years later conquered Mecca”.

Here’s the video:

To recap: The PA Minister of Religious Affairs was quoted recently in English criticizing violence and incitement and supporting peace.  However, several months ago, in two separate speeches in Arabic, he called for terrorist attacks in Jerusalem and explained – as did Yasser Arafat before him – that the PA’s putative entreaties for peace are merely tactical decisions with the ultimate aim of vanquishing their Israeli ‘peace partners’.  

As Jennifer Dyer, a retired US Naval intelligence officer, explained: “A treaty of Hudaybiyyah is an agreement you break as soon as you’re able to.  Its function is to constrain the other party and buy time for you”.

Of course, the chances the UK media will call out the Palestinians in their double-talk are close to zero. 

However, this isn’t merely about the dishonesty of one PA minister.  Such revelations about the PA’s true agenda (along with the consequences of recent ‘land for peace’ policies in Gaza and S. Lebanon) help explain Israeli skepticism that even the most generous and equitable two-state agreement will actually lead to a genuine peace, in which Palestinians ‘drop all historical claims’, lay down their armaments of terror, and nurture a culture of tolerance.  

Journalists reporting  about the peace process who claim the mantle of professionalism simply can not continue to wax eloquently on the ‘provocation’ of Israeli settlements while feigning ignorance about the injurious impact to the peace process of such egregious examples of Palestinian duplicity.

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  1. Adam I think your headline flatters the morality and motives of some of the UK media.
    There are some who maybe fooled by the PA.
    But there are others who are in no doubt at all about the real intentions of the kleptocrats of Fatah and the Fascist thugs of Hamas, it suits their own point of view and desires to support them by regurgitating their propaganda.

  2. Who is going to reign in this terrorist

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday promised leaders of settlements municipal councils that he would reconsider a halt on approving new settlement projects in the West Bank.

    “You have no shield greater than I. I fight for you.” Netanyahu assured the leaders in a meeting late Wednesday, according to Israel’s daily Haaretz. “But there are international constraints and you know them.”

    Haaretz reported earlier that the Israeli government has been promoting and issuing tenders for new settlement projects in East Jerusalem, despite the announced settlements’ halt pending negotiations.

    “Everyone tells me all the time that the peace process is stuck because of the settlements. I reply to them that that’s not true and that the real reason is the [Palestinian] refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state,” Netanyahu said during Wednesday’s meeting.

    • One man’s politician is another man’s terrorist. Like one man’s depressed teenager convinced to strap on a bomb for sake of 72 virgins in the afterlife is another man’s dooped murderer. Just as one man’s politics is another man’s laugh riot. Sort of like how one man’s need to bring peace to the Middle East is that same man’s undying plea for a world to finally be rid of its one Jewish state. In other words, one man’s Palestinian Freedom Fighter is just a run of the mill cowardly piece of shit.

      Good stuff.

    • I get a kick out of the way you think you’re saying something. By the way, where is the terrorism in this? Please explain.

    • Ha’ aretz`s anti-Israeli conspiracy specialist Amir Oren propagated a secret war out of the blue, but reality quickly refuted him. An Islamist is suspected of the antisemitic terror attack at Brussels’ Jewish museum.
      The sister of the antisemitic murderer of Toulouse, Merah, who constantly was depicted as acting at his own, as ‘lonely wolf’, disappeared in Syria, with her four children.

  3. It isn’t only The Guardian that promotes the latest BS from Ramallah. I nearly parted company with my cornflakes this morning when I opened page A8 of today’s Houston Chronicle and was greeted with the headline of an article that is syndicated from the Los Angeles Times:

    ‘Palestinian unity government to take oath, will recognize Israel.’

    The article is by two journalists, Maher Abukhater and Batsheva Sobelman. Sorry I can’t do a link as the Houston Chronicle is behind a paywall. Here is a direct quote that sums things up:

    ‘The new government, Abbas said, will adopt his political program, which includes recognition of Israel and renouncing terrorism. But he said that Israel has informed him it will impose sanctions because of the inclusion of Hamas, which Israel considers a terrorist group.’

  4. It is de rigeur for politicians to alter their tone according to their audience (e.g. you would not expect Obama to give the same speech to AIPAC as to the Egyptian parliament) but you would expect the policy behind that message to be consistent (in Obama’s case, condemning violence on both sides and supporting two states).

    The case of the PA is not comparable, as the message given in English is consistently diametrically opposed to that given in Arabic and the message conveyed by official policy, and the failure to even attempt to expose such blatant double-speak is shocking.

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